Monday, November 21, 2022

UPDATE: De Ja Vu- BMG's KCL said for 15 years, Manalapan Chinese restaurant is reliable, may be serving treif butter at weddings

In at least one large wedding hall in Lakewood they may be cooking with butter instead of margarine, hence "Bossur Bi'cholov". 

Sometime after this past Succos, An astute invited guest (happens to be in the food line) walked into the wedding hall  kitchen (has a BMG KCL Mashgiach temidi)  and sees from a distance that they are ready to put in a few one pound bricks of (supposedly Margarine) into the kettle. He did not recognize  the label from the distance, he goes up closer and sees all of them 8-10 bricks are treif butter, hence "Bossur Bi'cholov".

He tells the non-Jewish worker "you can't use that", he responded the Rabbi said I could use it, finally he got real margarine.

The original case had 36 bricks of butter, some were missing from the box. He took pictures, We don't want to show the pictures as someone might be able to identify the wedding hall.


I asked the fellow if he called the KCL or BMG?

He responded "absolutely not", they are only interested in "control & their piggy-bank, not kashrus".


Anonymous said...

R' Aron Kotler holds butter does not require cholov Yisroel. Cholov stam USDA butter was provided at BMG breakfast until the early 90s when the Chassidishe made an inappropriate tummel against it.

Assuming this wedding was a fleishdik seudah, basar becholov fits better than the word treif.

Anonymous said...

If the it was butter then it also may have been butter from a none kosher species thus maybe its not basar bchalav to begin with.

Anonymous said...

FYI-Butter can only be made from a kosher breed.

But if the BMG's KCL allows a non-kosher breed meat at their weddings, then you have a valid point.

Qveens said...

A Conservative hashgacha in KG

Hey Chaim Schwartz, run!! You can co-certify with this koifer just like old times with the coffee & at the pizza place by LIJ hospital with Abraham Eckstein. Michtav hamlatza available from the OU mashgiach!

Anonymous said...

You have proof, yet you don't want to show pictures?

Local wedding hall, which means chances are there is no dairy kitchen to begin with. Was it an order error?

This individual just happened to walk into the kitchen when they were making something in the kettle? In Middle of the wedding? Earlier in the day?

Forget about the KCL. Did this individual bring it up with the mashgiach Temidi? What was the Mashgiachs Response?

Once again, You have pictures but wont post it, even cropped ones? Agenda Much?

You asked him if he contacted the KCL, but his response was absolutely not because they only care about... Really? Sounds like this person has an agenda as well. He could have called the KCL, recorded the conversation and posted it. Open Shut Case.

Something tells me there is no case. R' Yudel, you don't fear anyone. If there was proof it would have been posted already.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you enjoyed Manalapan chinese restaurant food, enjoy bossur bicholov as well, just another feather in your hat.

If you would be the mashgiach at the affair, you wouldn't give a darn.

Sore Losers said...

These shills for KCL or a sympathetic hashgocho with the same weak 'controls' didn't take long to come crawling out like cockroaches on the attack. They are like Biden strategists. Demonize R' Yudel that the only 'possible' narrative is one that supposedly shlogs him up and hope you brainwashed everyone into believing it.

There are of course possible reasons between the lines like that some caterers are prone to harsh retaliation.

Anonymous said...

And the sore loser comment has the fingerprints all over it from the OU mashgiach in Queens!

Pitter Patter said...

Even the hashgocho on the cholov stam is a lousy one, Saffra.

Anonymous said...

According to Reb Moshe Feinstein, Z"L, In the USA there is no cholov stam, only cholov yisroel, cholov yishmael, cholv treif-your choice.

In Germany, Reb Moshe's cholov stam may be relevant.

Anonymous said...

By not giving more verified details you are feeding this whole town outright tarfus.
These excuse didn't call kcl because some "agenda Excuse" or mashgiach said its OK (you didn't hear it from the mashgiach just from a "Halachik reliable person" - OF COURSE it was Mashiach lifee toomoy, put you on the same page as this catering hall (if its true).

Trying to figure out which rabbonim and poskim to ask who is a bigger machshil here?
Do I wait until I go to Israel and ask there?/

Anonymous said...

The wholesale outfit Stover & Co is the only one selling that butter online. They sell it only as a case of 36 for $199.

The 'Country Maid Creamery' label is owned by Honor Foods, a division of Burris Logistics.

Lakewood Informant of Queens OU Mashgiach said...

Yudel's busted! When you enlarge the picture, I know a caterer who has a metal rack like that.

The name of our game is not to cooperate with Yudel's lehosir michshol vigilantism, it's to attack him with 50 questions (Sun Nov 20, 5:54 PM) & insults (Sun Nov 20, 6:02 PM), until he gives us enough info to help the culprit cover up!

Anonymous said...

Halevye the site mashgiach would make sure to check incoming deliveries as well as Wiesner makes sure to receive his weekly chulent!

Moish Finkel said...

I am bakant with that brand of salted butter. Yudel must be worried it's bad for blood pressure. Daygah nisht as it is a special LOW SODIUM production.

Indigestion for Corrupt hashgochos said...

"Shain has a history of catching restaurants who are violating the laws of kashrut."

Tzorich loimar: restaurants AND caterers

Anonymous said...

Tzorich Loimar, Food service and Kashrus certifiers, etc.

Kamelhar ausgefiltert said...

Did your mole open up the packaging of one of those butter bricks? The Sfardishe Kadmonim write that it is possible to make butter from camel milch, but that camel butter has an unappealing green tinge.

Anonymous said...

"unappealing green tinge"

Lav davka not kosher - they could be using the homemade mayo from BMG's kitchen, or at least what's passed off as "mayo".

YSV the Root of All Evil said...

If that was really Moish Finkel you can bet that his YSV virtual bodyguards like Sruly Orzel, Sperka & Yudi Frankel would threaten KCL to keep quiet about the butter or else they will tell the gantz Monsey that KCL are "lowlives & meshugah".

Figures that Sperka wormed his way on to the YSV Board if you know anything about his Detroit yichus. Murderous organized crime mobsters who gave him money were kevuim on mizrach vant of his zeidy's shul. An Agudah rabbi in Baltimore ranked him out for this a few years ago as the epitome of corruption in his Yom Kippur derosha. (And Pinny Lipschutz has made umpteen references in Yated editorials to corrupt Detroit rabbis who tormented R' Lazer Levin.) The transcript was even posted on the Baltimore shul website until it created a national stir & other Agudah figures who are Cover Up Firsters pressured to remove it even though the Neo-Heimish Sperkas were barely frum Tzionim in those days.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Back in the day a bochur who thought he was hot stuff became chosson to a Kamelhar. It raised some eyebrows being that it means camel hair in Yiddish.

Baltimore the City that Breeds said...

Someone heard a half story. It was Rabbi Motzen from the big Agudist family, who while he indeed trashed Detroit's Sperka in der onfang, he went off on a wild tangent of very weirdly copping out, just like we would expect from the cover up pros at Agudah. But yes, even this was too much for the rest of the Agudah so they tried to bury it where most people can't find it.

Yom Kippur, 1929, Louis Fleisher, Harry Fleisher, and Henry Shorr attended services at B’nai David, an Orthodox Congregation in Northwest Detroit. The three men, decked in their Yom Tov finest, taleisim over their heads, were leading members of the Purple Gang, Detroit’s mostly Jewish mob.

They had plenty to atone for. The Purple Gang controlled the city’s illegal gambling, smuggled liquor during Prohibition, and had a hand in most of Detroit’s underworld vice. The gang never hesitated to resort to violence—arson, bombings, and murder—when its operations were threatened. They were reputedly more ruthless than Al Capone’s gang in Chicago.

The three gangsters, engrossed in the services, did not notice three other men sitting in the back of the synagogue: Police disguised in black Chasidic garb who hoped to arrest the three hoodlums after the service. But when the non-Jewish policemen lit up cigarettes during the intermission, their cover was blown and the gangsters got away. (Robert Rockaway, Tablet Magazine)

The rabbi of the shul, was a man by the name of Rabbi Joshua Sperka – I don’t know anything about him. But I wondered what went through his mind, to have in the front rows of the shul, criminals with blood on their hands, wishing to pray for forgiveness and atonement, knowing full-well that tomorrow they’d be at it again. Did he shake their hands, did he give them an honor, or did he really want to tell them that there is no place for such people in a house of G-d?

If I were him, there would be a part of me that would not be able to concentrate during services with them in the crowd, a part of me that would very much like to forbid them from joining our services. But I think the right thing to do would be to welcome them in, graciously and lovingly ...

Anonymous said...

Ah. YSV again
Now it all makes sense.
YSV is now under KCL . And that’s the catering hall we are talking about.
No one in Monsey cares about Kashris anyway.
Yudel told them 8 years before some competing butcher shop opened in Monsey about Finkel. No one cared.
Then the whole Monsey is run by Steinmintz - another of Yudels favorites. No one cares.
No it’s about a catering hall.
And still no one cares.
Yudel. Tell that “Toishov” to stop wasting his time there and just buy his foods here in Lakewood where EVERYONE cares about Kashris.
BTW: the KCL does not know yet about the butter - of course. But did the hall owner at least kasher the place? L’chol hapoochis the kettle??
Do you have photos of the kashring?

8 Mile Detroit said...

Joshua Sperka's shver "Nathaniel Samuel" Peiman was an alter Mogilever, a Maskil in heimishe levush.

(page 19 of document or 17 of the numbered pages:)

Peiman's Judaica store in Detroit sold the Yiddishist apikorses, plus the con artist was selling mezuzos to superstitious Shvartzas - bizayon tashmishei kedushah - to wear around their necks as good luck charms!

Anonymous said...

They were not real mezuzos. So why would it be a bizayon?
I know your right just which poisek agreed with your innovation?

Sofer Stam said...

Mimah nafshach? If the mezuzos were fake, how was he allowed to defraud anyone including goyim? The whole thing smells.

And selling Yiddishist poison is not a bizayon, to put it mildly?

Rubashkin Fresser said...

The big Skverrer ausvarf Yiddishist "Achad haAm" (Usher Hersh Ginsberg) took his new name from a mayseh znus.

And Rubashkin used Yiddishist Sholem Aleichem's "Fiddler on the Roof" as the inspiration for his South American chazirei "Tevye's"!

The Yiddishist actor who played Tevye was Zero Mostel. Zero was a nickname that stuck. His Maskila mother used to call him Zero all the time. He takka didn't amount to much worthwhile but it was her fault for not sending him to cheder when he was growing up in Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

They wanted something to put in the box around their neck so he sold it to them. period.

Anonymous said...

Did reb y. Call kcl? Did he at least send them a letter? did he receive an answer? Something doesn't make sense here

Anonymous said...

I have a wedding in Lakewood, Please let us know which hall it

Anonymous said...

The Brownsville branch of YSV wouldn’t let him in.

Anonymous said...

Don’t eat . You’ll save the Mechuton some money. Another great Mitzvah.

Toishav Monsey said...

"The Brownsville branch of YSV wouldn’t let him in"

There is a very black neshomah from a damaged mekor constantly jumping in on Yudelstake to nastily rub zaltz in the wounds of mishpochos whose kinderlach have no yeshiva. And there he goes again above.

It just so happens that when the oylam lived in Brownsville, the chadorim were run by exemplary mechanchim as they were in most of Klal Yisroel's history. There were tzaddikim like R' Yeruchim Olshin's uncle, R' Meilech Silber ztl, who begged unwilling parents to send their kids, and never, ever pressured for tuition payments.

It's only lately, when fraudsters in rabbonishe levush have hijacked the mosdos, that all the horror stories emerge like a swarm of locusts.

The nasty one must have some protektziya where he is now. Let him try moving elsewhere where he will be the bottom of the barrel. Something tells me all the criticism here of YSV will look tame in comparison to what the nasty one would have to pontificate if he was on YSV's receiving end.

Anonymous said...

i've noticed it. he takka has serious problems. i don't think the tzebissen guy even cares about ysv. he just enjoys shteching those who have tzorus

Toisav Queens said...

You hit the nail on the head because the Devil's Advocate for the benefit of YSV, intended or not, is none other than the OU mashgiach in Queens. Who else? Indulging in glee over heartache of the less fortunate is a geshmack like no other to him, even if the victims are lav davka with the Shain team.

Protekzia & corruption is exactly right! His thieving, molesting clan got their tentacles into the Queens mosdos, so his kids have a get in free card that works like the get out of jail free card in the Monopoly board game

Anonymous said...

Since when is YSV the only Yeshivah in Monsey? There are plenty of moisros in Monsey who can also accept the “YSV crying mother”. The mother can go and cry at Bais mikrah, Bais Doovid, viznitz, Bobov, Vien, ou peh, rachmesrivk, tinnitus, Breslov just to name a few.
But the alteh fabiseneh toishov blames YSV only when all the others do the same.
It’s obvious even to the CCRC types that the toishov hates YSV and Company.
That’s the whole point here.if the toishov would castigate the hanhalahs of all those other yeshivas then it would be a fair and maybe justified post. But that’s not the case.

Anonymous said...

The YSV critics did castigate the other Monsey places on several ocassions while noting YSV is the worst of the bunch. But the stubborn arguer who is on a mission to fight against every comment is playing a pretend game. The points made against YSV & the others are not exactly a secret. The information shtims with patterns & incidents that many people are aware of. Something is driving the arguer, who either has a dog in this game to defend YSV, or a mental illness.

Anonymous said...

Or either has nothing (personal) against YSV or he hates all the moisdos equally.
Or of course has this LH pass that keeps on appearing on this blog.