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Bais Yosef "Bais-Din" The rest of the story

Bais Yosef  Bais Din- "The rest of the story"

The Bais Din of Bais Yosef is a division of yeshiva Bais Yosef Yeshiva. A division founded by  Harav Hagaon Hagodal Rav Yakov chaim Jofen zt”l. of saintly memory who was president and dean of the Bais Yosef yeshiva and had final say over anything yeshiva related, upon his passing that authority passed to his son Hagaon Harav Reb Mordechai Joffen Shlita the present dean and Rosh Yeshiva. The Bais Din Bais Yosef belongs to Yeshiva Bais Yosef.

In or about 2009, Rav Joffen dismissed Rabbis Alt, Gurewitz and Landau from their positions at the Bais Din for incompetence, disloyalty and dishonesty to the yeshiva. The dismissal was upheld in arbitration by a Psak of the Bais Din Tzedek Umishpat that ruled; Rabbi Alt et al has absolutely no rights in Yeshiva Bais Yosef. They were prohibited from using the name Bais Din Bais Yosef or any similar name which belongs to the yeshiva, nor any bank account using  Bais Yosef / Bais Din or similar name.

They are illegally continue using the name and misrepresenting themselves as being the Bais Din of the Bais Yosef yeshiva they are  misappropriating the name and misleading the public who wrongly believe that they are still associated with the yeshiva. They are misappropriating the good name and good will of a yeshiva that's been in the Joffen family for 130 years 

The yeshiva does not want anything to do with them and feels that their using the name is detrimental to the yeshiva and its name and reputation and dishonest as well, as Rav Mordechai Joffen is the 4th generation dean of the yeshiva, the leadership of the yeshiva has been in his family since 1895 and he has vigorously objected to Rabbi Alt and his cohorts who fraudulently and dishonestly are using and abusing the yeshivas good name to which they have no rights.

People who see the name Bais Din of Bais Yosef assume that the Bais din is associated with the yeshiva and carries on its illustrious tradition and exemplar standards.

When people are told that Rabbi Alt and his cohorts have nothing to do with the yeshiva, they are shocked and they feel that they were betrayed, misled etc. and state categorically that they would never have come to Rabbis Alt and his cohorts had they known they were no longer associated with the yeshiva, which is why Rabbi Alt insists on misappropriating the name Bais Yosef.

Rabbi Alt & his cohorts are fully aware that people only come to him because they believe that his Bais din is still associated with the Venerable yeshiva Bais Yosef. And the people don't know that the yeshiva dismissed him and his cohorts for cause some 9 years ago. Rav Joffen  protested this misappropriation these past 9 years and Rabbi Alt & cohorts continue to illegally and fraudulently use the revered name Bais Yosef.

People come to the Bais Yosef Bais Din because it is associated with the yeshiva Bais Yosef and as a division of the yeshiva. It has earned the trust and respect of the community as a major citadel of Torah for 125 years, and prominent reliable Bais Din with integrity.

Rabbi Alt knows very well that no one would come to his Bais Din if they knew of his illegal and fraudulent misappropriation of the name Bais Yosef. And that's  why he stubbornly and dishonestly insists on using  a name which he had absolutely no right to use.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

DE JA VU ! Another Lakewood Mother has her husband arrested " twice " in front of their children- חילול השם ברבים

Lakewood 100+ Therapists"terrorists", & Rah-Bonim.  Only in Lakewood!

Lakewood Rabbonim  encourage women to obtain Court issued restraining orders on their husbands-
without a Bais Din permission

Have their husbands arrested!

He din't violate any restraining order!

Klein's Naturals w/ heimish hashgucha-Others are removing product from the shelves

Klein's sunflower seeds were found to be infested.
 Klein's & their Hashgochas denied the cold facts as fiction. The truth is it was checked& found to be infested big time. To ascertain which nuts besides the sunflower seeds one would normally ask Klein's, etc, But you can't rely on their answer.
 Hisachdus of Brooklyn
Many of the "Heimish brands" re-pack Kleins" nuts, which are a poor quality.
Aisle 9 & Farmers market in Lakewood area also uses Kleins nuts. Shoppers Haven in Monsey & many other places use Klein's infested products.

Kosher consumers don't be fooled or sketched by these establishments. Insects are a very serious concern, so is deception.

L.A. VAAD Hatzdakah

Monday, July 25, 2016

מהרסיך ומחריביך ממך יצאו -Ezra Friedlander and hi$ Group- is a fraud$ter-Shame on Lakewood Scoop

This reminds me of Winston Churchill’s observation that , EZRA,
“We have established what you are—
                       - we are simply haggling about the price.”

The annual event is organized by 
The Friedlander Group and ho$ted by it$ CEO, Ezra Friedlander and chaired by Greg Rosenbaum and features the participation of members of the United States Senate recognizing the contributions of prominent Jewish Americans for their contributions to the United States.
 Mr. Friedlander remarked that “Senator Kaine is a first cla$$ individual who relates to all segments of the Jewish community and I am confident that he will continue to work with the Jewish community should he be elected Vice President of the United States.”

Clinton VP tapped pro-terror Muslim leader for immigration seat- Ezra, Aren't you proud? You are a first cla$$ 

"Anything for a buck".

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Reb Gamliel Rabinowitz-Stop talking in shul

ALERT: Heimish certifiers certify "Garni bags" אסור to use!!

Liebers, Landaus, Bodeks  Garni bags should not be used.
עיין במשבצות זהב יו"ד סימן פ"ד לג
All of their Hashgochas were warned the insects not to go through the holes.
The video is a Bodek Garni bag!

Bodeks,  Landau's,  Liebers "Garni bag's" should not be used;

holes are too large, 
bags too small, etc adult thrip insects go right through.
It's very visible to the plain eye, you don't need a loop to see it.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Orange Juice / Pineapple Juice bag filters

By now most people should know that all orange juice have insects, even with a kosher certification. Tropicana has the most.

Now you can easily filter your Orange Juice / Pineapple Juice through a bag type filter.

Filter a quart at a time straight into a pitcher, rinse the original container-pour it back from the pitcher. Rinse the re-usable bag filter.

A bag-type filter with a handle is so much easier to use. 2.5 minutes and you are done.

Size 7: x 16.5 " (150 Micron) was tested by Mumchim in insects. Approved by Rav Moshe Vaye, Shlita and by the Aida, etc.

Pick up by Shain- $10.00 @
1140 Forest Ave.
Lakewood, NJ

(S/W corner of Forest & Carey St.)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

UPDATE: Transparency is requested for Kashrus in Queens.

We are requesting people to sign up on the following petition to the Rabonim and Queens hashgochas to get them to allow kashrut experts to randomly audit them.

As of now Rabbi Schwartz [VHQ] as well as the sefardi hashgocha in queens won't let anyone in, there is no consumer trust, and the growing community of Educated Kosher Consumers is fighting for better [acceptable] higher standards, if you could help spread the word, the more people that sign up, the better the chances.

Thank you for sharing our message, we now BH have 452 signatures next goal is 600 (if you could please update that it would be great), there were a bunch of out of town signatures which would not have been possible without your help.

The sefardi hashgocha has decided to open their arms and allow us to audit any one of their places any time

Now just VHQ left.

Here is the link:
Thank you very much

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Lakewood בעלי שמחה avail yourselves (at no charge) to a service from the Hisachdus Harabonim Di"Lakwood

When making a catered Simcha, we will review the menu for you and advise what if any recommendations based on your standards.

The בעלי שמחה will decide which if any recommendations to utilize.

Send to Fax 1-888-887-7570

Please include your Fax # or Email

Monday, July 18, 2016

UPDATE: Alert re: Vaad Harabonim of Queens establishments

Yehuda Shain arranged to have a video of a (frum) commercial bakery working on Shabbos.

Yehuda Shain arranged for the following as well. (more are in the works as well. Additional areas as well)

After checking only 3 Vaad Harabonim of Queens establishments and finding insects in one serving size salad in each place it is apparent that something needs to be done. DON'T EAT THE SALADS!

We feel the problem of "INFESTATION" is more wide spread in Queens than we thought (based on more inspectionvideos) therefore the names posted are irelevant.

Most all of Queens establishments do not have a reliable system for infestation- don't eat their in-house checked salads at all

1 Queens store- 1 thrip in romaine and 2 thrips in spring mix

2- a second Queens store- one thrip and one black beetle

3- a Third Queens store- 5 thrips

Friday, July 15, 2016

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

DATES may be from Eretz Yisroel and from Shmitah.

Dates usually have a one year date on them. Check the source (if from Eretz Israel). check
the date, as it may be from Shmitah

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Slurpee-7-Eleven-kosher? treif? how treif?

Dear Friend,

In the past edition of "The Lakewood Shopper" (a Lakewood N.J. weekly pictorial newspaper), there was an article advocating for the kashrus of Slurpees by someone from Bais HaVaad Linyonei Choshen Mishpat(!!). The article was done in "honor" of "7-11" offering a special on 7/11/16.

I just happened to received the following letter written by veteran kashrus expert, HaRav Yosef Wikler of Brooklyn, New York, on this subject. I think it makes an appropriate response for the newspaper article.

Thank you,

P.S. See survey at bottom of email.

PO Box 204, Brooklyn, NY 11204 

March 15, 2016
To whom it may concern,
We have been speaking about Slurpees sold at 7-Eleven stores for several years now on our weekly radio
 show, “Kashrus On The Air,” over JRoot Radio. Almost every week people call in and ask again. Recently, we did a show dedicated to Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and 7-Eleven. I have been asked by readers to clarify our position in writing, something I cannot do in KASHRUS Magazine because of its broad audience. I am doing that now.
There are at least 7 reasons why I do not advise buying Slurpees in 7-Eleven stores…
if -

Chodosh season begins early


Those who want to purchase Yoshon items to store over the Chodosh season should do so now, as soon as possible.

The progress of the 3 crops, spring wheat, oats and barley is ahead of normal. According to the latest weekly bulletin from the US Department of Agriculture, the harvest of the Chodosh oats has just barely started. The spring wheat and barley harvest may start within 1 week. 

Our tentative recommended cutoff dates for packaged foods is Jul 20 for oats and July 27 for wheat and barley products (not malt, which is much later). These are packaging dates. It should take several weeks beyond that for the Chodosh packages to reach the local groceries. However, freshly baked goods in bakeries, such as bread, challah, bagels may be Chodosh (tentative) starting Jul 27 in the mid West and Aug 3 elsewhere in the US.

Even though pesach was late on the solar calendar this year, still almost all of the 3 crops of interest were planted after pesach and are Chodosh. The early harvest this year is due to weather conditions in the growing areas.

The next revised update on this topic is due BE”H one week from now.

The "solution" to the lack of trained mashgichim for infestation

A properly trained Mashgiach is required to have good eyesight ($20 bill test), patience, serious, yiras-shu'mayim", etc. Of course he is to be compensated more that a regular mashgiach.

In each area there is to trained qualified infestation mashgichim that will go around to the various establishments "just checking their leafy vegetables & herbs", as coordinated by the Kosher certifier.

The regular in-house mashgiach will be trained just for leaf miners and pearled barley, etc.

In an area that has currently 50-75 plus mashgichim for food service, 5-10 trained mashgichim for infestation should be trained.

BTW- In Eretz Yisroel they have roaming mashgichim for "nikur", Terumos-maasrois, infestation, etc.

Friday, July 08, 2016

UPDATE: Camp Bnos is not safe for girls- watch the new video הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?ת

Another confirmed horific episode at the camp.
הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?
Dear Rabbis, parents and Leaders,
We assume you were not notified of the horrific event which took place at Camp Bnos (Agudas Yisroel) this past summer. It is important for you, as a leader, to be made aware that a camper was raped on the girls’ campus. She was left unsupervised and taken advantage of in the worst possible way. There were 2 boys involved.
Originally, Mr. Meir Frischman admitted it happened, he has since changed his tune (obviously he has since received direction and advice from perhaps the Agudah directors, Rabbonim or Attorneys) and now denies all allegations and has completely removed himself from any & all responsibilities surrounding this situation. He has gone so far as to deny it, and refer to the RAPE as a "rumor".
The police were notified, and Mr. Frischman did NOT have them speak with more than a few people from the camp. Directors who have been in the camp for literally decades were not notified until they returned home after camp was over.

From An Insider: Meanwhile, a simple observation.  We are both familiar with defense mechanisms.  I make observations all the time of new mechanisms that are just that, but masquerade as something else.  The Agudah position, which we know to be fundamentally flawed, is not really a policy at all.  It is a simple effort to cover-up the cover-ups.  They cannot do different, because that would be self-incrimination.

Monday, July 04, 2016

"TREIF "kosherica" tours R"L- Lakewood joins them R"L

Kosherica cruises has been machshil thousands in not providing kosher according to any standards.

Why Do the  Rabbis sanction these non-kosher cruises? 
Isn't it embarrassing that all of the Miami, Lakewood,  OU affiliated Rabbis are allowing this scandal 

Can someone like Rabbis Weil (OU), Schneier, Riskin, Heir, Herring, Lipskar arrange an "OU" Hashgocha at least?

Why doesn't the "OU" send their own staff on the cruises to witness the kashrus disaster.
Does the "OU" allow kashering a Griddle with hot water only? from treif, back & forth daily from meat to dairy?
Does the OU allow working side by side within the treif kitchen with no barriers?

We are challenging the "OU" the world's largest certifier to have their staff do a complete "on-site" inspection of Kosherica cruises- GO THE ENTIRE TRIP, PORT TO PORT.

Can Chazonim like Adler, Avrohom Fried, Helffgot, Lerner, Miller, Lipa Schmeltzer, Stark, Flam demand that a qualified kashrus organization run the kashrus? So there might be at least some level of kashrus.

Can Rabbis Miller, Benin, Zahler, Levi Teitelbaum, Manish Spitz, Ruvi New, Etc be comfortable and vouch for the kashrus on the cruises?

Is the gullible kosher consumer being taken for a ride or to the cleaners? Perhaps?

Hisachdus Harabonim of Brooklyn is looking for mashgichim expert in infestation (they currently have "none"!

Hisachdus Harabonim of Brooklyn is looking for mashgichim expert in infestation 
call 718-384-6765/6  Reb Lipa Klein at CRC Hisachdus- 
or Rabbi Binyomin Aryeh Glick 845-659-4946

Thursday, June 23, 2016

(KCL?) Blueberry and Strawberry alerts

KCL's position re: the most recent Pardes Strawberries & Golden Flow Blueberries

KCL Rabbi "don't know!"

What is the solution for the numerous "improper-brissim" being performed?

There have been numerous instances of improper brisim, due to lack of proper training / knowledge hygiene, etc by the Mohel.

It involves also proper instruments, how much to cut, precisely where  to cut, angle, פריעה , bleeding control, bandaging, post care, pre-care preparation, injury to gland, etc.

A parent is not an expert as to what is a qualified mohel and a proper bris.
Most people aren't either experts in this field.

The fact that he is a mohel for many years or he's family, friend, etc does not provide the level of comfort required, One can't afford a mistake.

What is the solution?

We saw a solution recently at a bris.

A Mashgiach that is not an active Mohel, but is an expert in all areas of a proper bris. The mohel was told that there is a mashgiach for the bris, this is the mashgiach, etc. The Mohel was extremely pleased. The mohel said to the mashgiach if you see something not proper? say it then & there, don't wait till after the bris.

He stated after the bris, "I wish there would always be by every bris a "qualified mashgiach" to oversee the proper procedure.

send your resume and references to  subject line "brisim"

UPDATE: Alert from Hisahdus Harabinm Di'Lakewood re: Blueberries

Alert from Hisachdus Harabonim Di'Lakewood re: Strawberries / Blueberries

Golden Flow brand frozen Blueberries were found now to be highly infested.

Pardes brand Strawberries were found now to be highly infested.
more than מיעוט המצוי

Certified by Hisachdus of Brooklyn.
NOTE: Lakewood's KCL is not a Kashrus Organization per se, KCL is a political Organization [they fear Hisachdus of Brooklyn-hence no alerts from KCL] The money they take, is "protection-money".
Do not use any product with blueberries, including;
Cheese cake
Gevina yougurts and Lebens

Reb Lipa Klein Crc Hisachdus Brooklyn says;
Hisachdus doesn't make recalls.