Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Elephant & the Jewish Problem

The Elephant & the Jewish Problem


Re:Hamodia’s invitation to readers “Why Don’t You Vote?”

Some of the Hamodia’s reader’s responses were;
“Years ago I believed that my voice was heard by voting so I took the time to vote. But not anymore.”
“But there are practical issues that should be addressed and are avoided in favor of some individuals’ interest.”

“Will voting for……help? I doubt it. Taxes are on a straight-forward trajectory-they go up and do not come down”.

“Politicians promise things that they have no intention of delivering-so why bother voting”.

“Higher taxes, less services, Ticket blitzes, no serious cost cutting measures”.

“The lack of good candidates is glaring”. “Voting does not bring you any tangible good”.

“I truly believe the political system is so corrupt that involving oneself in politics (besides corrupting the individual) is probably useless in the large scheme of things”.

Who stands to gain from your vote? Some individual(s)but at a dear cost to the ציבור at large, etc. שב ואל תעשה-אל תלכו להבחירות If you are interested in the benefit of the ציבור stay in the Bais Medrash & learn.

Reb Chaim Shmulevitz, OB”M says by Dovid Hamelech, Noson Hanovoi…..the Oshir & the poor man’s keves….”why did Dovid pasken BAR-MISAH? Far genaiva, kumt misah?
Oif’dem-chesh’bon-fun-yenem, kumt-misah.
Mordechai Hatzadik after the episode with haman…Mordechai Hatzadik & Esther Hamalkah were at the highest positions attainable in Government. What did Mordechai do to be able to help “Klal-Yisroel”? He dropped it all & went to learn in the Bais Medrash….Chazal say if there is a Gezeirah R”L “צאו והפגינו” in the middle of the night…But to be on the Bimah? Is not the Derech Hatorah.

The Bitul Torah, etc that the “בחירות” (voting) cause…Don’t vote on the local election, remain in the Bais medrash & add quality time to shmiras sedorim.

Why the Elephant? The elephant was trained his whole life that the small rope tied to his leg makes him immobile, It’s all a bluff by the masters. One good “Schlep” and you are free. Stay in the Bais Medrash.

Yudel Shain

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fish Filets frozen-Only with a "SKIN-TAB" regardless of the hashgocha

DAGIM'S PRODUCTS-Questionable kashrus reliability
All of DAGIM's full page ads can't make it kosher.

Dear kosher Certifiers;

All Filet fish require simonim or seals put on in the presence of a qualified mashgiach that is present & checked the fish for "kaskasim".

Some will leave on a skin-tab. The filets that don't have skintabs, should have the

1- inside bag sealed with a choisim.

2) the outside retail box must have the ends sealed with a choisim on both ends (glue or scotch tape itself is not suffecient). Some had a choisim on the tab ends of the outside box, but the inside plastic had no choisim.

The ones on the shelf including especially the ones from China should be removed as they should be declared non-kosher (unless one can explain the rational in Halacha "why not"?)

DAGIM does NOT meet the required criterea of kashrus reliability.

Monday, October 12, 2009

*How common is "slotting-fees" aka payoffs in kosher?

In the Supermarket chains there is what is commonly known as "slotting fees", which is a fee charged to get your product on the limited shelve space.

In kosher it is almost becoming the same, just the only major difference is, now it's the kosher certifiers are out there looking for "slotting fees" if you want your meat to be "approved".

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Shatnez???? yes-can't rely on them

All of the reliable shatnez labs are affialiated with the International Association of shatnez Labs
The following ones are not reliable at all.

Including All of their branches
Borough Park, Williamsburg, Monsey, Monroe, Hungary, etc
must recheck all of their clothing
EMPORIO clothing



203 LEE AVENUE & their sample takers

GELB the tester from 203 Lee Ave (do not confuse with the reliable tester Sasson Gelb)

Copy express-Yankel Weinberger
Mishpat Sholom certified labs