Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Is Terras-garden-is-only-company-in-the-world-with-full-selection-of-kosher-products? NO WAY! JOSE- READ THE COLD FACTS

Kosher salad is defined as 100% clean from infestation.-Terras Garden brand "sorry to say, can not make that claim".

Facts-There are many salad companies that claim all of their products are kosher, 100% infestation free.

Positive and kosher Garden brands are the ones that may rightfully claim their products are 100% insect free.

Why are so many leaving Lakewood Matzah bakery??

Besides the  ones that need their picture in the paper! (with the plastic apron) and of course the price??? 

On the other hand, If kashrus is everything? use Puppa-Tzeilim Bakery in Willy.

The Lakewood Matzah Bakery is actually "kosher self-certified". "Bake your own Matzah". Their big draw is "chaburah". חבורה היא מכה הכתובה בתורה ר"ל

Lakewood Matzah Bakery Chasidish Hashgocha is only on the wheat that it wasn't חמץ when it was cut

The chasidish Hashgocha does not include;
The finished matzas.
21-22 minute matzos.
The Oat matzos.
The bakery in General.
Non-kashering after Oat Matzos.

  הרה"ג ר' משה שטרנבוך  and the Minchas Yitzchok have negative teshuvas re: using Oat Matzos on Pesach, especially the ones used by Lakewood Matzah bakery.

NOTE: Caveat emptor= Buyer beware!
Lakewood Matzah bakery is for show n tell & photo-op,
Get you picture in the shopper, voice, scoop, etc

Puppa tzeilim is the place for kosher matzos, including their oat matzos.
Their Oats are not steamed or heated at all.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dolce Hotel Basking Ridge, NJ Pesach program cancelled because of shabbos issues.

CANCELLED: Pesach Program Forced to Terminate After Hotel Refuses to Deactivate Sensors for Shabbos

February 9, 2017: from
The Dolce Hotel and Conference Center in Basking Ridge, NJ's refusal to properly disable its motion sensors has forced a popular Pesach program to cancel its plans due to halachic concerns. This hotel recently installed motion and RF sensors in all their sleeping rooms which program organizers were told would be a clear violation of Shabbos and Yom Tov. The Dolce refused to accommodate requests by the Tennenbaums to disengage the system, claiming that none of their other kosher groups were bothered by it.
"Sensors control all amenities in a hotel room, such as lights and heat. When the door closes and no motion is detected, these amenities are shut in order to save money. As soon as the door is opened, before the door is even fully extended, all amenities return to the state in which they were left. Most systems have a VIP override for individual rooms and a full override for the entire hotel that disables the system."

The previous item can be cited with the URL:

How many Matzos to the pound, i$ your true co$t

1-Use one flour or mixed from different fields? pros-cons?
2-Whole wheat v white.
2a- Oat matzos- The steaming of oats to remove the bitterness.

3- Mix of whole wheat w/ White? What ratio, what effect does the whole wheat have?
4-Ratio of water to flour? Why?
4a- Ideal outdoor temperature & humidity? Why?

5-Kneader (knetter) and gloves? pro / con.
6-change bowl (& gloves) after every dough? How often should it be changed?
6a- How often should the dough divider blade be changed?
7-Negative pressure ( and vacum) above & to the side area of kneading bowl?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Birdsboro Poultry "Li'Mehadrin"- is at the top in their kashrus standards

We were asked by Rabonim and individuals to see if the Birdsboro poultry plant is considered Li’Mehadrin for those that are makpid on kashrus Li’Mehadrin? Following is a concise short report.

     The plant is located in Birdsboro Pennsylvania.  It’s a two and a half hour drive from Brooklyn, Monroe, and Monsey, NY. It’s a medium size plant, processing approximately 30,000 chickens @ day. A smaller plant that processes fewer chickens is not necessarily an advantage. In a larger volume plant they will usually have an extra shoichet, an extra Mashgiach, etc. for the just in case. The larger plants can afford to check for צומת הגידין and other issues.

     We visited the plant “unannounced” on Tuesday  פרשת בא תשע"ז.  We were at the plant for some 7 hours. They welcomed the visit; no one seemed uncomfortable with an unannounced visit by one that is very familiar with Shechitas, etc. The Chasam Sofer writes that Shechitas should be inspected unannounced. Reb Moshe, Z”L stated to me that Shechitas that require of me or anyone else appointments prior to a visit are suspect. There are Shechitas that require appointments or they do not allow any visitors at all.

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Update: Evergreen supermarket Lakewood- surprised they don't cary Birdsboro Li'Mehadrin poultry?

Evergreen's own brand of eggs are from Amish country. The Amish in general have roosters, so the bloodspots in the eggs are serious issue.
Alert: Beyond Meat brand products have no hashgocha from anyone. only "vegan".

Don't buy any "NEWDAY" brand pre-checked fruits and vegetables-they have a reputation of being infested [w/ the hashgocha]

Their butcher department carries a variety of poultry and meats including Agri, etc.

As far as kashrus is concerned;
All the raw meat and poultry is kept completely separated, not the same bins, knives, tables, etc.

So one may buy to his liking in kashrus.

The other new supermarkets in Lakewood have everything a mish-mash so if they carry "any-brand" that you don't use...

Alert: But Evergreens take-out, deli, marinated, ready to cook is all the same mish mash. 

THEREFORE; Buy raw only!!


Saturday, February 04, 2017

Zika in Florida Affects Pesach hotel reservations

Dr. Shanik: Zika travel ban still in effect
Feeling bad you didn't go to Miami for midwinter?  Dr. Shanik Lakewood's pediatrician says at this point adults of child bearing age should not go to Miami, due to the threat of contracting the Zika Virus. He will reevaluate the ban in next few weeks but as of now other areas in Florida are ok. He released this statement 6 weeks ago. 
 "While there have been no new cases of Zika Virus in the last 45 days there is still a partial ban on travel to Miami Dade county for at least the next month. This still means that no women of child bearing age and/or their husband should travel to Miami Dade county, Florida due to the possibility of contracting the Zika virus, also anyone  that
travels to that area can bring the virus back and cause further spreading locally....

Monday, January 30, 2017

How do the purveyors define "Bais-Yosef" beef?

Is that definition the same as your definition?

In other words- Are you receiving Bais-Yosef as you perceive it to be Bais Yosef?

We believe NO!

Who's that?

We'll explain;

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The root cause(s) of Lakewoods' problems.

                                                                                 BMG's VAAD

The vaad hijacked the block vote of Lakewood's residents, and utilize it to their personal advantage, and to the detriment of Lakewood residents.

The vaad control the residents by their stipends, intimidation, threats, fear, not allowing their children into the Lakewood schools, etc.
The vaad control the Schools by their threats, intimidation, etc
The vaad control the Towns' Rabbonim by their handouts, threats, intimidation, etc.
The vaad control the Bais-Dins by the same methods.

The vaad control of the elected officials [including the appointment of the Mayor].
The vaad control the zoning, planning, master-plan committee, Township Manager, Police, Assessor, etc.

So the VAAD  have delivered corruption up and down the entire Township, affecting your taxes, traffic, bussing, lighting, overbuilding, complete disregard to the residents needs and concerns.

The vaad methods of getting out the word is by mailings, control of the press, namely "The Voice", Lakewood Scoop, "BP weekly", etc

Therefore, all of those that are affected by any of the above should stop advertising in the above, should stop receiving same. One may cancel their delivery, or throw them into the Yellow Trash bins.
One should  register to vote by mail-in ballot.
One should make sure to never vote
for "ANY VAAD endorsed-candidate".

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

"TREIF "kosherica" tours R"L- Lakewood joins them R"L

Kosherica cruises has been machshil thousands in not providing kosher according to any standards.

Why Do the  Rabbis sanction these non-kosher cruises? 
Isn't it embarrassing that all of the Miami, Lakewood,  OU affiliated Rabbis are allowing this scandal 

Can someone like Rabbis Weil (OU), Schneier, Riskin, Heir, Herring, Lipskar arrange an "OU" Hashgocha at least?

Why doesn't the "OU" send their own staff on the cruises to witness the kashrus disaster.
Does the "OU" allow kashering a Griddle with hot water only? from treif, back & forth daily from meat to dairy?
Does the OU allow working side by side within the treif kitchen with no barriers?

We are challenging the "OU" the world's largest certifier to have their staff do a complete "on-site" inspection of Kosherica cruises- GO THE ENTIRE TRIP, PORT TO PORT.

Can Chazonim like Adler, Avrohom Fried, Helffgot, Lerner, Miller, Lipa Schmeltzer, Stark, Flam demand that a qualified kashrus organization run the kashrus? So there might be at least some level of kashrus.

Can Rabbis Miller, Benin, Zahler, Levi Teitelbaum, Manish Spitz, Ruvi New, Etc be comfortable and vouch for the kashrus on the cruises?

Is the gullible kosher consumer being taken for a ride or to the cleaners? Perhaps?

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lakewood - the-rishus-continues-when-will-it-end- The therapists, etc are the group responsible- Sidom at it's best

The Lakewood therapists, etc and their Rabonim etc ( a mafia style) are the group responsible for shalom Bayis issues, separations, divorces, breaking up families, etc.

We have been monitoring the methods and results of these so called therapists, etc for the past  few years.

It's not as bad as you think, it's much worse!. 

"Rishus" is too mild of a description.

Guest comment. [Hefker velt]

Its a Hefker velt, thats exactly how to describe what goes on when dealing with the sensitive issue of shalom bayis and  R'L divorce. There is no responsible system set up, no trusted agency al pi Torah and halacha. 

No communal standard that everyone adheres to, or even a bes din to turn to. Its unfortunate that so many homes are shattered as a result of total incompetence, inexperience in dealing with the issues and problems of shalom bayis. 
Its a Hefkervelt when any Askan, therapist, social worker or Rav, can do what they want with no accountability for their actions. They get away with it time and time again. There is no mirsas, no fear, no repercussions its do what ever you please. They dont have to answer up to anybody. 
Take one side of a story, give bad advice, dont do basic homework or due diligence its only nefashos were dealing with. So what if you have no experience in shalom bayis issues, who says you cant take it on all by yourself? no one is stopping you. No guidelines set in place making sure all 

Update: Lakewood "therapists & Mentors" are רודפים

Lakewood "Therapists & Mentors" just broke another family!!
Protect our children?

Don't push "Ritalin" on them like lollipops.
Ritalin? sure! so the School administrators can provide paying clients to their therapists.

Don't let Therapist [Terrorists](backed by Rabbonim) to break apart families. [Their success rate in at 99%]
Don't let the Rabbonim and therapists run for restraining orders against their husbands, who happens to be the father of her children.
She is throwing her children to the dogs. That's what revenge is.

Don't work in unison to support financially the therapists, by sending the parents, the children, etc. to therapy.

That's perhaps why children lost their respect for Rabbonim!

Don't allow the מקוה to break families. Terrorists & Rabbonim do it constantly R"L

מקוה schedules in WG are by pay-for-play? 
Get rid of the ones in charge, from the Rabbonim down. Get rid of the corruption in WG.
Don't play dumb.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Update: Alert: Aisle 9 Lakewood- KASHRUS ALERT

RE: Their pre-checked vegetables... AND PREPARED FOODS-should not be used. They are clue-less in infestation.

Rabbi Shmuel Spiegel, Shlita et al Posted a sign that one should must re-check (by an expert) the Aisle-9 pre-checked vegetables. 
[Therefore do NOT eat any of their checked vegies]


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Update: Alert:Terras Garden (from Florida) [Lakewood investors involved]

Alert: Terras Garden vegetables is allegedly infested by more than mi'ut-ha'mutzui and should not be consumed.

thinking that they discovered Greenland as the largest Island. [Who suffers? the moisdois, tomchai shabbos, etc]

Update: Why you should use "only" the positive or kosher garden brands

Bodek,  Kihalacha,  Pardes,  Kosher taste,  Andy Boy,  Dole,  Terras Garden, etc 
are all infested product regardless of the sticker or Hashgocha. Some other companies have an issue that they do not check enough samples, therefore sometimes they will be infested. They also have an issue of defining "miut-Hamutzui".

The Positive and Kosher Garden brands are always free of infestation, but their packaging doesn't always keep the product fresh long enough. (perhaps, insect protein maintains freshness?)😊

Positive brand has the hashgocha of Rav Moshe Vaye  who is considered the worlds' expert on infestation .בדיקת תולעים  Rav Vaye lives in Eretz Yisroel and is in daily contact with his trained expert Rav Dovid Goldstein. Rav Vaye visits the growing fields and the processing facility at least once a year.

Kosher Gardens brand has the hashgocha of Rav Moshe Vaye  who is considered the worlds' expert on infestation .בדיקת תולעים  Rav Vaye lives in Eretz Yisroel and is in daily contact with his trained expert Rav Dovid Goldstein. Rav Vaye visits the growing fields and the processing facility at least once a year.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Pros & Cons of "MUST go" to Seminary in Israel

There has been lately many that strongly oppose the ingrained concept that "must go to Seminary in Israel" in order to marry the right Ben-Torah.

The Pros are self evident.

The Cons;

The huge expense that most can't afford.

That $20,000.00 plus [saved] can help the new young couple.

Training for a parnosah delayed by at least a year.

They don't receive the tools needed to prepare for a Torah marriage, etc.
Delaying marriage by at least a year.

A girl should be under the supervision of their parents (enough said!)

We have heard of the tragic experiences in some Israel seminaries.

If we are talking about hashkofah, yahdus, etc in order to go into chinuch? Gateshead is more geared to that element. 

Chinese Glatt Kosher-105 Clifton Ave, for those in Lakewood that are ["still"] makpid on kashrus


Under Hashgocha of Satmar Dayan-Rav M.B, Klein

Note: Bedikas Toloi'yim par excellence.
Note: Positive product only.

כבר הגיע הזמן לסדר שבעה טובי העיר בלייקווד

כבר הגיע הזמן לסדר שבעה טובי העיר בלייקווד 

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

There is a brand of olive oil Ptora being distributed in the area which is an Israeli product from the shemita year. It was brought in to Kosher Marketplace but has been withdrawn on my instructions. Poskim in Israel have ruled that returning heter mechira product to distributors does not constitute a violation of איסור סחורה בפירות שביעית.
However there are also people who have an open container and that is a real problem, Shemita produce may not be discarded even though it has been exported to Chutz Laaretz. But possibly it is already אחר שעת הביעור in which case it has to be destroyed. One person told me he has leftover oil in his Menorah from this batch, and now does not know if it should be destroyed or if he must use it.

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Sabath "not-friendly" appliances.

Before one should rely on this feature a major issue has to clarified. When the refrigerator is in Sabbath Mode does any digital activity take place. I will give 2 examples of this issue but please remember there could be more depending on the complexity of the model purchased.
         1> The digital thermostat. Even in an instance that the thermostat is not triggering the compressor to go on or off and the compressor is triggered by a timer while in Sabbath Mode The issue is  the thermostat may still be recording the temperature i.e. the temperature inside is at 33 when you open the door the temperature will move to 34 this will not turn on the compressor but the digital thermostat will record the current temperature to be 34. This act of recording that the temperature is now 34 can involve chilul Shabbos .                                
            2> The door open/close sensors even though the automatic defrost will not activate regardless of how many times the door opens or closes when in Sabbath Mode. The sensors may be recording the number of times this is being done. This also may involve Chillul Shabbos. Unfortunately I could not find any specs to clarify these points. I would be grateful to anyone that emails or posts their knowledge to clarify this issue.

We must remember that the organization involved with the creation and implementation of this feature is headed by a person who has issued many dubious psakim over the years. Recently he wrote an article which concludes that one cannot run an on line business on Shabbos. He was forced to retract since it was obvious to everyone that he knew nothing of how the on line industry operates and the psak was completely based on assumptions that he imagined. He has other psakim using a light bulb for pas akum, which is a direct cause of intermarriage [heard from Reb Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, OB"M].

He uses a psak issued in the 1950’s for Bedikas Toloyim when everything was sprayed with DTD and says that we can do today what was done then. In relation to the Sabbath Mode he is Matir to adjust a digital thermostat of an electric range on Yom Tov when the range is in Sabaath Mode. Therefore  if the thermostat is active or the sensors are active I would not rely on his word that there is no Chillul Shabbos unless I heard the same from more reliable sources.

The good news is that Intermatic makes a timer which has a seven day span and allows for 28 settings. This would give you 14 off settings. For a 3 day Shabbos and Yom Tov you would have to divide these settings amongst 3 days. The model number is DT620 it costs about $15.00 on Amazon. The setting up is not that intuitive but after following the instructions carefully several times everything starts to make sense.

Toshav Monsey

Can a single blogger really accomplish anything?

What is missed is that Helen Thomas was brought down by a one, until now unknown, Jewish blogger !
The most distinguished voice in journalism at the White House for 50 years, allowed to hector, lecture and interrogate US presidents in public, and one of Israel's most strident and sly critics was cut off at the knees and exposed as a duplicitous anti-Semitic hate-monger and biased anti-Israel advocate and instantly defrocked of her status as a reputable journalist.

The power of one blogger brought down Helen Thomas and it should as a warning to all those who cling to power in the old-fashioned way and hope that their nefarious views and deeds will remain hidden .

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Alert: Fruits and vegies from Israel.................

Besides the issue of trumois u'maisrois, the issue of infestation is very serious.
Some of the Israeli Hashgochas write on the package that it must be washed, which most Americans see a kosher emblem they (become illiterate) just open and consume.
The Aida charaidus Yerushalem has a new emblem that states clearly the vegetables must be washed prior to consuming, etc.

The fruits and vegetables with the Hashgocha of Rav Efrati may contain insects that will not come off in washing. Also any frozen fruits or vegies with his hashgocha should not be consumed at this time.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Update: Why would a caterer[Shick] change to a [R' Usher Ekstein] Heimish Hashgocha?

Why would a caterer[Shick] change to a [R' Usher Ekstein] Heimish Hashgocha?

A caterer may change to a Heimish Hashgocah to attract a clientele that may want an upgrade in kashrus standards.

Or the caterer is looking for an easy way "to beat the system". How?

A popular caterer changed hashgochas to R' Usher Ekstein, a Heimish hashgocha that allows non-mevushal wine, using infested fruits & vegetables, Bishul Akum, etc. You can experience the fallout tragic situations at some of the conventions, e.g. Aguda conventionTorah Umesorah convention, Mir Yerushalem,  weekends, weddings, sheva brochos, bar-mitzvas, Thanksgiving and other "chuga parties", etc.

The R' Usher Ekstein Heimish hashgocha only requires the mashgichim to have the look, the dress (gartel, chalat, chadish hat, etc) but lacks the kashrus knowledge in Kashering, system for controls, milchig, meat & parve, staff control, infestation, etc.

They get away with it all, because no one asks, questions, is interested, etc.
Become an educated kosher consumer- "Stop-Look-Listen- Don't assume!

Monday, December 26, 2016

UPDATE: To Lakewood's Moisdois, menhalim and principals

Edison’s amazing mother          

WE Afghans believe two things should be respected in life: mothers and teachers. 

Here is a story of a very kind and hero mother-teacher: 
      One day Thomas Edison came home and gave a paper to his mother. He told her, “My teacher gave this paper to me and told me to only give it to my mother.”
     His mother’s eyes were tearful as she read the letter out loud to her child: Your son is a genius. This school is too small for him and doesn’t have enough good teachers for training him. Please teach him yourself.
     After many, many years, after Edison’s mother died and he was now one of the greatest inventors of the century, one day he was looking through old family things. Suddenly he saw a folded paper in the corner of a drawer in a desk. He took it and opened it up. On the paper was written: Your son is addled [mentally ill]. We won’t let him come to school any more.
     Edison cried for hours and then he wrote in his diary: “Thomas Alva Edison was an addled child that, by a hero mother, became the genius of the century.” ************************************************************************
ALERT: Lakewood "roshei moisdois" medicates their students with "Ritalin", THEY RECEIVE GOVERNMENTAL FUNDING, WHILE PERMANENTLY DAMAGING YOUR CHILD.

LAKEWOOD MENAHALIM AND PRINCIPALS PUSH MANY OF THE STUDENTS FOR PROFESSIONAL HELP-The students don't need any of as they are just fine-BUT THE SCHOOLS GET FUNDING FOR THAT.  They cause permanent damage to your children because they are making $$$$$$$ That is criminal and should be exposed. 

Bingo has the Ki'Halcha infested strawberries-watch video

 BINGO Borough Park store carries the Ki"Halacha infested strawberries.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Note: ALL Cholov Stam / Cholov Akum =(besides Germany) CHOLOV TREIFE! R'L- The consumer has nothing to rely on


RE: Cholov Stam-Cholov Akum is actually חלב טריף Per Reb Moshe, Z"L Rav Eliyashev Z"L and Rav Shmuel Wosner Z"L.

Rav Moshe Feinstein in Y"D 1, #20-21 [End of #21 ]states that these procedures make the cow a treifah [and one may not purchase from such a farmer]. Today with the farms in the USA keeping accurate records, all cholov akum (stam) is actually treif. (The procedured cows are 4-8%, shishim is 1.66+-%)
The European Hashgochas mistakenly believe that they don't have the problem because the Veterinarians say "in Europe we don't have those problems". The cold facts are that europe has the problem just as much as the USA.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Alert: Shatnez notice

Update: Vaad Tzedokah-the rest of the story

From an Email
Yudel, It may warrant an article;
1- There is no basis in halacha according Rabbi Dov Kahan head of Bais Din mayshorim in lakewood has given 23 shiurim on hilchos tzedokah in lakewood. 
2- The vaadam may have a justification that it's valid for one year as circumstances do change.  BUT they not have any right to put any limits on how long one may collect in the area. 
3- An  isshur that he's not a ramai is sufficient for the whole USA, why does each one put you through the mill? 
4- And why does each vaad charge a fee of $40.00-$100.00 and you could come twice a year. [Nice income for the vaad]
5- One must hang around for the isshuer 1-3 days. On whose cheshbon?

6- Baltimore / Star-k vaad tzedokah takes a 25% cut from the checks and vouchers. I don't know what others are taking.  
Baltimore may commonly have 10-12 collectors at a time @ 2 weeks. Each one raising $3-5000.00 and the vaad takes 25%. Do the math, $15,000.00 @ 2 weeks for the Star-k vaad  tzedokah [$350,000.00 annually] (besides their charge for @ isshur)
[In Baltimore they instituted the voucher system almost 95%.]  

7- The vaadam check with each other re the collector. So why does each one make them wait for the isshur and another charge?
8- By the chasidim there  is "NO" such a thing as a vaad tzedokah and DON'T need any isshur. 
9- What right for the vaad to decide on a recommended amount?
10- Because of ramaim one is not over on lavim and esais if you don't give any of them tzedokah. With the isshurs in place if one doesn't give he's transgressing lavs and esais. 

10- Where is the brocha of עשר בשביל שתתעשר? By the chasidim, "No isshur no vouchers" everyone is welcome not like sedom.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

Defining Chasidishe Shechita

That the shoichet is a superior Yirai Shomayim than other shoichtem?

That he is a better shoichet than others?

That he has sharper, smoother knives than others?

That the shoichet goes to the mikvah prior to the days shechita?
NO! They don't always, yet they shecht.

That the shoichet davens with a minyan 3 times a day?

That his wife doesn't drive a car?

That he wears the Chasidish clothing?

NO! Not Always.

He is what Chazal called a Chosid?

So what defines chasidishe shechita?

Years ago there was a dispute among the Rabonim as to what type of knife to use for shechita?

1) שני צדדים sharpened on both sides of the sharp side of the blade or 2) צד אחד Sharpened on one side only (the other side being straight with the back of the blade.

The chasidim insisted on 2 sides שני צדדים.

That is the style of sharpening common these days by practically all shoichtem.

So in fact all shechita is Chasisidesh shechita regardless of his dress, mikvah, friends, etc.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Chasideshe Shechita?

A few years ago I called up a place where  simcha I was invited to was being made.  When I asked
whose hashgacha the place had,  the reply was "We use only Chassidishe shechita."

I then said to the person who had proudly told me this and was sure it would impress me,

 "Do you know that when Rubashkin was operating they were producing the following kinds of meat all as chasidishe schechita.
 1.  Bais Yosef, 
2.  What we call glatt 
3. ordinary kosher,
4. Hallal and
5. treif,
and it was all Chasidishe shechita,  because the only people schechting there were chassidim."  There was silence on the other end of the phone.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Agudas Yisroel convention re: "Shocking" -Congregation Nachlas Yitzchak in Kew Gardens Queens, is accepting VHQ unreliable kashrus ?....

..Nachlas Yitzchok..has no issues with the Vaad of Queens [non] kashrus standards, infestation, non qualified mashgichim, non-shomer shabbos, etc?

Ask their Rabbi, they must have a solution.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lakewood- A local physical Rehab Center, It's almost an hour closer to NY-

We just visited a physical Rehab Center [including pulmonary rehab]in Jackson, next to NPGS.

A Jewish Community Rehab center in the Northern part of Lakewood. With the Rt #9 traffic, it's a half hour closer to New York.

Note: Located in the southern part of Lakewood, see