Sunday, April 17, 2016

Brocha on the blossoming of fruit trees at 1140 Forest Av,(cor. Carey) Lakewood IN THE BACK

CRC [Brooklyn] and CRC [Chicago] hashgochas very confusing ????????????????????

Central Rabbinical Congress

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Not to be confused with Chicago Rabbinical Council.

The Logo of the CRC
The Central Rabbinical Congress (in full: Central Rabbinical Congress of the U.S.A. and Canada, commonly abbreviated to CRC; in Hebrew: Hisachdus HaRabbonim DeArtzos HaBris VeCanada התאחדות הרבנים) is a rabbinical organization that is a consortium of various Orthodox Jewish groups including the Satmar Hasidic group.[1] It also provides kosher food certification, and is well known for being strongly anti-Zionist. It is identified with the most conservative wings of Haredi Judaism in America.

UNAUTHORIZED "Hisachdus Harabonim on PRODUCT???

Yummie’s Bakery products bear an unauthorized CRC (Hisachdus Harabonim — Central Rabbinical Congress). Yummie’s repackages baked goods from a variety of different bakeries. The CRC takes no responsibility for such repackaged products.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

ALERT: Quinoa from Israel is heavily infested


Brands: Streit's 
Products: Quinoa 
Company: Aaron Streit Inc. NY NY 
Some containers of Streit’s Quinoa UPC Codes 0-70227-60208-0 were found to contain infestation. Any affected product may be returned to the stores for a refund.  

La Bonna brand OU-P is also infested
Quinoa from Israel is heavily infested.

Therefore "ALL" brands [including 
with "OU-P" designation]originating from Israel !

If  cooked already?
There is no bitul, and should be discarded.

Just a "re-call" is not sufficient.
Media outlets must publish public notices!

Landau Quinoa "all year" product was found to be infested.  They refuse to remove from shelves and take responsibility. The OU on Streits did make an Alert. 

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Pesach recommended list (partial)

Note: Use OU nuts-as long as there is no BHT or BHA- "No P required"

PESACH 5776-2016 RECOMENDED LIST (sefardim *) Must say kosher for Passover
Note: In general, OU-“P” grocery items  with no heimish  hashgocha on package is a usually a  preferred pesach product. Otherwise the OU, will rely on some of the Heimish Hashgochas, and we know the concerns.

ALUMINUM FOIL- All year Hashgocha-Any
Baby formula- MATERNA from Israel (separate keilim) -J&J, Ross, similac LeMehadrin 1,2,3, Sunrise
Baking powder-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, Gefen, ALSO  OU-P
Borsht- Gefen-Mishpacha,ALSO  OU-P

Cake Cookies- oberlander, Bake master, Reismans Schick, Elegant, lillys
Canned vegetables-Shop-rite ALSO  OU-P, mishpacha, gefen
CANDIES- Bdatz Yerusalem, Rabbi Illowitz, Brazil, ALSO  OU-P
CHEESE, CREAM, BUTTER- J &; J, Mehadrin, Haolam, Norman’s, Givat
Chocolates,etc Chocolate chips-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, carmit, ALSO  OU-P, 
COCOA Powder- Hersheys OU no P required, cocoa mix-Mishpacha – ALSO  OU-P
COFFEE INSTANT- Nescafe Tasters choice unflavored, Geffen also decaf, any ALSO  OU-P
CRANBERRY JUICE COCKTAIL & sauce-Mishpacha, Gefen, Kedem-ALSO  OU-P
CROCK POT LINERS- Geula, Fantastic, Reynolds-ALSO  OU-P

FISH- King of the Sea, Melech Yam, Dagim  Meal Mart, Fishy Neiman, Freunds, A&;B, Royal
FLAVOR EXTRACT- Bakers Choice, Gefen
FROZEN VEGETABLES- Brocolli, Spinach, Cauliflower- Positive, B’Taam only
Dag Yam- see salmon
Dried fruit-w/OU P, yumzee, manishtana, joseph Xavier, setton, not raisins or figs from any one (use craisins-OU P.
Frozen strawberries, blueberries- only Kosher Garden. none other even w/ hashgocha
FRUIT CANNED-Mishpacha, Gefen , - ALSO  OU-P
Garlic fresh must be peeled &; rinsed-Frozen- Gefen, ALSO  OU-P
GRAPE JUICE- Mishpacha, Gefen, Kedem, Schwartz
GROCERY ITEMS- Mishpacha,Masbia, Hadar, Meal Mart, , Gefen, ALSO  OU-P
Gold’s products with ALSO  OU-P-

HONEY- Mishpacha, Broad, Gefen, - ALSO  OU-P
Horse Radish- Flaum, Tuv Taam, ALSO  OU-P
Hotel for Pesach- Greenwald's Seaview
ICE CREAM- Mehadrin, Kleins not with strawberries or raspbrries
JUICE- Golden Flow, Mishpacha, New Square, Lakewood farms, Natures own (if made in Bayonne, NJ) Kedem
All Orange Juice- MUST BE FILTERED w/ 100 mesh PRIOR TO USE-Dvash, golden flow, new square, Lakewood farms, fresh n healthy, Tropicana, etc

KETCHUP- Mishpacha, gefen, - ALSO  OU-P
KOSHER GARDEN- PRE-CHECKED VEGIES & Herbs, spinach, romain, brocolli
KUGELS- Meal Mart
LEBEN, YOGURT- Mehadrin, J&;J, Norman’s. Givat strawberry &; blueberry is from liquid-NO GEVINA BRAND w/ fruit
Lemon juice- Real lemon &; Lime OU no P required
LIQUOR-Slivovitz, Tam Pree, Carmel

MATZOS-HAND only- Pupa-Tzeleim-prefered, Yad Binyomin, komemious-hand matzah only, beit shemesh w/ skver
MACHINE MATZOS- Beit Shemesh only w/ she’aris Hashgocha.
Matzos- OAT- Only puppa tzeilim. All others, the oats are pre-heated don’t use!!
MACAROONS- Oberlanders, Gefen
MARGARINE-Eden, J&;J, Mehadrin, Mothers, Haolam ,
Marshmallows-Elyon, Gefen, Golden Fluff
MAYONAISE- Mishpacha, Gefen,, ALSO  OU-P
MEAT- Fishels, Solomons, Alle , Tevas-Rav Miller, Continental (Canada),  Royal, Satmar butchers BP, Fltbs, Willy, Continental butcher Monsey, Kosher Village,  Kosher west,
NO- Tevya's,  Agri Star
Bais Yosef Beef-  Alle Aurora, Teva (not Tevya), fishels, Solomon's, Kiryas Joel.
MILK-Golden Flow, Pride of the farm (all milked before pesach), New Square, 

NUTS-Bakers choice, Klein’s, ALSO  OU-P, Costco w/ OU-P, all unshelled nuts-no BTH, Nuts Galore
OIL-Cotton-seed, Roberts, Pereg, Manischewitz, Mishpacha, Masbia, Hadar, , Gefen, Nut-Ola-ALSO  OU-P 
OIL-HAZELNUT / WALNUT- Taamon w/ aidah, Gefen, lieber- check dates-over a year may be rancid
OLIVE OIL-GEFEN Pesach-(made a production with hahgocha from press through bottling) Aida
Note: OU on olive oil is not acceptable

PARCHMENT PAPER-Geula, ALSO  OU-P or star-k p
POULTRY- Pella, Mehadrin, Skver, Kiryas Joel,  Birds Boro, Mehadrin
PICKLES- Flaum, Tuv Taam- ALSO  OU-P
Positive- pre-checked vegies &; herbs, spinach, romain, broccoli, etc
POTATO CHIPS, STCKS- Blooms NOT Bloomys, Schwartz, Liebers, Golden fluff
POTATO STARCH- Mishpacha, E&;S, Gefen, ALSO  OU-P
POTATOES-INSTANT/MASHED- Mishpacha, dependable, ALSO  OU-P
Quinoa- None- Aida sys is Kitnious-INSECT ALERT!

*RICE-For sfardim that use rice- LUNDBERGS
ROASTING BAGS- Geula, Reynolds
ROMAINE LETTUCE- positive- All others require washing &; checking  
No Romaine whole heads, No Romaine Hearts No Andy Boy even with hashgochas
Spices- Pereg , Mishpacha, Masbia, R&;L, Hadar, . ALSO  OU-P

Sardines-Melech yam, Dagim from morocco
Salmon- canned   "None”
SUGAR-White granulated USA W/ Pesach e.g. Domino, ALSO  OU-P
SALT non-iodized-W/ Pesach-ALSO  OU-P
SELTZER-UNFLAVORED-with a pesach hashgacha-ALSO  OU-P
SELTZER FLAVORED-ALSO  OU-P, Vintage all flavors “P”
SOAP PADS- Mishpacha, Geulah, Gefen, Rokeach, ALSO  OU-P
SODA- American dry, Be’er Mayim, Caffeine free Coca Cola, Classic Cola, Diet Cola, Mayim Chaim, Mae Tovim, Pepsi W Bdatz, Seagrams, Sprite ALL W/ PESACH HASHGOCHA- ALSO  OU-P

TEA INSTANT-Swee-Touch-Nee, Wisotzky, Nestea, LIPTON-ALSO  OU-P
TEA BAGS-Lipton, Pathmark, Shoprite, wisotzky, Gefen-ALSO  OU-P
TOMATO PRODUCTS-Mishpacha, Gefen-
TOOTHPASTE Personal items- Zohar, Adwe, ALSO  OU-P
TOPPING-Eden, Mishpacha-VANILA SUGAR-Mishpacha, Bakers Choice, Gefen-
Tuna- Shop-Rite ALSO  OU-P,Dagim, Mishpacha, King of the sea, Melech Yam, Season, Star-Kist ALSO  OU-P

Vinegar Balsamic- KEDEM Not Bartenura-VINEGAR- Mishpacha, Kedem
WINE-Carmel, NYS Kedem w/ Tzelem, Dalton.
ALL WINES- Check that no wheat paste was used as sealant-Gluten-Free

Monday, April 11, 2016

Kedem/ Royal/ Herzoz Wine company-Are all of these brands "Gluten-Free"? No wheat paste used?

It's a question of  חמץ and or חמץ שעבר פסח!!   Http://

Carmel Winery is Gluten Free
Kedem NY Tzelem Hashgocha-is Gluten Free
Dalton Wines-Gluten-Free

Friday, April 08, 2016

Which wines are "Gluten-Free"?? Non-Gluten free may be a chometz problem all year including pesach

Carmel does not use wheat paste-their wines are all . gluren-free

Kedem NY "only" [zelemeer hashgocha] does not use barrels for their wines. 
Dalton wines are Gluten-free-

Anyone have first hand knowledge re: other brands? please advise us at 

Kedem distributes about 53 different brands of wine.
We are trying to ascertain which ones are certified as "GLUTEN-FREE". Kedem is not forthcoming. Any help would be appreciated by the tzibur at large.

Re: Baron Herzog wines-We do not believe they (any) are all Gluten -Free!

Thursday, April 07, 2016

PESACH [& all year] kashrus Alert:Is your wine certified "Gluten-Free"???

PESACH kashrus Alert:

Are your wines “GLUTEN-FREE”?

The US Govt does not allow wine to be labeled "gluten-free" on wine that their barrels use Wheat-paste.

WHEAT-PASTE IS FLOUR AND WATER, loose consistency. 

The common procedure in manufacturing oak wooden barrels (for wine)  is to use a sealant of “wheat-paste” to seal the bottom and top of the barrels. The wheat-paste sealant seeps out on the outside and into the inside of the barrel also, so the wine sits in חמץ.

The wheat-paste is real chometz that remains elastic and pliable. If it dries out, the wine will leak out of the barrel. [That's one of the reasons that they always keep wine or a liquid in the barrel].

The amount of wheat-paste used for each barrel is approximately 10 כזיתים for the top cover and the same for the bottom cover.

Even if it’s done more than 2 months before pesach it’s a problem. 1) the wine sits in the chometz,
2) the chometz is a חיוב ביעור as there is 10+ כזיתים of chometz,
3) the chometz is not dried out, it’s pliable and elastic somewhat, “if it dries out, the wine will leak out of the barrel."

The question remains-Is there any heter to use the wheat-paste for the wine barels? and is there any heter to use the wine for Pesach?

This is not the same facts as the Shulchan Oruch in Pesach.
It would be ossur all year, as it was in barrels over pesach.חמץ שעבר
Don't use any "RESERVE" wines
There are valid heteirim by some certifiers, BUT....???
are you looking for heteirim בדיעבד??
בכבוד רב,

יהוד-ה שיין               


Hisachdus Harabonim di'Lakewood vi'haglilos

Do not confuse Hisachdus Harabonim of Lakewood with the Hisachdus Harabonim of Brooklyn, NY

Monday, April 04, 2016

Is KCL makpid on anisakis in fish?

Is BMG's "KCL" makpid on anisakis in fish?
Signs in BMG say "KCL" is makpid on Anisakis in fish.

BUT, that's in theory only.
In fact, they (lack the knowledge, therefore) are not makpid.

Go to Seasons, Gourmet Glatt, etc in Lakewood.

BMG's KCL is not a kashrus Organization per se, but are only a politically correct one.

They are concerned about the Bess group, Mivakshei, etc. so they say they are makpid (in theory, not in fact)

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Magroveh Rav Reb Shia Katz "Mimcha" on Bedikas toiloy'im "discloses"....

Magroveh Rav Reb Shia Katz "Mimcha" on Bedikas toiloy'im claims;

I used to be a "Mimcheh" on Bedikas Toiloy'im, but I lost the touch. I'm not sure how far back that I lost the touch. I want to apologize to the Tzibur.

One can still use the Mehadrin & Givat yogurts as they don't have real fruit only juice.

Note: Anywhere my name appears, I have the siyatah Di'Shmayah to have other current "mimchim" that check the fruits & vegetables.

Star-K Shabbos Mode appliances- It's an issur Gumur!

Kosherswitch:Falsely indicating that Rav Moshe Sternbuch endorses product-

Star-K's Shabbos- Mode appliances have the same switch.

A company selling grama switch for Shabbos is claiming an endorsement from Rav Moshe Sternbuch. HaGaon R’ Moishe Sternbuch shlit’aChief Rabbi/Ra'avad of the Eidah HaChareidis Yerushalayim. “Not gramma, better than gramma; Brocha that you should get the good to stay good, and get the bad to become good!” (1/5/2010 at his home)

I received the following letter from Rav Sternbuch's gabbai

I asked the Rav about this, he told me that he was asked about it, he wrote a letter via Rabbi Sigler on the issue, the Rav holds that it is not only chilul shaboss, but "akiras shaboss" to use this switch, the rav asked for his opinion to be publicized since he has been asked recently about this from numerous sources.
It all started a number of years back on "Mesifta-Di'rakiah" [short-wave-radio]. Rabbi Moshe Heineman stated that on Shabbos in a Shul one may "ki'lachar-yad" turn on or off the alarm on shabbos.

Yudel Shain stated that he has a magnetic type switch that one can use for the alarm on Shabbos that would be permitted even according to the "Chazon-Ish". An individual asked on the program can one reverse omagnetic polarity on Shabbos....? Rabbi Heineman responded forget the magnetic type switch "the Chazon-Ish is only a DAAS-YOCHID", & do it ki'lacharyad. The STAR-K also utilizes the light-bulb to acomplish BISHUL-YISROEL.
Reb Shlomo Zalman's comment re: Star-K's light-bulb Bishul yisroel.."one of the main causes of Intermarriage R"L."

Click on letter to enlage!
The Shabbos mode appliances may not be so "shabbos friendly" after all.

Rav Shlomo Miller, Shlita [Toronto-Lakewood] recently publicized a letter re: Shabbos-mode ovens that one may not adjust temperatures on Yom-Tov, contrary to the kosher certification.

In respect to the above publicized letter from Rav Miller, we are not publicizing the name of the kosher certifier.

Others have researched the "Shabbos-friendly" appliances & concluded that according to ALL "Poiskim" it is not permitted to be used in the Shabbos mode. It is more than "Gramahs" that are being activated.

See Star-K link

And therefor you may even decide to use your computer on Yom-Tov without the screen, according to the Star-K.

The SANHEDRIN would have taken up such a case in the context of a "zukun-mamrai".
The Star-K's shabbos mode appliances are worse than the kosher switch.

RE: The Kamenetsky "spin" Tamar Epstein's alleged Heter has no basis per Reb Dovid Feinstein, Shlita?????????

The Kamenetsky Roshei Yeshiva fully accept Reb Dovid Feinstein's Psak that Tamar Epstein's "Bitul-Ki'Dushin" was a sham & has no validity.

To prove their acceptance they are continuing to encourage Reb Nota Greenblatt not to back down.

Now they could visit Reb Chaim & Reb Leib Shteinman by falsely claiming "we accept Reb Dovids Psak".

Thursday, March 31, 2016

UPDATE: Shocking: The 5 Towns Rabbis lost their bearings?

GG Lakewood shoppers-
Make sure no 5 Town GG products come to Lakewood for Pesach

Shocking: Allegedly, The "Five Towns"- Vaad Hakashrus says- 

The VAAD Rabbis don't allow the Vaad Hakashrus to upgrade their bare minimum standards?

NO TRAINING FOR CHECKING FOR INFESTATION? only a select few to fool everyone?
The VAAD's Administrator is the real problem, not the 5 Town Rabbis

Prior to Rockaway kashrus joining 5 Towns kashrus they were at a better kashrus standard, now they went south. Perhaps it's time to separate?

Even Queens Vaad wouldn't do this.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Update: Bais Horoah- The rest of the story, Torah al pi mesorah prospective

1-All agree that a Bais Horoah is very important & should be accomodated.
2- All agree that a Kollel is very important & should be accommodated.
3- All agree that a simcha room is important & should be accommodated.
4- All agree the other occupants should be accommodated.
5- All agree that the use was never approved and it was based on misleading representations.
6- All agree that the occupation has caused havoc especially with the Downtown parking for shoppers.
No facts are in dispute, nothing for a Jury to decide.
The only item in question is "who must cede their interests in favor of the other one"?

Duvid Hamelech (King David) has ruled re: this issue.
- Noson Hanovi presented to Dovid Hamelech the case of the Rich man stole the one & only sheep from the poor neighbor, in order to feed the poor destitute individuals, etc. Dovid Hamelech ruled "it's a capital crime, and "ben-mu'vehs-hu".

Reb Chaim Shmelevitz, Z"L stated, for stealing, the penalty should be either double or 4 - 5 times the value, why is it a capital crime?

 Reb Chaim Shmelevitz, Z"L, said, yes! If one does the greatest good deeds, but it's on the expense of "others"....... it's a capital crime. 

The letter by the Bais Horoah was sadly based on a complete fabrication of the facts. The posters (not al pi-Halacha) signed by many Rabbonim & Roshei Yeshiva was sadly the direct cause of chilul Hashem and Bitul-Torah of unprecedented monumental proportion. 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Kashrus Alert: Re: Pesach and Cryovac packed meat. " Oichlei-Kitnious"

Cryovac packaging that is commonly used for meat & poultry has a corn based starch in the bag which would have a concern of chometz and kitnious.

Is your cryovac packed meat kusher li'pesach? does your butcher know? perhaps not!

The "OU's" position 
A company makes both wheat starch and corn starch. They reuse the water from the wheat starch production for use in the corn starch production. They will cook wheat in water at 160 F to produce wheat starch. Then they spray dry the starch, and collect the water that is separated from the starch. They also add enzymes to wheat starch. This creates dextrose and excess water that was originally part of the wheat. This water too is separated during the drying process and collected.

The collected water is used in the heated production of corn starch. Rav Schachter said that based on טעם כעיקר, the corn that was cooked with water that was part of the wheat, or had bliyos of wheat must be treated as chametz and is not acceptable for ochlei kitniyos. Moreover, if this corn starch was used on any keilim, those keilim will need to be kashered as well.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

UPDATE: Camp Bnos is not safe for girls- הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?ת

הכזונה יעשו אחותינו?
Dear Rabbis, parents and Leaders,
We assume you were not notified of the horrific event which took place at Camp Bnos (Agudas Yisroel) this past summer. It is important for you, as a leader, to be made aware that a camper was raped on the girls’ campus. She was left unsupervised and taken advantage of in the worst possible way. There were 2 boys involved.
Originally, Mr. Meir Frischman admitted it happened, he has since changed his tune (obviously he has since received direction and advice from perhaps the Agudah directors, Rabbonim or Attorneys) and now denies all allegations and has completely removed himself from any & all responsibilities surrounding this situation. He has gone so far as to deny it, and refer to the RAPE as a "rumor".
The police were notified, and Mr. Frischman did NOT have them speak with more than a few people from the camp. Directors who have been in the camp for literally decades were not notified until they returned home after camp was over.

From An Insider: Meanwhile, a simple observation.  We are both familiar with defense mechanisms.  I make observations all the time of new mechanisms that are just that, but masquerade as something else.  The Agudah position, which we know to be fundamentally flawed, is not really a policy at all.  It is a simple effort to cover-up the cover-ups.  They cannot do different, because that would be self-incrimination.

Finally: Fruits by Design-No-Strawberries, blueberries, etc clean pineapple

Lakewood mega supermarkets

Seasons Lakewood opened with somewhat of a control on Bedikas Toloyim "infestation".
Those days are pretty much gone at this point.

They continue to sell unacceptable fruits i.e. organic blackberries, organic raspberries and Mexican strawberry's. If they are trying to get a Jewish clientele, how could they sell these items?

The Butcher Department hopefully has somewhat of a control on the re-packing without cross contamination of the various brands.

Gourmet Glatt realizes (by drop in customers) they have problems with customers not satisfied with their kashrus standards among other issues.

Are they brave enough to bite the bullet and revamp?

Time will tell, or it may be too little too late-Sorry

Friday, March 18, 2016

The Churban he made by Brissim-against the accepted מסורה

The Gedoilim  BANNED his Brissim!
Is it also because he sees only with one eye?
Keep microphone on loud to hear everything-The end of the video displays some of the Gedolims letters.


There is yeshivishe Mohel by "Bais Hatalmud" that doesn't believe in the Mesorah of "mezitzah", Yet bais hatalmudnics use him?

All of the concoted stories from Rabbi krohn as to why he does the cold blooded murderous procedure is an outright lie that he could sell to the gullible.Anonymous said...
I, R"L saw Pesach "wednesday eyes " Krohn do his horrible work in a shul in my neighborhood.
I turned to ask my Rov to please stop the torture, but my Rov was hurrying up the aisle away from the Horror. I wish I had left before my ROV, The scene just viewing it,still causes me great anguish.
The clamp is an idiot proof technique, requiring no follow up visit. It's easy, and lazy to use a clamp.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

UPDATE: Oat, Spelt, wheat Machine Matzos

The Beit Shemesh Chaburah machine matzos are the only ones one may use for Pesach.

Their Oats are not heated at all.

[Note: Others claim that theirs are not heated, but we have reason to question their reliability].

The ONLY APPROVED OVEN for Machine Matzos for pesach is the Beit Shemesh oven. All others have serious kashrus issues, See Teshuvas Reb Yonoson Steif, Z"L and Reb Moshe Shternbuch, Shlita.

The Beit Shemesh Matzos are available in almost all Lakewood Stores besides Gourmet Glatt

Monday, March 14, 2016

Why are so many leaving Lakewood Matzah bakery??

 Besides the  ones that need their picture in the paper! (with the plastic apron) 
and of course the price??? 

On the other hand, If kashrus is everything? use Puppa-Tzeilim Bakery in Willy.

The Lakewood Matzah Bakery is actually "kosher self-certified". Their big draw is "chaburah". חבורה היא מכה הכתובה בתורה ר"ל

Lakewood Matzah Bakery Chasidish Hashgocha is only on the wheat that it wasn't חמץ when it was cut

The chasidish Hashgocha does not include;
The finished matzas.
21-22 minute matzos.
The Oat matzos.
The bakery in General.
Non-kashering after Oat Matzos.

  הרה"ג ר' משה שטרנבוך  and the Minchas Yitzchok have negative teshuvas re: using Oat Matzos on Pesach, especially the ones used by Lakewood Matzah bakery.

NOTE: Caveat emptor= Buyer beware!
Lakewood Matzah bakery is for show n tell & photo-op,
Get you picture in the shopper, voice, scoop, etc

Puppa tzeilim is the place for kosher matzos, including their oat matzos.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Star-K Wolf in sheep's clothing -OU "Shechita, et al) is in their cross hairs

The Star-K goes after the OU hashgochas, while the OU has to be politically correct.

The Star-K continues to go after the OU Hashgochas in China, Pesach Hashgochas, Oil companies, etc.

Now the Star-K is going after the OU in the meat & poultry industry.

Friday- the Rabbi slept late.
Saturday -The Rabbi was in Shul
Sunday-the Rabbi was relaxing
Monday-The Rabbi took a day off
Tuesday-The Rabbi went to a convention
Wednesday- The Rabbi went to give a shiur
Thursday- The Rabbi sees a sign on his office
                             Under new management-Star-K office

Friday, March 11, 2016

Update: Bais Din Bais Yosef Novardik

Harav Hagoan Harav Mordechai Zev Yoffen Rosh Yeshivas Novardik (Brooklyn) and Harav Hagoan Harav Eliyahu Levin, Rosh Kolel Choshen Mishpat (Lakewood) are pleased to jointly announce that the renowned "BAIS-DIN" Bais Yosef- Novardik Sniff brooklyn, will be moving into their permanent location after Pesach. 

The Bais Yosef Bais Din will be located in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn, at Yeshivas Bais Yosef-Novardik, 1502 Ave "N". The Rosh Bais Din is Hagoan Harav Eliyahu Levin, Shlita. A branch will be located in Lakewood, IY"H as well. 

R Yehuda Shain, Secretary

NOTE: If anyone went to a Bais-Din on 49th St using the Bais-Yosef, should be aware that they were not authorized to use that name since 2009.

If litigants wanted specifically the "renowned Bais-Yosef Bais-Din" not just any 3 Dayonim, then they may ask back for their money.  If any checks were made out to Bais Yosef, they may ask back for their money.

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Is your wine "Gluten-free"? Pesachdik?

It is a standard practice in the wine cooperage business to seal both heads of barrels with a flour wheat-paste.
The wheat-paste is partially in the inside of the barrel.
The wheat paste remains somewhat pliable. If it would dry out, the wine will leak from the drum
The staves of the barrels do not need any type of sealant.
DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau TTB Ruling Number: 2012–2 May 24, 2012 Interim Policy on Gluten Content Statements in the Labeling and Advertising of Wines, Distilled Spirits, and Malt Beverages.
If wheat-paste is used as a sealant for heads of wine barrels, the wine may not state "gluten-free".
Carmel Wines do not use Wheat-paste for their barrels, they use a kusher li'pesach sealant.
Barron Herzog uses a wheat paste for their barrels.
The Aida-Jerusalem, was unaware that their certified wineries use a wheat paste for their barrels for wine.