Sunday, June 03, 2018

Alert: Queens and Bucharin Kehilas

The major International & some National & European Hashgochas stopped accepting ingredients certified by the Star-K. At this time it affects products originating from India, PRC, China, Indonesia, Turkey, Viet Nam, etc.

When the Certifiers were asked why do you still accept the Star-K products from other areas including the USA? They responded "kol-has'choilois-kushois", we really should not be accepting any of their certified products including their meats.



We received the following: we do not have any information as to who is behind this circular. Evidently they are very upset on the VHQ. That still would not justify accepting the Star-K for meat & poultry.

IMPORTANT PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE BUKHARIAN QUEENS COMMUNITY To the distinguished Bukharian Rubbunan and honorable community members of Queens

Why don't you fellas buy from Westside foods?
In recent weeks, some negative statements have been made regarding some meat companies allowance in Vaad Ha'Rabbanim of Queens Butcher shops, supermarkets and establishments. These announcements have created great emotional financial strain to local VHQ establishments that desperately try to supply specific cuts of meat to satisfy the needs of the average Kosher Queens Consumer. Many VHQ owners and Queens Consumers are baffled by the sudden change in VHQ policy decided by the personal review of VHQ staff member Reb Chaim Schwartz and submitted to the honorable Rabbi Welcher for final acceptance as VHQ policy. As an active Community organization comprised of hundreds of Queens Consumers we would like to remind the community of the VHQ past history performance level in offering Kaslu•ut certification to Meat processing facilities in the local tristate area. Substandard VHQ Kashrut certification does not meet consumer expectations for Queens. Based on our research into this topic without any bias opinions, we spent countless hours confirming the facts on the ground by speaking with many Kashrut experts and Vaad Ha'Rabbanim of Queens affiliates that collaborate the below information as truthful. Keep in mind we aren't here to condemn those involved or judge those responsible as that is between man and Hashem. The objective is to offer a subjective view for the entire Queens community regarding VHQ meat policies and standards.

The following case sheds light onto the substandard VHQ policies for meat facilities

Call Rabbi Welcher 718 872-8240 (Posek of VHQ)

Rabbi Marcus 917 612-6881 (President of VHQ)

This message was approved by "The Bukharian Community Members of Queens"


Anonymous said...

Yudel, there you go again baseless claims... Substantiate!

Your intolerance for star k and vaad of queens is old news ....

Queens Toisov said...

Strange! Strange! Strange!

These "The Bukharian Community Members of Queens" who just 15 - 20 Years ago claimed that the Ashkenazim (as in VHQ) are just trying to stiff them and are treating us (Bucharee establishments) different then the ashkanazee establishments and thus lied and played all kind of games with the VHQ, including but not limited to cooking on Shabbat - replacing glaat meat with "home shechita" that took place in the basements of their establishment and G-d Knows who shechted or treibert or koshered - but the meat was fresh - like back at home - (Sounds familiar - heimish - "azoy vee in deh haim) and thus the VHQ was forced to get rid of most of these hashgachas, are now now the rabble rousers in conjunction with none other then Reb Yudel Shlit'a B'chvoidoy V'atzmoy, who "do their secret research" and conclude "Maas'kanahs" that are "nisht ge'shtoigen oon nisht ge'floigen" but are the absolute truth nevertheless.

Now the next generation - the TINY part - that stayed frum - are once again under the VHQ and most are doing well - meaning they are behaving Kashrus wise - only because the VHQ gives them special breaks (at the request of THEIR Rabbanim so to make it more attractive for their community to keep glatt - or even basic Kosher-, comes the ultimate "Researcher" and the Ultimate "Baal Lashon Horah" spreader (all with "self researched" laxities in why its OK - which have NO basis in practical Halachic application of Loshon Horah) in order to push his way into areas that he has no clue about.

He never communicated with the local poskim like a human being other then threatening them with "my way or the highway" and has now decided what is correct in a community that he should keep his business out of.

Strange! Strange! Strange!

But for us Veterans - nothing is EVER strange at Yudel's Blog or Place.

Queensh Toishov said...

Kew Gardens big guy aka Toisav / Shiboles / Siboles kissed & made up with Chaimel that he's still defending VHQ? Cut out your lies & Bucharian bashing already because no matter how much you bash the ethnic ones the Queens Vaad is NO better. And when the Vaad is supervising these Kazakh-Uzbeks nothing is done to stop their mixed dancing & other garbage because Queens Vaad only cares about GELT.


Cows in the basement are fort a step up from the secretive Queens Vaad activity at the Palestinian Arab Halal hole in the wall on Jamaica Ave. Look in the mirror / "shpigel".

And then there are your Queens Vaad caterers with no frumma Yid around where anything goes.

Derveil, here is Chabad warning the oylam about another lousy Queens Vaad standard, as in the supposed cholov Yisroel "requirement":


(Not everything is Cholov Yisrael)

1319 North Avenue | New Rochelle, NY

Anonymous said...

You have to LOOOOVVVEEEE the Queens Toishov.

He lives in Queens for who knows how many years and wants to "red ain" the oilom that Queens is Cholov Yisroel just like any other community.

You know very well that about 90 to 95% of Queens not only are not makpid on Cholov Yisroel but the don't care or want Cholov Yisroel. The fact that the VHQ tries as best as they can to have most stores CY is something that even Yudel would give them a 'high five'.

But the Toishov keeps on living in his own dream world (that is why he is still there) and fressed only from non-VHQ stores - that makes him feel good and prolongs his sweet dreams.

Stale broit mit rancid pitter said...

Chaim Schwartz is a bread & butter kind of guy who will RUN at FULL SPEED to whoever gives his bread the BIGGEST SCHMEAR.

In one tekufah it was those peddlers in shady unmarked trucks with the supposed Rubashkin fleish that Schwartz was getting shtupped gantz gut with "gratuities" to put it diplomatically or kickbacks to put it bluntly. In another tekufah it's anderrah chazirei.

Schwartz does not limit himself to profiting from protein. There was a pathetic episode with pickles no less. And the most outrageous parsha of all was the shutfus with the Great Neck Reformer Rabbiner who co-certified a coffee bar with the Queens Vaad around the corner from Long Island Jewish Hospital. When the secret got out, Schwartz sent a shik yingela to rip down the Reformer teudas kashrus & started brewing the coffee in the kitchen out of sight from the public.

Bingo said...

"You know very well that about 90 to 95% of Queens not only are not makpid on Cholov Yisroel but the don't care or want Cholov Yisroel. The fact that the VHQ tries as best as they can to have most stores ..."

Chaim Schwartz's Chief apologist in KG finally admits it!

You see, the sad state of affairs in Queens is such that the majority of combined shul populations is modern orthodox, often anti-Charedi, who don't want to be deprived of any taanugei oylam hazeh. So yes, they don't want cholov Yisroel or for that matter even a basic kashrus standard period.

Schwartz's bosses are the rabbis of these shuls who fold like cheap cameras & bend over backwards to placate these selfish gluttons. They take no chances getting the gourmands upset in case it puts their shtellers in danger. So they order Schwartz to lay off even the most elementary kashrus violations like bugs, bassar shenisaleym, etc.

And Schwartz of course complies like an obedient little soldier because only Queens provides that "living wage", not elsewhere, nisht afeelu Boston.

But what's in it for the apologist who always logs in to Yudelstake from KG and especially when he is on the "job" outside of KG?

Anonymous said...

the queens oylam needs to wake up from their many years long stupor

chaim schwartz once invited the public to a lettuce over light box demonstration when practically speaking there are very few if any queens vaad accounts who actually check for insects in any kind of effective way

that demonstration is pretty much the road map for the gantza queens vaad tzu gein which is plant bogus propaganda around the more haymish corners of town that there is a standard being adhered to that bnei Torah accept, all the while what's actually happening on the ground in the vast majority of accounts is nothing of the sort and even far behind the OU