Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Golden Taste doesn't screen their employees

[CRC Hisachdus Controller Binyomin Aryeh Glick borrowed thousands of dollars from Golden Taste, so they can't get involved]

A registered sex offender delivering milk to an Orthodox Jewish summer camp for Brooklyn boys was arrested yesterday — a week after he was caught by cameras sneaking into buildings where kids were sleeping, state police said.
Yoel Oberlander, 31, of Monsey, was charged with trespassing Aug. 8 at Camp Shalva in South Fallsburg between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m.
“He knowingly entered and unlawfully remained in the bunk, the sleeping quarters of the boys,” said State Police Capt. Joseph Tripodo.
Tripodo said an investigation found “no allegation of sexual abuse.”
Oberlander, a truck driver employed by the Golden Taste kosher-food company, was convicted of sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl in Rockland County in 2002.
In 2008, he unsuccessfully challenged a Rockland County law that limited where sex offenders could live.
He was being held yesterday in the Sullivan County jail on $5,500 bail.
E. David Scharf, a spokesman for the camp, said Oberlander was seen on security video in the halls “going in and out of the sleeping quarters. with not enough time to commit an act of molestation.”
Survivors for Justice, an advocacy group. first alerted police early Thursday after receiving reports that boys were touched by an intruder, and told not to call their parents.
Camp directors waited about 35 hours before calling a criminal lawyer, who advised them to alert authorities.
“An immediate report would have protected kids in other camps where this driver was making deliveries that day and the next,” complained SFJ spokesman Ben Hirsch. “We hope the children were not pressured into changing their stories.”

A Heimish Hashgocha gives the non-Jew their kosher stamp?

 A Heimish Hashgocha gives the non-Jew their kosher stamp?
Yes, they allow the non-Jewish company that produces washed "not-checked" lettuce to put on Hashgocha emblem on the packages. Shocked?

We aren't.

Golden Taste / Kosher Taste is the distributor.

kidney transplant now-say thillim


Kidney Transplant Now

Dear Friend of Renewal,  Kidney Transplant Now

Please be mispallel for:

Transplant #1:
Donor: Tova bas Miriam
Recipient: Shabsai Aharon ben Miriam

Tova, the sister of Shepsil, stepped up to the plate when she heard that her brother was in need and called Renewal that she wants to test to be the donor. She didn't want her brother to know until she was fully cleared for donation. Recently Renewal made a kidney drive for Shepsil (in case things wouldn't work out with her) at which eleven people offered to be the kidney donor if needed.
Transplant #2:
Donor: Chaya bas Gutta
Recipient: Anonymous
Chaya, a woman who does a lot chessed and is always on the lookout how to help others. Although she was B"H having a very hectic time while going through the kidney donor evaluation process, marrying off two children, she kept her eye on the prize and today will be literally giving of herself to save another woman's life.

B"H, kidney transplants have a great success rate. However, there needs to be Siyata Dishmaya that they be successful. Please take a moment to say tehillim for the success of the transplants.  
B"H the donor and recipient from last week's transplant are recuperating nicely. 
Thank you,



There were pre-filled chanukah oil cups that were done in China without a reliable Hashgocha.
The Chinese Company filled it with 10% olive oil and the rest was regular oil.

The USA distributor that placed the order was aware of it, as he got a very cheap price.

Some kosher certifiers are using imported crude olive oil that was pressed without a full time Hashgocha & packaging it under Hashgocha. If they sent it to a Lab for testing, should that be acceptable?

It may depend on the type of Lab tests that were employeed. Some adulteration or equipment contamination will not show up on many of the lab tests.

One Heimish hashgocha claimed "mashgiach temidi", which was a fraud. It was a Greek olive oil produced without any hashgocha, sent to lab for cheap test that can be off by 4-5%. Then packed in China with the heimish owner as the mashgiach "temidi". (his last name BTW is  not Temidi) 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Guillain-Barre syndrome-too often misdiagnosed - may be fatal

Guillain-Barre syndrome-too often (fatally) misdiagnosed even by John Hopkins, Penn University, among other #1 hospitals- often triggered by flu shot, flu, virus, etc

Symptoms By Mayo Clinic Staff

Guillain-Barre syndrome often begins with tingling and weakness starting in your feet and legs and spreading to your upper body and arms. In about 10 percent of people with the disorder, symptoms begin in the arms or face. As Guillain-Barre syndrome progresses, muscle weakness can evolve into paralysis.
Signs and symptoms of Guillain-Barre syndrome may include:
  • Prickling, "pins and needles" sensations in your fingers, toes, ankles or wrists
  • Weakness in your legs that spreads to your upper body
  • Unsteady walking or inability to walk or climb stairs
  • Difficulty with eye or facial movements, including speaking, chewing or swallowing
  • Severe pain that may feel achy or cramp-like and may be worse at night
  • Difficulty with bladder control or bowel function
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Low or high blood pressure
  • Difficulty breathing
People with Guillain-Barre syndrome usually experience their most significant weakness within two to four weeks after symptoms begin. Recovery usually begins two to four weeks after weakness plateaus.

Re: Tamar Epstein marrying without a get

Avis car rental refuses to rent car to an Israeli executive of Teva pharmaceutical "largest in world"


Think before renting from Avis?

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

kashrus alert: Bay leaves usually used for pickling-do not use

"17% + of "all" Bay leaves usually used for pickling and fresh ones are infested-" 
you must rinse your sour pickles, pickled herring, pickled meat, poultry, etc

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Monday, November 16, 2015

Be aware (those that are makpid on kashrus)

Be aware (those that are makpid on kashrus)  that the only  catering hall in Lakewood serving AGRI product is the Lakewood cheder hall.

Bring your own sandwiches 

BMG's KCL says the Lakewood oilum is not makpid on yoshon or kashrus. 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Agudah convention OTD - WE ARE LOSING OUR KIDS"!

"At the Agudah convention re:OTD- they missed this underlying cause of OTD"
"Going off the derech is always caused by a lack of kashrus"

The author of the basic following article was the great gaon and tzaddik Rabbi Shraga Feivel Mendelowitz OB”M, founder of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas. 
And if I say: ‘I will not make mention of him nor speak anymore in his name’ then there is in my heart a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I weary myself to hold it in, but cannot. (Jeremiah 20:9)

I use the above prophetic words as a preface to my article concerning kashrus, because this article will not bring honor to me. On the contrary, I will be attacked with ridicule from many sides. But what can I do? A fire is burning within me and hopefully within thousands of Jews like me…A fire, which cannot be extinguished.

Chinese Glatt Kosher-105 Clifton Ave. Lakewood


Under the Hashgocha of Rav Yehuda Shain- Reb Shnuer's and Reb Noson's, Z"L hand picked Mashgiach kashrus for the Yeshiva. 

Note: Bedikas Toloi'yim par excellence.
Note: Positive product only.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

SHOCKING!-Lakewood- Men minahalim in girls Elementary /high schools?

Men minahalim in girls Elementary /high schools?
The system instituted in Lakewood is, that men interview the mothers and the daughters in reference to the dress code regarding tzinius.is their skirt to tight or the blouse?or the shoes...

We think this is against our halocha and inappropriate behavior. צניעות ??????

They have no business  being  in a building of girls /woman teachers.etc.i think this matter  has to be  addressed by the roshei yeshiva of Lakewood..since i heard that their opinion is very valued in Lakewood.



The response was כל זה אסור ומאוס

בס״ד-אלול תשע״ה
שלומכון ישגא לכון!
הנני בעניי קמיה הדר״ג שליט״א, בדברים דחופים אודות תופעה חמורה הקיימת בעירנו עיר התורה לייקוואוד יצ״ו, שישנם בתי חינוך לבנות שהמנהלים הממונים על קבלת התלמידות לבית הספר, הס אלו הנפגשים עם הורי התלמידות כדי לבדוק אם הנהגתם הכללית מתאימה לדוח בית הספר, והם בוחנים בעיניהם את צניעות הלבוש של אימהות התלמידות.
עוד זאת, שישנם מנהלים שהמשרד שלהם הוא בתוככי בית הספר כשהם שוהים בין המורות והתלמידות. ותוך כדי שהותם בבית הספר הם בודקים אתר צניעות הלבוש של הנכנסים והיוצאים בבית הספר, ומסתכלים על בגדיהם אם הם על פי גדרי הצניעות.
וגם בתלמודי התורה של הבנים ישנה תופעה מצערת, שהמנהלים יש להם שיג ושיח עם האימהות המביאות את ילדיהם לבית הספר, כדי לבדוק אצלם את ענין הצניעות בכלל ואח צניעות הלבוש בפרט אם הוא כיאות.
ואין הדעת סובלת תופעות אלו, ופשוט שהם מנוגדות להלכה ולרוח היראה והצניעות שהנחילו לנו רבותינו ז״ל תלמידי הגר״א קוטלר זצ״ל. וכפי הנודע בבירור כבר גרמו תופעות אלו למכשולות איומים ונוראים ביותר רח״ל.
ופשוט וברור שבית חינוך צריך להיות כל כולו קודש קדשים שמור ומשומר מכל נדנוד חשש בנושא של צניעות. ולא יעלה על הדעת שעל התלמידות יקפידו ויחמירו מאוד בעניני צניעות, ויבדקו בשבע עינים אחרי צניעות הלבוש של אימהות התלמידות - בעוד שאצל המנהלים עצמם המופקדים על חינוכם הטהור של בני ובנות ישראל יהיה מצוי מכשול חמור זה בנושא הצניעות.
וחובה דחופה על מע״כ הרבנים שליט״א לעשות ״תיקון גדול״ בכל בתי החינוך בנושא זה:
א.     לבטל לחלוטין את הנוהג הקלוקל שגברים הממונים על קבלת התלמידות הם אלו שבוחנים את צניעות הלבוש של אימהות התלמידות. ויש למנות לשם כך אך ורק נשים צדקניות וחכמניות, שימלאו תפקיד זה בצניעות ובנאמנות.
ב.     מקום המשרד של מנהלים וראשי מוסדות בתי החינוך לבנות צריך להיות הרחק מחוץ לכותלי בית הספר, ואך ורק משם ינהלו ויפקחו מרחוק על כל עניני בית הספר. ואסור להם לשהות בקביעות בתוככי בית הספר לבנות.
ג.      למנהלי תלמודי התורה לבנים אסור שיהא להם שום שיג ושיח עם אימהות התלמידים, ושום קשר ושייכות עמהן. ואם ישנו צורך בקשר מסוים עם האימהות, צריך למנות לשם כך נשים צדקניות שהם יהיו אלו שיהיה להם קשר עם האימהות.
ובזכות תיקון גדול זה יערה ה׳ עלינו ועל כל כית ישראל רוח טהרה וקדושה ממרום, וברחמיו יסיר שטן מלפנינו ומאחרינו, ונזכה לגדל את צאצאינו לתורה ויראה בקדושה ובטהרה, אכי״ר.
הכותב וחותם בשמם של הורים כואבים רבים

Sunday, November 08, 2015

OK Chinese Restaurant in Manalapan "checking for insect infestation is a farce"


מי שיש קצת יראת שמים בלבבו, לא יקנה שום דבר משם, יש חששים גדולים
בעניני כשרות ורמאות

בדיקת ירקות זה סתם חוזק שמה, הגוי יש לו מפתח וכבר תפסו אותו על חם כמה פעמים שמביא לשם דברים אסורים, הוועד הכשרות עושה משחק מהמשגיחים-בקיצור הגוי יכול לעשות מה שרוצה ואין פוצה פה-שני משגיחים טובים עזבו ה מקום בגלל אלו הדברים
OU לא היה נותן השגחה למקום כזה בשום פנים ואופן 

Shockingly! The kosher certifier "OK" gave him back the keys to the place after the locks were changed because you couldn't operate the place as a reliable kosher restaurant.

After checking up on the current status of kashrus, you can rest assured that the not the OU nor the Kof-K would grant their kosher certification. There was very valid kashrus reasons that the other Mashgichim left from there.

Friday, November 06, 2015

shocking? no

Ninety-two Israeli Arab Muslims have committed terrorist attacks. They are not under occupation (and have better freedoms and living standards than most of the Arab world has). So clearly these attacks are not about any political dispute; they are driven by the same hateful incitement that rejects any state for the Jews....

Notice: Re: Hisachdus Harabonim di'Lakewood vi'haglilos

Notice: CRC - Hisachdus Harabonim of the USA & Canada  
is not affiliated with Hisachdus Harabonim di'Lakewood vi'haglilos.

Thursday, November 05, 2015

A call to action.

A call to action.
Klal Yisroel is beset by numerous challenges both from internal and external factors. The external issues are to some degree dealt with by the leadership of the Agudath Israel organization. We are terribly lacking in leadership, or rather a leadership apparatus to deal with the internal burning issues of our day.

Every Rov, kehila and beis din is its own little island. For example when the “Grama Switch” was proposed there was no central authority to judge it. It took some time for this that and the other rov to get together and declare it chilul Shabbos and forbid it. Supposedly the concept is now finished, finally.

More recently the tzibbur was confronted with an issue of epic proportions, namely the remarriage of one Tamar Epstein without a Get.

The Rov who performed her second marriage is of impeccable credentials, a world renowned moreh horaah who has been relied upon by all rabbonim in many matters for decades.

I would not impugn upon this Rov’s credibility or integrity, yet when we are faced by a “agunah” who made herself into a cause celebrity as one, suddenly declaring herself “unchained” it is a grave matter to have this seemingly resolved without a written hetter from gedolei haposkim explaining what made this marriage invalid and invalidated.

Such is an issue of great precedent setting public policy importance and the lack of a vehicle for the rabbonim to receive and share information, formulate and provide public guidance is a void of epic proportions which must be filled.

The need in today’s day and age for an organization such as the Agudas Harabonim to be functional or to be replaced cannot be overstated.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Churban he made by Brissim-against the accepted מסורה

The Gedoilim  BANNED his Brissim!
Is it also because he sees only with one eye?
Keep microphone on loud to hear everything-The end of the video displays some of the Gedolims letters.


There is yeshivishe Mohel by "Bais Hatalmud" that doesn't believe in the Mesorah of "mezitzah", Yet bais hatalmudnics use him?

All of the concoted stories from Rabbi krohn as to why he does the cold blooded murderous procedure is an outright lie that he could sell to the gullible.Anonymous said...
I, R"L saw Pesach "wednesday eyes " Krohn do his horrible work in a shul in my neighborhood.
I turned to ask my Rov to please stop the torture, but my Rov was hurrying up the aisle away from the Horror. I wish I had left before my ROV, The scene just viewing it,still causes me great anguish.
The clamp is an idiot proof technique, requiring no follow up visit. It's easy, and lazy to use a clamp.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Lakewood-Sounds familiar?

But even "tyrants" tend to talk about power as if it's bad: 

They wish that their enemies would let them be more humble.

Their purpose is always to preach the virtues of humility because the more people they can persuade to be humble, the more easily they can both preserve and add to the power they have. 

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MGK Maritime kosher hashgocha-is certifying the "TREIF "kosherica" tours R"L

Kosherica cruises has been machshil thousands in not providing 100% kosher according to any standards.

Why Do the  Rabbis sanction these non-kosher cruises? 
Isn't it embarrassing that all of the Miami, Lakewood,  OU affiliated Rabbis are allowing this scandal 

Can someone like Rabbis Weil (OU), Schneier, Riskin, Heir, Herring, Lipskar arrange an "OU" Hashgocha at least?

Why doesn't the "OU" send their own staff on the cruises to witness the kashrus disaster.
Does the "OU" allow kashering a Griddle with hot water only? from treif, back & forth daily from meat to dairy?
Does the OU allow working side by side within the treif kitchen with no barriers?

Sunday, October 25, 2015


The following article appeared in the past in KASHRUS Magazine  (reprinted with some clarification.)
Catering Standards Questioned? Invited to an affair under the supervision of a Lakewood's yeshiva [BMG's KCL] established  “Hashgocha” , but which was being held in a non-kosher facility, we went into the kitchen to look around and to compare notes with the Mashgiach. we were not prepared for what we found.

More disappointing was it to learn that the “Rabbonim” who certified the  [BMG's KCL]  never visited any of their certified establishments. The affair under their certification which was being held in a non-kosher facility.
KASHRUS recently discovered a number of such organizations where the “Rabbonim themselves have never seen the operation which they certify, but instead rely totally on the head “Mashgiach or on their Kashrus Administrator to make all “halachic” decisions.

This letter, basically unchanged, was mailed to all of the “Rabbonim” in the Lakewood BMG's KCL kashrus organization. As of our printing we have not received any reply. Y W 

Dear Rabbi ........ BS”D

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


"The truth must be heard,

Even if the public doesn't like the sound of it.

Whatever the circumstances, regardless of the consequences.

The truth must be stated-loudly, clearly & unequivocally".

(Quoted by Bunim-Ob"m)

Thursday, October 15, 2015

תושבי ולומדי לייקוואוד -עוד תראו שיודל שיין "צדק" UPDATE

Does a yeshiva that had students take out loans from the Federal program on their behalf (& to be paid back by student not Yeshiva) have a right to change which places the student may study? thereby possibly triggering an early payback? It may be considered מסירה? The yeshiva would have to go to Bais -Din first with each student.

Lakewood only cares about money- The Oilum are just pawns used to help them get it "all on the expense of your backs".

The meager kolel check  is a pay-off to shut-up.
btw-it's your money they got in loans (you are obligated to pay it back), etc and they are returning only some of "your own money" to you.
You will pay it back twice-and you have to grin and bear it.
you are ahead, with no checks, no loans, etc.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Alert: Unger pearled Barley "infested" even when on sale

All Barley must be checked by soaking them for 3-4 minutes in hot sink tap water.
watch them float up

Can't be checked in cold water or visual inspection

Thursday, October 01, 2015

BMG says they had to create the "Vaad" because...

Because, "how could we have an indicted individual (Shenky) represent the Oilums interest to the politicians in Lakewood, Trenton, Washington, etc"

So here is what BMG did in setting up the Vaad "to represent the interests of the Tzibur". The same indicted (shenky) in a new suit (frak).?
"The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool."

Monday, September 07, 2015

חברה קדישא חייבים לטפל שיהיה להם מוהל מומחה לתקן אותם שלא נימולו כדין ע"י מוהלים שאינם מומחים-choose your mohel very carefully

 חברה קדישא חייבים לטפל שיהיה להם מוהל מומחה לתקן אותם שלא נימולו כדין ע"י מוהלים שאינם מומחים
כגון שועי קראהן ממונסי ופסח קראהן וקצנשטיין (שניהם) אומרים שיש להם איזה מסורה. הבן של ר' חניניא קהן אומר שלא דובים ולא יער-אין מסורה על אילו בריתים

אבל אותם שביטלו מציצה בכלל (כגון זיממרמאן מבית התלמוד) החברה 
קדישא לא יכול לתקן
מעוות לא יכול לתקן

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Aguda's "Chaim Aruchim" Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Death with dignity, End of life, Hospice, Palliative care =They are all one and the same

Aguda's "Chaim Aruchim" (Passive murder is acceptable??)
Hospice & Palliative care "end of life" medical decisions- 

When the medical professionals state that the individual  has six months to live, protocol is to arrange Hospice or Palliative care.

The Hospice / Palliative providers will have their professionals take over complete care of the patient. including medication, hydrating, food, nourishment, nursing if needed, etc.

It's alleged that The Insurance Companies may advance three months payment in advance. If the individual doesn't make it for the three months, the funds are not returned to the insurance company but is kept by the providers. (Financial incentive)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Found by Staples Howell parking lot-black bag

Size 18 cotton Talis koton (Mefoar)
Size #4 velvet Yarmulka
call 732-364-8046

Kashrus Alert- Creatine vitamin and Krill oil are not kosher

Kashrus Alert- Creatine vitamin and Krill oil are not kosher-

It's being distributed in Lakewood by individuals that don't realize its non-kosher status

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Lakewood is in shock, An upstanding member refuses to accept the Bais Din ruling?


It was the perfect crime, We had Kingpin Zeev (& Mordy) himself worked it all out, he had a Realtor, financier, etc and Rabbis involved, but it's all unraveling.

DON-"Get our friends in the Lakewood Bais Dins,etc. to do the coverup."

Yes of course, -Thanks

Note: There is an "IKUL" from Bais  Din -Obadi Malachi And partners in crime refuse to listen to Bais Din- May you allow him into shul, minyan, etc? see the code of Jewish Law.

Ovadi Malachi signed only a "partial-שטרי בירורין". 

Monday, August 10, 2015

STAR-K shechita taken to the cleaners.

Kashrus Alert: Rabbi Tzvi Shaul Goldberg has brought the Star-k's standard of Shechita as "un-acceptable" to put it mildly.
If Rabbi Goldberg is involved in any way even just to visit & inspect-"Don't use the meat"!

He has brought Star-K shechitas to a low of no standard at all. 

It's below being "maikel", it's a standard of being a "kahl".

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Every Community should set up various "Support-Groups"

  1. In a support group, members provide each other with various types of help, usually nonprofessional and nonmaterial, for a particular shared, usually burdensome, characteristic. 
  2. Members with the same issues can come together for sharing coping strategies, to feel more empowered and for a sense of community.
  3. A professional Coach / facilitator would be very helpful and should facilitate the meetings.
  4. Such support groups are being organized for newly married, new parents, etc.

Update: Infested products as heard on Hitdabrut Radio program

Corn on the cob- Fresh / Frozen -Must be de-kernilized (remove all kernels) rinse.

Blueberries- fresh / frozen / canned / preserves / jam / filling / pies / yogurts etc -infested may not be used.

Strawberries-fresh / frozen / canned / preserves / jam / filling / pies / yogurts etc -infested may not be used.

Scallions- completely cut open ALL tubers, rinse well.

Edible Flowers- all colors are infested, need a trained expert to check, otherwise don't use.

Dried figs-all  are infested, need a trained expert to check, otherwise don't use.

All Canned Pineapple are infested if packed in it's own juice.