Wednesday, August 01, 2018

UMAN Rosh Hashonah

1- The Leizer Shiner kitchen must be under the BDATZ Eidah of Yerushalem, not Gross/Schlesinger.

2- Louie Shiner's private group in Uman must use a shomer Torah umitzvois for his chef, not Sruly R"L.

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Anonymous said...

Tzvi Bogomilsky of Florida has donated a new kitchen the size of a basketball court in Uman, ahead of the visit by tens of thousands who will visit during Tishrei.

Jewish volunteers have finished building a kitchen the size of a basketball court in Uman, Ukraine, where they plan to prepare 105,000 meals to serve to pilgrims next month.

The new kitchen, donated by philanthropist and entrepreneur Tzvi Bogomilsky of Florida, replaced a smaller setup used in previous years by volunteers and employees of Uman’s Hachnasat Orchim project: A giant dining hall with 15,000 seats where Jewish pilgrims come to eat before and during Rosh Hashanah.

Some 25,000 pilgrims, many of them from the Breslav hasidic movement, converge in Uman each year ahead of the Jewish New Year to pray near the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav, who founded the Breslaver movement.

Meshulom (Charles) Rubinfeld, who is heading the project in Uman, said the kitchen’s 37 ovens and 17 burners will be used to cook 18 tons of meat, 13 tons of chicken and 105,000 pieces of fish, along with 250,000 challah rolls.
The cattle and poultry were slaughtered in Ukraine by butchers from the Badatz, Israeli’s most stringent kosher authority, who flew in from Israel. Other ingredients, all Badatz supervised, were shipped in from Israel in four containers.

Bogomilsky has been sponsoring the Kiddush meals for thousands in Uman during Yom Tov for over a decade, after he realized that many, if not most of the yomtov guests arrived with cans of food, unable to arrange for a suitable yomtov meal.