Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kashrus= kash-R-us

Garni bag kashrus scandall

BODEK & Landaus Garni bag kashrus scandall is first class deception by all of the certifiers. The certifiers & the stores selling them are all guilty of being "machshil" the consumer all in the name of the holy dollar. Therefore one may not rely on any of their Hashgochas, which is superficial at best.

One Heimish Hashgocha never removes a hashgocha because of kashrus, chilul shabbos, deception, infestation, etc, just try not to pay their honorarium timely!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shocking? No, not at all

The infestation by Blueberries is a well known fact since at least  the past 4 months, yet the kashrus certifiers are just sitting back (besides the Magrova Rav). Shocking? No. They say" in G-D vee trrrust".
Yes, and it's printed right on the the almighty dollar, thereby obstructing the insects.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chasam Sofer & Mishnah-Berurah on insect checking

Chasam Sofer & Mishnah-Berurah state as some of the requirements for insect checking are;

Excellent eyesight (20/20).
Specially designated individuals = experienced & Yirei-Shomayim.

The average consumer does not meet the required criteria.
The only processor that meets the criteria, is the Positive Company Lab.

Therefore when kashrus certifiers tell you either wash very well under a strong stream of water, or soak, sponge, rinse etc. You may not use the product, as you don't meet the criteria.

Or the certifier tells you it's hard to check and of course you don't have the patience either, cut it in half & inspect for string that look like the parts of the fruit, etc, or break the buksa in small pieces & inspect & wash each small piece, etc. They are just fooling themselves & the consumer.

All kosher certified frozen strawberries requires a blending to a puree or cooking, regardless of the misinformation a kosher certifier may tell you.

They may be right in theory, but are not correct in fact.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Kashrus Alert: Landaus Garni Bags

Kashrus Alert: Landaus Garni Bags
Certified by the Voloverv Rav should not be used for anything that may have infestation.
The holes are too large to any insects in the Garni bag.

Alert: Unlabeled canned goods, becomes labeled with a Hashgocha?

Kashrus Alert: Unlabeled canned goods, becomes labeled with a Hashgocha?

Most hashgochas do not keep  a log of traceabilty for canned goods. Therefore when a packer purchases unlabeled canned goods at a good price & puts on his own label with the Hashgocha, the item is to be considered as non-certified kosher, which most kosher consumers will not accept.

It's alledged that the Delight Company (California Delight) or any other name they may use is a packer that purchases on the open marked "unlabeled canned goods' and labels them with labels that have a Hashgocha.

Of Course you'll find some of their product with a code that indicates a hashgocha, but a lot of the product is bought unlabeled & sold in areas where people don't check for codes.
Isn't of interest that he is always cheaper, never runs out of product.

There may be others that are doing the same and the kosher certifiers via AKO should address this serious weakness in the system. Kashrus must be traceable from farm to fork.

Kashrus Alert: defining Currants used in bakeries

Kashrus Alert: Defining  Currants used in bakeries.
Listed in Hisachdus buletin that their bakeries do not use any raisins but use "currants".

Currants may be from a plant that produces berries that are called currants when dried.
Currants may also be from a seedless-raisin, therfore it would be not permitted as it is a raisin in disguise,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Delite or California Delight TUNA or other products

Delite or California Delight TUNA or other products from them should not be relied upon from a kashrus point, regardless who's the certifier.

Certain Lakewood establishment are using the DELIGHT Tuna products.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Kashrus Alert: Lakewood's Express oil change

Kashrus Alert: Lakewood's Express oil change [ Kenedy Blvd & Clifton Ave]
serves a sugar substitute that contains non kosher wine. He was told on numerous ocassions but refuses to remove it. Don't drink the coffee.

Note: Cream of Tarter or Tartaric acid is not what is known as "vein-shtein" which never had issur only the bliyious are ossur & if its washed & for dried 12 months it's permitted.

New technology-is by centrifuging grape juice & drying the cream of tarter. Wine retains its "issur" always even after drying, etc The OU on sweet & low & the Star-K on Elzan is not justified.

Monday, January 07, 2013

Updated: Which Heimish hashgocha has all of these "attributes"?

NOTE: There are many more "Attributes" לתועלת but מקצת שבחו בפניו וכו

1. Accepts insects as large as 1.2 mm in their checked vegetables. (so don't use any of their certified vegies)
2. Allows bakeries to use the same oven for parve and dairy without a supervised kashering.
3. Accepts oils, etc from the major global certifiers & utilizes their koshered tankers, only requires a mashgiach at the bottling of the oil. If the heimish mashgiach doesn't arrive, it's still acceptable.
4. Does a Heimish Pesach oil production & forgets to send the Mashgiach for the production. The producer utilizes non-pesach additives. They did accept the oil for the Heimish pesach productions.
5. Does not maintain a staffed office. Does not maintain production records. Does not have any traceability capabilities.
6. Their Mashgichim must wait 6 months to a year to get paid. They don't always get the correct amount, but it doesn't pay to fight after waiting so long.
7. Never answers to the consumer or to Rabonim that question their standard, system, etc.
8. Has a reputation of never removing a hashgoch for a kashrus issue (which they'll never realize), as long as the certification fees are current.
9. Use strong arm tactics to force producers to take their certification.
10. As a policy does not allow other Rabbonim or certifiers to inspect any of their facilities. (guess why)
11. Can't rely them for their Yoshon information.
12. Does not return calls to consumers or Rabbonim.
13. The popular Hashgocha based in Yerushulayim, shamefully uses this heimish hashgucah's unreliable Mashgichim.

                                                                    I GIVE UP!