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Shabbos “Mivurchin-Tamuz 5758” BS”D-Lakewood Weekly

     Shabbos “Mivurchin-Tamuz 5758” BS”D

Kashrus Alert: New construction or renovation:

Beware- be forewarned, very common for the Goyish workers to always use the new Microwave oven to warm or cook their “treif” food, soups, etc. They will also spill their hot treif down the sink, use the counters for their hot food, use of the oven is less common etc.

Therefore, your attorney must have in the contract language that covers those serious issues, e.g. “new, unused” appliances, sinks, counters, etc. Notify your Attorney in writing by Email, etc. Attorneys should carry “errors & omissions” insurance for these scenarios (ask them). According to the Psak of Rav Eliyashev, Z”L, and others, one may go after the Attorneys insurance Company for payment.  One does not have to accept “kashered” equipment or counters in lieu of “new”.

Recommended items for Bnei Torah by Yehuda Shain in conjunction with the Double U kashrus. Note: Save these lists as they will usually not be repeated! 

Vegetable & Canola oils brands only: W/ OU

Clover Valley- Dollar General stores

Long Life, Prefer, Royal, Green Life, Pure Maid, Premium

Carlini- Aldi Stores

Kirkland Signature oils- Costco stores

Price rite, Shop-Rite, Magic, Super 8, Golden drop

Chefs Quality- Restaurant Depot stores

Chefs pride

OU USA or Canada oils -all


Tofutti Products- Parve Blintzes, Frozen Desserts- only without strawberries, blueberries. Cuties, Cones, Novelties, Better than cream cheese -Parve

Better than sour cream- parve


Cake mixes- Parve w/ OU & Parve Only;

Duncan Hines, Manischewitz, King Arthur flour

Gefen, E&S, Bakers Wonder, Willmark, Pillsbury,

Chefs Wonder

Pudding mix- My-T-Fine OU Parve

Condiments: W/ OU

Ketchup- Heinz USA

Mustard- French’s, Gulden’s no Dijon type.

Tomato juice- Sacramento.

Duck sauce, horseradish, ketchup, tartar sauce, steak sauce, honey mustard, etc.- Golds brand

Tabasco sauce-Franks Red-Hot sauce

Canned tomato products- Peeled tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, tomato puree, etc.-Red Gold Company brand,

Tuttoroso Brand.

Latkes- Golden brand plain, zucchini, vegetable. Yoshon/BY.

Blintzes- Golden brand- Cherry.

Blintzes- J&J cheese & Potato Yoshon

Coconut oil- Simply Nature-cold pressed virgin oil

Poultry- Birdsboro, KJ / Kiryas Joel, Franklins / Pelleh.

Meat- Solomon’s, Fishel’s, Royal, Noam, Meal Mart/ Alle. West Side distributors . Not Agri, Tevya’s. Or Star-k.

Parchment paper- Geulah, Kirkland.

Pasta products- Any OU Parve made in USA.

Nuts- Must say OU Parve- Ashdon farms, Cal-best, Cal-pure, California pure, CVS abound, Diamond, Kirkland signature, Paramount farms, Traders Joes, Sunset orchards, Kroger, Stop snack.

Raisins, Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries- fresh, frozen dried, sun-dried tomatoes-NONE due to infestation.

Peanut butter- Skippy’s

Mayonnaise- Roberts, Hellman’s USA, not with olive oil. All Olive oil needs a proper hashgocha, EVOO also.

Pre-washed vegetables, herbs, etc.- Only Positive/ kosher garden brands. No Andy Boy, etc. even with hashgocha.

Hot sauce- Frank’s.

Spices dry- any OU, Pereg.

Wines- Kedem NY, Rashi Bayonne, Carmel, Schwartz, Armon, Yayin.

Sugar- Domino, OU-USA.

Fresh Salmon-Farmed w/ skin.

Salmon canned- non, due to infestation issues.

Soy sauce- Kikkoman, Wan Ja-Shan.

Candies-do not use confectionary glaze.


Strawberries-must be peeled due to infestation. Blueberries, figs, raisins-infested, do not use even w/ hashgocha. Corn on d cob, fresh/frozen are all infested-de-kernelize & wash.

Bagels frozen-Just bagels  isPas Yisroel.

Pita- Damascus brand. -is pas Yisroel.

Beans, Pearl Barley- Goya brand.

Goat milk, yogurt, cheese, etc.-Wayside farms.

Rice- Any OU certified (added vitamins require hashgocha)

Garlic has mites-peel over paper, wash garlic & knife well.

All Orange juice have insects that must filtered out with a 100-mesh filter. Filters are available $10.00 @  732-364-8046- 1140 Forest Ave. NW corner Carey St. Lakewood.

When you are making a simcha iy”h, we will review your menu, and tell you of our recommendations. Please include the following; date of affair, copy of menu, caterer, your email and phone number.

Alert: Major National & international Kashrus agencies have recently discontinued using Star-K certified ingredients originating from Far Eastern & Asian countries, due to their unacceptable kashrus related practices.  

We are available for public forum questions and answers on kashrus at your arranged shul or other location. All Kashrus questions / information should be addressed to us at

Donations can be sent to Kosher Consumers Union, Inc. a 501© 3 Exempt Organization-1140 Forest Ave., Lakewood, NJ 08701

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in case anyone was wondering why Frank's hot sauce but not Tobasco brand

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