Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Israeli Melamed pedophile, victims parents go to Court

 TUESDAY, MAY 31, 2022

Mother of the Chareidie Pedofile in Bayit Vegan Speaks Up .. Wants the media to name him and publish his photo

The "Chazor" is blurred out 
Loose Translation of letter below by DIN

By Yael Elon 

Truth for our children !!! 

להיות נבל ברשות התורה

"A Pervert with permission from the Torah !!!"

Hello, my name is Yael, and I am the mother of one of the children who was harmed by an educator in the shocking incident that took place in a kindergarten at Bayit V'gan.

Many have inquired why I haven't spoken out since the news spread  about the case in the kindergarten where my son studied…

I will speak up now as once again  I found a Facebook post full of fake news disrespecting the parents who are fighting continuously against this pedofile, from when this happened on the cursed tragic date: April 8, 2022…

So I decided that what I really needed to do was to find a way to change the situation, and I'm going to give it a try, as any mother should.

The "hanhala" of the school , supports this pedophile, paid to bail him out, and even came to support him in court!

What was even worse, was that the police decided that the direct evidence found at the scene ( a mattress, and the ax with which the criminal threatened the children to silence them), was not found as sufficient evidence for his prosecution !!!

So I  am disrupting the lying routine of these dirty and violent teachers, and of this cold, heartless hanhala. And am exposing everything this damn staff uses as talking points to protect themselves. 

They state that this whole story was invented by a "group of French mothers", who are perhaps coddling  their children !!!!

But everyone who knows me - near and far - understands how unlucky this criminal is, in that he chose to harm my baby!

Know that I am the opposite of silence, the opposite of calm and passivity.

I also feel like we are not addressing mothers enough in this whole story.We are the ones who fight like lionesses for their puppies! We are the ones who went out to fight yesterday in court, with the aim that the judge should  remove the ban on publishing the name and picture of the criminal!

We have become a bunch of united and powerful women, who have been fighting for the truth for close to two months.

In the eyes of the Israeli press and our lawyers, what happened yesterday in front of the court never happened and we made history! Because (frum woman) demonstrating, is not something in the Israeli mentality and culture at all!

Yesterday, ultra-Orthodox women wearing wigs and kerchiefs stepped out of their comfort zone by going out to demonstrate. They came and appeared before the court, and cried out in grief and sorrow, and even ran after this pedophile, in the unbelievable heat of Jerusalem, without fear and without shame!

It's time to change awareness and open up public thinking!

It is written in the Torah, "And you have chosen life," and these monsters don't not represent the way of the Torah and the truth in general! These people are killing children !!!

So please then, mothers, and expectant mothers, try to identify problems in your children, understand the signs in them, create in them a sense of security, and believe them when they tell you everything that happens in school.

And remember, there is nothing greater than the power of a mother!

Once you have the information, don't shut up, because in silence you may harm your child! Because silence is the real crime (in addition to the direct harm)! Come on and shout! File a complaint with the police!

Dear mother, ignore what the neighbors will say, and what your husband's rabbi, or any other person, will think…

Play the role of your life! File a complaint and go to the end with your truth! Everything should stand aside when it comes to our kids!

Know that about 50% of a child's healing stems from his parents' fighting for him and protecting him, so that he feels free to speak in an atmosphere of security at home. If it does not happen this way, the child's life can be ruined forever…

Think twice, before you choose to be silent and your worry to keep a "good name", before thinking about what's good of your children…

Thank God, I  recognized and understood the signs in my son, and with a simple question, he felt free to speak and tell, he felt I was attentive to him and I allowed him to let go.

I thank Gd for the opportunity to get the horror out of my little son's mouth, and with that I was able to put an end to the nightmare in this cursed kindergarten!

So please understand, I'm not quiet…I just needed time to help and fight for these pure children! I have never been ashamed or afraid of my future in life, much less of my son's future, because we are in the best hands... of G-d!

We plan with the help of Hashem , immediately after Shevuois, to hold a large conference with specialists who are experts in this field. The purpose of this meeting is to educate parents on this issue, and to raise public awareness of these issues.

Update me in a private message if you plan to be present at the meeting, or attend remotely.

The struggle has just begun! Good week to you all!


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the mother of a victim spoke out - NOT the mother of the menuval