Sunday, April 29, 2018

Apropo by UOJ's Paul Mendelowitz- Protect your children in camp

ASAP's Abuse-Prevention Program is being used throughout the world of Jewish summer camps and youth programs to both ensure the safety of campers and counselors as well as reduce liability for camp administration.

The camp program, endorsed by leading Rabbis and professionals,  is free and available online - ( camps/) and includes the following elements:

By having the counselors participate in the program and complete certification before camp, you will be filtering out potential abusers and sending a clear message to counselors, campers, and parents that you are educated, aware, and will not tolerate abuse.  Additionally, while safety guidelines are there to protect the best interests of the campers, they will also protect counselors from false accusations, something many have become fearful of.  

I am happy to set up a time to speak with you and discuss how the program can be adapted to the specific needs of your camp.

Gila Ashkenazy
Project Coordinator
ASAP: Association for Sexual Abuse Prevention and Treatment 


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Anonymous said...

So you started quoting that "rebbisheh" einikel" bum Shaigaaatz AGAIN !!!!!!!
Why? Because on 1 issue you think he's on the same page as you?
That shaigaatz does not follow halacha except if if it suits him or its according to his agenda.
And, Yudel, You know it. You know the EMES.
Very Surprised at you.