Monday, May 23, 2016

UPDATE: Camp Bnos is not safe for girls- הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?ת

הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?
Dear Rabbis, parents and Leaders,
We assume you were not notified of the horrific event which took place at Camp Bnos (Agudas Yisroel) this past summer. It is important for you, as a leader, to be made aware that a camper was raped on the girls’ campus. She was left unsupervised and taken advantage of in the worst possible way. There were 2 boys involved.
Originally, Mr. Meir Frischman admitted it happened, he has since changed his tune (obviously he has since received direction and advice from perhaps the Agudah directors, Rabbonim or Attorneys) and now denies all allegations and has completely removed himself from any & all responsibilities surrounding this situation. He has gone so far as to deny it, and refer to the RAPE as a "rumor".
The police were notified, and Mr. Frischman did NOT have them speak with more than a few people from the camp. Directors who have been in the camp for literally decades were not notified until they returned home after camp was over.

From An Insider: Meanwhile, a simple observation.  We are both familiar with defense mechanisms.  I make observations all the time of new mechanisms that are just that, but masquerade as something else.  The Agudah position, which we know to be fundamentally flawed, is not really a policy at all.  It is a simple effort to cover-up the cover-ups.  They cannot do different, because that would be self-incrimination.

Did you inquire as to your childs camp Kashrus standard?

Did you inquire as to your childs camp Kashrus standard?
Is it acceptable?

Are there written policies for the acceptable hashgochas?
If yes?, obtain a copy.

What should I ask?
1- Who is in charge? Who sets the standards?
Any shailos that arise, who is the final Rabbinical authority?

2- Are the using "exclusively" pre-checked vegetables?
If yes?, who's vegetables? not most of them, but all brands that are being used!
If no?, Who is checking them?, is he trained? if yes? by whom?
Is it only being rinsed?

3- How about fruit? e.g. strawberries, blueberries, raspberries? What is the standard being utilized?

4- Bishul Yisroel issues- Convection ovens, steam kettles, etc.
Is bishul-yisroel for sfardim being addressed?
Is a shomer shabbos present in the kitchen at all times? [flames, ovens, etc]

5- Is yoshon, cholov yisroel, pas yisroel being strictly observed?
Hafroshs Chalah- who is responsible?

6- Who is responsible to check "all" deliveries coming in for compliance to the standards established?

7- Is there a properly trained experienced Mashgiach in the kitchen at all times?

8- Is the kitchen locked at night, Friday afternoon, etc? Who are all that have the keys?

9- Are the separate areas for dairy, meat, parve, etc? including sinks, etc?

10- Are all pots, utensils, etc clearly marked for dairy, meat, parve,?

11- Who is responsible for everything requiring seals?

12- ETC.?

Sunday, May 22, 2016

UPDATE: ALERT: by Hisachdus Harabonim di'Lakewood- All NORI wraps used for Sushi are infested

Sushi is also made without any wrap at all!

ALERT:  All Nori Wraps (used for Sushi) are infested

[The "copepods" in the nori are of various colors, & not the same as the ones in water which are "translucent". ]
The infestation was verified by Rav Moshe Vaye,
the Aida and R' Revach
התמונה שם  זה ממוצר עם הגחה חדשה שהגיע השנה לארץ ישראל,

הבעיות מקיפות את כל ההכשרים. שניאור רווח

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Alert Monsey Hashgochas let down the kosher consumer

 The "Pre-Checked" produce from "Newday" in Monsey is INFESTED.

It's also being sold at Evergreen Store in Monsey.
[Evergreen owns Newday]

The Hashgocha at Evergreen was aware that the Mashgiach for infestation at Newday was "unqualified".
We are at a loss as to why he allowed it in at Evergreen Store.
There are other questions as well, that remain unanswered to the educated kosher consumer.

We sure hope that they will discontinue the in-house "pre-checked" at both stores.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Update: Hisachdus Harabonim Di"Lakewood alert re: Israeli carrots

Hisachdus Harabonim Di"Lakewood alert re: Israeli carrots.
Israeli carrots were found in Williamsburg, Borough Park, Lakewood, Monsey, 5 Towns, etc.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Update: Kashrus Alert: 5 towns Vaad , Kehila and AKO - DON'T KNOW INFESTATION re: Red Cabbage infestation

Kashrus Alert: There was a non-reliable alert by the Rabbi Eisen of 5 towns Vaad and Kehila and AKO re: red cabbage infestation.

AKO & The 5 Town Vaad's Rabbi Eisen  stated Red cabbage should not be used from July till the end of August due to infestation.
Requires checking all year not only in the summer!

The red-cabbage is currently infested with whitish thrips. 

The thrips don't read English, perhaps AKO & the 5 Town Vaad can write it in Hebrew, Jewish, Chinese or they can get educated themselves in the the basic facts of infestation. 

Talk is cheap, one must get trained and know the facts.   

Star-K Alerts- The Star-K shabbos friendly appliances are not Halachically friendly

May 12, 2016
Post Pesach Maryland Beer Alert

It has come to our attention that two large beer distribution companies in Baltimore and the surrounding areas are Jewish owned. As such, many brands of beer sold in our area are chometz she’avar alav haPesach, and may not be purchased at this time. 



ALERT: Quinoa from Israel is heavily infested


Products: Quinoa 
Company: Aaron Streit Inc. NY NY 
Some containers of Streit’s Quinoa UPC Codes 0-70227-60208-0 were found to contain infestation. Any affected product may be returned to the stores for a refund.  April 15, 2016


Brands: Streit's
Products: Quinoa
Company: Aaron Streit Inc. NY NY 
Brands: La Bonne
Products: Quinoa
Company: La Bonne, Maspeth Queens
Some containers of lA bONNE Quinoa UPC Codes 0-70227-60208-0 with an OU P symbol were found to contain infestation. Any possibly affected product may be returned to the stores for a refund.  
Under proper storage conditions, it is unusual to find infestation in these products sold in the United States.  However, consumers should be aware that grains could develop infestation when stored in warm areas. To determine whether quinoa (or any other grains) are possibly affected, spread them evenly on a white surface and visually inspect them under good light prior to use.    

La Bonna brand OU-P is also infested
Quinoa from Israel is heavily infested.

Therefore "ALL" brands [including 
with "OU-P" designation]originating from Israel !

If  cooked already?
There is no bitul, and should be discarded.

Just a "re-call" is not sufficient.
Media outlets must publish public notices!

Landau Quinoa "all year" product was found to be infested.  They refuse to remove from shelves and take responsibility. The OU on Streits did make an Alert. 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

update:Williams St constant closures-send emails, letters, call, etc raise the roof

Dear Mayor, Miller, Township Manager, LPD Chief Lawson, Township committee
Williams St is closed too often during the day due to construction.
It is the only street cutting across from James St.
It causes backups in the entire area.
There are no Police presence at the closures.
We believe they are not authorized closures.
The closures should be at night only and for "minimum" amount of time and not frequently.
Please forward to me the permits, ordinances, etc that authorizes those unacceptable closures.
It border on criminal actions against the drivers in the area.

Who is this? It's alleged he's behind the unauthorized irresponsible closures.

Kashrus Alert: Gourmet Glatt 5 Towns (BP & Lkwd?)

The Mechira of Chometz of the C&S food distributor was always a big "Bi'De-eved" at best .

Rav Belsky himself among other kashrus organizations, quoted that to many individuals.

Therefore "do not buy your Chometz there".

Verify what other stores purchase from C&S and the other ones that the Bais-Din made a Mechira.

(GG may buy from C&S li'chatchila-shocking? no!) 
Gourmet! fell for it "hook, line & sinker"
He caught another fish!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Update: Kashrus ALERT: Ma Nish'tanah CRC- Hisachdus (Brooklyn)?????? "ANASH"

The CRC- Hisachdus had vitamin "D" in their Pesach Golden Flow milk.

They knew their are deceiving their "ANASH" Chassidishe consumers.

They did it behind the backs of their Rabbonim [Puppa Dayan & Tzeilemer Ruv]

The Puppa Dayan said that "legally" they don't have to put in the Viatamin "D".

CRC Hisachdus- is known to deceive the consumers that aren't "ANASH",

Now they are deceiving even "ANASH"!

Sachdis zugt-"nur kinder und kimpatorin trinken mil'ech", iz vus iz zoi geferlich?

The Evaders-kidush hashem

The Evaders
I was born in Poland, where before the last war religious intolerance was not uncommon. In spite of my father’s objection to my participation in anti-Semitic demonstrations in Warsaw, I often heaved stones on windows of stores owned by Jews. I had no qualms about my actions, and later took months of hardship and persecution—and a Jew—to show me how to abide by the biblical injunction love thy neighbor as thyself.

When Hitler annexed Austria and war seemed imminent, I quit my job as an instructor of the flying club in Lyons, France, and started for home. My plane developed engine trouble and I had to land at Vienna and stat there overnight to have it repaired.

Friday, May 06, 2016

Alert: Food Vendors to Lakewood Stores

A Collapse of any of the larger Supermarkets may be devastating to some vendors that over-extend on their credit.

A Mega Supermarket that is financed heavily by bank financing, may not be able to hold out.

Forewarned is forearmed !!!

Monday, May 02, 2016

Tartikuv Bais Din filter for Orange Juice-

Filter your Hisachdus, Skver, OU, OK, Triangle K, Ekstein, Unger, etc certified infested Orange Juice

Sunday, April 17, 2016

CRC [Brooklyn] and CRC [Chicago] hashgochas very confusing ????????????????????

Central Rabbinical Congress

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Not to be confused with Chicago Rabbinical Council.

The Logo of the CRC
The Central Rabbinical Congress (in full: Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S.A. and Canada, commonly abbreviated to CRC; in Hebrew: Hisachdus HaRabbonim DeArtzos HaBris VeCanada התאחדות הרבנים) is a rabbinical organization that is a consortium of various Orthodox Jewish groups including the Satmar Hasidic group.[1] It also provides kosher food certification, and is well known for being strongly anti-Zionist. It is identified with the most conservative wings of Haredi Judaism in America.

UNAUTHORIZED "Hisachdus Harabonim on PRODUCT???

Yummie’s Bakery products bear an unauthorized CRC (Hisachdus Harabonim — Central Rabbinical Congress). Yummie’s repackages baked goods from a variety of different bakeries. The CRC takes no responsibility for such repackaged products.

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Hisachdus Harabonim di'Lakewood vi'haglilos

Do not confuse Hisachdus Harabonim of Lakewood with the Hisachdus Harabonim of Brooklyn, NY

Monday, April 04, 2016

Is KCL makpid on anisakis in fish?

Is BMG's "KCL" makpid on anisakis in fish?
Signs in BMG say "KCL" is makpid on Anisakis in fish.

BUT, that's in theory only.
In fact, they (lack the knowledge, therefore) are not makpid.

Go to Seasons, Gourmet Glatt, etc in Lakewood.

BMG's KCL is not a kashrus Organization per se, but are only a politically correct one.

They are concerned about the Bess group, Mivakshei, etc. so they say they are makpid (in theory, not in fact)

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Magroveh Rav Reb Shia Katz "Mimcha" on Bedikas toiloy'im "discloses"....

Magroveh Rav Reb Shia Katz "Mimcha" on Bedikas toiloy'im claims;

I used to be a "Mimcheh" on Bedikas Toiloy'im, but I lost the touch. I'm not sure how far back that I lost the touch. I want to apologize to the Tzibur.

One can still use the Mehadrin & Givat yogurts as they don't have real fruit only juice.

Note: Anywhere my name appears, I have the siyatah Di'Shmayah to have other current "mimchim" that check the fruits & vegetables.

Star-K Shabbos Mode appliances- It's an issur Gumur!

Kosherswitch:Falsely indicating that Rav Moshe Sternbuch endorses product-

Star-K's Shabbos- Mode appliances have the same switch.

A company selling grama switch for Shabbos is claiming an endorsement from Rav Moshe Sternbuch. HaGaon R’ Moishe Sternbuch shlit’aChief Rabbi/Ra'avad of the Eidah HaChareidis Yerushalayim. “Not gramma, better than gramma; Brocha that you should get the good to stay good, and get the bad to become good!” (1/5/2010 at his home)

I received the following letter from Rav Sternbuch's gabbai

I asked the Rav about this, he told me that he was asked about it, he wrote a letter via Rabbi Sigler on the issue, the Rav holds that it is not only chilul shaboss, but "akiras shaboss" to use this switch, the rav asked for his opinion to be publicized since he has been asked recently about this from numerous sources.
It all started a number of years back on "Mesifta-Di'rakiah" [short-wave-radio]. Rabbi Moshe Heineman stated that on Shabbos in a Shul one may "ki'lachar-yad" turn on or off the alarm on shabbos.

Yudel Shain stated that he has a magnetic type switch that one can use for the alarm on Shabbos that would be permitted even according to the "Chazon-Ish". An individual asked on the program can one reverse omagnetic polarity on Shabbos....? Rabbi Heineman responded forget the magnetic type switch "the Chazon-Ish is only a DAAS-YOCHID", & do it ki'lacharyad. The STAR-K also utilizes the light-bulb to acomplish BISHUL-YISROEL.
Reb Shlomo Zalman's comment re: Star-K's light-bulb Bishul yisroel.."one of the main causes of Intermarriage R"L."

Click on letter to enlage!
The Shabbos mode appliances may not be so "shabbos friendly" after all.

Rav Shlomo Miller, Shlita [Toronto-Lakewood] recently publicized a letter re: Shabbos-mode ovens that one may not adjust temperatures on Yom-Tov, contrary to the kosher certification.

In respect to the above publicized letter from Rav Miller, we are not publicizing the name of the kosher certifier.

Others have researched the "Shabbos-friendly" appliances & concluded that according to ALL "Poiskim" it is not permitted to be used in the Shabbos mode. It is more than "Gramahs" that are being activated.

See Star-K link

And therefor you may even decide to use your computer on Yom-Tov without the screen, according to the Star-K.

The SANHEDRIN would have taken up such a case in the context of a "zukun-mamrai".
The Star-K's shabbos mode appliances are worse than the kosher switch.

RE: The Kamenetsky "spin" Tamar Epstein's alleged Heter has no basis per Reb Dovid Feinstein, Shlita?????????

The Kamenetsky Roshei Yeshiva fully accept Reb Dovid Feinstein's Psak that Tamar Epstein's "Bitul-Ki'Dushin" was a sham & has no validity.

To prove their acceptance they are continuing to encourage Reb Nota Greenblatt not to back down.

Now they could visit Reb Chaim & Reb Leib Shteinman by falsely claiming "we accept Reb Dovids Psak".