Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rav Moshe Vaye on kashrus


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

OK Chinese Restaurant in Manalapan "checking for insect infestation is a farce"


מי שיש קצת יראת שמים בלבבו, לא יקנה שום דבר משם, יש חששים גדולים
בעניני כשרות ורמאות

בדיקת ירקות זה סתם חוזק שמה, הגוי יש לו מפתח וכבר תפסו אותו על חם כמה פעמים שמביא לשם דברים אסורים, הוועד הכשרות עושה משחק מהמשגיחים-בקיצור הגוי יכול לעשות מה שרוצה ואין פוצה פה-שני משגיחים טובים עזבו ה מקום בגלל אלו הדברים
OU לא היה נותן השגחה למקום כזה בשום פנים ואופן 

Shockingly! The kosher certifier "OK" gave him back the keys to the place after the locks were changed because you couldn't operate the place as a reliable kosher restaurant.

After checking up on the current status of kashrus, you can rest assured that the not the OU nor the Kof-K would grant their kosher certification. There was very valid kashrus reasons that the other Mashgichim left from there.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Update:Kashrus Alert: Peeled Garlic- (Sabra?)

The Star-K advised their establishments not to use [OK certified] Christopher Ranch pre-peeled garlic. (unless washed very thoroughly)

The Christopher Ranch brand (OK certified) of peeled Garlic was found to be infested with mite insects. Therefore one should refrain from using that brand. Many caterers, restaurants, dips, food service are using this brand.

Check your caterers, restaurants, dips, food service, if they are using this brand don't purchase from them.

We contacted the kosher certifiers and they are of the opinion that "times are lean ($$$), so they can't afford to remove their certification".

Note: They are "muchzak, nir'eh li'ainayim, more than miut ha'mutzui".

The guidelines for infestation and the OK's posek is Rabbi Ekstein, Belzer Dayan
Sabra Salads is certified by the OK,check if they use Christopher Ranch peeled garlic.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Alert-Lakewood: No "KCL" is deceiving the "oilum" re: Yoshon

Yoshon manual codes:
א=Yoshon with hashgocho, no checking of codes; 
On the page with all the KCL hashgohas on the bottom, it states clearly the following: ב=Yoshon with hashgocho must check codes

All  KCL establishments in the Yoshon manual are listed with a "ב"
What is a "ב" listing? 
you may not rely (trust) the hashgocha, you must check the codes youreself.  

BMG's KCL, is relying that the flour is yoshon, because the "Amigo" says that's what the boss ordered!

 KCL manual of kashrus is the following;

Alert-Lakewood: No  "KCL" establishments, caterer or restaurant  are Yoshon?

BKCL Administrator says because in Lakewood no one is makpid on Yoshon.

The Mashgiach in the new Cheder catering hall is instructed by KCL to say "everything is yoshon" (don't believe him!)

Yoshon Manual- "GENERAL NOTE TO YOSHON CONSUMERS IN LAKEWOOD: We find it somewhat surprising that of all places, in Lakewood the least percentage of the facilities that claim to be Yoshon actually have an hashgocho for Yoshon. It would not be unreasonable for the Yoshon consumers in Lakewood to request the same degree of supervision that other communities take for granted and try to avoid eating Yoshon items produced without hashgocho for Yoshon".

Sunday, December 06, 2015

kashrus alert: Bay leaves usually used for pickling-do not use

"17% + of "all" Bay leaves usually used for pickling and fresh ones are infested-" 
you must rinse your sour pickles, pickled herring, pickled meat, poultry, etc

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Stop the talking in Shul

Thursday, December 03, 2015

Talking in shul-Reb Gamliel Rabinowitz

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Teachers-Read it till the end

As she stood in front of her 5th grade class on the very first day of school, she told the children an untruth. Like most teachers, she looked at her students and said that she loved them all the same. However, that was impossible, because there in the front row, slumped in his seat, was a
little boy named Teddy Stoddard.

Mrs. Thompson had watched Teddy the year before and noticed that he did not play well with the other children, that his clothes were messy and that he constantly needed a bath. In addition, Teddy could be unpleasant.

It got to the point where Mrs. Thompson would actually take delight in marking his papers with a broad red pen, making bold X's and then putting a big "F" at the top of his papers.

At the school where Mrs. Thompson taught, she was required to review each child's past records and she put Teddy's off until last. However, when she reviewed his file, she was in for a surprise.