Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Oak St corridor / Chateau Grand Corridor- knife in the back of Lakewood residents approval

Start from 1:07:00



Winston Churchill: We've established that, 

Now We're Just Haggling Over the price

Mizrachi, Rabinowitz, Lichtenstein, Frankel, Gutfreund, et al developers.

The elected Township Committee are allowing and encouraging;
The developers to rape the residents of Lakewood,

1-Avoid the Planning board
2-Avoid the zoning board
3- No open space for residents
4- No shuls, "have everyone pray in fire trapped illegal basements"
5- To satisfy CAFRA requirements, Township committee is deed-restricting Lakewood Tax payer's land- That is fraud & thievery. 

Chinese Glatt Kosher-105 Clifton Ave.[for those in Lakewood that are makpid on kashrus]


Under Hashgocha of Satmar Dayan-Rav M.B, Klein

Note: Bedikas Toloi'yim par excellence.
Note: Positive product only.

Update: Gourmet Glatt may be failing the Lakewood Kosher consumer


There were numerous kashrus and transparency issues with the Lakewood Gourmet Glatt store. They even offered to be present at a meeting that was to address local issues. They declined.

As a result of the meeting (we were not present) it was decided:

In the meantime re: the butcher department you have 2 choices;

1- continue shopping beef / poultry where you shopped prior to Gourmet Glatt.

2- Purchase only beef / poultry what you see comes of of a sealed case from the purveyor-"Do not let them cut, package, etc only to weigh it".
OOPS! Nothing is yoshon, even the few items                                                                                       marked yoshon should not be relied upon!

Management and kashrus are among some of the current issues. Hopefully they'll wake up.
They are being misled by the Vaad of 5 Towns vaad and some local ones as well.

Lakewood consumers are being sketched! 

Stay tuned more to follow in due time!

Infested vegies at Kof-K, Gissinger, Abecasis certified restaurant
infested vegies, full of protein;
Thyme, Sun dried tomatoes, pesto basil, oregano, rosemarry, baby brocolli, cilantro, garlic, Artichokr

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Update: Tamar Epstein-No validity to Heter

Pinny Lipshutz, Editor Yated, Allegedly had some signatories retract their signatures from the  proclamation. 

Pinny Lipshutz is therefore going against all of the Gedoilei Haposkim and backs & encourages ORA Organization & advocates women to marry without a get & encourages mamzeirim.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I know a lot of you enjoy drinking, it's a fun activity, you do it to be social.

AviG: C/P
I want to beg something of all of you. I know a lot of you enjoy drinking, it's a fun activity, you do it to be social. But- it's something you need to be responsible about, not just for yourself, but for whoever's doing it with you. I want to tell you about a boy I know. He went to his friends for shabbos, and Friday night they headed over to the house of a gevir who's known to have an open bar, fully stocked, as much as you want. 
This boy drank- nothing crazy, not too much. He went downstairs pretty early to go to sleep. His friends saw him later that night, flat on his back, snoring away. They left him alone, and a little while on, woke up again to see that something was seriously wrong. I don't  know exactly what- was he gagging? Choking? Throwing up? I don't know. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Help an Almonah

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

All figs fresh or dried are to be considered infested

The story of the fig and its wasp-All fresh & dried figs are infested.
Inside the rounded fruit of a fig tree is a maze of flowers. That is, a fig is not actually a fruit; it is an inflorescence—a cluster of many flowers and seeds contained inside a bulbous stem. Because of this unusual arrangement, the seeds—technically the ovaries of the fig—require a specialized pollinator that is adapted to navigate within these confined quarters. Here begins the story of the relationship between figs and fig wasps.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Tamar Epstein married without a get from her husband

לעמד בפרץ
הכוכבי אור בסימן נ''א כתב בא''ד וז''ל בע''כ אנו צריכין לומר שהמן ידע שבדבר הזה משונה הרבה כחן של עם ישראל מכל העמים, אשר אילו יצויר אם הגדול והמפורסים שבדור יקל לעצמו לאכל בשר בהתשעה ימים של חדש אב, לא יתפשט היתר לכל ישראל, אלא אדרבא יתפשט ביטול עליו, ויפרסמו עם ישראל איש לרעהו סרחונו, לכן ידע המן כי לא כלום אם יעשה רק על מרדכי לבדו, כי עם ישראל מלומדי בקורת המה, ונושאים אחריות קיום התורה על עצמם, ואם יראו כי מרדכי משתחוה לצלם לא ילמדו ממנו, אלא יאמרו עליו שנתקלקל ויפרסמו קלונו ברבים כדי לעמד בפרץ וכו'
Almost all Bnei Torah today have to consider themselves Talmidim of Reb Yisroel Salanter Zatzl. It

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Chamisha Ossur Guide -חמשה עשר בשבט

 ALERT: Any Chamisha Ossur “platter” that contains any of the following in any form should be avoided entirely: Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, fresh / Dried figs,  Raisins, Carob (Buksa), Raspberries, Boysenberry is a cross between a European Raspberry (Rubus idaeus), a Common Blackberry and infested.

חמשה עשר בשבט תשע"ו   בס"ד  15th of Shevat 5756  (2016)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Camp Bnos is not safe for girls- הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?ת

הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?
Dear Rabbis, parents and Leaders,
We assume you were not notified of the horrific event which took place at Camp Bnos (Agudas Yisroel) this past summer. It is important for you, as a leader, to be made aware that a camper was raped on the girls’ campus. She was left unsupervised and taken advantage of in the worst possible way. There were 2 boys involved.
Originally, Mr. Meir Frischman admitted it happened, he has since changed his tune (obviously he has since received direction and advice from perhaps the Agudah directors, Rabbonim or Attorneys) and now denies all allegations and has completely removed himself from any & all responsibilities surrounding this situation. He has gone so far as to deny it, and refer to the RAPE as a "rumor".

The police were notified, and Mr. Frischman did NOT have them speak with more than a few people from the camp. Directors who have been in the camp for literally decades were not notified until they returned home after camp was over.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

"TRIPLE-WASH" the truth

"TRIPLE-WASH" the  truth!
Vegetables are grown with the use of pesticides to control the insects.
The triple wash is "strictly" to remove the pesticides. The more water used (even recirculated), the more pesticides are removed. 

If any one is using the "triple-wash" to remove the insects?, they are doing the exact opposite. The recirculated water with insects is sprayed again on the sometimes clean product.

Never rely on triple wash re: infestation-it's a hoax & deception.    

Rely on the expertise of the Hashgocha and their staff of fully trained experts.

Friday, January 15, 2016

OU kashrus alert

January 7, 2016


Brands: Jaffa and Mehadrin Growers 
Products: Fresh Mandarins 
Company: Jaffa - Mehadrin Growers,
 Israel Unauthorized OU/Shmitta
The Orthodox Union does not certify fresh Jaffa mandarins that grow during shmita and are sold using a ‘heter mechira’.   Some Jaffa – Mehadrin Growers mandarins which state ‘heter mechira’ on the box bears an unauthorized OU symbol.  Corrective actions are being implemented. 

Issue:December 14, 2015


Brands: Blommer Chocolate 
Products: Pure Dark Chocolate; Pure Dark Chocolate with Almonds 
Company: The Blommer Chocolate Company 
Missing D – Dairy Designation
The Orthodox Union certifies Blommer Pure Dark Chocolate and Pure Dark Chocolate with Almonds as OU D – Dairy products.  These products contain dairy ingredients as indicated in the ingredients and allergen statements.   Some labels bear a plain OU symbol.  Corrective actions have been implemented.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

ALERT: KOF-K Hashgocha allows infested Asparagus

KOF-K infestation lack of standards for infestation is due to their Rabbi G. of Lakewood.
Rabbi G. controls the standards by Bodek as well. The Hisachdus accepts those unacceptable standards.

This picture was taken from Riverdale K Grillhouse, under Kof K and  Vaad of Riverdale, and they're clearly serving asparagus to the public that hasn't been trimmed and shaven down properly, which the hashgacha requires, at least according to its manual on vegetables. 

Another establishment under Vaad of Riverdale uses 
fresh brussels sprouts, a dairy place called Moss Cafe. 


The Torah has given us the Mitzvah of אחרי רבים להטות  these are the הלכות as  how to behave in the situation of a מחלוקת  in הלכה. The חינוך in Mitzvah 78 elaborates on this topic, in order not to digress I will only quote what is relevant to the current issue. The מנחת חינוך says that the minority must follow the majority and cannot do as they understand the Halachah. This is very well understood by reading theשורש  of the Mitzvah. וז''ל שנצטוינו בזה לחזק קיום דתינו שאילו נצטוינו קיימו התורה כאשר תוכלו להשיג כוונת אמיתתה. כל אחד ואחד מישראל יאמר דעתי נותנת שאמיתת ענין פלוני כן הוא ואפילו כל העולם יאמרו בהפכו לא יהיה לו רשות לעשות הענין בהפך האמת לפי דעתו ויצא מזה חורבן שתעשה התורה ככמה תורות כי כל אחד ידין כפי עניות דעתו אבל עכשיו שבפירוש נצטוינו לקבל בה דעת רוב החכמים יש תורה אחת לכולנו והוא קיומנו גדול בה ואין לנו לזוז מדעתם ויהי מה                                                           

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Streit's barley mushroom infested


רמב"ם דעות פ"ו ה' ח'

אבל בדברי שמים אם לא חזר בו בסתר מכלימין אותו ברבים ומפרסמים חטאו ומחרפים אותו בפניו ומבזין אותו עד שיחזור למוטב וכו'

עין כסף משנה (המקור) "פשוט

חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה  כלל ד'  ס' ז' ......לכן מותר להכלימו ולספר בגנותו בין בפניו.....צריך לשפטו לצד החוב...ולשפוך בוז עליו.. מותר לפרסמו ולגלות חטאיו בשער בת רבים וכו'

וע' עוד חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה  כלל ד'  ס' י'  "לחזהיר בניו ותלמידיו" וכו'

ועין עוד בכתבי חפץ חיים – מכתב מ"ו- ע"כ הנני מודע בשער בת רבים
שבמקום הריסת הדת וחרבן הדת-נעשה כל זה כהלכה "מצוה רבה וחובה גדולה 
לעשות כל מה שביכולת לגדור גדר ולעמוד בפרץ , ואין בזה משום שש איסור.
 ומוסיף הח"ח "ופליאה לי על כל גדולי ישראל, המחשים זה ואינם יוצאים

במחאה גלויה, וכו'

Saturday, January 09, 2016

ALERT: BMG is serving AGRI meat & Poultry in the yeshiva

ALERT: BMG is serving AGRI meat & Poultry in the yeshiva. (bishul yisroel bais yosef, of course)

On a similar situation Reb Moshe, Z"L said to tell the Rosh Yeshiva, such a product even if it's a "hefsid merubah" should not be served to Yeshiva Bochurim and Yungerleit.

Reb Moshe, Z"L sent a message to Reb Shnuer, Z"L not to use Empire poultry. "dus geht min nisht tzu yeshiva leit".

Update: The new Lakewood Cheder hall "stopped" & does not use any Agri (Rubashkin) products any more.

The Cheder Hall stopped using the Agri-Rubashkin beef & Poultry products.

The Lakewood Oilum was outraged that new Cheder hall on vassar Ave. is the only catering hall in Lakewood that was using Agri-Rubashkin beef & poultry.  They refused to eat there. 

 BMG's KCL is of the erroneous opinion that the Lakewood oilum is not makpid on yoshon or kashrus. 

Friday, January 08, 2016

Kosher certification with "Chumras (stringencies) "- good, bad or indifferent?

Kosher certification "Chumras (stringencies) "- good, bad or indifferent? (chumras are not necessarily attributes!)

If we have a system in place to produce an acceptably kosher product or Matzah and we may introduce a nice hidגur or chumrah that does not in any way compromise the basic system...Great! 

On the other hand, if we focus strictly on the Chumrahs, at times, we are left with only the "Chumra" and all else is passed over or forgotten. Same with Chaburah Matzos, if we don't have a reliable "system" in place to produce an acceptably kosher product or Chaburah Matzos. As the saying is "The Emperor hath no clothing", one big bluff. חומרא דאתי לידי קולא  in other words חמר גמל.

It's an old difference of opinion found by uncle Eisav and Yitzchok Aveinu.

כיצד מאסרין את המלך? Which is Eisuv's concern, how do we deal with the salting acid issue?
יצחק אבינו אמר "שא נא כליך ושחוט יפה ואל תאכילני נבילה

Many time we don't ascertain the cold facts and we not only fooling the kosher consumer but worse, we are fooling ourselves. In order to cover up on the foul-up we come up with excuses over excuses and we only trip up one lie after the other. It does not pay, it does not work.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

OU succumbs to KOF-K standards on insects?

"OU" succumbs to KOF-K standards on insects? 
Kof-K's Rabbi Gissinger said at an AKO meeting "anything less than 1.3 millimeters is "not visible to the eye". 

The OU allows Christopher Ranch peeled garlic full of mites מילבין עין חכמת אדם תולעים
כנראה שאין להם   חכמת אדם

Brisk will not accept any Philly Talmidim anymore

מדברי מחאה של הגאון ר' א. י. סולובייצ'יק 
 ראש ישיבת בריסק
 נפל דבר בישראל
באמריקה התירו אשת איש לשוק רח"ל בלא גט -
זהו נבלה ממש
וחוץ מעצם הענין שאין רצוני ליכנס בזה שהוא באמת חמור מאוד
הרי אף במקום שצריך ליכנס להתיר עגונות ישבו רבותינו האחרונים שבעה נקיים עד שהוציא פסק
וגם בזה לא היה להם די והתנו ההיתר בהצטרפות עוד גדולים
וכאן עושים כאילו הוא דבר של מה בכך
ורשעים במחשך מעשיהם התירו ולא התירו

כאן בארץ ישראל כשרצו להתיר שני ממזרים הפכו את העולם
חובה גמורה על הרבנים וראשי הישיבות באמריקא לזעוק צעקה גדולה  על זה
והרי זהו אחריות עצומה על כל המשך הדורות באמריקה כי זה פתח לכל מיני רבנציקעש שיוכלו לעשות ככל העולה על רוחם
הכל בא מהקולדז וכו'

ואסור ללמוד אצל ראש הישיבה כזה וכמבואר ברמב"ם על הרב שאינו הולך בדרך טובה

Monday, January 04, 2016

ALERT; Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, certified test center "not-reliable" R"L- must re-check all clothing

There have been numerous incidents where the Lakewood Shatnez test under the hashgocha of the  Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, has been found to be definite Shatnez even though it was certified as Non-Shatnez.

The incidents were numerous, too many to be called a mistake. The places where the Shatnez was fond indicate a complete lack of knowledge of the expertise required to properly check for Shatnez. We are not talking of re-processed issues, regular straight out "shatnez" according to any "mumcha".

Therefore previous tested clothing by above,  should be re-tested by a qualified test center. 

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Tamar Epstein's adulterous marriage by Kaminetsky & Greenblatt

A Conversation is not Testimony
Unfortunately the promoters and implementers of the HETER for Tamar Epstein to remarry without a GET have been able to accomplish their goal due to the ignorance and lack of יראת שמים that exists in כלל ישראל. Any HETER for annulling a marriage must be based on facts. Facts can only be established thru testimony in a בית דין and not thru a conversation. After carefully reading the letters of RSK it is very clear that
1 ;               We have a one man team that has investigated and decided that the husband has a MUM, without even speaking to the husband. Based on this he annulled a marriage and permitted the wife to remarry without a GET.
2;               The information gathered from the mental health professional, the wife, and the lady from the first engagement were all done thru conversation. Not one of them testified in a BAIS DIN to anything. What he heard from the wife is completely different from the testimony the wife gave to Baltimore BAIS DIN.
3;               In a second letter he says that he was מקבל עדות from another doctor who spoke to the husband and wife. There are several problems with this                                                                               a> שו''ע חו''מ סימן כ'ח סעיף כ' אין שנים ראויין לקבלת עדות ואמ קבלו לא עשו כלום One person cannot be מקבל עדות

Friday, January 01, 2016

7000 tons of Olive oil imported from Italy is a fake, ‘60 Minutes’ says including your chanukah oil

The OU et al and the heimishe Hashgachas are of the opinion that "Extra Virgin olive oil" does not need a hashgacha even for pesach. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Rav Moshe Vaye on kashrus


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

OK Chinese Restaurant in Manalapan "checking for insect infestation is a farce"


מי שיש קצת יראת שמים בלבבו, לא יקנה שום דבר משם, יש חששים גדולים
בעניני כשרות ורמאות

בדיקת ירקות זה סתם חוזק שמה, הגוי יש לו מפתח וכבר תפסו אותו על חם כמה פעמים שמביא לשם דברים אסורים, הוועד הכשרות עושה משחק מהמשגיחים-בקיצור הגוי יכול לעשות מה שרוצה ואין פוצה פה-שני משגיחים טובים עזבו ה מקום בגלל אלו הדברים
OU לא היה נותן השגחה למקום כזה בשום פנים ואופן 

Shockingly! The kosher certifier "OK" gave him back the keys to the place after the locks were changed because you couldn't operate the place as a reliable kosher restaurant.

After checking up on the current status of kashrus, you can rest assured that the not the OU nor the Kof-K would grant their kosher certification. There was very valid kashrus reasons that the other Mashgichim left from there.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Lakewood שלום בית-Therapists are not the solution, they are the root of the problem!

Lakewood- שלום בית
Therapists are not the solution, 
but the root cause of the problem.

It's אסור to go to therapists for שלום בית issues.

BIG Dokter said...

The head of a mental health  organization told me that any expert therapist today has stopped taking insurance of any kind. The ones taking insurance are shvache maysos. (There is a separate problem that he couldn't address probably because he is afraid of a backlash but the expert therapists are driven by greed. There is no other segment of medical professionals where all the experts refuse to take insurance).

So here is what happened in one case with a shlemiel who took insurance who also happens to be a musmach from some kind of yeshiva. He was pushing the husband to divorce the wife. And even though he has a more advanced degree & training in medications, he completely missed the boat that the hormones in the birth control she was taking was making her meshuga. Boruch Hashem multiple neshomos including the kids were saved when it was determined by another doctor that the birth control was making her nuts before the shlemiel therapist destroyed a gantz mishpocho over nothing.
Conclusion: Stay far away from Marriage therapists, Try using a Life Coach instead.