Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Dart Foam Cups & plates & kashrus issues

The following items were gathered by others.

Dart Corporation has informed MCG in writing that the releasing agent Zinc Stearate used on their molds for the manufacturing of polystyrene products is obtained from animal fat.

Crest Toothpaste -Sun Jan 07 09:58:07 CST 2007
Procter & Gamble Company has informed MCG that Crest, "Pro Health Toothpaste" is made with animal derived ingredients.

The following Crest toothpastes are made without animal derived ingredients and there is no information about presence or absence of alcohol in flavor.
1. Cavity Protection Toothpaste
a. Regular Flavor
b. Cool Mint Jell
2. Anti Cavity Toothpaste
a. Rgeular Flavor
3. Kid Crest
The rest of Crest toothpastes contain animal derived ingredients.

Enfamil Nutramigen, Nutramigen Lipil and Similac's Alimentum baby formulas are made with proteolytic enzyme such as protease, obtained from pork pancreas to hydrolyze protein. Both products are recommended for babies having allergic reaction to milk, soy, wheat.

Ross Laboratory's Elecare Powder is answer for babies having allergic reaction to milk, soy and wheat. This product is made with Kosher Parve ingredients but without Kosher symbol dueto Kosher dairy status according to Ross Laboratory. This product do not contain Nucleotide. This product is not available at supermarkets but can be obtained from or calling 1-800=367-6852.

CONFECTIONER;S GLAZE -Thu Dec 28 22:30:43 CST 2006

Confectioner's or Resinous's glaze is a coating on candy or sprinkle. Confectioner's glazes are alcohol solutions of various type of food grade Shellac. Shellac is the secretion of Coccus lacca insects deposited on tree in India. The concentration of shellac in confectioner's glaze is between 20-30%. The lowest alcohol content of confectioner's glaze is about 3.5%. The confection's glaze is applied to hard and cured candies in a pan.

The shellac is also providing some lac wax. The purpose of confectioner glaze on candies is to provide durable, glossy finish; other coatings will not provide shinny gloss like shellac. Same glaze is applied in pharmaceutical products.

We recommend avoiding all candies with confectioner's glaze.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Dart makes a very good foam cup and animal stearate is bittul to the cup however, the cup can be made purer with an vegatable stearate. It is more expensive (pennies/pound) and the price impact may be minimal. At you can write them and say you want them to produce a kosher cup. I think they make a high quality cup. I did it. If they start making cups that are vegatable based I'm sure that the prices will come down. So write them today