Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Frocks / Kapotehs may contain shatnez

Dear Friend,

There is a serious issue regarding frocks and kapotehs that some Roshei Yeshiva, Rabbonim and Chassidim wear. 

For some reason some are unaware that shatnez can be found in them. I was speaking recently to one kapoteh manufacturer who cannot believe that people do not check their kapoteh for shatnez. He said, "I mention to everybody that you should get your clothing checked".

I spoke to a Rosh Yeshiva over three weeks ago, who confided to me that shatnez was found in his kapoteh. This was after the Rosh Yeshiva refused the prodding of the Jewish tailor who claimed, "that no shatnez can exist in the kapoteh," and insisted to get his newly purchased kapoteh tested. 

Recently, linen has been turning up in the woolen kapotehs of a very prominent kapoteh manufacturer. Attached is a photo of this recent incident. Although it has been reported six weeks ago, no recall has yet been instituted by the kapoteh manufacturer.

I would strongly advise to all who wear kapotehs, frocks and other such garments (including chasiddishe begodim), to have them tested at a qualified shatnez laboratory. Those purchased with an attached shatnez label should also be tested as those labels are generally only minimally reliable.

Please publicize! Thank you, Rabbi Moshe Bresler-Vaad L'Mishmeres Shatnez-1-877-4-SHATNEZ


Anonymous said...

Yudel, I don't know if you post jokes or if this is even a joke.... Here goes.... How are kapota's and ambulances similar? They both have two lights on the back and a sick person inside๐Ÿ˜‚

Anonymous said...

And a " langah reckel" is a jail, closed from all sides and a ganev inside.

Lakewood Matzoh bakery PR photo op client said...

"They both have two lights on the back"

Someone once made a point by going in public mit a frock that had attached on the back a flashing light with a sign stating: "Tnu kovod leTayreh"

Orange is the new black said...

a "langah reckel" in jail

As per special request, the orange reckels can come with matching orange Homburg hats.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for the Kapauteh with FOUR buttons (in the back).
Because "ich hub ah nahcht kailel oichet".

Anonymous said...

Speaking of jail. Does aleph institute make sure that prison jumpsuits are checked for shatnez?