Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Gary Schaer and Bob Singer "birds of a feather flock together" [birds are "faygeleh"?]

New Jersey Legislature To Vote On Three Transgender Bills Three transgender bills are up for a vote this Thursday in New Jersey’s Assembly. All have already passed the Senate. 1. A1718 allows transgenders to alter their birth certificate to match their contrived gender. The vice chairman of the Assembly Appropriations committee, the yarmulka-wearing Gary Schaer, voted for this bill. Schaer was just honored at an April 30th Agudah Legislative Breakfast as “a true American hero. This bill was sponsored by Teaneck/Engelwood
assemblywoman Valerie Huttle and cosponsored by West Orange Assembly woman Mila Jasey. It was sponsored in the Senate by Loretta Weinberg (Teaneck) and cosponsored by Richard Codey (West Orange). Senators Patrick J. Diegnan Jr (Edison) and Paul Sarlo (Passaic) voted for it while Lakewood’s Robert Singer unfortunately failed to vote against it, despite the immense opposition to the LGBTQ agenda among his Lakewood base. 2. A1726 allows the families of transgenders to change their death certificate to match their imagined gender, the bill stating that “the death certificate shall be based on documentation that memorializes the decedent’s gender transition.” Sponsors and cosponsors include Huttle, Jasey, Nancy J. Pinkin (Edison/Highland Park), and West Orange Assembymen John F. McKeon. Among those voting for the bill in the Senate were Weinberg, Patrick J. Diegnan Jr. (Edison), and Paul Sarlo (Passaic). Lakewood’s Robert Singer failed to vote on the bill. 3. A1727 would establish a “Transgender Task Force” that would, among various other things, “make recommendations,” specifically in the area of education, and “facilitate[e] the appropriate placement of transgender individuals in correctional facilities based on an individual’s gender identity.” The Task Force would outline to the government and legislature “its recommendations for advancing transgender equality in the State.” On this Task Force will be 17 people, none of whom is of recognizably bonafide biblical faith. However, it does include three representatives of known private leftwing groups: the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Garden State Equality (NJ’s largest LGBT group), and the Gender Rights Advocacy Association of New Jersey. This bill was also sponsored by Huttle, Pinkin, and Jasey (McKeon is a cosponsor). Yes votes in the Senate included Diegnan Jr., Sarlo, and Weinberg. Lakewood’s Robert Singer failed, here too, to make a Kiddush Hashem and vote against it.

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unlike the way Jews use the word "faygeleh", which, according to Leo Rosten’s The Joys of Yiddish, is “a discreet way of describing a homosexual—especially where they might be overheard.”