Monday, December 08, 2014

Solution: Filters for Orange Juice insects available at your hardware stores

Pele- 70 mesh sifters for Orange Juice insects available at your hardware stores.

manual                                                         electric

The Aida- Yerushalm says one should filter Orange Juice with a 70 mesh filter.
Rav Moshe Vaye said "bi'pashtus" a 70 mesh is sufficient, If someone wants do it twice he could but once is sufficient.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Monsey (of fame) does it again- KYO Restaurant caught in the act-

Monsey (of fame) does it again-  

KYO treif Restaurant caught in the act, "again".

Rabonim say,
The people must eat someplace.
Monsey shtut is also a place that it's  usually a
דבר שיש לו מתירין
Remember- the Monsey Shatnez scandal is still going on, it even spread to Lakewood. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

CRC- Hisachdus kashrus standards are the same as the OK

Why doesn't the Hisachdus CRC allow Tropicana Orange juice?  because of the infestation.

We are sure we don't have to educate anyone to the OK standards.
In the OK's Kislev 5771 "chanukah", there is a letter from Rabbi Benyumin Aryeh Glick Executive Rabbinic Coordinator of the CRC Hisachdus  to the OK magazine Kosher spirit.

In the letter he praises the OK's kashrus standards, which he calls "perfect".
He also addresses that other hechsherim (Hechsherim are the heimish hashgochas, not kosher certifiers) can not or will not meet the OK's standards.

He also praises the Ok's stand on the story of the adulterated Shufra Pesach cocoa saga.

What's with the "waxes" on cherries? kosher?

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Kashrus Alert: Update: PINEAPPLE infested beyond the brown parts

Update: Kashrus Alert:

PINEAPPLE (Costa-Rica) was found to be infested with mealy bugs 

beyond the brown parts! 

Therefore at this time Pineapple should not be used including canned pineapple.

                                 Older alert on pineapple

Friday, November 21, 2014

Kashrus Alert: There was a non-reliable alert by the 5 towns Vaad , Kehila and AKO re: Red Cabbage infestation

Kashrus Alert: There was a non-reliable alert by the 5 towns Vaad and Kehila and AKO re: red cabbage infestation.

The 5 Town Vaad's Kashrus bulletin stated Red cabbage should not be used till the end of August due to infestation.

The red-cabbage is currently infested with thrips, and it's the end of November.

The thrips don't read English, perhaps the 5 Town Vaad can write it in Hebrew, Jewish, Chinese or they can get educated themselves in the the basic facts of infestation. 
Talk is cheap, one must get trained and know the facts.  

From a commentor;
Mr. "OTHER side of town",

Maybe because you live on the other side of town,you are not aware of what is going on here.

Rabbi Reisman's list was a joke. A sad joke. He gave some list of ingredients, meats etc. to the establishments. They agreed to follow, and made it to the list. There was no over-site at all. And if he knew you, or needed you$, you made it to his list regardless.

I spoke to a working Mashgiach at one of the establishments, and he told me "you got to be crazy to eat by my place!"

Rabbi Reisman had gotten himself into so much trouble because of his list. His kanous and badmouthing everybody during his drashos, has gotten him nowhere but into trouble. That is why his list disappeared for so long.

Rabbi Forst went into some of those places on Rabbi Reisman's list, and they were unacceptable. Some of them now made changes and made it on to Rabbi Forst's list. Some did not. Other places which were not on Reisman's list, were good anyway.

Rabbi Forst is a true eliche Talmid Chochom and a Yarei Shomayim. 

The others are very sensitive to their Kovod, it's the Gaivah that guides them, as Rav Aron Leib Steinman says.

Monday, November 17, 2014

5 Towns Caterer had a serious breach in his kashrus

5 Towns Caterer had a serious breach in his kashrus. The Owner called the 5 Town's Vaad Hakashrus's Administrator to advise him of the situation.

The 5 Town Vaad hakashrus Administrator told the caterer "ignore it, don't even respond".

Kosher consumers, It's time for a wake-up call- Don't bother to press snooze, The Vaad's Rabonim already pressed the snooze button.

Lakewood, 5 Towns, etc enjoy treif "kosherica" tours R"L

Why Do the  Rabbis sanction these non-kosher cruises? 
Isn't it embarrassing that all of the "OU" affiliated Rabbis are allowing this scandal 


The following article appeared in the past in KASHRUS Magazine  (reprinted with some clarification.)
Catering Standards Questioned? Invited to an affair under the supervision of a Lakewood's yeshiva established  “Hashgocha” , but which was being held in a non-kosher facility, we went into the kitchen to look around and to compare notes with the Mashgiach. we were not prepared for what we found.

More disappointing was it to learn that the “Rabbonim” who certified the affair never visited an KASHRUS recently discovered a number of such organizations where the “Rabbonim themselves have never seen the operation which they certify, but instead rely totally on the head “Mashgiach or on their Kashrus Administrator to make all “halachic” decisions..
affair under their certification which was being held in a non-kosher facility.

This letter, basically unchanged, was mailed to all of the “Rabbonim” in the Lakewood Yeshiva's kashrus organization. As of our printing we have not received any reply. Y W 

Dear Rabbi ........ BS”D

We would be remiss if we do not report to you directly just what we observed of the procedures used at an affair supervised by your Hashgocha organization which was held in a non-kosher establishment. At a recent affair where we were guests, We went into the kitchen with another Rabbi. Having been shown around by the Mashgiach on duty, we had the following concerns which we hope you will address.

1. The non-kosher facility was allowed to leave their non-kosher utensils out in open view of the waiters and kitchen staff. By utensils, we mean ladles used to serve soup, etc. and eating utensils. Needless to say, with a little preparation these could be kept out of sight of the non-Jewish staff so as not to tempt them to use them.

The Mashgiach said to us, “I’ll give you $100 if you find a non-kosher utensil on the floor (in the ballroom).” The Mashgiach himself goes onto the ballroom floor from time to time to check if utensils are mistakenly used. This means that the possibility does exist. It also means that he is not constantly in the kitchen. Then why leave the utensils out at all?!

We understand from your head Mashgiach that he had advised the Mashgiach on duty to allow the eating utensils to remain in hands reach, but covered. Instead, the Mashgiach put them 8 feet away, completely uncovered. Why should this be allowed? It is inviting trouble.

We also observed some 6-8 (non-kosher) ladles hanging in full view. It takes a worker seconds to grab one & put it into the soup. (See also #5 that no ladles were marked in any way.) This is one of the reasons why accidentally non-kosher utensils sometimes (too often) get taken back in error from an affair held at a non-kosher facility. (All too common.)

2. Since a) the affair was fairly large (500 plus guests), b) the Mashgiach does leave the kitchen to check the floor (ballroom) as well as for personal needs, and c) non-kosher equipment is in full hands-reach of the staff, I feel that such an affair requires 2 Mashgichim, not just one. (See # 6.)

3. The Mashgiach allowed the waiters to use the non-kosher (uncovered) trays for serving hot foods. This is not an accepted procedure anywhere, as far as we know. Should a hot piece of chicken fall onto the the tray (the waiter would put it back on to the plate), would that not constitute a serious problem?

4. Only a part of the kitchen was kashered. Quite understandable. However, it seems inappropriate to have different kosher zones spread throughout the kitchen area. Better would be to cover with paper the entire area from the ballroom side until where the kosher food is prepared, not to leave open spaces that are not kosher between where the food is cooked, prepared & served.. It is so easy for a worker to put a hot pot, utensil, etc. on the nearest space available.

5. There were places which the Mashgiach did not kasher which we feel do need kashering. Some counter spaces had raised racks over them. The underside of the raised racks were not kashered nor covered. This presents a “zeah (vapor) problem, one which kashrus agencies do know to address. It could also be a problem of actual food leftovers, because no-one even bothered to examine the underside of the racks. See also next paragraph.

The Mashgiach at the affair told me that indeed this is a problem and he would make an effort to cover the bottoms of the racks in the future.

We also noted a pole in the middle of the production area which we felt should have been kashered, not just washed, and/or should have been draped with some material. The pots and pot covers do touch this pole while they are hot. Although the Mashgiach washed it, he neither kashered nor covered it.

6. None of the caterer’s ladles were marked for meat. This caterer does both meat and dairy at his commissary. We were told by your head Mashgiach that since there are so few dairy ones, only the dairy utensils are marked. Although Shulchan Aruch advises marking one type of utensils, the common procedure today, wherever I observed, is to mark both dairy & meat serving utensils, especially if catering in non-kosher facilities also, & paint does wear off. We must be able to distinguish between the caterer’s kosher utensils & the facilities non-kosher utensils.

7. While we were waiting, we saw some of the staff go to another room, eat non-kosher pizza, bring the boxes into the kitchen & then resume serving, with no washing of hands between eating the non-kosher pizza & serving a glatt kosher meat dinner. The Mashgiach did not (realize) respond until the problem was pointed out to him. Then he asked only one or two workers to wash. This is an additional reason why we feel that the affair needs another Mashgiach.

We hope that these issues have already been raised to the Rabbonim of your organization & that the Rabbonim consider the present methods acceptable. I would like to understand where my reasoning is faulty. It is for this reason that I am sending this letter to the Rabbonim certifying your kashrus organization.

I would appreciate either a written or oral response. Update: We never received any response or acknowledgement from the Rabonim or the Organization.
Yours truly,

(This Lakewood based kashrus Organization was set-up as a politically correct Organization, to have control & power over the food establishments in Lakewood, not as a kashrus Organization for the Tzibur to rely upon, & it remains so to this day. ys)

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Defining-The Askan [Shtadlan of yester-year] v. the Askan of today

The word Askan/ Shtadlan, the title public servant, has referred to a person characterized by selfless love for the Jewish people who sacrifices himself for the public good. We grew up hearing stories of people ran across Europe meeting with kings and governments in an effort to avert terrible decrees against the Jewish people. All this was done at their own personal peril and their own expense. The early klal workers in this country wanted nothing more than to spread chinuch and literally were moser nefesh for that ideal.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another letter about Lakewood restaurants

I saw the posted letter someone wrote about a Lakewood Restaurant “should I eat there”? I decided to pen my own letter on a similar topic about a Lakewood restaurant.

A little while back a schmaltzy fleishig restaurant opened in Lakewood. The owners were from the upper crust and heimish type of the Lakewood community.  It got off to a very slow start, prices were high, ambience was fair, staff was so so, etc. I am not going to address the purpose and the damage to mishpachas of such eateries in a kolel town of Lakewood. Wines on the menu can be up-to $140.00 or more a bottle.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Kashrus alert: Honeydew honey is not kosher- Some honey processors produce both in the same facility, and it is heated. Beware when buying honey, etc in health food stores.

Honeydew Honey- is not permitted, as it's an extraction from other insects, it does not become permitted just because the bee collected it.

"Honeydew" is a classification of honey that Bee Collecting Honeydew honey from Oak leafrefers to honey produced by honeybees collecting nectar that is exuded from another insect such as an aphid or scale insect. It is quite common in a number of countries and the best known is honeydew from the Black Forest in Germany. World wide honeydew can be referred to variously as "forest honey", "Pine honey", "Fir honey" etc. and may sometimes be referred to by the specific species of tree producing the honeydew. 

Update: Bounty used to occasionally use animal product in their paper towels

Thanks for contacting Bounty.
We appreciate your interest in the ingredient of our Bounty Paper Towel.

There are no animal derived ingredients in our products.

Here is a list of the ingredients and their functions: -- Processed Wood Pulp: Used to make paper from softwood trees (Pine & Spruce) and hardwood trees (Oak/Maple) -- Wet Strength Polymer: Added to increase strength during wet use. -- Printing Ink: Water based printing inks are used for decorative patterns only (no ink in white versions. -- Ceteareth-10: Surfactant – emulsifier Hope this is helpful.
Thanks again for writing. Kerisha S. Bounty Team

UPDATE: Infestation Update:

Orange Juice, All- infested with scale insects.
Mango, mango Juice, cut-up mango- infested with scale insects [including from Mexico, Brazil]

Avacado- infested with Scale insects.
SunDried Tomatoes All- Infested, especially the ones w/ Hashgocha.

Blueberries- fresh, frozen, dried, filling, yogurts, etc: infested with scale insects & maggots-DO NOT USE even with Hashgocha. "BMG's KCL allows bakeries & others to use infested blueberries, raisins, strawberries, sun-dried tomatoes, infested orange juice, etc.

Strawberies- Fresh- very infested- Cut off green top with a very thin sliver of fruit, peel strawberry so all seeds are removed, rinse, no further checking necessary-
Frozen strawberries-with hashgocha- puree very fine or cook.

Raspberries, Blackberries, Mullberries- too infested, do not use.
Scallions- Check for leaf miners, slice open lengthwise including ALL tubers, wash with soap & winter, rinse.
Celery- lately has been found to have many leaf miners, which can be identified by their wavy translucent trails.

Chives- infested. Use only the specially grown ones, and wash well. Unless you have BMG's KCL, they allow the use of infested chives.
Grapes- Break into small clusters, soak in soapy solution & rinse (soak & rinse 3 times), the wash & rub each grape to remove the scale insects.
Corn on the cob- Infested with thrips, remove kernels, rinse.

Raisins- Are infested, to check them, soak for 24 hours, strain water into a fine mesh cloth, check cloth on a light box. Be familiar with the insects appearance. This includes Raisin bran cereals.
Dried figs- very infested with camouflaged insects, requires checking by an expert or by properly trained individual. Fresh figs- very hard to check.

Bodek Garni bags- are unacceptable, as the holes are way too large and fully grown insects go right through.
Corn on the cob-Infested, fresh or frozen- must de-rkenelize, rinse, eat. canned frozen, fresh kernels are generally clean.
All "cod-liver" are infested w/ anisakis

Saturday, November 01, 2014

olive oil shortage= adulteration fraud big time

Shortage of Olive Oil Predicted
This year's harvest appears to be twenty percent lower than last year
October 20, 2014
Harvest reports from the major olive growing areas around the world indicate a significantly smaller crop in 2014, and combined with the steady growth in demand for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the news has experts expressing concern about a shortage of top quality olive oil. This year's harvest of 2.56 million tons appears to be about twenty percent lower than last year's, and more important, falls well below the 3 million tons consumed last year. 
 "As with all agricultural products, olives and olive oil are subject to the whims and vagaries of nature," says Ann Sievers of Il Fiorello Olive Oil Company, who makes olive oil for some of the top names in the Napa Valley. "Here in Northern California, there are many concerns not only about the size of the crop but also the constant issue of the olive fly. It looks like our harvest will be just a bit below last year."

The lessons to be learned from the fast of Tzom Gedaliah

צום  גדלי-ה

It is a fast day that commemorates a tragic time in our people’s history, one that the Gemorah (Rosh HaShanah 18b) equates with the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash itself – a very jarring thought. And yet perhaps even more jarring, are the words of the Panim Meiros on the Yerushalmi in Horios (3:5). The Panim Meiros states as follows:  Gedaliah caused his own death.

He was, himself to blame, not only for his death but for the deaths of thousands of others.How so? 

Friday, October 31, 2014

Aguda's "Chaim Aruchim" Assisted Suicide, Euthanasia, Death with dignity, End of life, Hospice, Palliative care =They are all one and the same

Aguda's "Chaim Aruchim" 
Hospice & Palliative care "end of life" medical decisions- 

When the medical professionals state that the individual  has six months to live, protocol is to arrange Hospice or Palliative care.

The Hospice / Palliative providers will have their professionals take over complete care of the patient. including medication, hydrating, food, nourishment, nursing if needed, etc.

It's alleged that The Insurance Companies may advance three months payment in advance. If the individual doesn't make it for the three months, the funds are not returned to the insurance company but is kept by the providers. (Financial incentive)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Jewish men are on trial in Germany, accused of passing off non-kosher meat as kosher

Two Jewish men are on trial in Germany, accused of passing off non-kosher meat as kosher to members of the Frankfurt Jewish community over a period of two years, according to local media.
In all, 40,000 kg. of non-kosher meat was sold to unsuspecting customers for a period of years, according to the Juedische Allgemeine.

The two defendants, identified as Leslie W., 48, and Akiva H., 56, by the Bild newspaper, sold the meat out of the Aviv butchers in Frankfurt, which served communities throughout Germany.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

ONLY at Quality Farmers Market-

Only at Quality farmers Market in Howell-

Note: The Sign in Satmar shul says -
"the Hashgocha is only on the fruit (apple) that it's kosher, not from eretz yisroel".

Giving a Hashgocha on infested produce, is like saying the chicken / animal is treif, but at least it's not a neveilah. 

UPDATE: Kosher Orange Juice & the Scale-insects in all of them

 If one can't dowload the eye-opener article, send email 
Subject line-scale in Juice

Tropicana, Golden Flow, Lakewood Farms, Dvash, etc have these insect proteins in your orange juice, R"L

They all had whole scales more than "miut-hamu'tzui".

The Aida Yerushalm reqires filtering with a 70 mesh filter. Rav Vaye, says a 70 mesh filter is not small enough.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

INFESTATION updates for Rosh Hashonah- transgressions that you will violate!

How many "transgressions" will you violate with the custom of eating the following on Rosh Hashona?

If you were not trained, shown and don't know how to identify the various insects, clean properly, etc
you should not use the following items for Rosh Hashona & all year.

The following are some of the insects to be familiar with; aphids, thrips, leafminers, maggots, scale insects, mites, fish lice, etc

Items that may have some of the above insects;
Blueberries, fresh /cultivated, frozen even w/ hashgocha, filling, etc (Scale insects, mites, maggots)
Leek- thrips
Orange Juice- Scale insects- tropicana, Golden Flow, Lakewood farms, Dvash, etc
Herbs -All fresh / frozen - (Dried ones -more than 12 months are acceptable).
Strawberries- Fresh- (must be peeled completely), frozen even w/ hashgocha. Mites, thrips.
Celery-Leaf miners, flies, etc
Romain- Thrips, Leaf miners, aphids.
Spinach- thrips, miners, mites.
Figs- fresh, dried- even w/ hashgocha are very infested, don't even try to check them.
Black eyed peas (beans).
Raisins- infested w mites, etc- one may only use the ones w Aida Hashgocha.
Fish heads- Fish lice & other insects. Salmon with gills removed & power washed is fine.
Note: Bell peppers were checked and were found to be clean.

No chalomos only tachlis!

No chalomos only tachlis!    The "shiduch-crisis"??  (see comments)

Not so you and your daughter as you prepare to send her off to Israel for a year. First you put your daughters' minds out of commission by getting them all hyped up about a fancy all-expenses-paid-year-vacation-and-tour in far off Israel. You spend your money on travel agents and tickets, on massive deposits and tuitions to the greedy and rapacious (in more than one sense) owners of the seminaries, you waste your money on buying your daughter fall wardrobes, winter wardrobes, and then for the spring and next summer, after all she cannot wear just two or three dresses that Yerushalmi girls wear because those Yerushalmi girls are neither spoiled nor stupid, they know that if their parents are smart and able they are saving every penny up to buy her an apartment that costs a few hundred thousand dollars in Israel.

Let's face it, any girl is at her physical prime when she turns 17, 18, 19. By the time she turns 20 she is already a young woman and no longer a child. Parents like yourself in Israel of frum girls KNOW this. They know that because for MARRIAGE to be the real goal it is important to get your daughter into shidduchim EARLIER and NOT later!! By you sending her off to Israel at 18, and prior to that at 17 she is already day-dreaming about going to Israel, then getting all that baloney stuffed into her brain when she is 18 or 19, she then comes home to the USA at 20 and is ready ...for...what?... exactly???

KIC- Kashrus Information Center Torah Times "Michshol"

KIC- Kashrus Information Center  Torah Times article is a big Michshul to klal yisroel. re: Bedikas Toloiyim.

Their latest article should not be relied upon re: 
Blueberries, Fresh, frozen, dried, wild, organic, cultivated, etc as they are all a problem including USA, Canada, Mexico, etc

They are all infested and should not be used.

Bodeks frozen BLUEBERRIES Scam

Bodek's frozen Blueberries were found to be infested. They pulled off the product from the shelves. 

They returned the same infested Blueberries to the shelves. DON'T TOUCH THEM!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Botei Din

תניא רבי יוסי בן אלישע אומר אם ראית דור 

שצרות רבות באות עליו

 צא ובדוק בדייני ישראל שכל פורענות 

שבאה לעולם לא באה אלא בשביל דייני ישראל

If you have personal knowledge re: Botei Dinim, email to
We do have a file on the subject.

Friday, September 19, 2014

OK Kashrus advises to consume insects?

In the OK's kosher spirit on page 9 "shivas haminim salad", the ingredients consist of infested items.
Dried figs, Fresh figs, grapes, fresh parsley leaves are infested and can't be checked & cleaned by a consumer unless they are properly trained. Note: Pearled Barley must always be checked for insects by putting them into hot water for a few minutes.Dijon mustard contains wine.

The OK certified TROPICANA Orange Juice has scale insects among other ones.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hisachdus CRC -Re: Lakewood signs re: infested Bell Peppers

Hisachdus CRC -Re: Lakewood signs re: infested Bell Peppers.

There were recently put up signs (no name, no phone number, no name of store(s) it was found) all over Lakewood Re: all bell peppers have tiny insects on the bottom of the peppers.

Hisachdus expert Mashgichim and many others checked and weren't able to find any infested Peppers.

Hisachdus decided it must have been done by one that confuses "dirt" for insects, therefore such an irresponsible individual will confuse real insects for dirt-he is not to be relied upon for insects.

The signs that there are no name, phone, or other info area "PASKVILL".

ALERT: Sfardim shopping for "Bais-Yosef" in Flatbush area

Sfardim shopping in Flatbush should be aware the the Vaad of Flatbush is currently unfamiliar with what is  considered "Bais-Yosef" meat for Sfardim.
What the Star-K does "not" accept as Bais Yosef, the Flatbush Vaad is accepting?