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SHOCK: Passaic ‘Glatt Kosher Restaurant’ - Has Been Selling Non-Kosher, and infested vegies

According to PCK and their Mashgichim, the restaurant used Bodek pre-checked vegies. (as the mashgichim were only qualified to check scallions, celery, some herbs, etc.) Hopefully it wasn't Rabbi Eisen's methods.

Yudel Shain's research indicates that the restaurant also served "unchecked" broccoli and other vegies that require Bedikas. The Chinese managers / workers or rather "owners" bought at cosco and other outlets, Brocolli, Chinese leafy vegetables etc.

There is  very good reasons that the OU refuses to certify Chinese restaurants owned by non-Jews. This restaurant was owned and managed by non-Jews.

All indications from an experts point of view indicates that unchecked vegieies and Treifas was indeed served at this restaurant. Keilim should be koshered.

Yudel Shain studied chinese cooking and Bedikas Toloyim  prior to certifying a number of non-Jewish owned Chinese restaurants.
It seems that the Hashgocha system was at fault.

THE KASHRUS ADMINISTRATOR SAID "HE CAN'T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED AS YOU MUST UNDERSTAND CERTAIN ISSUES ARE CONFIDENTIAL". I'm sorry but that is unacceptable in such an instance. I have more on hand experience in this are than most others in kashrus. Therefore, I investigated and concluded that "this must be dealt with as a restaurant that was serving "TREYF".... 
Rumors have been swirling on social media the past few days regarding the sudden closure of the “Jin Glatt Kosher Chinese & Sushi Restaurant” in Passaic, NJ. Many people were claiming that non-Kosher food was used by the establishment, while others claimed the store was closed just due to a health violation.  Sadly, it appears that this is more than a “health violation”.

The following is an official statement from “PCK = Passaic Clifton Kashrus”, which was giving the Kosher certification to the store:

“The mashgichim at Jin restaurant, located at 227 Main Avenue in Passaic, recently raised questions regarding certain procedures at the restaurant. PCK has determined that these matters merit investigation and, effective January 8, 2018, suspended its supervision of the restaurant pending completion of the investigation, which is being undertaken in consultation with leading kashrus and other experts. At this time, PCK has not concluded that any non-kosher food entered the establishment.

PCK is committed to maintaining the highest standards of kashrus in the Passaic-Clifton community. Following completion of its investigation, PCK intends to report on the results of the investigation as well as any policy changes that may be put in place to prevent similar situations from arising in the future.” 

Jin has been in business for at least 15 years. The store has had more than one owner over that time. YWN will continue to bring our readers any additional updates on the outcome of this investigation. (YWN World Headquarters- NYC
Since mashgichim concerns, some recent changes were made by the hashgocha at the restaurant re: meat & poultry to match the invoices, the volume that the restaurant from the kosher purveyors suddenly went up even though business did not increase.  One may conclude that the restaurant was using a large quantity of non-kosher meat & poultry.  Therefore keilim should be kashered.

A customer that eats in Chinese restaurants was very surprised when he ordered “Spare-Ribs”, that were large, meaty, etc. not like in all of the other Chinese restaurants. He wondered to himself, how could they serve such beautiful spare-ribs so cheap?
He never went back there.

DOHENY Scandal--Guest Post- Halachic Questions- Must everyone kosherize their utensils? The RCC Certifier, should they continue?

The Doheny Scandal an Analysis
1<  The Psakהולכין אחר הרוב

3) What was the basis for the “3:00 Sunday cutoff?” Standard halachik reasoning dictates that any product that was purchased prior to our knowing about the unauthorized boxes, is permissible for use. Since the majority of the product in the store was definitely kosher, any given item that we may have purchased can halachikly be assumed
to have been from the majority. But once we knew that the unauthorized product was there, all of the stock took on the halachik status of “safek”, i.e. being of doubtful kashrut, and therefore cannot be used.

The claim that since the majority of the product in the store was definitely kosher we can assume that the meat being bought is kosher needs clarification. If a store has 1000 kosher chickens and 10 livers of which 9 are not kosher and 1 is kosher, if I purchase a liver at that store I am definitely not allowed to eat it. We can only group similar items to create the majority. We must therefore be able to establish that we had a majority of livers, tongues, rib steaks etc. against the unknown product that was brought in. We must remember that we are dealing with a חשוד  who was previously caught selling טריפות. Since we know that March 7 he was photographed bringing in a full SUV with 8 cases of unknown meat & poultry, we have to assume that this was taking place every day since that day. For example if I bought  a rib steak on March 17; how do I  know that the day before out of the 8 cases brought in there weren’t one or two cases containing rib steak which would mean that at the time of purchase the unknown rib steak was in greater quantity then the RCC rib steak. Since we don’t know how much of each product he brought in, it would be nice if someone explained the math behind guaranteeing that every item bought since March 7 had a majority of RCC product to outnumber the unknown product.

2> The Hedge – It was only NON-GLATT
To placate the consumers who can not make any sense out of the nonsense of the Psak, they have come up with a second defense; the worst case scenario was that you were only eating  NON-GLATT. There are many challenging questions about this presumption.

A> Chickens – There are no such thing as non-glatt chickens on the market. It is ridiculous to think that he was labeling Empire or Kiryas Yoel chickens with Agri labels. The only thing that makes any sense for chickens was he was labeling Perdue or a similar non kosher brand with Agri Labels.

B> Basis – The basis for this claim are Engeleman’s statements.  We must emphasize that he is a חשוד and therefore BELIEVING someone who you are NOT ALLOWED to BELIEVE is not a valid option.

C> Misrepresentation – The premise that you are allowed to give someone Non-Glatt if he only eats glatt is in direct violation of the רמ"א in סימן קי"ט ס' ז  as explained by the ש"ך in ס"ק כ that this an איסור of לפני עור. Therefore if it were Non-Glatt all purchasers should have been notified.

3> The RCC - The quality of the Hechsher.
A> Supervision – הרוצה לאבד ממונו ישכור פועלים ואל ישב עמהם This is a universal maxim and is practiced by every business in the world. Making the mashgiach a scapegoat for improper supervision is not acceptable.  Why doesn’t the RCC supervise their workers to see if they are performing properly. How many times did anyone from the Vaad HaKashrus set foot on the premises? Who was accountable for the Mashgiach’s performance? For how many months or years was the mashgiach leaving his post to go daven.

B>Auditing -· We also painstakingly reviewed invoices of product received and sold.                                                Please be so kind as to detail the frequency of the review and to publish the worksheets and formulas used to explain why the smuggling was not detected.

C> Not For Profit – They always emphasize this in their communications. This is because the public does not understand what not for profit means. Not for profit means that there are no shareholders in the organization. Therefore if the organization owned a building or had money in the bank and it closed, the money could not be distributed to members but would go to the state (Attorney General) for distribution. It is 100% legal for board members or officers to take salaries. So all profits from non profits are distributed as salaries, they are therefore just as greedy as for profit organizations and they cut just as many corners to maximize profits which are then distributed as salaries. The greed and desire for their exorbitant salaries does not allow them to hire a supervisor for their mashgichim.

D> Whistle Blowing – The fact that none of the workers reported any thing to the RCC shows the confidence level they feel in the organization.

4> The Cover Up – Why No Investigation
The fact that so much time has elapsed and nothing has been published to substantiate that טריפות was not being sold creates a רגלים לדבר that there is no way of substantiating this and the best case scenario would be ספק טריפות the worst case scenario another Finkel with וודאי טריפות. According to the papers a new owner has closed on the business. Why hasn’t a forensic audit team been brought in to go through all the invoices, computer records and bank checks to try and determine the extent of the problem. The paper said that the new owner plans on retaining the old workers, why aren’t they being questioned as to what they saw and what they know.

5> Going Forward – כונתך רצויה אצל הבורא אבל מעשיך אינם רצוים
Even though we must praise the new owner for investing a large sum of money to keep the price of Glatt Kosher affordable to as many people as possible. He would be doing a greater service to the community if he found another kashrus organization to give the hecsher on the store.

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UPDATE: 2 Doheny Scandal- Déjà vu- Who is at fault?

Déjà vu- Who is at fault?
Some history is in order Déjà vu.
Some of the following information was gathered from various articles in print, including the LA Jewish times reporter Jonah Lowenfeld.

In 1983, Rabbi Pinchas Gruman was the chair of the RCC’s kashrut committee. On Nov. 3 of that year, acting on a tip, Gruman drove to Orange County to visit Los Alamitos Kosher Meats and Poultry, where he found some kosher meat and poultry in the freezer placed alongside non-kosher animal products. In an interview this week, on March 31, Gruman alleged that Engelman was the person who opened the freezer for him that day.

It is not clear what Engelman’s job was at the shop — reached on Sunday, March 31, he had no comment. Engelman was not the sole owner of the Orange County shop; nevertheless, he was the only person Gruman said he saw on the day he made the visit.

I’m telling you, he [Engelman] was caught with treif [non-kosher] packages, a goyishe [non-Jewish] company,” Gruman said. “I did not do any detective work as I did in other stores. This was, you walked in, he opened up the refrigerator, you opened up the freezer, and you pulled it out.

Mr. Engelman is the Owner of Doheny butcher shop with a vibrant wholesale and retail business certified by the RCC. Prices are cheaper than anyone else and Doheny never runs out of any cut of meat.

A short few years ago in Monsey, NY Mr. Finkel the owner of Shevach butcher was caught selling treif alongside the kosher. Eight years prior to Finkel being caught, Yehuda Shain of Lakewood, NJ caught him red handed with treif product. Yehuda Shain notified Mr. Leimzeider the owner of Ultimate Caterers at the Atrium Catering hall that Finkel is selling treif. Yehuda Shain and others spoke to the Rav Hamachshir of Finkel & to his Mashgiach & other Rabbonim in Monsey area, to advise them that Yehuda Shain can prove to them that Shevach butcher is selling treif.
Finkel’s Shevach butcher never ran out of any cut of meat & his prices were very very reasonable.

The response was “Finkel is an erlich religious person, says a daf yomi shiur, is the Baal-koreh, etc & therefore they decided to refuse to listen to Yehuda Shain’s proofs. BTW, Atrium never used any of Shevach’s meat after that. BTW- Mr. Finkel was the president of the elementary school where both the Rav Hamachshir and his mashgiach were Hebrew teachers. Finkel decided how much of a raise they should get and they are his kosher certifier as well.

The same Mashgiach of Shevach also worked with another kosher certifier in NY area. Yehuda Shain notified that Mashgiach and the kosher certifier that one of the places that he certifies as a take-out also does outside catering (he was unaware of that fact) and he is using treif utensils in treif non-kosher establishments, even though the food (or some of it) may have been prepared in the take out that was supposed to be kosher. With such a lax kosher supervision (they were unaware that he does outside catering) who knows if he wasn’t also using non-kosher in his establishment.

In Flatbush a few short years ago, a butcher certified by an upstanding highly respected Flatbush based kosher certifier was caught repackaging non-Glatt meat into Glatt packaging. Did the kosher certifier and their consultant accept responsibility? Absolutely not. They of course  blamed the distributor.

A Rav Hamachshir recently undertook to certify an existing local butcher in Brooklyn, NY that had a vibrant retail and wholesale butcher. Many individuals felt uncomfortable with the reliability of kashrus at that butcher. The Rav Hamachshir asked Yehuda Shain of Lakewood, NJ to look into the matter. Yehuda Shain set up a meeting with the Rav Hamachshir and the owner of the butcher store. The meeting took place in the office of the butcher store. Yehuda Shain noticed some oddities; there was no computer,  no files, no rolodex, etc. After a one hour discussion of getting to know the workings of this particular butcher, Yehuda Shain said he is uncomfortable with the butcher sending his own truck to pick up the non-minukar  meat at the purveyor (he saved 3 cents @ pound) , instead it should be delivered to his store directly. [It was easy to realize that he can load the truck at another stop with non-kosher beef as well]

This store had a Mashgiach Temidi who opened and closed the doors daily. The butcher did his own Nikur on premises. Interesting that after that change (having the meat delivered directly) the butcher starting losing some of his wholesale customers (he was not able to compete pricewise anymore). After time he had to sell the entire retail butcher business as he was not anymore the cheap butcher on the block that always happened to have every cut of beef in stock and and never ran out of any cut of meat.

Doheny is a LA meat and poultry distributor under the RCC Certification. The other  distributor is under the certification of Rabbi Teichman. The RCC is of the opinion that they are the supreme kosher certifiers in the California area. The RCC certification and Rabbi Teichman’s certifications are odds with each other.

What was the rush to have someone  purchase Mr. Engelman’s Doheny butcher and distributor? If he would have waited a few weeks at most, he could have taken it over at a fire sale price?

But that would have given the other distributor under Rabbi Teichman the entire area and the RCC would have to accept the kashrus certification of Rabbi Teichman on the Meat and poultry in California.

Recently there was the famed controversy re: the worms in fish. Rabbi Gershon Bess, the Posek of the RCC was heading the group of Rabbonim that said in the name of Rav Yosef Sholom Eliyashev, Z”L and many otherts that  it’s not permitted. Rabbi Yisroel Belsky claimed that it’s permitted. There were articles and statements from Rabbi Bess that one may not rely on Rabbi Belsky as it’s in direct contradiction to all of the prominent Poiskim backing Rabbi Bess.

Of interest that regarding the Doheny scandal, most poiskim would have said that everyone should kosherize their utensils (as the new Doheny owners did for their own operation).
Even Rabbi Bess’s RCC was looking for way to save themselves and needed a Heter, so they resorted to the 1-800-Make me a Heter.
Some four years ago when Yehuda Shain had a meeting with Rav Yosef Sholom Eliyashev, Z”L regarding various kashrus issues, Rav Eliyashev said “One may not rely on the hetirim of a certain prominent Rav, as it’s not based on the facts of the case nor the Halacha”.  Is it possible that Rav Bess was unaware of that?  

As long as the Kosher Certifiers &and their Mashgichim will not accept full responsibilty for these episodes, they may very well continue R”L.

The Prophet Yonah that we read on Yom Kippur afternoon. The story describes a huge storm that was capable of overturning the ship. Everyone on the boat was frightened and took out their idols. They started praying to the idols. When that didn't work they woke up Yonah. What did he say about the raging storm? "It's because of me."

Yonah could have easily blamed the storm on the boat full of idol worshippers. Perhaps his presence on the boat was a mere accident, and the boat was destined for doom. No, Yonah said that responsibility is mine.

In Kashrus the motto is כבדהו וחשדהו but the חשדהו must be bigger than כבדהו- Otherwise you should not be in kashrus.

There were so many red flags at Doheny that were ignored. Being color blind is unacceptable.

All of the Rabbonim and Mashgichim involved in all of the above mentiond episodes “ in all fairness” should step aside. Have other more responsible kashrus certifiers take over the certifications.

There are Kashrus scandals going on right now, re: meat distribution, Bais Yosef standard, Infestation checking by unqualified certifiers & Mashgichim, Non-Observant (michaleli shabbos) Mashgichim, etc

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להסיר מכשול

להסיר מכשול 

The recent speech and STAR_K demonstration of "INFESTATION"

in Lakewood at Sunset Ave Shul, was completely not according to Halacha at all.

(almost) All Rabonim and infestation experts were shocked and taken aback by the unacceptable "heteirim" presented.  

Update- It's said that "even KCL" says it's unacceptable.

The fish infestation group say Star-K is the greatest "Machshil" of the Heimish Tzibur.

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Botei Dinim and their Toi'anim are a major problem that must be addressed-Is ADR an option?

Article appeared in Hamodia פרשת ויחי תשס"ו

There is popular misconception that we can close our eyes to issues that fall under the category of "NIMBY" (Not in my backyard). The following allegory illustrates how what's not in your backyard may in reality be much closer than you think.

A mouse looked through the crack in the wall to see the farmer and his wife open a package. "What food might that contain?" the mouse wondered. He was devastated to discover it was a mousetrap.

Retreating to the farmyard, the mouse proclaimed the warning: "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house! The chicken clucked and scratched her head and said "Mr. Mouse, I can tell this is a grave concern to you, but it's no consequence to me. I can't be bothered by it".

The mouse turned to the goat and told him, "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house! The goat sympathized but said "I am so very sorry, Mr. Mouse, but there is nothing I can do but pray. Be assured you are in my prayers".

The mouse turned to the cow and said "There is a mousetrap in the house! There is a mousetrap in the house! The cow said "Wow" Mr. Mouse. I'm sorry for you, but it's no skin off my nose." So the mouse returned to the house, head down and dejected, to face the farmer's mousetrap alone.

That very night, a sound was heard throughout the house-like the sound of a mousetrap catching its prey. The farmers wife rushed to see what was caught. In the darkness, she did not see that it was a venomous snake whose tail the trap caught.

The snake bit the farmer's wife. The farmer rushed her to the hospital, and she returned home with a fever. Everyone knows you treat a fever with chicken soup, so the farmer went to the farmyard to fetch the main ingredient for the fresh chicken soup. But his wife's sickness continued, so friends and neighbors came to sit with her around the clock. To feed them, the farmer butchered the goat. The farmer's wife's condition wasn't improving. So many people came to the house that the farmer slaughtered the cow to provide enough meat for all of them.

The mouse looked upon it all from his crack in the wall with great sadness."I warned them all-but they knew it was only my problem". Remember, each of us is a vital thread in another persons tapestry; So the next time you hear someone in our community is facing a problem and you think it doesn't concern you, remember-when one of us is threatened, we are all at risk. FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED!
(Wake up and smell the coffee!) עורו ישנים וכו

For a lesson in life, go to the following:

Winston Churchill: "The truth is incontrovertable, Malice may attack it, Ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is."


Reb Noson Wachtfogel OB"M described what "Emes" looks like:
An old, slow moving, hunched back,
with a cane in each hand,
every one poking fun at him etc.

"UBB'ER - ER - VET - UN'KUM'EN, - Tzum - Soif.
* * * * * * * * *
Hi Rabbi,
Because of your blog, I along with some of my friends are trying to be more careful in what we put in our mouths. We are in brooklyn. What meat & poultry brands do you recommend. Also I sometimes need to buy bet yosef because I have sephardic guests, can you recommend someplace? Much appreciated. Keep up the good work.
I must say I was bit skeptical about your accusations against agri as they do have the hashgocho of the OU & KAJ who are.... I met last week with a shochet who I know personally to be a yarei shomayim, he's been to AGRI & saw them in action & he told me it's a disaster. He said he even questioned some of the shochtim there & they admitted that they themselves won't eat the meat that they shechted by AGRI. I am no longer skeptical.

Romaine lettuce is fully infested- Positive & kosher Garden are not infected with E. Coli

1 Dead, Dozens Sickened After Romaine Lettuce E. Coli Outbreak In U.S.
Asia & Perr foresight in other endeavors are one of the reasons that Positive and Kosher Garden don't have any EColi issues.

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Who is Gershon Spiegel- the Toen Rabani-???

מה טיבו?
If Gershon Spiegel is a borer or "toen"?
only go to the RCA Bais din.
עצה טובה קמ"ל

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Lakewood et al-

MAILBAG: The Alcohol-Drinking At Prominent Yeshivos Is Out of Control And Being Ignored

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This headline may sound familiar to many. I’ll remind you. In August, I wrote a letter to YWN titled “The Alcohol-Drinking At Yeshiva Camps Is Out of Control And Being Ignored”. Now I’ve decided to change the word “Yeshiva Camps” to “Prominent Yeshivos”.
It may be a bit harsh, but things are getting a bit out of control.
First off, I hope all of you just had a wonderful Purim. Wait, Purim? Have you been drinking early? It was Chanukah last week, not Purim! It was Chanukah at your family Chanukah party perhaps, but in the most prominent of Yeshivos it was PURIM.
Hatzolah in many communities had many calls for intoxicated Bochrim on Chanukah. At one very prominent yeshiva located in Upstate NY, Hatzolah needed Paramedics for one boy. In Lakewood, I heard from multiple Haztolah members that there were “intox calls” at Yeshivos as well. To say this clearly, the booze was flowing like water at these Yeshiva Chanukah parties.
While discussing this topic with my nephew in Eretz Yisrael, he informs me of a new fad called “Drunken Dreidel,” played by bochurim in dirahs of prominent yeshivos. Based on a graphic description from my nephew, it seems this ‘game’ entails taking turns spinning the dreidel and knocking down shots of vodka based on what letter the dreidel lands on. If it lands of a “Hay,” then everyone drinks a half a shot. A “Gimmel” would be a full shot for everyone etc. By the time the game is over, the boys are nearly passed out.
I’ve heard stories about Bochurim even getting arrested for disorderly conduct on a night of Chanukah! The famed Mashgiach at one of the most prominent Yeshivos was busy getting Bochurim out of jail instead of focusing on the more important things… like banning local stores from being opened past 11PM…..
There are stories every Shabbos in Yeshivas of Bochrim dead drunk in the dormitories.
I can go on and on and I should probably start naming Yeshivas. This is Pikuach Nefashos Mammish!
Nothing is being done about this. Nothing at all.     Our community is in total denial.
But lets all keep our heads in the sand and pretend that we don’t have a crisis on our hands.
Do these Roshei Yeshiva have any idea what an “AA” meeting looks like in the Frum community in 2017? They are PACKED with Frum people. Just wait until year 2025 when the number triple and quadruple. We are raising a generation of drunks.
What are these Yeshivos waiting for? Do we need a few boys to die of alcohol poisoning before people boycott these Yeshivos? Why is the “zero tolerance for a smartphone” enforced but the drinking epidemic being ignored?
I am demanding that the Yeshivas take action before I and others like myself take appropriate action to ensure the problem is dealt with another way. We will make sure your Yeshivos are (legally) exposed and blacklisted by every single family in America.
Thank you for publishing my letter, and I am sorry for being so harsh, but the reality demands this.
Yeshaya Dovid Braunstein – Lakewood

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Disease in disguise- Silence is not an option- Li'Chaim

Communities in crisis

Dinners / parlor meetings- limited to 2 bottles of up to $20.00 @
No Ruv should sell w/ chometz-no more than 1 bottle per household.

I'm not that familiar with all of the pratim; what I do know is that more and more people, especially the under 40 chevra are becoming addicts...they are seen in big numbers at AA meetings, and Rabbonim admit to me that it has become a major issue in their kehillas

Drinking in ModerationBy Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb
The use of alcoholic beverages is a primary example of something that our Torah permits, yet prescribes definite limitations. In fact, there are Scriptural references, which are reinforced by Chazal in numerous ways, concerning the need for moderation in drinking alcohol. Indeed, the Talmud (Yoma 76b) relates the very word yayin (wine) to the word yelala (woe).

The rise of substance abuse, including alcohol, among adults and teenagers in our community is very troubling. Children who witness adults engaging in alcohol consumption—beyond what is reasonable or necessary for halachic purposes—learn that alcohol is a substance to which one can resort when looking for fun or when trying to alleviate feelings of anxiety or depression. Using alcohol this way can lead to addiction, with all of its serious consequences.

Then there is all the all-too-common phenomenon known as the “Kiddush Club.” These clubs consist of those who leave shul during the Haftarah reading on Shabbat morning to drink single-malt scotches and other liquors, often to excess. This practice disgraces the holy words and messages of the prophets found in the Haftarot; ironically, it is these very messages that these individuals would be wise to learn. I have personally witnessed how the effects of practices such as Kiddush Clubs can sometimes be literally lethal.

An Orthodox Jew cannot limit his concern to the kashrut of ingredients but must also consider the kashrut of his personal demeanor and the example he sets for others, especially children.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Confectionary items kashrus

כשרות בממתקים הרב עודד בוגרד

על מנת לענות לשאלה זו, עלינו ל"פרק" את הממתק לגורמיו השונים ולדון בהם – כל אחד לגופו. נעבור מרכיב אחד למשנהו וננסה להסביר את הבעייתיות שבו אם אכן... ואת חששות הכשרות ורמת חומרתן. למרבה השמחה, נוכל לדעת מה מכיל כל מוצר גם מבלי לבקר במפעל. רשימת הרכיבים המופיעה בכל מוצר. כמובן שיתכן בהחלט שישנם רכיבים נוספים שהתקן מאפשר להשמיטם או שהיצרן חפץ להשמיטם בניגוד לחוק... יתכן וחלק מהרכיבים ילכו לאיבוד בתרגום לעברית, ויתכן שרכיבים מסוימים יסתתרו תחת שם כללי שאינו אומר הרבה, אך באופן כללי הרכיבים גלויים וידועים.
החוק הישראלי (והבינלאומי] מחייב לציין ע"ג כל מוצר מזון את רכיביו השונים. נכון שלעיתים אנו קוראים את רשימת הרכיבים ותמהים ומנסים להבין – האם זה כתוב בעברית? מה המילים הללו אמורות לומר לנו? מדוע משתמשים במספרים, באותיות לועזיות ובמילים משונות? בהמשך מדור זה, נלמד להכיר רבים מרכיבים אלו ונפענח את שמותם. לאחר שנכיר אותם, נוכל לדון בנושא כשרותם והצורך בהשגחה מהודרת – אם לאו.
ונתחיל באחד הרכיבים ה"פחות בעייתיים" הנמצא בכל ממתק, כמעט ללא יוצא מן הכלל. זה הוא צבע המאכל. בשונה מהתפיסה הפשטנית אותה רוצים היצרנים שתאמצו, אין הכוונה במילים אלו לצבע הראוי ומשמש לאכילה, אלא לצבע הצובע את האוכל...
במרבית המקרים, יופיע הצבע ברשימת . אות Eהרכיבים כמספר הצמוד לאות אנגלית זו היא האות הראשונה במילה  , דהיינו אירופה. התקן EUROPE האירופאי מסודר לפי קבוצות מספרים של סוגי חומרי גלם לתעשיית המזון. הצבעים  – כורכומין, 100למשל, יופיעו מהמספר  – פיגמנט רובין.180ועד המספר
לפיכך, בכל פעם שנראה ברשימת הרכיבים  – 100 כשלאחריה מספר בין Eאת האות  נדע שהכוונה לצבע מאכל. 180
מה הוא הצבע הזה? האם ניתן לקנות אותו בחנויות לחומרי בנין? לערב ולגוון עם צבעי טמבור למשל... ובכן, התשובה היא – לא!!! לא מדובר בצבע ברמה של זה הנמרח על הקירות והמשקופים אלא בצבע האמור להיות ראוי למאכל אדם. צבע שאינו רעיל ומזיק. נכון שצבעי מאכל מסוימים אינם ראויים להיקרא "ראויים למאכל אדם" ומדינות שונות ברחבי העולם אוסרות את השימוש בצבעים שונים, אך באופן עקרוני הם ראויים לשימוש – שלא כמו צבע פלסטי או צבע שמן וכיוצא בהם. קיים לפחות צבע אחד המשמש גם לצביעת קירות וגם לצביעת מזון. הצבע הוא לבן ונקרא טיטניום . גם בצבע זה, 171-Eדיאוקסיד וסיווגו הוא תנאי הייצור שונים והצבע המיועד למזון או למשחות שיניים וכדו', מסומן ככזה.
מטרת הצבעים היא בדרך כלל הטעיה וגניבת דעת של הצרכן. בעיקר של
הצרכנים הצעירים. הילדים. הצבע משווה לאוכל צורה מושכת ומגרה. לפעמים, משתמשים בצבע על מנת לחפות ולהסתיר שינויי צבע הנובעים מחשיפה לאור, אוויר, טמפרטורה שאינה מתאימה ואפילו שינויים הנגרמים מחוסר טריות או קלקול. אין כמעט מוצר שאינו מכיל צבע. בשר בקר ודג סלמון מאכילים את דגי הכלובים בצבע על מנת לקבל את גוון ה"סלמון" המפורסם..., חלמון ביצה וגבינה לבנה, לחם ודברי מאפה ואפילו וויסקי סקוטי האמור להיות בצבע אופייני...
שלא לדבר על עולם הממתקים והחטיפים למיניהם. נסו לתת לילד חטיף נטול צבע... למרות שמרבית צבעי המאכל אינם תורמים מאומה לטעם המאכל אותו הם צובעים, התרגלנו כל כך לקשר את הצבע עם הטעם, עד שאם ניתן לאדם רגיל משקה בטעם תפוז הצבוע בצבע לימון... הוא יזהה אותו כלימון. ניסיתי את זה והופתעתי.
צבעי המאכל מתחלקים בעיקרון לשתי קבוצות – הצבעים הטבעיים והצבעים המלאכותיים. המלאכותיים מיוצרים באופן סינטטי מנפט, פחם וכדו' ואילו הטבעיים מיוצרים מעולם החי והצומח בעיקר. מלבד סוגיית מחיר הצבע, צריך להתאים את הצבעים ומזון אותו רוצים לצבוע בהם. למשל – צבע עמיד בטמפרטורות גבוהות, צבע מסיס בשמן, צבע עמיד גם בסביבת חיידקים בשר, דגים, יוגורטים ואינו משנה את צבעו. מפעל גדול לעיבוד בשר, נסגר ע"י משרד הבריאות לאחר שעברו על החוק
ƒ‚‡ –‚–‚
   21.12.17    יום חמישי ג' בטבת, תשע"ח 3גיליון מס'  

וצבעו את הבשר בצבע מלאכותי. למרבה החרפה, הם השתמשו בצבע אדום ששינה את גווניו לירוק...
אם נחזור לנושא הכשרות, הרי שצבעי המאכל המלאכותיים כשלעצמם הינם כשרים בדרך כלל. לעיתים נתקלים בבעיות כשרות כאשר מוסיפים לצבע חומרים שתכליתם הוספת גוונים, דילול, חומרים שיאפשרו את המסתו במים או בשמן וכדו'. אך באופן עקרוני, אין איתם בעיות כשרות מיוחדות.
הצבע הטבעי לעומת זאת, הינו בעייתי בהרבה. צבעי מאכל טבעיים עלולים להיות מיוצרים מחומרים שאינם כשרים. הדוגמא המפורסמת ביותר היא צבע   או קראמין 120-E המאכל האדום הנקרא ועוד שמות דומים. זהו צבע המופק מייבוש וטחינה של נקבות חרקים מסוימות. אם ניקח בחשבון שמשרד הבריאות   ולכן – אוסר הוספת צבע מלאכותי לבשר מוסיפים צבע סלק, צבע שאינו עמיד בחום
  יש נטיה בעולם להשתמש בצבע זה, לא – רק לממתקים אלא גם לבשר וכדו'.   מופק גם מדגים, 161G-E הצבע סרטנים ושאריות שרימפסים וכן מנוצות של צפורי פלמינגו.   מופק גם מחמאה 161C-E הצבע ומנסיוב דם שור.   מופק גם מזגי ענבים 163-E הצבע מתעשיית היין.
מספר סוגי צבעים מופקים מחלמון ביצה. לא ידוע לנו האם זו ביצת תרנגולת או ביצת עוף טמא בסין, נתקלתי באיטריות ביצים שיוצרו מביצי עוף שאינו ידוע ככשר ואין עליו מסורת כלל. הביצים לא נבדקו כמובן שאינן עם דם וכו' וכו' וכו'.
שלא לדבר על כל סוגי הצבעים בהם הצבע עצמו מופק אמנם מצמחים כשרים אך מערבים אותו עם חומצות שומן שונות המגיעות לעיתים קרובות מן החי.
וכמובן, שאין זה המקום לדבר על הכשרות
אם נסכם את נושא הצבע והכשרות, הרי שמדובר ברכיב בעייתי המחייב פיקוח רציני וטוב.
לא אשכח את הביקור במפעל ממתקים בסין בו הסבירו לי שבדרך כלל הם  2 משתמשים בצבע מלאכותי, אך יש מדינות הדורשות שימוש בצבע מאכל טבעי - אותו צבע קראמין (המופק מחרקים] שהוזכר לעיל. מיותר להדגיש שאחת משתי המדינות הייתה ישראל... ולא מיותר להדגיש, שהמפעל הסיני מייצר ב"כשרות" עבור גוף כשרות שאינו מהודר.
בשבוע הבא אשתדל להרחיב מעט בהבנת רכיבים נוספים של הממתקים. אי"ה, נסביר את התעלומה המונחת מאחורי  ." "תמציות טעם וריח – המילים שבת שלום ומבורך.