Friday, May 22, 2015

מה שיעשה הזמן לא יעשה השכל

מה שיעשה הזמן לא יעשה השכל
אבל מה עושים עם מישהו 
 ? שאין לו זמן ואין לו שכל

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Rav Shmuel Wosner, OB"M re: infestation "whom to ask"

Many newspapers, magazines, etc publish recipes with a disclaimer;

"Many ingredients are prone to infestation. Please ask a local Rav for guidance re: infestation".
According to Rav Shmuel Wosner, the Local Rav is not the one to ask re: infestation, you must ask only an expert in infestation.

Rav Shmuel Wosner, זצוק"ל stated on more than occasion that the  רמ"א ש"ע יו"ד סימן ס"ד סעיף ז " וסדר ניקור אלו החלבים צריך ראיה מן הבקי בניקור , ואי אפשר לבאר היטב בספר" 

Rav Wosner said this halachah is for every area in kashrus, one is to ask the "expert in that area" not the Ruv. 

Rav Wosner said that the Ruv is to sit in the Bais Medrash and obtain from the "mumcha / expert" the facts, and דער רב איז נישט דער מומחה, דער רב קען געבען דער פסק לוט דאר מציאות וואס דער מומחה שטעלט אראפ .

Sheriff's Chaplain's involved in voter fraud?

Drop the stupid challenge to the fire election!

Note: To be fit for a Sheriff's Chaplain, one must be "squeaky-clean", or you take away their credentials, permanently . 

Should a Public office be influenced by what the Lakewood Shopper will write about the them, positively or negatively?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Aleph says they are moving in a positive direction

קול  דמי  אחיך   צועקים  וכו' 

Aleph Institute evidently is guided strictly by what the see in the mirror. (Mirror= glass covered with a silver lining). 

Aleph Institute had no idea what it's like on the other side of the bars, so they have as part of their force some that have been sentenced and spent time behind bars. The sad part is, he only spent 60 days behind bars, you can't get the feel.

The Aleph Institute should be fully staffed with those that have done hard time and not in the "camp" part of the system.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Can we all say ידינו לא שפכו הדם הזה?

מדובר בנושא כואב מאוד, עד כדי שהגיעו הדברים לידי כך שרבנים ועסקנים צריכים לכנס את הציבור לדבר לפני קריאת התורה או מוסף לזעוק גיוואלד על חילולי שבת נוראים ומחפירים שנעשים על ידי מי שגדלו בבתי בני תורה בלייקוואוד, ילדים חרדים שעברו כמעט את כל המערכת החינוכית של החרדים והפכו לפוקרי עול ממש, ומספרם הגיע לממדים מפחידים, עד כדי שהם מתכנסים מידי שבת ברחובות מעשנים ומחללים את השבת בצורה חמורה

הדברים הגיעו לכדי כך שהחליטו שמפגינים נגדם, בנושא זה קיים וויכוח קשה בין מי שסבורים כי עושים כאן טעות לבין מי שסבורים שחייבים להפגין ולמחות ולא לשתוק, וזה כבר שבועיים שרואים אברכים בשבת מפגינים נגד ילדי החרדים המחללים את השבת, הדברים צולמו רחמנא לצלן בשבת, ולא להאמין, להיכן הגיעו הדברים
מצב הנשירה אצל החרדים בארצות הברית גדולה, והמקום שסובל הכי הרבה במספר או יותר נכון האחוז הכי גבוה של נשירה זה בלייקוואוד, ולאחריה קרית יואל הסאטמארית, וכמובן גם יתר השכונות סובלות מנשירה גדולה, אבל לייקוואוד מהווה כאן סמל של בושה מפני שמדובר בעיר חרדית ושם מחללים את השבת, בקרית יואל הנושרים יש להם את השכל לחטוא מחוץ לשכונה, בלייקוואוד חוטאים בעיר ולא בעיר אחרת, ואין ברירה 

לתושבים אלא להפגין כפי שתראו בסרטונים כאן

Note:Over the past few years when the ones working with baalei-teshuva asked any of the Gedoilim, (prospective baalei teshuva) say they are ready to accept only "1" mitzvah-what should it be?

They "all" responded "kashrus" in order to clear the timtum haleiv. In Lakewood sadly there is no kashrus to be proud of, i.e. BMG's KCL. 

BMG's KCL is consistent

from an email
There is a store by that gas station Singin that has BMG's KCL called Chickys. 
I went there last week and there was only a Goy there!
I asked him if anyone else is around and he said he is coming back soon
[ this is a constant issue of only goyim by other BMG's KCL establishments, as well]
Is that permitted? I thought that בשר שהתעלמה is a problem?

It's in a very goyisha Enviroment
Are you posting about it ?

If you eat BMG's KCL, then it's not any more of a problem than all of the other KCL  food you had consumed and will consume in the future.

Exxon certified by BMG's KCL, Goy has his hand "after hours" in cutting off a piece of salami and returning the salami.

The goi stealing BMG's KCL tape to reseal the submarine sandwich that he cut off a piece

Update: ALERT; Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, certified test center "not-reliable" R"L

There have been numerous incidents where the Lakewood Shatnez test under the hashgocha of the  Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, has been found to be definite Shatnez even though it was certified as Non-Shatnez.

The incidents were numerous, too many to be called a mistake. The places where the Shatnez was fond indicate a complete lack of knowledge of the expertise required to properly check for Shatnez. We are not talking of re-processed issues, regular straight out "shatnez" according to any "mumcha".

Therefore previous tested clothing by above,  should be re-tested by a qualified test center. 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Aleph Institute's protocol originated in Sedom-UPDATE

ואנשי סדום רעים וחטאים , לה' מאוד
And the people of Sedom are bad and sinners, to Hashem very much.

We are all familiar that the people of Sedom refused to provide any food (including salt) to others.

How can one tell who is an אנשי סדום? 

Simple; When one does not give any food to others "and"
לה' מאוד 
He provides only spiritual to others.
Aleph- Oh! you want real nourishment for your body, sorry-you'll have to go to the imam or catholic chaplain.
Aleph In$titute only provide$ $spiritual.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Aleph Institute's commenters on the blog "Update"

Aleph- reluctantly sees that their innocent facade being pulled away and their true colors emerging. It's all money, talk, walk, etc.

They are attempting some disorganized damage control.

Some "anash" will be on the other side of the bars, will they also be told "kim'att"?

Aleph Institute is not new to hiding behind a facade. 

Aleph Institute posts as anonymous . Don't be fooled!

They falsely claim that Aleph does numerous benevolent, etc for the inmates, among other items.
All are sipurei savta, as the saying goes "when in doubt, follow the money trail" it always uncovers the truth.

The hard facts remain they are not looking out for the physical well being of the prisoners, only Aleph's physical well being through monetary compensation.

Their chaplaincy work is also nothing to write home about, nothing to be proud of besides financially.

All these years Aleph was protected by a facade. Now that facade is being removed, piece by piece and when all is removed for everyone to see the emmes, they will proclaim;

Update: Kashrus alert: Portobello and exotic mushrooms

Kashrus alert: Portobello and exotic mushrooms are infested, including USA product.
On the portobello mushrooms, the gills on the underside must be scraped and removed prior to use.
Note: There are Lakewood based Rabonim that consider themselves experts in insects, they are advising people that Portobello mushrooms never have insects.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Aleph Institute

Aleph Institute-  Time to preach the "aleph-bais" of Judaisim.

"Love thy neighbor as thy'self"

מגלה טפח ומכסה טפחיים We are being 
re: Aleph Institute-zei tu'ihn gur nisht for dee asirim, r"l- zei luzen dee asirim hungeren vee hint.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aleph Institute is a for profit Organization- why a 501 (c) 3?

Aleph In$titute financial$: 

A 501 (c) 3) Why? 

they are a "for-profit" Organization.

Aleph Institute gets paid $$$ from the prison system  for;

$piritual $upport of pri$oner$- Thousands of dollars.

Food package$ for prisoners- tens of thousands dollars.

Chaplaincy- tens of thousands of dollars.

Then they raise millions of dollars for their benevolent work they do for the prisoners. Whom are they fooling? All of the suckers.

They provide no food or drink for the prisoners- Aleph Institute does get paid handsomely for the food packages, chaplaincy, support, etc. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Canadian-COR-kosher asks labour board to rescind compliance order

Richard Rabkin
TORONTO — The Ontario Labour Relations Board (OLRB) has reserved judgment in a case that could re-open an issue over whether kosher supervisors, or mashgichim, can be considered management personnel exempt from overtime provisions of the Employment Standards Act (ESA).
Board chair Bernard Fishbein heard arguments last week from the Kashruth Council of Canada, which certifies kosher products under the COR label, and the Ministry of Labour’s director of employment standards.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Update: Aleph Institute kosher certification?

Aleph Institute kosher certification agency for the Florida prisons? What is this some sort of joke? the prisoners can't get a hot drink on shabbos or Yom Tov, can't get lechem-mishnah, they get frozen meals on shabbos with no way to to heat them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This prison now has over a minyan of shomer shabbos men. Whether it is the Feds or US, We should figure out a way for them to have food. The bottom line is they are served very little that they can eat and someone should have an answer as to how to get them basic food. Whoever wants tefillin has it. They do not need help with their "spiritual" needs. Several relatives send them sefarim and whoever chooses to spend their day learning does so. No organization should concern themselves with spiritual needs until physical needs are properly met.

They are certifying as kosher their 2 million annual dollar donations? Well the money is not kosher.

This is on Aleph's site- nothing about providing any food to the prisoners- only spiritual- Beware; before you send your donations.

May 10, 2015 | 21 Iyyar 5775

Beware: Once your'e client, you'll remain a client for ever.

It's a well known fact, that Psychiatrists, dermatologists, therapists,  chiropractors,  once your'e client, you'll remain a client for ever. 

Now there is a new one, If you go to a Bai$-Din in Borough park (run by a Bobov-48) you'll always be coming back to them for more $ittings. Called a " ישיבת בית דין"

Even the P$ak is deliberately written in a manner that will make you come back time & again.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Aleph Institute's, The "Fisher Island, FL." scandals?


Dan Rotta recently got a brand-new daughter-in-law and a sentence of 180 days in jail. The Fisher Island millionaire took his 16-year-old son to Las Vegas and let him marry his housekeeper's daughter. Because the boy is married, he's now legally considered an adult, and his mother, Rotta's ex-wife, Renee Rotta, no longer has any legal control over him. Ms. Rotta is none too pleased, and the judge handling their custody battle has ordered Mr. Rotta to jail for contempt of court.

It's a bizarre tale reported by the Miami Herald's David Ovalle, but in essence Ms. Rotta wanted her son to attend the Logan River Academy in Utah. The boy is apparently smart but has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and oppositional defiant disorder. So two years ago, Ms. Rotta sought a court order to send the boy to the academy. Its website describes the institution as a "boarding school for troubled teens." The judge handling the case at the time strongly agreed with the mother and ordered Mr. Rotta to enroll his son in the school.

For whatever reason, Mr. Rotta was dead set against the idea. Miami-Dade Circuit Judge John Schlesinger believes that Mr. Rotta had gone behind his ex-wife's back and persuaded the school not to admit his son. However, Mr. Rotta also discovered that the school does not admit married students. So the month before his son was to enroll in the school, in December 2010, and just a day after his 16th birthday, he flew his son to Las Vegas and had him marry his housekeeper's 18-year-old daughter. In Nevada, only one parent needs to give permission to let a minor marry.

Judge Schlesinger decided that Mr. Rotta's actions constituted contempt of court.

"It is hard for this court to imagine a bolder, more egregious example of indirect criminal contempt," he wrote.

Mr. Rotta was ordered to serve 180 days in jail. The son, meanwhile, now lives alone in his father's Fisher Island penthouse.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Aleph Institute-Rabbi Kaploun of recent "shame" is coming to Miami

Rabbi Kaploun of recent "shame" (See above link) is coming to Miami to help the Kaploun mishpacha affiliated with Aleph Institute. (It's not just kugel that they are sharing)

Update: Hashgocha in a shtut should be a "service" by the Rabbonim.

Hashgocha in a shtut should be a "service" by the Rabbonim.

Sadly, Hashgochas even in a shtut became a money driven entity.

Recently one has stepped up to the plate to provide a mehadrin standard Hashgocha as a service to the shtut. 

There is no charge to the establishment for the Hashgocha.

Of course the Mashgiach, etc. must get paid a salary.

It's based in Lakewood, New Jersey. The Administrator is R' Moshe Bressler Phone: (732) 886-9007  (extension #4)

In Baltimore, a relatively new yeshivish hashgocha does 

not charge the establishment. 

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Aleph Institute did not join- WHY not? Shame on them!

Aleph Institute "preachers" did not  join in the "friend of the Court brief". 

Why not?  
The physical being of Jewish prisoners does not concern "Aleph Institute". Aleph Institute pockets the $2.50 a slice of cheesecake for the prisoners- no shame?

The "OU" Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, the nation’s largest Jewish umbrella organization, applauded the decision of a Florida federal district court mandating that kosher food be served in Florida state prisons.

The Orthodox Union (OU), together with other leading Orthodox Jewish organizations, had previously filed a “friend of the court” brief in the case in May 2014. This brief, authored by noted attorney Nathan Lewin, contested Florida’s argument that denying kosher food to inmates was acceptable due to the “population explosion” seen in the program.

The legal brief also contested Florida’s assertion that there was any justification for refusing to operate a kosher food program, noting that Florida stood in violation of the federal Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act―a religious freedom statute the OU helped craft and pass into law in 2000. “The observance of a kosher diet is a key tenet of Judaism, and one which no state has the right to deny,” said Nathan Diament, Executive Director for Public Policy of the Orthodox Union.

“We are pleased that the court’s ruling rejected Florida’s argument that high interest in a kosher food program should prevent Jews from observing their basic religious beliefs. This was a victory for both the Jewish community and the cause of religious freedom in the United States. -

Rav Shafran on the "great investment, high interest, guarnteed, etc."

הרב שפרן על הרמאים החרדים

להלן דברים שפרסם הרב שפרן שליט"א בעניין -

1. אם אמרו לך "אל תגיד לאף אחד" או "זה סוד" - ברח מיד מהעסקה.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Teva meats certified by Reb Dovid Miller (Monsey, NY)  845-419-teva

 Teva does home delivery to Monsey Lakewood Boro Park and teaneck and ships nationwide 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Update: Aleph Institute- Where do your donations go to?

Correction: Aleph Institute will be providing cheese cake for shavous at the prison commissary. The charge is $2.50 a slice "all the money goes to the Aleph institute". 
Looking for a donor for the cheese cake. 
8 inmates at @2.50 a slice= $20.00 

In Aleph Institute Mission Statement they only claim to provide spiritual but no physical needs such as food, etc. For those item one must go the Catholic or Muslim Chaplains.

So what in the world does Aleph Institute need donations?
They only need some minimum contributions at most.

Clarification: The Prison system tries very hard to accommodate their needs. The issue is the Aleph Institute, they don't realize that prisoners are to be treated as human beings. (hat-tip to Aleph chaplains, if there are any?)

 What does the 501 (c) 3 Aleph Institute do for the prisoners?
Ah! Aleph Institute's mantra is "kim'aht"!

Hot water for shabbos? NO!
A warm meal for Shabbos? NO!
Lechem Mishnah for Shabbos? NO!
Any other accommodations? NO!

OH! they put them on tefillin, and daled-minim. (during the week) 

Your donations are going to whose pocket?
Rabbi in charge may have the answers.
Director of Prison & Military Outreach
9540 Collins Avenue
United States
Telephone:(305) 864-5553 ext. 14
Fax:(305) 864-5675

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Better than OU!

Better than the OU?

Monday May 4, 2015 5:33 PM -
beech-nutBy Rabbi Yitzchok Adlerstein
In an interview in Mishpacha’s current issue, the co-owner of First Choice baby foods tells of his impetus for starting his business:
“I’m a chassidishe guy - I got married at 19. We had a baby, and when we went to the grocery store, my wife took the Beech-nut jar off the shelf - that’s all they had. I said, “Let’s try to get one with a better hechsher. You get water with a hechsher, salt with a hechsher - why not this?
My opinion may not count. I have been known to buy water without a hechsher. But when faced with the choice of competing hechsherim, I will usually prefer the OU insignia to that of a mom-and-pop outfit.
It’s been decades since I last heard OU kashrus characterized as run by a bunch of modernish rabbis who spend most of the day mixed swimming with their wives who don’t cover their hair, and got semicha through a multiple-choice test. It wasn’t true back then, and it is certainly not true today.
Having had many friends who worked in kashrus, I’ve heard all the stories - the good, the bad, the ugly. I know that anyone who walks into the daily mincha minyan of the OU mashgichim has to be impressed by their yiras shomayim, their credentials as talmidei chachamim, and the diversity of yeshivos from which they came. I know that many kashrus decisions today require technical skills to analyze complexities of modern food technology. The new guy on the block just doesn’t have the experience and access to specialists that larger outfits like the OU has. And I would never, ever want to trust a for-profit kashrus organization (i.e. where the mashgichim or administrators gain or lose depending on whether a particular account is retained) when I could chose a hashgacha like the OU in which pecuniary gain is not a direct issue. I also appreciate the fact that the top of the halachic pyramid at the OU is occupied by two recognized authorities, not one. Add to that some items that the small guys don’t provide - the transparency about policies, access to mashgichim, and a data base of issues and answers.
Unfortunately, while no kashrus agency has a perfect record, the stories I’ve heard about some of the smaller operators leave me even more committed to the OU. These include the selection of personnel by some of the other agencies on the basis of beard length and nusach davened, rather than competence. Or, when faced with the really intractable problems, having to go elsewhere for advice and for important ingredients - usually to the OU!
Always eager to learn, I looked to the rest of the article to find out what makes some other hechsher better than that of the OU. When nothing showed up, I went to the “About” section of the company’s website. Nothing there either about wanting to offer a product with a “better” hechsher than the OU. I did learn, however, that the company’s products are under the supervision of the OU. (They are also serviced by several other agencies, all of whom charge for their overlapping services. Kashrus, it seems, has become more partisan than a congressional joint subcommittee meeting. The costs of having multiple hashgachos, of course, are passed on to the consumer. Insisting on “better” hechsherim than the OU has a price - and we, the consumers pay it.)
While I have little use for water with a hechsher, I would guess that HKBH loves the dedication of the individual consumer who insists on what he or she believes are hidurim in kashrus. I am staking a lot on a conviction that He also appreciates those with a dogged commitment to the bottom line in Shulchan Aruch that does not demand those hidurim as a matter of law, and to the approach of many sugyos in Chulin where Chazal permitted entire classes of foodstuffs - without supervion at all - because they considered any objections to be not of real halachic concern.
I don’t believe for a second, however, that it is ever appropriate to go for the hidurim at the expense of basic competence. I’ll go with the OU.
Likely, the interviewee who uttered those few ill-considered words was just having a bad day.
Must have been something he ate.
This article first appeared at CROSS CURRENTS.
{ Newscenter}

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Update: Kashrus alert- OU Almond milk D or no D ?

Friendly farms Almond milk "vanilla flavor", some are OU-D some identical containers are OU  not dairy. "very confusing"!

How could a certifier allow the exact same container, when is kosher parve and the other is cholov akum=treif?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

KOSHER SWITCH & Star-K Shabbos Mode appliances- It's an issur Gumur!

Kosherswitch:Falsely indicating that Rav Moshe Sternbuch endorses product-

Star-K's Shabbos- Mode appliances have the same switch.

A company selling grama switch for Shabbos is claiming an endorsement from Rav Moshe Sternbuch. HaGaon R’ Moishe Sternbuch shlit’aChief Rabbi/Ra'avad of the Eidah HaChareidis Yerushalayim. “Not gramma, better than gramma; Brocha that you should get the good to stay good, and get the bad to become good!” (1/5/2010 at his home)

I received the following letter from Rav Sternbuch's gabbai

I asked the Rav about this, he told me that he was asked about it, he wrote a letter via Rabbi Sigler on the issue, the Rav holds that it is not only chilul shaboss, but "akiras shaboss" to use this switch, the rav asked for his opinion to be publicized since he has been asked recently about this from numerous sources.
It all started a number of years back on "Mesifta-Di'rakiah" [short-wave-radio]. Rabbi Moshe Heineman stated that on Shabbos in a Shul one may "ki'lachar-yad" turn on or off the alarm on shabbos.

Yudel Shain stated that he has a magnetic type switch that one can use for the alarm on Shabbos that would be permitted even according to the "Chazon-Ish". An individual asked on the program can one reverse omagnetic polarity on Shabbos....? Rabbi Heineman responded forget the magnetic type switch "the Chazon-Ish is only a DAAS-YOCHID", & do it ki'lacharyad. The STAR-K also utilizes the light-bulb to acomplish BISHUL-YISROEL.
Reb Shlomo Zalman's comment re: Star-K's light-bulb Bishul yisroel.."one of the main causes of Intermarriage R"L."

Click on letter to enlage!
The Shabbos mode appliances may not be so "shabbos friendly" after all.

Rav Shlomo Miller, Shlita [Toronto-Lakewood] recently publicized a letter re: Shabbos-mode ovens that one may not adjust temperatures on Yom-Tov, contrary to the kosher certification.

In respect to the above publicized letter from Rav Miller, we are not publicizing the name of the kosher certifier.

Others have researched the "Shabbos-friendly" appliances & concluded that according to ALL "Poiskim" it is not permitted to be used in the Shabbos mode. It is more than "Gramahs" that are being activated.

See Star-K link

And therefor you may even decide to use your computer on Yom-Tov without the screen, according to the Star-K.

The SANHEDRIN would have taken up such a case in the context of a "zukun-mamrai".
The Star-K's shabbos mode appliances are worse than the kosher switch.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Flatbush Vaad by Rabbi Goldberg & the Star-K

Some of the infested vegies at their certified establishments- come get your protein (insects) with Rabbinical supervision


Update: Consumer Reports- Orange Juice has scale insects among other insects

Response to the OK Pesach 5775 Article on Tropicana
We will be posting an additional response to this article. The article states as follows:  Summer 5774  (2014 )                                                                                  The first time he ever heard of insect infestation. Checked in office and found nothing. Notified Tropicana and they did extensive testing and found nothing.  Winter 5775 (2015)                                                                        Claim by person in Lakewood. Took fine mesh cloth and filtered nothing found. Invited person to demonstrate methodology for finding insects and invitation was refused by person.                                                                                    Bought more Orange Juice and had Rabbi Eckstein filter and inspect. Several dots were found.                                                                                                   Sent the samples to Lab. Lab confirmed dots were not insects.
The Lab Test   According to Rabbi Eckstein the following took place אמנם לפע"ד לאחר שבימים האחרונים נתברר ידיעה חדשה ע"י בירור המעבדה נראה צד גדול להתיר בשופי כדאבאר . המומחים שבמערכת הכשרות של  "האוי קאי" עשו הסינון כדמיבעי ולקטו מעל גבי המסננת כל החלקים שנראה להם לפי התמונות והבירורים שאכן הם חלקי השרץ והמגן וניכרים הם במראם שהם מראה חום ושלחו כל אותן הפירורים הדקים למעבדה ידוע בעלת שם. ותשובת המעבדה ברורה שרובן מאותן פירורין הם מחלקי גרעיני הפרי שנתפררו על ידי הסחיטה ועוד חלקים מהקליפה עצמה ואינם שרצים כלל 
First we must inform everyone that Rabbi Eckstein also gives supervision on an OJ company. This means that the data collection was done under the supervision of interested parties only. There was no independent party to validate what was sent and what was not sent. Why wasn’t Marvin Winston commissioned to purchase Tropicana in a supermarket next to his office in NJ and do the sampling from what he purchased and not what was cherry picked and sent to him. This flawed method of data collection invalidates any results received.  It was sent in towel paper, which dried out all of the insects’ moisture.
Rabbi Eckstein says that the sample was sent to a famous lab with a prominent name. After quick search on the internet we see that according to buzzfile he has  only one employee.                                According to the following it appears his facility is only 846 square feet. [It’s his kitchen counter and sink]    The biggest problem is the recipient of the sampling was not a lab but a consultant. The claim that a famous lab with a prominent name did the testing is ridiculous.
The Real Problem  The issue of scale bug infestation of oranges is not new. In 1889 (125 years ago) the California orange crop was almost completely destroyed by scale bugs. For a complete history of how the citrus growers fought off the scale bugs then and until the current, you can purchase the following book.
The August 76 issue of Consumer Reports contains a report on frozen orange juice.  They tested 6 eight oz samples of 27 brands. The infestation problem was not the focus of the report so they did not publish the exact number of scale bugs found in their sampling except for the worst 2.

We now have a baseline that for at least the last 39 years OJ has been infested. There were three classifications      1> relatively free 2> not relatively free 3> offenders. The worst of the offenders had 300 scales for 6 containers of frozen which comes to 50 scales per container. The next to worse had several dozen (which we will say must mean at least 2) which would be 24 for 6 containers this comes to 4 per container. The relatively free had either none (2 brands were immaculate) or a few whole insects (13 brands rated as relatively free). Tropicana was in category 2 which means it was not relatively free. According to CR we are dealing with whole scale bugs. If the CR definition of whole scale bugs meets the Halachic standards of   בריה then BITUL would not help. All the TSHUVAS printed in the article are irrelevant since 25 of 27 brands had a minimum of 2 whole bugs per six containers they reached the 10% threshold for בדיקה . If the CR definition of whole scale bugs does not meet the Halachic definition because they were נתרסק (mutilated ) it would still be prohibited to drink Tropicana without straining since the TSHUVOS quoted by the OK are not to be relied upon. Further in the article they discuss liquid orange juice. Again Tropicana does not do too well.
Anyone with the slightest knowledge of agriculture can tell you that since the anti pesticide paradigm has taken over the farming industry, insect infestation has increased exponentially. We can only say that in the past 39 years things have only deteriorated immeasurably. The CR statement that scale insects are ubiquitous is just as true today as 39 years ago. We now have a major national lab (CR) that concurs with the findings of all the בודקים and חשובער אברכים who have given from their precious time to investigate this problem and save the Tzibur from the prohibition of שרצים.
Before certifying a product that has an infestation problem at least two things have to done. The first one is to guarantee the technology used to produce the product has the functionality to prevent the insects from ending up in the food eaten by the consumer. The second is a monitoring protocol to ensure that everything is functioning properly. These organizations have done neither. Their rationalization is that infestation doesn’t exist. We must remind everyone that this organization also claims that adulteration of Cocoa also doesn’t exist.
We must realize that scale bug infestation of OJ exists today. Anyone searching thru the internet can find dozens of articles discussing the issue. We have CR and the many Rabbonim who have tested and found either whole scale bugs or scale bug parts in OJ.                                                                                                          The ability to avoid violating the prohibition involved with scale infestation is very simple. After purchasing orange juice from the store pour it into a container using a filter with the correct mesh value, which can be purchased in many hardware stores, and then refrigerate it. This one 80 mesh certified by the Bdatz Aida for filtering juice, can be purchased at Monsey Housewares     
We must remember words of חז"ל that say גדול עונשו של לבן יותר מעונשו של תכלת Since this is an easy law to abide by the punishment for violating it is increased.
TOSHAV MONSEY                                                                             

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