Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Glycerin sources, USA- 30% + Animal or other non-kosher

There is a misconception by some in the kashrus field, re: Glycerin sources in the USA.

USA product Glycerin, over 40% is from non-kosher sources. The pharmecutical glycerin is from whatever is more economical at the time.

A glycerin product manager at Cargill provided some data to support the general trends noted above. He wrote in a July 2012 email that “Total glycerin usage in the United States is about 45 million lbs. per month. Approximately 30% is non-kosher tallow-based and 70% would be vegetable-based. That includes imports of vegetable-based glycerol and all the glycerin made here in the United States.”

Mono- and diglycerides, used in most breads and baked goods as well as in a wide variety of other foods, are formed by chemically joining glycerol to fatty acids found in animal fats or vegetable oils. The mono-and diglycerides principally act as emulsifiers, preventing breads and baked goods from crumbling or going stale, and/or keeping oil and water components of a food together (e.g., in salad dressings). Based on the data given above, the percentage of vegetable oil-sourced mono- and diglycerides commercially used today in the United States is also approximately 70%. - See more at: http://www.vrg.org/blog/2012/09/24/glycerol-and-mono-and-diglyceride-updates-mostly-vegetable-derived/#sthash.kBkQ4Bzl.dpuf

Glycerin is a by-product of biodiesel production. This “waste glycerin,” (and, to a lesser extent, that produced from used cooking oil, which is increasingly being used as a biofuel today), has greatly increased the supply of glycerin in the market. Much work is currently being done on ways to produce biofuels from waste glycerol. - See more at: http://www.vrg.org/blog/2012/09/24/glycerol-and-mono-and-diglyceride-updates-mostly-vegetable-derived/#sthash.kBkQ4Bzl.dpuf

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kosher Taste's infested product

 Certifieers of Kosher Taste's produce that is infested with mites among other insects. The product was checked in the past two weeks.

Do not confuse with the Romain they certified that was infested with thrips, aphids, etc. They tried claiming that it was one bad load, but it was one bad deception. It seems they don't have properly trained inspectors for insects.

 The Certifiers of Bodek Product & their Garni-Bags that allows fully grown thrips to go through the holes in the bag.  Rabbi  certifiers allows insects up to 1.3 mm, as smaller is not visible to the eye. The "series numbers on a dollar bill are 1 mm, Bodek's Certifiers say you can't see it.

All other reliable certifiers'  limit is 0.3 mm, as that is the smallest size that visible.

 Kosher Taste company sells also non certified product, they feel the gullible purchaser will not realize that there is NO kosher certification at all. After all "a frimer heimish yid sold it to me", so it must be kosher. Therefore be alert when purchasing anything with their Hashgocha.
NOTE: Their poultry Shechitas are very good in general.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

KCL says -Lakewood "Oiylam" "NOT Makpid" on kashrus!!!! WOW!!

Many have asked why  KCL of Lakewood allows blueberries among other items which is known to be infested even after washing and rinsing?

 KCL says that the Lakewood Bnei Yeshiva Oiylam   not makpid   on kashrus issues.

Says KCL- Lakewood is not makpid on Yoshon.
Says   KCL- Lakewood is not makpid on "far'koifteh chometz" (sold chometz).
Says KCL- Lakewood is not makpid on infestation e.g. Blueberries, etc.
Says   KCL  -Lakewood is not makpid to use caterers that can't be controlled nor trusted, but they pay their dues to the KCL.
Says  KCL -Lakewood is not makpid when it comes to Kosher Taste infested lettuce.
Says  KCL - Lakewood is not makpid not to use stickered Dole lettuce.
Says  KCL - Lakewood is not makpid the KCL uses Mashgichim that are unqualified, untrained, shebabniks, questionable if they are even shomer shabbos.

 KCL Administrator says don't blame him for the Matzo Bakery episode, but it's their KCL Rabbi's certification.
The 20 +  minute matzos landing up even in your Chabura Matzos.
They don't even kasher the oven, etyc after the 20+ minute matzos.

 KCL says "Lakewood is not makpid" period.
 KCL is very makpid on having the "protection fees" paid on time.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Update: Rabbi Weisners KCL piggy bank

What does Rabbi Weisner do with over four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000.00 ++) a year that he gets from the hashgochas?  Everyone is paying too much. There is very large surplus built up over the years. The certified establishments should not be paying anything for the next few years.

Does share in those proceeds? 
Do other moisdois share in it. Does Tomchei shabbos, Bikur Choilim etc. get their share?
UCLA's Roberts describes the main impulse behind food fraud—increasing the value of a product and growing profits by cheating in processing and labeling—as "economic adulteration." e.g. fraudulent Hashgochas

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Magic Pill- Ritalin

The Magic Pill- Ritalin

There was a student that made a lot of problems in class; he fought with classmates, made a lot of noise.
             The teacher tried a lot of things, but nothing helped.

He decided to tell the father about his sons behavior.
Father: What do you want me to do?
Teacher: Maybe take him for a check-up.
Father: How is that going to help?
Teacher: Maybe the child should take Ritalin (a calming drug).
Father: How am I going to get this Ritalin?
Teacher: No problem, Ill get it, and the child should take the pill every morning and everything will be o.k.
Father: Who is going to remember to give it to the child every day in a house full of children?
Teacher: Ill worry about it. Ill make sure he takes it every morning.
Father: But I dont want the whole class to know about it.
Teacher: No, no, Ill make sure that no one sees. Ill put the pill in the teachers room next to the coffee machine. Every morning Ill send your son to make my coffee and at the same time hell take his pill. Like this no one will know.
The father agreed to the plan. Every morning the teacher prepared the pill next to the coffee machine and went into class. After a few minutes the child would come in with the coffee, and everything went fine.
And now the atmosphere in the class was calm. The child wasnt sent out of class and there were no fights!
After a few weeks, the mother asked the child: Nu, whats doing in class?
Child: Great!
Mother: What happened that everythings so good?
Child: Its very simple. Every morning the teacher sends me to make his coffee. I go into the teachers room and there theres a special pill! I put the pill into the coffee and after he finishes to drink it, everything in the class is 100%!!! 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wild Salmon, canned, fresh, frozen, etc.

Wild Salmon, canned, fresh, frozen, etc have the anisakis worm. Regardless of which hashgocha is on it.
Most other fish have the worms by the belly flap, Salmon has them through out the entire flesh.
There is no change in the list of infested fish. All Herring, most flounder, All pollock fish (fish sticks, Surimi, sushi california roll), etc are infested. Tilapia is a clean fish.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

ALERT: Infested product at NPGS CO-OP

Alert: The NPGS Co-Op is selling corn on the cob which is infested.  NPGS claims it was checked and it's  clean. We had it checked by "experts" not  wanna-be's, and it's infested. Their frozen ones are also infested. Mites were also found.

All blueberries are to be considered to be infested, including the Farm grown, Organic, cultivated, etc

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Alert: Which egg rolls you should NOT eat? Why?

Which egg rolls you should NOT eat?

If it has the Brooklyn Hashgocha on it. They use the infamous koshertaste brand among other unacceptable brands.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Alert: Fruit Leather

Fruit leather is often made from cheap low grade fruit that is often infested product. That includes Apricot,

Strawberry, etc.   One certifiers' product is that cheap low grade product, Therefore stay away from their certified fruit leather.

ALERT: If they use the method "glass bowl on a light box" to check for insects, don't rely on them.

A Mashgiach, Rav Hamachshir, kosher certifier that relies on checking the water for infestation is fooling himself and the kosher consumer as well.

Checking the water just "does not" work.
Don't eat anything in that place! Don't trust them for kashrus!

We took a few thrips, aphids, large mites, etc and put them in a glass bowl together with some common leaf particles, some dirt, etc that's common on heads or hearts. First we tried it in a well lit area then on a light box as suggested. We had 2 experienced trained experts in insect checking, and they weren't able to locate all of them even after an extended period & they were told how many there were. Some may be even on the leaf particle or under it.

The water does also distort the vission somewhat, it should be emptied onto a coffee filter paper, then checked.

Checking the water just "does not" work.

A few comments re: the video of checking Romaine. Some insects will be on the foam bubbles that he's blowing, and you can't see them.