Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Corn on the cob is infested. Strawberries are infested.

How can one eat them?

Corn- kernels should be cut off from the cob & rinsed.

Strawberries- Cut off green, being carefull not to cut too much fruit & make a hole. Peel the entire outside. After freezing it's easier to peel.

Chinese Honey Trade Tainted By Dirty Dealings

Chinese Honey Trade Tainted By Dirty Dealings-ALEXA OLESEN-Associated Press Writer - June 30, 2010
Many of the Heimishe honeys are from China.

BEIJING (AP) — Businessman Yan Yongxiang was trying to get around stiff U.S. levies on imports of cheap Chinese honey. So he sent 15 shipping containers of cut-rate honey to the Philippines, where it was relabeled and sent on to the United States. It's called honey-laundering, and the subterfuge let Yan skirt $656,515 in taxes before he was caught in a bust and pleaded guilty.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Risks from packaged sprouts and salads

Breaking News on Food Processing & Packaging-Germany highlights risks from packaged sprouts and salads
By Rory Harrington, 29-Jun-2010-Related topics: Cleaning / Safety / Hygiene

High bacteria loads observed in fresh packaged sprouts and ready-to-eat salads are likely caused by a combination of factors including poor processing hygiene and humid conditions fostered inside plastic packaging, said a German safety body.

What ‘natural’ means in food regulations!

Breaking News on Food & Beverage Development - Europe-By Special edition: Natural and clean label, 18-Jun-2010

What ‘natural’ means in food regulations

‘Natural’ has become a word consumers like to see on food product packages, while ‘clean label’ is an industry term to describe an E-number-free ingredients list. But exact definitions depend on who you are talking to, and what additive you are taking about.  A colourful discussion At the beginning of July any food products sold in the EU that still contain the so-called Southampton colours that were implicated in a study on hyperactivity in children will have to carry a warning label.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Is the affair reliably kosher?

8 Tammuz 5770- June 20, 2010

2. A New Trend; Jerusalem Weddings without Hechsherim

This is perhaps a preamble to what may become my next obsession, but since I am not certain how things will develop, and if time will permit me to probe this in depth as quickly as I would like, or more correctly, as the situation demands, I feel a need to advise readers –to wave a warning flag as it were.

Over the past year, while attending smachot (weddings or bar mitzvahs for example) and in some cases, just crashing [not to eat but to enter the kitchen, posing as a guest, asking a number of questions of the mashgiach], I have learned that in some (many?) cases, frum people, G-d fearing and Sabbath-observant people are eating in halls that simply do not have a hechsher, or the hechsher is a regular one when the guests and host alike believe they are eating food under the supervision of one of the pristine Badatz mehadrin agencies.

Permit me to explain briefly. established halls with steady hechsher, one may get what one seeks, as is the case with Gutnick (Badatz Eida Chareidit), Beit Yisrael (Eida Chareidit), Moshav Ora (Rabbanut mehadrin). The examples given are random, and chosen because the names come to mind, nothing else. These are halls however in which the caterer is exclusive and the affairs are always under the same kosher certifying agency, simplifying matters significantly. The kitchen is constant and the standard is

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fish update

There was meeting in Lakewood yesterday. Among those present at the meeting were Reb Shlomo Miller, Reb Gershon Bess & his son, Members of the Bais Horah, Kloizenberg Rosh kolel.

The outcome was, depending on whom you ask.

Emanuel update

Lead found in baby food & juices.

A US legal public interest group has filed violation notices under a Californian safety law against dozens of companies after alleging it has detected levels of lead in a range of food and drinks for babies and children.

The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) said it has lodged the notices on 9 June, 2010, under the state’s Proposition 65 Toxic Right to Know law against 49 companies. The non-profit group said its tests had revealed lead in apple juice, grape juice, packaged pears and peaches – including baby food – and fruit cocktail.

Companies who have been cited in the notices include Del Monte Foods, Hansen Beverage Co, Motts, J M Smucker, Safeway and Dole Packaged Frozen Foods Inc.

CREST toothpaste up-date


Procter & Gamble very recently has decided to eliminate animal derived ingredients from all their Crest toothpastes both in USA and Canada.

It is a good news but we have to be very careful because Crest toothpastes with animal derived ingredients are still available in the markets. They are not giving any date when all the stock of animal derived ingredients Crest toothpaste will be sold out.

So please buy only the following four flavors of Crest toothpastes until for next 6 months or a year:

1. Crest Cavity Protection Regular flavor
2. Crest Cavity Protection Cool Mint Gel
3. Crest Cavity Protection Icy Mint Strip
4. Crest Cavity Protection Kid

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sothern Comfort update

Southern Comfort
According to noted authority on alcoholic beverages Rabbi Shmuel
Semelman, who is affiliated with the Jerusalem Religious Council
Kashrut Division, there are three categories of Southern Comfort.

1. Produced in Ireland, with a hechsher from Badatz Basel and Badatz
Beit Yosef. This is ONLY the case if the kashrut symbols are visibleb on the bottles, which are parve. A special run has been imported with
approval via the Jerusalem Rabbinate due to the efforts of Rabbi
Semelman, BUT ONLY those exhibiting the hechsherim listed above and
they too are parve.

2. There is another produced in Ireland, which is “authorized” by the but it is NOT under the organization’s supervision.

Rav Belsky's letter of recomendation to Yudel Shain

This letter was written to the Sfardik Rabonim that wanted to open a National Kashrus Organization.

After this letter of recomendation, I did question Rabbi Belsky & challenged many of Rav Belsky's "facts".

About 10 years ago at one of my visits to Rav Shmuel Wosner, Shlita I asked the following; Most (85% +) cows that are shechted are treif due to lung issues, so how could we drink milk?

Rav Wosner asked how old are the cows when shechted? 10-12 years old. So he said that many of treifahs we don't use is because of sofek.A sofek treifa doesn't live more than 12 months, so for the 11 years it wasn't a treifa which would be 95% of the milk. The last year we would asser the last 3 days of milk when we find that the cow is a treifah due to lung issues, etc.

The last three days of milk is not sold commercially, because it's removed from the milking herd to be sent to shechita.

Monday, June 14, 2010

*Was it kosher style?

There was an alledged Lightstone wedding last night in Connecticut where many Heimish Lakewood shvitzers attended. Perhaps the same ones that attended the Lakewood bash for Hillary. The Caterer was Foremost, does anything else have to be said?

When Foremost Caterers became certified by the Star-K, he aranged a conversion process for his wife (Tropper style?). The Star-k was told now you have to "toivel" the utensils because there isn't anymore a non-Jewish partner. The Star-k's Rabbinical authority responded "we don't recognize the conversion hence no "teveilas" keilim required.

Lakewood shvitzers & others that associate with orthodox ate there

"Never doubt ...., committed citizens... "Indeed, ................"

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can change the world.

"Indeed, it-is-the-only-thing-that-ever-has."

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

CHEWING GUM-Some of the concerns

What is chewing gum made out of ?
Most chewing gums innocuously list "gum base" as one of their ingredients, masking the fact that petroleum, lanolin, glycerin, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, petroleum wax, stearic acid, and latex may be among the components. Because of standards of identity for items such as gum base and flavoring, manufacturers are not required to list everything in their product. According to Dertoline, a French chemical manufacturer, their adhesive "dercolytes" are used as a label and tape adhesive, as well as a chewing gum base. Many brands also list glycerin and glycerol as ingredients on the label. Both of those compounds can be animal-derived.

What are "E" numbers?

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pedestrians within a crosswalk

MOTORISTS in New Jersey MUST stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. Failure to observe the law may subject you to one or more of the following:

2 POINTS- $200 FINE (plus court costs) -15 DAYS COMMUNITY SERVICE

Driver to stop for pedestrian: exceptions, violations. penalties.

A. The driver of a vehicle must stop and stay stopped for a pedestrian crossing the roadway within a marked crosswalk or within any unmarked crosswalk at an intersection, except at crosswalks when the movement of traffic is being regulated by police officers or traffic control signals, or where otherwise prohibited by municipal, county, or State regulation, and except where a pedestrian tunnel or overhead pedestrian crossing has been provided, but no pedestrian shall suddenly leave a curb or other place of safety and walk or run into the path of a vehicle which is so close that it is impossible for the driver to yield. Nothing contained herein shall relieve a pedestrian from using due care for his safety.

ALL Shnapps, Whiskeys, etc must have a reliable hashgocha

ALL Shnapps, Whiskeys, etc must have a reliable hashgocha. This list is intended just for the chometz status if one wants to give as a present.

Early Shabbos- What are the relevant Halachos?

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fishing for Worms

Yudel Fishing for Worms
On Monday afternoon, May 24, renowned kashrus and Torah scholars met in the ballroom of Merkaz HaSimcha, 1898 Bay Street (off Avenue M and East 19th Street). The assembled had gathered to participate in a seminar on the topic of worms found in fish. The Vaad HaKashrus of Flatbush, whose Rav Ha'machshir is Rabbi Meir Goldberg, sponsored the event. Rabbi Yair Hoffman chaired the seminar and the main speaker was Rabbi Schneur Zalman Revach of the Machon Mechkar L'Mitzvot HaTluyot BaAretz (Institute for the Study of Agricultural Torah Commandments within the Land of Israel).

The purpose of the seminar was clearly stated as that of sharing information and not to decide matters of kashrus. Worms were to be identified and hands-on experience was to be shared with the participating rabbis. Specially lit platforms were set up for examination of different cuts of fish. In addition, an ultra violet (UV) light was brought in. A large video screen was positioned so that everyone would be able to follow the actions being performed.

Worms were quickly identified and pulled out of their place of somewhat hibernation. Most surprisingly, a good number of the parasitic worms, identified as "anisakis," were still alive and wiggling, as they were held up, for exhibit, by tweezers. Of course, observing the worms, some of which were more than an inch long, was not exactly appetizing. Nevertheless, kosher or non-kosher judgment was not declared. The event specifically was a workshop for those in the field of kashrus certification.

The kashrus of fish that potentially has the worms, as well as the worms themselves when embedded in the flesh of the fish, is a matter of debate. Different types of fish as well as different parts and different processing determines kashrus. Names of leading rabbis have been quoted as forbidding the fish. Rabbis Eliyashev Karelitz, Wosner, etc. Other rabbis have declared the fish kosher for consumption. Rosh Yeshiva Torah Vodaath and Kashrus consultant for the OU, Rabbi Yisroel Belsky, stresses that fish under his certification is unquestionably kosher.

Rabbi Belsky is reported to have gone to Israel and sought to meet with poskim there, who have declared some types of fish prohibited for consumption. Supposedly, the gabbaim (handlers) of those rabbis did not allow private access to Rabbi Belsky. Rav Eliyashev instructed his grandson Aryeh, not to grant a private audience for obvious reasons.