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How tragic? Rabbi Steinberg rav hamachshil

Pesach list

PESACH 5777-2017 RECOMENDED LIST (sefardim *) Must say kosher for Passover
Note: In general, OU-“P” grocery items  with no heimish  hashgocha on package is a usually a  preferred pesach product. Otherwise the OU, will rely on some of the Heimish Hashgochas, and we know the concerns.

ASPIRIN-Walgreens only w/ bar codes 311917037424/ 311917037417
ALUMINUM FOIL- All year Hashgocha-Any
Almond milk- Lieber

Baby formula- MATERNA from Israel (separate keilim) -J&J, Ross, similac LeMehadrin 1,2,3, Sunrise
Baking powder-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, Gefen,  OU-P
Borsht- Gefen-Mishpacha,  OU-P

Cake Cookies- oberlander, Bake master, Reismans Schick, Elegant, lillys, Chantillys*not for sfardim-need Bishul yisroel

Canned vegetables-Shop-rite, any OU-P, mishpacha, gefen
CANDIES- Bdatz Yerusalem, Rabbi Illowitz, Brazil , OU-P
CHEESE, CREAM, BUTTER- J &; J, Mehadrin, Haolam, Norman’s, Givat
Chocolates,etc Chocolate chips-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, carmit, OU-P,  Seton
COCOA Powder- Hersheys OU no P required, cocoa mix-Mishpacha –  OU-P

COFFEE INSTANT- Nescafe Tasters choice unflavored, Geffen  decaf, any OU-P
CRANBERRY JUICE COCKTAIL & sauce-Mishpacha, Gefen, Kedem- OU-P
CROCK POT LINERS- Geula, Fantastic, Reynolds- OU-P

FISH- King of the Sea, Melech Yam, Dagim  Meal Mart, Fishy Neiman, Freunds, A&;B, Royal
FLAVOR EXTRACT- Bakers Choice, Gefen
FROZEN VEGETABLES- Brocolli, Spinach, Cauliflower- Positive, Kosher Garden, B’Taam only

Dag Yam- see salmon

Dried fruit-w/OU P, yumzee, manishtana, joseph Xavier, setton, not raisins or figs from any one (use craisins-OU P.

Frozen strawberries, blueberries- only Kosher Garden. none other even w/ hashgocha
FRUIT CANNED-Mishpacha, Gefen , -   OU-P
Garlic fresh must be peeled &; rinsed well-Frozen- Gefen, OU-P

GRAPE JUICE- Mishpacha, Gefen, Kedem, Schwartz
GROCERY ITEMS- Mishpacha,Masbia, Hadar, Meal Mart, , Gefen,   OU-P
Gold’s products with   OU-P-

HONEY- Mishpacha, Broad, Gefen, -   OU-P
Horse Radish- Flaum, Tuv Taam,   OU-P
Hotel for Pesach- Greenwald's Seaview
ICE CREAM- Mehadrin, Kleins no strawberries, raspbrries

JUICE- Golden Flow, Mishpacha, New Square, Lakewood farms, Natures own (if made in Bayonne, NJ) Kedem

All Orange Juice- MUST BE FILTERED w/ 100 mesh PRIOR TO USE-Dvash, golden flow, new square, Lakewood farms, fresh n healthy, Tropicana,

KETCHUP- Mishpacha, gefen, -  OU-P
KOSHER GARDEN- PRE-CHECKED VEGIES & Herbs, spinach, romain, brocolli

KUGELS- Meal Mart
LEBEN, YOGURT- Mehadrin, J&J, Norman’s. Givat strawberry &; blueberry is from liquid-NO GEVINA BRAND w/ fruit

Lemon juice- Real lemon &; Lime OU no P required
LIQUOR-Slivovitz, Tam Pree, Carmel

MATZOS-HAND - Pupa-Tzeleim-prefered, Yad Binyomin, komemious-hand matzah only, beit shemesh w/ skver

MACHINE MATZOS- Beit Shemesh Chaburah only w/ she’aris Hashgocha.

Matzos- OAT- Only puppa tzeilim. All others, the oats are pre-heated don’t use!!
MACAROONS- Oberlanders, Gefen
MARGARINE-Eden, J&J, Mehadrin, Mothers, Haolam ,
Marshmallows-Elyon, Gefen, Golden Fluff
MAYONAISE- Mishpacha, Gefen,,   OU-P
MEAT- Fishels, Solomons, Alle , Birds Boro, Tevas-Rav Miller, Continental (Canada),  Royal, Satmar butchers BP, Fltbs, Willy, Continental butcher Monsey, Kosher Village,  Kosher west,

NO- Tevya's,  Agri Star

Bais Yosef Beef-  Birds boro, Alle Aurora, Teva (not Tevya), fishels, Solomon's, Kiryas Joel.

MILK-Golden Flow, Pride of the farm (all milked before pesach), New Square, 

NUTS-Bakers choice, Klein’s,   OU-P, Costco w/ OU-P, all unshelled nuts-no BTH or BHA, Nuts Galore
OIL-Cotton-seed, Roberts, Pereg, Manischewitz, Mishpacha, Masbia, Hadar, , Gefen, Nut-Ola-  OU-P 

OIL-HAZELNUT / WALNUT- Taamon w/ aidah, Gefen, lieber- check dates-over a year may be rancid
OLIVE OIL-GEFEN Pesach-(made a production with hahgocha from press through bottling) Aida


Note: OU on olive oil is not acceptable

PARCHMENT PAPER-Geula,   OU-P or star-k p
POULTRY- Pella, Mehadrin, Skver, Kiryas Joel,  Birds Boro, Mehadrin
PICKLES- Flaum, Tuv Taam-   OU-P

Positive- pre-checked vegies &; herbs, spinach, romain, broccoli, etc
POTATO CHIPS, STCKS- Blooms NOT Bloomys, Schwartz, Liebers, Golden fluff
POTATO STARCH- Mishpacha, E&;S, Gefen,   OU-P
POTATOES-INSTANT/MASHED- Mishpacha, dependable,   OU-P
PRALINE PASTE- Bakers choice-  OU-P

Quinoa- None- Aida sys is Kitnious

*RICE-For sfardim that use rice- LUNDBERGS
ROASTING BAGS- Geula, Reynolds

ROMAINE LETTUCE- positive- All others require washing &; checking  

No Romaine whole heads, No Romaine Hearts No Andy Boy even with hashgochas
Spices- Pereg , Mishpacha, Masbia, R&;L, Hadar, .   OU-P

Sardines-Melech yam, Dagim from morocco

Salmon- canned   "None”

SUGAR-White granulated USA W/ Pesach e.g. Domino,   OU-P
SALT non-iodized-W/ Pesach-  OU-P
SELTZER-UNFLAVORED-with pesach hashgacha-OU-P
SELTZER FLAVORED-  OU-P, Vintage all flavors “P”
SOAP PADS- Mishpacha, Geulah, Gefen, Rokeach,   OU-P
SODA- American dry, Be’er Mayim, Caffeine free Coca Cola, Classic Cola, Diet Cola, Mayim Chaim, Mae Tovim, Pepsi W Bdatz, Seagrams, Sprite ALL W/ PESACH HASHGOCHA-   OU-P

TEA INSTANT-Swee-Touch-Nee, Wisotzky, Nestea, LIPTON-  OU-P
TEA BAGS-Lipton, Pathmark, Shoprite, wisotzky, Gefen-  OU-P
TOMATO PRODUCTS-Mishpacha, Gefen-
TOOTHPASTE Personal items- Zohar, Adwe, OU-P
TOPPING-Eden, Mishpacha-Gefen,

VANILA SUGAR-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, Gefen-

Tuna- Shop-Rite   OU-P,Dagim, Mishpacha, King of the sea, Melech Yam, Season, Star-Kist   OU-P

VEGETABLES CANNED- Mishpacha, Gefen-  OU-P
Vinegar Balsamic- KEDEM Not Bartenura-VINEGAR- Mishpacha, Kedem

WINE-Carmel, NYS Kedem w/ Tzelem, Dalton.

ALL WINES- Check that no wheat paste was used as sealant-Gluten-Free

COR- Re: "May contain......" declarations


May extra virgin olive oil be purchased without certification?
Answer: NO. We recently became aware of reports claiming that much of what is being sold as extra virgin olive oil is actually diluted with lower grade olive oil, sunflower or canola oil. Indeed, an industry expert stated that “75-80 percent of the oil sold in the U.S. does not meet the legal grades for extra-virgin oil.” We are currently conducting a comprehensive study of the matter together with the Canadian Food and Wine Institute at Niagara College. We will share the results as soon as we have conclusive evidence. In the meantime, we can only recommend extra virgin olive oil that carries Passover certification.


Saturday, March 25, 2017


Why would a caterer[Shick] change to a [R' Usher Ekstein] Heimish Hashgocha?

A caterer may change to a Heimish Hashgocah to attract a clientele that may want an upgrade in kashrus standards.

Or the caterer is looking for an easy way "to beat the system". How?

A popular caterer changed hashgochas to R' Usher Ekstein, a Heimish hashgocha that allows non-mevushal wine, using infested fruits & vegetables, Bishul Akum, etc. You can experience the fallout tragic situations at some of the conventions, e.g.
Mir - Yerushalem,
weekends, weddings, sheva brochos, bar-mitzvas, Thanksgiving and other "chuga parties", etc.

Bring your own Sandwhiches.
The R' Usher Ekstein Heimish hashgocha only requires the mashgichim to have the look, the dress (gartel, chalat, chadish hat, etc) but lacks the kashrus knowledge in Kashering, system for controls, milchig, meat & parve, staff control, infestation, etc.

They get away with it all, because no one asks, questions, is interested, etc.
Become an educated kosher consumer- "Stop-Look-Listen- Don't assume!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Kashrus Dilemma

                                          A common Kashrus Dilemma?

The machines were running almost 24/6 at Mandel’s Matzah Factory. In the months before Pesach, tons of matzah were being produced.

One day, the factory mashgiach (kashrus supervisor) received a recall notice regarding a certain shipment of flour, about which there was a serious kashrus question. He checked the code and realized a large number of runs had already been made with the questionable flour.

Immediately upon hearing this, the mashgiach halted the production. “There was a recall notice on the flour we’ve been using,” he notified Mr. Mandel.

The mashgiach then contacted his superior at the supervising kashrus agency. “There is an urgent kashrus question at Mandel’s Matzah Factory,” he said. “There was a recall notice on the flour we’ve been using. We’ve already produced over a ton of matzah from that flour shipment.”

The halachic advisory board convened. After a tense hour of debate, they ruled that the matzos were permitted b’dieved (de facto) based on a combination of lenient opinions, in consideration of the great potential loss (hefsed merubeh). However, they prohibited baking any more matzos with that shipment of flour.

Pesach 5776 (2016): Kashrus ALERT: Ma Nish'tanah CRC- Hisachdus (Brooklyn)?????? "ANASH"

The CRC- Hisachdus had vitamin "D" in their Pesach Golden Flow milk.

They knew their are deceiving their "ANASH" Chassidishe consumers.

They did it behind the backs of their Rabbonim [Puppa Dayan & Tzeilemer Ruv]

The Puppa Dayan said that "legally" they don't have to put in the Viatamin "D".

CRC Hisachdus- is known to deceive the consumers that aren't "ANASH",

Now they are deceiving even "ANASH"!

Sachdis zugt-"nur kinder und kimpatorin trinken mil'ech", iz vus iz zoi geferlich?

Monday, March 20, 2017

For those that turn over their kitchen to pesach (2 weeks in advance)

The family has nothing to eat for 2 weeks.

Intravenous must be an option for them.

Hotels for Shabbos Hagadol are $400.00+ Per person

Bonus: All the Yom Tov food is from the freezer, no fresh food.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

nuts for pesach


ASHDON FARMS Brazil Nuts BARNEY BASICS Almond Flour CAL-BEST Walnuts CAL-PURE Almonds, Pistachios
CALIFORNIA ROYALE Almonds CVS ABOUND Walnuts DIAMOND Almonds, Mixed Nuts, Walnuts ELIZABETH'S NATURALS Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Pistachios GOLDEN KERNEL Brazil Nuts
GOLDEN ORCHARDS Almonds, Pistachios HILLCREST Walnuts ITAC Brazil Nuts KIRKLAND SIGNATURE Almonds, Walnuts MEMBER'S MARK Walnuts NATURE'S JOY Almonds

NICHOLS FARMS Pistachios PARAMOUNT FARMS Almonds, Pistachios PRIMEX Almonds, Pistachios SSC Cashews STAR SNACKS Cashews STOP & SNACK Walnuts SUNSET ORCHARDS Walnuts

SUNTREE Brazil Nuts, Pistachios T LINE Cashews TRADER JOE'S Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts VICTORIA ISLAND Almonds, Pistachios WONDERFUL Almonds WONDERFUL ALMONDS Almonds

Why you should shop at other stores not at Gourmet Glatt for pesach

Gourmet Glatt wouldn't even carry the one kosher machine matzah baked by the Beit Shemesh Chaburah Machine Matzos for pesach.

There is always Season, Evergreen, etc.,

 or some other stores

Friday, March 17, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

מים שלנו Issues

THE מים שלנו PARADOX
There are 2 opinions in Klal Yisroel for הלכות  which are based on the שקיעה. There are those who follow the first שקיעה (sunset). Everything before sunset is called יום  (day) everything after the sun starts setting is called בין השמשות . After a certain number of minutes (the different opinions for this are out of scope) it becomes לילה. For those who follow the second שקיעה this takes place 57.5 minutes after the first שקיעה . everything before then has a דין of יום. From 57.5 minutes till 72 minutes is בין השמשות . After 72 minutes it is לילה.

It is very easy for one to adhere to both opinions; for מצות which need to done in the timeframe of יום just make sure they are completed before the שקיעה ראשונה , for מצות which need to be done in the timeframe of לילה  just make sure to start them 72 minutes after sunset. For the הלכות of מים שלנו there is no way that one can adhere to both opinions therefore the following issues arise.  The רמ''א says that the water should be drawn סמוך לבין השמשות .  For those who adhere to the first שקיעה  this means very close to sunset. For those who adhere to the second שקיעה this means about 50 minutes after sunset.

If you follow the first שקיעה  and you are baking in a bakery which belongs to a Kehila or has a client base which follows the second   שקיעה  you have to make arrangements for the מים שלנו for your מצות to be drawn before sunset. In a situation such as this the bakery should ask you to purchase all the מצות baked on your time, since their customer base considers the מים שלנו drawn before sunset נשאבו מבעוד יום  and not סמוך לבין השמשות by virtue of a time span of almost an hour between when the water is drawn before sunset and the second שקיעה at 57.5 minutes after sunset followed by  בין השמשות, this cannot be categorized as סמוך לבין השמשות .

The issue we have is, this is not happening. The bakeries are telling you the water was drawn before sunset and they are selling the overage from your baking to their customer base. This is a major רעותא  in the נאמנות of the bakery stating that the water was drawn before sunset since this is not  the type of water their customers are expecting. The only way that the bakery can be trusted in this scenario is if the RAV HAMACHSHIR issues a letter that he permits the use of water drawn before sunset to be used for all מצות baked in the bakery. If you cannot get such a letter you can assume that the water was drawn 50 plus minutes after sunset. This would categorize the water as מים שנשאבו אחר תחילת הלילה .

Even though after the fact  the מ''ב permits this type of water in סימן תנ''ה ס''ק ד' he does write as follows וז''ל וכל שכן שלא לאחר לשאוב אחר כניסת הלילה . The issue now is if you will be baking in this type of bakery and you cannot get a letter from the RAV HAMACHSHER should you switch in order to follow the words of the Mishnah Brurah וכל שכן שלא לאחר לשאוב אחר כניסת הלילה . Also is it worth paying several dollars a pound extra for these מצות. If you have already baked under the above scenario should you return these מצות and look for other מצות.


Kemach brand yoshon info


We are aware of the recent concerns around some Yoshon products being blended with Chodosh (spring) wheat.
Please be assured that all KEMACH products that say "YOSHON" on the package/label remain 100% YOSHON, and all Yoshon information on our website remains valid and current.

Since our inception, Kemach has been at the forefront of providing quality "Yoshon" products for our customers. As much as we wish it were true, it is a misconception that all Kemach products are Yoshon. We try whenever possible to make sure that our products remain Yoshon for as long into season as possible. However, unfortunately as is the case, many of our products have a point in the year when they become "Chodosh". Below is a list of Products, dates, and codes that can help you keep track of the Yoshon status of our products. We will try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible.
If you ever have a question regarding the Yoshon status of any one of our products, or a suggestion for this page of the website please don't hesitate to call us, or email us at:
UPDATED: February 17, 2017                       (printable version)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The problem & the solution. It's simple.

 A store / caterer / restaurant, etc. that doesn't carry the best kosher products for the kosher consumer!

No Birdsboro Poultry or beef, including their Bais Yosef.
No Solomons beef, including their Bais Yosef.
No Beit Shemesh chaburah Machine matzah.
No Positive or Kosher Garden produce.
No Liebers Potato chips.
No Sacramento tomato juice.
No Gold's products.
No Tofuti products.
No Red Gold tomato products

Either ask them to carry those products,

Or Shop where they care about kashrus and do carry it.

Monday, March 13, 2017

UPDATE: (All) besides beit shemesh chaburah- current Machine-Matzos may indeed be problematic for Pesach, serious chometz issues- Gourmet Glatt update

Don't use the machine matzos from ...........etc.

There is only "1" one pesach machine matzo bakery  Beit Shemesh- Chaburah, Israel that  does NOT have the chometz problems, as it is all the same temperature the whole way. It is therefore a shorter oven in length. 

  The Beit Shemesh Machine matzos are available in the USA supermarkets , 
but not in any of the GOURMET GLATT stores.

Is it because kashrus issues is not their forte? Rabbi Eisen says; we'll overcome all kashrus concerns. Are we still on the Mehadrin list? Why can't somone get a kosher machine matzah at GG?


Others have made machine matzos at Beit Shemesh but used certain unacceptable leniencies. Only use the Beit Shemesh Chaburah Matzos under  She'airis yisroel.

Reb משה שטרנבוך in חלק ד' דף צ'also seems very concerned about the use of machine Matzos on Pesach Reb Yonason Steif Z"L was also concerned about these machine matzos.

Lakewood Towship didn't bother responding [twice} WHY?

Mr. Raymond Coles, Lakewood Township Mayor
Lakewood Township Committee
Lakewood Municipal Building
231 Third Street
Lakewood, New Jersey 08701

February 12, 2017

Dear Mayor Coles, et al

In the Towing Ordinance; please insert the following;
4-6.6 #d – Administrative fee [is not applicable when towed to other facility or residence] 

4-6.8 # g- ….If the owner [, driver or their representative] requests a private towing….

4-6.8  #K  Second paragraph should please add in the following;

 It may be requested by the [owner, driver or their representative] of the vehicle, to have the vehicle towed to another place of business or residence within [3 miles of] the Township of Lakewood, by the on-duty towing service.

4-6.8 # r- 6- The log shall be made available to the chief of police, or  his designated representative or a member of the public upon reasonable notice.] note; (see section “o” above “or member of the public….)

4-6.13 Should be inserted the following; … not immediately available [(fifteen(15 minutes of notification)].

Thank you,

Yehuda Shain

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Chometz alert: Deja Vu- OK did it again LACTIC ACID

[Ask the OK for the Lactic Acid "Nitra"report re: the chometz issues;]   זה $ וזה $ גורם is the OK's Heter!

ALERT: "Lactic-Acid"  OK-P  should not be used. Serious chometz issue.
OU among others  etc. does not allow it in their products.

OK Poiskim agree that it's a chometz issue. They were over by the OK senior staff.
Any Pesach product with a Heimish Hashgocha, if it has OU you are safe.
Don't use if it has an OK.

Any pesach product without an OU, check with the certifier if they are using the OK Lactic-Acid.

Heimish- Ungers beans infested "Deja vu" . Buy the GOYA brand, they are the cleanest. Quepasa?

Birdsboro poultry is tougher than others because they "don't use hormones, etc"

Monday, March 06, 2017

ALERT: Some Matzah bakeries; "shocking"

Some Matzah bakeries use SINK TAP WATER for  .מים שלנו

They will put into the chaburah matzos  by the packing (pre-packed non your chabura "shitas ha'Rosh")

Some Chasidishe Matzah bakeries feel justified in overcharging for chaburah matzos to "non-Anash" (yeshivish oilum).

Justifications: Terutzim:
We have a minimum for using the ovens.
The bakery doesn't have enough sticks, so it takes longer, so you pay more, etc.
Etc. ......

Make sure to establish a clear price, or go to another bakery.

Zika in Florida Affects Pesach hotel reservations

Dr. Shanik: Zika travel ban still in effect
Feeling bad you didn't go to Miami for midwinter?  Dr. Shanik Lakewood's pediatrician says at this point adults of child bearing age should not go to Miami, due to the threat of contracting the Zika Virus. He will reevaluate the ban in next few weeks but as of now other areas in Florida are ok. He released this statement 6 weeks ago. 
 "While there have been no new cases of Zika Virus in the last 45 days there is still a partial ban on travel to Miami Dade county for at least the next month. This still means that no women of child bearing age and/or their husband should travel to Miami Dade county, Florida due to the possibility of contracting the Zika virus, also anyone  that
travels to that area can bring the virus back and cause further spreading locally....

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Terras-garden-has a serious issue with infestation-They just can't get it going right.

Kosher salad is defined as 100% clean from infestation.-Terras Garden brand "sorry to say, can not make that claim".

Facts-There are many salad companies that claim all of their products are kosher, 100% infestation free.

Positive and kosher Garden brands are the ones that may rightfully claim their products are 100% insect free.

Update: Why you should use "only" the positive or kosher garden brands

Bodek,  Kihalacha,  Pardes,  Kosher taste,  Andy Boy,  Dole,  Terras Garden, etc 
are all infested product regardless of the sticker or Hashgocha. Some other companies have an issue that they do not check enough samples, therefore sometimes they will be infested. They also have an issue of defining "miut-Hamutzui".

The Positive and Kosher Garden brands are always free of infestation, but their packaging doesn't always keep the product fresh long enough. (perhaps, insect protein maintains freshness?)😊

Positive brand has the hashgocha of Rav Moshe Vaye  who is considered the worlds' expert on infestation .בדיקת תולעים  Rav Vaye lives in Eretz Yisroel and is in daily contact with his trained expert Rav Dovid Goldstein. Rav Vaye visits the growing fields and the processing facility at least once a year.

Kosher Gardens brand has the hashgocha of Rav Moshe Vaye  who is considered the worlds' expert on infestation .בדיקת תולעים  Rav Vaye lives in Eretz Yisroel and is in daily contact with his trained expert Rav Dovid Goldstein. Rav Vaye visits the growing fields and the processing facility at least once a year.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Update: Welchs "heimish" Grape Juice-Tartikuv was told a few months back to pull the hashgocha -

We know all about the koshering, process, ingredients, crew, times, seals, labels, packaging, etc. To divulge more information may reveal our sources.

Note: The Zkan Ahron would asser the grape Juice (for all year as well), Tartikuv goes by the zkan Ahron.

A Hashgocha should never be based strictly on;
 "I have a chimrah/Hidur"
and the basics are overlooked, i-t'-s  n-o-t acceptable.

All year use??????

We wouldn't use it!

There are issues in the kashrus for pesach.

If Price is "everything" ?
                  this site is not meant for you.

Friday, February 24, 2017

When business is hurting financially, kashrus is the first to be down graded,

Alert: Monsey vicinity-
Wesley hills kosher supermarket downgraded by changing Hashgochas,
Ever Green Monsey takes in product from Newday that is infested.
Wesley hill Shopping center stores downgrading their Hashgochas.

Lakewood gesheften with kcl can't Downgrade, as they are already at the bottom.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"TREIF "kosherica" tours R"L- Lakewood joins them R"L

Kosherica cruises has been machshil thousands in not providing kosher according to any standards.

Why Do the  Rabbis sanction these non-kosher cruises? 
Isn't it embarrassing that all of the Miami, Lakewood,  OU affiliated Rabbis are allowing this scandal 

Can someone like Rabbis Weil (OU), Schneier, Riskin, Heir, Herring, Lipskar arrange an "OU" Hashgocha at least?

Why doesn't the "OU" send their own staff on the cruises to witness the kashrus disaster.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Update: Lakewood "DON'T BUY"- Price drop of $50,000.00 - $100,000.00 purchasers of NEW construction duplexes, SF homes-

Anonymous said...

Lakewood rentals are in a glut stage. Don't count on any rental income to support your overpaid new house.

Chevra, just watch BMG get their 1200 residential units at cedar bridge and the price of Lakewood housing will be in a freefall.

Sit and wait it out? or go to Jackson, Howell, Toms River.
Wed Jan 11, 01:26:00 PM 2017
*     *     *     *    *      *     *     *       *    *    *      *     *    *      *
Investors, purchasers-don't buy now W-A-I-T - IT'S MONEY IN YOUR POCKET better than hedge funds

From the Grape-vine: New duplexes and single family homes have been drastically reduced by $50-100,000.00 or more.

The asking price is still up in the sky but ..........

Some of the reasons;

Overpriced due to market demand.

Basement rentals are at a glut.

Over building.

Jackson, Toms River, etc are realistic options as a first choice. Larger homes, larger property, no sardine can feeling, no traffic issues, etc

Some that have deposits may be looking to get out. While others are re-negotiating the price.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pesach matzos- Hand and machine- Oat, etc

Oats have a bitter enzyme that must be neutralized. The method used is by heating the Oats and the internal moisture will steam & neutralize the bitter enzyme. By the Gluten Free Matzos made from Oats, they are heated on trays in a tunnel oven. They are heated to 250 F +- for ten minutes. The process may cause the oats not to be acceptable for pesach matzos-Talk to a knowledgeable Posek.
Note: The Lakewood matzah bakery says their oats are not heated at all. It may be that they are just unaware. Based on our information, it's heated as stated above.

May one use Matzos that went into into the oven approx. 22 minutes after the water was poured into the flour. Some claim that they count the "18 minutes" from when it gets worked into a dough, which is actually 22 minutes.  All for the unsuspecting yeshiva leit.

The only recommended machine matzah is the Beit shemesh chaburah machine with only Bdatz She'airis yisroel.

Others claim that there is a written teshuva on this issue, but they don't want to give it out.
Reb Chaim Shmulevitz, Z"L writes by Mechiras Yosef, a psak that can't be publicized is "botul" and has no halachic validity. So there is no written teshuva per se.

Normal process at an Israeli facility that produces machine matzos is to stop & dismantle & clean the machines every 18 minutes. Normal clean-up & dismantle take 25-35 minutes, an expensive procedure. In order to economize and give Lakewood Yeshiva leit an affordable machine matzo, the matzoh bakery was instructed to dismantle, etc only once an hour, thereby bring down the cost per hour, hence they could sell the matzos for less to the unsuspecting yeshiva leit. Are they still calling it 18 minute, or mehudar?

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Dolce Hotel Basking Ridge, NJ Pesach program cancelled because of shabbos issues.

CANCELLED: Pesach Program Forced to Terminate After Hotel Refuses to Deactivate Sensors for Shabbos

February 9, 2017: from
The Dolce Hotel and Conference Center in Basking Ridge, NJ's refusal to properly disable its motion sensors has forced a popular Pesach program to cancel its plans due to halachic concerns. This hotel recently installed motion and RF sensors in all their sleeping rooms which program organizers were told would be a clear violation of Shabbos and Yom Tov. The Dolce refused to accommodate requests by the Tennenbaums to disengage the system, claiming that none of their other kosher groups were bothered by it.
"Sensors control all amenities in a hotel room, such as lights and heat. When the door closes and no motion is detected, these amenities are shut in order to save money. As soon as the door is opened, before the door is even fully extended, all amenities return to the state in which they were left. Most systems have a VIP override for individual rooms and a full override for the entire hotel that disables the system."

The previous item can be cited with the URL:

How many Matzos to the pound, i$ your true co$t MATZAH REPORT AVAILABLE@

1-Use one flour or mixed from different fields? pros-cons?
2-Whole wheat v white.
2a- Oat matzos- The steaming of oats to remove the bitterness.

3- Mix of whole wheat w/ White? What ratio, what effect does the whole wheat have?
4-Ratio of water to flour? Why?
4a- Ideal outdoor temperature & humidity? Why?

5-Kneader (knetter) and gloves? pro / con.
6-change bowl (& gloves) after every dough? How often should it be changed?
6a- How often should the dough divider blade be changed?
7-Negative pressure ( and vacum) above & to the side area of kneading bowl?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Birdsboro Poultry "Li'Mehadrin"- is at the top in their kashrus standards

We were asked by Rabonim and individuals to see if the Birdsboro poultry plant is considered Li’Mehadrin for those that are makpid on kashrus Li’Mehadrin? Following is a concise short report.

     The plant is located in Birdsboro Pennsylvania.  It’s a two and a half hour drive from Brooklyn, Monroe, and Monsey, NY. It’s a medium size plant, processing approximately 30,000 chickens @ day. A smaller plant that processes fewer chickens is not necessarily an advantage. In a larger volume plant they will usually have an extra shoichet, an extra Mashgiach, etc. for the just in case. The larger plants can afford to check for צומת הגידין and other issues.

     We visited the plant “unannounced” on Tuesday  פרשת בא תשע"ז.  We were at the plant for some 7 hours. They welcomed the visit; no one seemed uncomfortable with an unannounced visit by one that is very familiar with Shechitas, etc. The Chasam Sofer writes that Shechitas should be inspected unannounced. Reb Moshe, Z”L stated to me that Shechitas that require of me or anyone else appointments prior to a visit are suspect. There are Shechitas that require appointments or they do not allow any visitors at all.

Monday, January 30, 2017

How do the purveyors define "Bais-Yosef" beef?

Is that definition the same as your definition?

In other words- Are you receiving Bais-Yosef as you perceive it to be Bais Yosef?

We believe NO!

Who's that?

We'll explain;

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The root cause(s) of Lakewoods' problems.

                                                                                 BMG's VAAD

The vaad hijacked the block vote of Lakewood's residents, and utilize it to their personal advantage, and to the detriment of Lakewood residents.

The vaad control the residents by their stipends, intimidation, threats, fear, not allowing their children into the Lakewood schools, etc.
The vaad control the Schools by their threats, intimidation, etc
The vaad control the Towns' Rabbonim by their handouts, threats, intimidation, etc.
The vaad control the Bais-Dins by the same methods.

The vaad control of the elected officials [including the appointment of the Mayor].
The vaad control the zoning, planning, master-plan committee, Township Manager, Police, Assessor, etc.

So the VAAD  have delivered corruption up and down the entire Township, affecting your taxes, traffic, bussing, lighting, overbuilding, complete disregard to the residents needs and concerns.

The vaad methods of getting out the word is by mailings, control of the press, namely "The Voice", Lakewood Scoop, "BP weekly", etc

Therefore, all of those that are affected by any of the above should stop advertising in the above, should stop receiving same. One may cancel their delivery, or throw them into the Yellow Trash bins.
One should  register to vote by mail-in ballot.
One should make sure to never vote
for "ANY VAAD endorsed-candidate".

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Lakewood - the-rishus-continues-when-will-it-end- The therapists, etc are the group responsible- Sidom at it's best

The Lakewood therapists, etc and their Rabonim etc ( a mafia style) are the group responsible for shalom Bayis issues, separations, divorces, breaking up families, etc.

We have been monitoring the methods and results of these so called therapists, etc for the past  few years.

It's not as bad as you think, it's much worse!. 

"Rishus" is too mild of a description.

Guest comment. [Hefker velt]

Its a Hefker velt, thats exactly how to describe what goes on when dealing with the sensitive issue of shalom bayis and  R'L divorce. There is no responsible system set up, no trusted agency al pi Torah and halacha. 

No communal standard that everyone adheres to, or even a bes din to turn to. Its unfortunate that so many homes are shattered as a result of total incompetence, inexperience in dealing with the issues and problems of shalom bayis. 
Its a Hefkervelt when any Askan, therapist, social worker or Rav, can do what they want with no accountability for their actions. They get away with it time and time again. There is no mirsas, no fear, no repercussions its do what ever you please. They dont have to answer up to anybody. 
Take one side of a story, give bad advice, dont do basic homework or due diligence its only nefashos were dealing with. So what if you have no experience in shalom bayis issues, who says you cant take it on all by yourself? no one is stopping you. No guidelines set in place making sure all