Saturday, August 28, 2010

FRISEE is an infested salad ingredient

FRISEE is often served in a mesculon salad. It's commonly infested, extremly unpractical to clean, therefore it should not be used at all.

It took the vaad of 5 towns months till they banned it.
The 5 Town Vaad's Administrator "forgot" to ban it for Kehila kashrus as well. He also was still working on writing up the nusach for the ban for all other AKO affiliated kashrus certifiers-That's expertise!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Eidah?

3. Perhaps I can enlist your assistance. As I reported earlier, I went to the folks at the Eida Chareidit to pull off the “Eida Chareidit” sign from the store sign of Mamlechet Halva (also shuk Machane Yehuda).

I was promised that this would be done in an expeditious fashion, but I report sorrowfully that as of this morning. No change. This is where you come in. Please, call the Eida Chareidit office (02-670-0205) and ask why the teudat kashrut is not on display.

The Eidah, The Dollar rules again.

14 Elul 5770-August 24, 2010

I contemplated if I should publicize this incident, and decided that I should, not towards giving a ‘black eye’ to a reputable kashrus organization, but rather intending to send a clear message to readers, that we must always remain vigilant and to expect the unexpected.

Monday, August 23, 2010

shechita Video of Rav Westheim's in Ireland

Does it pass the litmus test or even the smell test? (welcome to Lakewood)

Senator Singer allegedly has been setting up corruption schemes in Lakewood, which can entrap Township Committeemen, CEO'S, Vaad Members, etc. The schemes are unethical, shameful & most probably illegal as well.

The history of the Blue Claws stadium and it's unbearable burden to the Lakewood Tax payers.  Senator Singer allegedly was in the fore front to bring the Blue Claws team to Lakewood. The Senator was in the forefront of the Stadium, even though he wasn't in the majority. Senator Singers denial doesn't carry any weight, fact V. fiction.

In order to get the Blue Claws approved without opposition from the Yeshiva [VOTERS] religious community, Senator Singer allegedly devised a scheme to "make them an offer they can't refuse". The offer was Cedar bridge Corp Park.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ALERT: Israeli Pre-Checked vegetables

30 Av 5770- August 10, 2010

1. A Note About Meshech Cohen Mann Greens- I have recently noticed that some of the bags of the popular insect-free greens of the Meshech Cohen Mann Company are no longer orange,
but green. A closer look reveals that these bags are no longer under the watchful eye of Rabbi Moshe Vaye Shlita, and for me that makes a difference.

BEWARE: HARIBO "kosher" Gummy Bears-may have treif gelatin!

The Haribo Gummy Bears with the Hashgocha of Dayan Westheim states "FISH-GELATIN".

The cold facts are that a lab confirmed that 6 out of 8 packages containd BEEF-Gelatin which of course is TREIF.

Every one concerned should have them disposed of & removed from all stores, they may be "treif".

Monday, August 09, 2010

Halunen & Associates ESQ. investigating Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mislabeling Class Action Lawsuit

Halunen & Associates ESQ. Contact us for a Courtesy Consultation-MN (612) 605-4098 - IL (312) 222-0660- Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mislabeling Class Action Lawsuit Investigation-Adulterated olive oil is a Kashrus issue as well.

If you, like millions of other Americans, have spent extra money on Olive Oil that was labeled “Extra Virgin,” you may have paid extra money for a premium product you did not receive. A recent study by the University of California—Davis tested 19 different olive oils that were labeled “Extra Virgin” and concluded over two thirds of the tested oils failed the International Olive Council (IOC) standards. Olive Oil brands of which Halunen & Associates and partner law firms are currently investigating for fraudulent labeling include the following:

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Swordfish, others mistakenly think it may be a kosher fish

Swordfish (Xiphias gladius) does not seem to have scales when one looks at a sample. Some say that it has scales that are embedded to such an extent that it is impossible to remove them without making a hole. Others say that it has kosher scales on parts of its body which fall off during its development. Still others claim that it may have some kosher scales even at the time of harvest. The Orthodox Union traditionally treats swordfish as non-kosher.

See Sh’ailos and Teshuvos Tzitz Eliezer 9:40 who discusses a statement made by the Knesses HaGedolah about “cherev hadag” and explains why we cannot use the statement to permit swordfish.

14. Why is swordfish not kosher?

The adult swordfish has no scales. Even the scales of a young swordfish are not true scales. A fish is only kosher if it has scales that can be removed from the skin. The scales of swordfish cannot be removed without destroying the skin. Therefore swordfish is not kosher.

Raisins field dried still infested- Oven dried is generally clean of infestation

ונראה שהמעורר הי' לו הגיון טוב, שהצד השוה שבין דגים וראזינקס, שהדחיפה להתיר, מכיון שהם דברים חדשים, ומאכלים מקובלים, והציבור קשי העיכול לקבל חדשות, ולמרות שהמתירים יש להם להם טעמים יסודיים וחזקים להתיר הדגים, הלא בהחלט כמה מהם שייכים גם גבי רוזינק'ס ובפרט טעמו של הרב פאלק המקובל אצל המתירים שזה לא נקרא פירוש, ואם גבי דגים נאמר זה ק"ו וכ"ש אצל צימוקים, וטעמי הדיחוי של הרב שטיין אם יעמודו בודאי הם טעמים לדחות ההיתר של הרב פאלק, וגם שאצל דגים צורת הדברים נראה מאוד שיש במאה שנים או יותר שינוי במציאות, אבל לרוזינקס לא נראה שיש שינוי במציאות, והלה צודק שלא מדובר במילבין כלל, ולגבי צימוקים יש כאן ח"ס חזק לסמוך עליו וכל אלו אין גבי דגים, כדרכה של תורה יש בכל אחד צדדים לכאן וכאן, אבל אין צורך במחאה הגדולה נגד החשבון שיש צד השוה.

בספרי אחרונים מצינו שלענין תולעים כל של ידע שיש מיעוט המצוי המחייב בדיקה, לענין תולעים שאין בהם טעם לא שייך שכן נהנה שהרי הוא מתעסק על מה שאכל למפרע וכן באמת מבואר בשיבת ציון.

אגב: אפשר לקבל צימוקים המיבושים בתנור ולא בחמה ולכאורה אין בהם חשש תולעים, וכמו מיני תבלינים והערבס