Monday, July 02, 2018

"KCL" at its best. watch video

A Baal Simcha sends his representative to see the preparations for his upcoming simcha at the "KCL" caterer's commisary [as agreed].
Is everthing yoshon as agreed? Frum Caterer "sure is".

Is everything Bishul Yisroel Bet-Yosef as agreed? Caterer, sure is.

Are you cooking now for the affair? Caterer, well yes. But didn't we make up that everything will be done tommorow, so I can observe......? Well, you are right.?????????????

What is the Goy putting into the deep fryer?
Oh, that's a garnish for the fish.

Well First, that's not Bishul Bet-Yosef,

Second you cook fish garnish in Fleishig oil???????????????

By the way I see the flour you have here is realy "yashan", over a year old. Do you sift the flour?

Sure- Can I please see your sifter? and he brings out the strainer for noodles [ called a chinese-cap] all of the bugs can fit right through it R"L.

Is this some joke here? where is your Mashgiach?
The KCL doesn't require a mashgiach here, you see I'm a frum caterer.
I think a Mashgiach would not be worth anything here. Thanks.

At the KCL supervised affair, "A cup of water in a plastic cup, please".


Unknown said...

That video is pretty funny ;)

Anonymous said...

"KCL at its best. watch video"

You don't have to be a genius to realize that the title implies that
what you're talking about can be seen in the video. But it's not - instead,
the video is a comedy sketch (I think) from 2008.