Friday, March 28, 2014

You can be a גדול!

עין בש"ע אורח חיים סימן קכ"ד סעיף ז' You can be a גדול ע"פ הלכה
מי ששח בשעת התפילה "הוא חוטא וגדול עונו מנשא וגוערין בו

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Satmar Dayan should be asked to leave Quality Farmers market, as it's a big michshil harabim.

Reb Yudel, during this time of hester panim  approaching purim, sometimes we forget to look closely enough at things that should be obvious.

after the horror of the meat scandal of a few years ago, who would have thought that in a town such as ours, the world renown ir hatorah of Lakewood, they would be selling repacked meat WITH NO HASHGACHA . at quality farmer's market, just north of Lakewood, they claim that the repacking is done under the hashgacha of the satmar dayan, yet when someone  asked the dayan if this was true he clearly said that it is ABSOLUTLY NOT UNDER HIS HASHGAHCA.  a person went into the store today and asked the heimisha manager under who's hashgacha the meat is repacked and he clearly stated that the repacking is done under the satmar dayan's hashgacha. when it was pointed out that the letter on the wall CLEARLY states that it does not cover repacked meat , he told  that its good enough... it's meal mart..

unfortunately, this trend repeats itself in other stores, for instance toy stores that sell uncertified repacked shlach manos. 

I am at a total loss of how to understand the mindset that would attempt to service a kehilla of bnei torah with such utter contempt.  once it is obvious that emes does not a clearly stated fact, who can tell what else is being offered for sale at that store...

each person should carefully consider the above before assuming they can merely walk into a store and purchase foods with no personal responsibility.

wishing all a kosher and freilechen purim
NOTE: The Satmar Dayan was told by me (Yudel Shain) numerous times over the past 2 years to get ouf the Quality Farmers Market as he is being Machshil the Tzibur in consuming non-kosher.