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KOSHER SWITCH & Star-K Shabbos Mode appliances- It's an issur Gumur!

Kosherswitch:Falsely indicating that Rav Moshe Sternbuch endorses product-

Star-K's Shabbos- Mode appliances have the same switch.

A company selling grama switch for Shabbos is claiming an endorsement from Rav Moshe Sternbuch. HaGaon R’ Moishe Sternbuch shlit’aChief Rabbi/Ra'avad of the Eidah HaChareidis Yerushalayim. “Not gramma, better than gramma; Brocha that you should get the good to stay good, and get the bad to become good!” (1/5/2010 at his home)

I received the following letter from Rav Sternbuch's gabbai

I asked the Rav about this, he told me that he was asked about it, he wrote a letter via Rabbi Sigler on the issue, the Rav holds that it is not only chilul shaboss, but "akiras shaboss" to use this switch, the rav asked for his opinion to be publicized since he has been asked recently about this from numerous sources.
It all started a number of years back on "Mesifta-Di'rakiah" [short-wave-radio]. Rabbi Moshe Heineman stated that on Shabbos in a Shul one may "ki'lachar-yad" turn on or off the alarm on shabbos.

Yudel Shain stated that he has a magnetic type switch that one can use for the alarm on Shabbos that would be permitted even according to the "Chazon-Ish". An individual asked on the program can one reverse omagnetic polarity on Shabbos....? Rabbi Heineman responded forget the magnetic type switch "the Chazon-Ish is only a DAAS-YOCHID", & do it ki'lacharyad. The STAR-K also utilizes the light-bulb to acomplish BISHUL-YISROEL.
Reb Shlomo Zalman's comment re: Star-K's light-bulb Bishul yisroel.."one of the main causes of Intermarriage R"L."

Click on letter to enlage!
The Shabbos mode appliances may not be so "shabbos friendly" after all.

Rav Shlomo Miller, Shlita [Toronto-Lakewood] recently publicized a letter re: Shabbos-mode ovens that one may not adjust temperatures on Yom-Tov, contrary to the kosher certification.

In respect to the above publicized letter from Rav Miller, we are not publicizing the name of the kosher certifier.

Others have researched the "Shabbos-friendly" appliances & concluded that according to ALL "Poiskim" it is not permitted to be used in the Shabbos mode. It is more than "Gramahs" that are being activated.

See Star-K link

And therefor you may even decide to use your computer on Yom-Tov without the screen, according to the Star-K.

The SANHEDRIN would have taken up such a case in the context of a "zukun-mamrai".
The Star-K's shabbos mode appliances are worse than the kosher switch.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Mashgiach Job opening In Ocean / Monmouth area

Full time Restaurant Mashgiach Job opening in Ocean/ Monmouth metro area.
Must have been trained in "bedikas-Toloi'yim".


Monday, April 20, 2015

Flatbush Vaad by Rabbi Goldberg & the Star-K

Some of the infested vegies at their certified establishments- come get your protein (insects) with Rabbinical supervision


Update: Consumer Reports- Orange Juice has scale insects among other insects

Response to the OK Pesach 5775 Article on Tropicana
We will be posting an additional response to this article. The article states as follows:  Summer 5774  (2014 )                                                                                  The first time he ever heard of insect infestation. Checked in office and found nothing. Notified Tropicana and they did extensive testing and found nothing.  Winter 5775 (2015)                                                                        Claim by person in Lakewood. Took fine mesh cloth and filtered nothing found. Invited person to demonstrate methodology for finding insects and invitation was refused by person.                                                                                    Bought more Orange Juice and had Rabbi Eckstein filter and inspect. Several dots were found.                                                                                                   Sent the samples to Lab. Lab confirmed dots were not insects.
The Lab Test   According to Rabbi Eckstein the following took place אמנם לפע"ד לאחר שבימים האחרונים נתברר ידיעה חדשה ע"י בירור המעבדה נראה צד גדול להתיר בשופי כדאבאר . המומחים שבמערכת הכשרות של  "האוי קאי" עשו הסינון כדמיבעי ולקטו מעל גבי המסננת כל החלקים שנראה להם לפי התמונות והבירורים שאכן הם חלקי השרץ והמגן וניכרים הם במראם שהם מראה חום ושלחו כל אותן הפירורים הדקים למעבדה ידוע בעלת שם. ותשובת המעבדה ברורה שרובן מאותן פירורין הם מחלקי גרעיני הפרי שנתפררו על ידי הסחיטה ועוד חלקים מהקליפה עצמה ואינם שרצים כלל 
First we must inform everyone that Rabbi Eckstein also gives supervision on an OJ company. This means that the data collection was done under the supervision of interested parties only. There was no independent party to validate what was sent and what was not sent. Why wasn’t Marvin Winston commissioned to purchase Tropicana in a supermarket next to his office in NJ and do the sampling from what he purchased and not what was cherry picked and sent to him. This flawed method of data collection invalidates any results received.  It was sent in towel paper, which dried out all of the insects’ moisture.
Rabbi Eckstein says that the sample was sent to a famous lab with a prominent name. After quick search on the internet we see that according to buzzfile he has  only one employee.                                According to the following it appears his facility is only 846 square feet. [It’s his kitchen counter and sink]    The biggest problem is the recipient of the sampling was not a lab but a consultant. The claim that a famous lab with a prominent name did the testing is ridiculous.
The Real Problem  The issue of scale bug infestation of oranges is not new. In 1889 (125 years ago) the California orange crop was almost completely destroyed by scale bugs. For a complete history of how the citrus growers fought off the scale bugs then and until the current, you can purchase the following book.
The August 76 issue of Consumer Reports contains a report on frozen orange juice.  They tested 6 eight oz samples of 27 brands. The infestation problem was not the focus of the report so they did not publish the exact number of scale bugs found in their sampling except for the worst 2.

We now have a baseline that for at least the last 39 years OJ has been infested. There were three classifications      1> relatively free 2> not relatively free 3> offenders. The worst of the offenders had 300 scales for 6 containers of frozen which comes to 50 scales per container. The next to worse had several dozen (which we will say must mean at least 2) which would be 24 for 6 containers this comes to 4 per container. The relatively free had either none (2 brands were immaculate) or a few whole insects (13 brands rated as relatively free). Tropicana was in category 2 which means it was not relatively free. According to CR we are dealing with whole scale bugs. If the CR definition of whole scale bugs meets the Halachic standards of   בריה then BITUL would not help. All the TSHUVAS printed in the article are irrelevant since 25 of 27 brands had a minimum of 2 whole bugs per six containers they reached the 10% threshold for בדיקה . If the CR definition of whole scale bugs does not meet the Halachic definition because they were נתרסק (mutilated ) it would still be prohibited to drink Tropicana without straining since the TSHUVOS quoted by the OK are not to be relied upon. Further in the article they discuss liquid orange juice. Again Tropicana does not do too well.
Anyone with the slightest knowledge of agriculture can tell you that since the anti pesticide paradigm has taken over the farming industry, insect infestation has increased exponentially. We can only say that in the past 39 years things have only deteriorated immeasurably. The CR statement that scale insects are ubiquitous is just as true today as 39 years ago. We now have a major national lab (CR) that concurs with the findings of all the בודקים and חשובער אברכים who have given from their precious time to investigate this problem and save the Tzibur from the prohibition of שרצים.
Before certifying a product that has an infestation problem at least two things have to done. The first one is to guarantee the technology used to produce the product has the functionality to prevent the insects from ending up in the food eaten by the consumer. The second is a monitoring protocol to ensure that everything is functioning properly. These organizations have done neither. Their rationalization is that infestation doesn’t exist. We must remind everyone that this organization also claims that adulteration of Cocoa also doesn’t exist.
We must realize that scale bug infestation of OJ exists today. Anyone searching thru the internet can find dozens of articles discussing the issue. We have CR and the many Rabbonim who have tested and found either whole scale bugs or scale bug parts in OJ.                                                                                                          The ability to avoid violating the prohibition involved with scale infestation is very simple. After purchasing orange juice from the store pour it into a container using a filter with the correct mesh value, which can be purchased in many hardware stores, and then refrigerate it. This one 80 mesh certified by the Bdatz Aida for filtering juice, can be purchased at Monsey Housewares     
We must remember words of חז"ל that say גדול עונשו של לבן יותר מעונשו של תכלת Since this is an easy law to abide by the punishment for violating it is increased.
TOSHAV MONSEY                                                                             

The CR article can be downloaded at

Yasher Koach

BMG's KCL is consistent

from an email
There is a store by that gas station Singin that has BMG's KCL called Chickys. 
I went there last week and there was only a Goy there!
I asked him if anyone else is around and he said he is coming back soon

Is that permitted? I thought that בשר שהתעלמה is a problem?

It's in a very goyisha Enviroment
Are you posting about it ?

If you eat BMG's KCL, then it's not any more of a problem than all of the other KCL  food you had consumed and will consume in the future.

Exxon certified by BMG's KCL, Goy has his hand "after hours" in cutting off a piece of salami and returning the salami.

Chofetz Chaim

רמב"ם דעות פ"ו ה' ח'

אבל בדברי שמים אם לא חזר בו בסתר מכלימין אותו ברבים ומפרסמים חטאו ומחרפים אותו בפניו ומבזין אותו עד שיחזור למוטב וכו'

עין כסף משנה (המקור) "פשוט

חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה  כלל ד'  ס' ז' ......לכן מותר להכלימו ולספר בגנותו בין בפניו.....צריך לשפטו לצד החוב...ולשפוך בוז עליו.. מותר לפרסמו ולגלות חטאיו בשער בת רבים וכו'

וע' עוד חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה  כלל ד'  ס' י'  "לחזהיר בניו ותלמידיו" וכו'

ועין עוד בכתבי חפץ חיים – מכתב מ"ו- ע"כ הנני מודע בשער בת רבים
שבמקום הריסת הדת וחרבן הדת-נעשה כל זה כהלכה "מצוה רבה וחובה גדולה 
לעשות כל מה שביכולת לגדור גדר ולעמוד בפרץ , ואין בזה משום שש איסור.
 ומוסיף הח"ח "ופליאה לי על כל גדולי ישראל, המחשים בזה ואינם יוצאים
 במחאה גלויה, וכו'"

והמשגיח הוסיף שאנשים אלו שמפריעים ולא רוצים לסמוך עליך בכל ענינים וכ"ש בכשרות , שידוע בעולם המומחיות שלכם בהענינים אלו, תדע שזה לא בא ממבקשי אמת ותורה וכו' רק רק מהס"א ודורשי שקר ואינם מאמינים בתורה מסיני ר"ל.

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How Kosher is the kosher switch?

How Kosher Is the Kosher Switch? Saturday, 18 April 2015 21:42 Rabbi Gil Student 

As technology changes, new opportunities arise for Shabbos-observant Jews that should not be ignored. However, when evaluating new technology we have to look at reality and not hype. Four years ago, the “Kosher Switch” launched online, billed by its inventor as a game-changer that will radically redefine the Shabbos experience. 
At the time, I wrote a critical online review based on halachic sources. I will briefly present some of the issues here, although I will note that the inventor wrote a response to my review, albeit one that I found unconvincing, offensive, and at times misleading.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Update: The 5 Towns Kashrus

The 5 Towns Kashrus was never one to pride itself with transparency.
One will find that there may be an establishment that has an acceptable standard of kashrus in spite of being under the 5 Towns Vaad.

The most blatant area that stands out as unacceptable is "infestation". The Vaad standard consists of camouflage. They will show one or two establishments that "happen" to be in order, while the rest are serving non-kosher vegetables, etc.

The mere fact that the 5 Town VaadS Administrator / Orator will quote from Rav Moshe Vaye's Sefer or from the Chofetz Chaim, Ramchal, etc. does not nothing to justify all of the non-kosher under their Hashgocha.

We are interested in giving a guided tour of 5 Town establishments to a few serious individuals, to see behind the beautiful orated speeches. The Press is invited.
Contact me at

We don't have any dates yet for the eye-opening visits.
The 5 Town Administrator is trying to mend some fences in the meantime, calling it "upgrades" in kashrus.

Where is the Queens Vaad in all of their catching up? They always claim they are the Tzadikim compared to 5 Towns and Lakewood's KCL.

ALERT: Canned pineapple in its own juice.

ALERT: All Canned pineapple in its own juice, is infested with various insects.

As is well known, Pineapples do have insects in the crown and in the brown parts of the skin peel.

Some Pineapples were found to have have mealybugs  past the brown area as well, it must be checked by experts in infestation.

Now it was discovered another insect issue with canned pineapple. "Packed-in-its-own-juice". The canned pineapple is raw not cooked, how do they get the "Packed-in-its-own-juice"?

They take the skin / peel, etc with all of the inherent insects and cook it to obtain the pineapple-juice.

Is the somewhat viscous juice filtered? If yes, with what size filter?
We asked some of the heimish certifiers and they refuse to respond.

There is currently only one brand of canned pineapple that is packed in syrup under skver Hashgocha which the juice is not infested.

Monday, March 23, 2015

ALERT: Chocolate Pesach items

Alert: Many of the Heimish Hashgochas and Heimish companies are using the pesach chocolate that we wouldn't use (all year including Pesach) even with their Heimish supervised"special productions". 

This alert affects bakeries, chocolates, Ice cream, confectionary items and countless other products containing their chocolate.

Check with the companies and their hashgochas if they use any chocolate in their products from the Blommer Chocolate, East Greenville, PA.

That Facility was listed also in the Star-K's kashrus currents as a Dairy facility (non-cholov yisroel), (i.e. cholov treif.) among other concerns and issues.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dole yellow sticker lettuce, kashrus standards??? 1 step lower

It's well known the the Star-K standards in infestation is very low, still leave a lot of  protein in their certified product. The Star-K recently became aware that Dole lettuce is indeed infested.

Yet the Dole yellow sticker lettuce is available in the market with the yellow stickers. 

                                                                           Star-K mashgichot

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Iceberg lettuce is also muchzak in infestation all year

Dear STAR-K, O-U, KOF-K, CRC, AKO members, et al Consumers, Vendors and Mashgichim, etc.

Please note that there is currently very high levels of infestation in produce coming from the Yuma, AZ region. The weather there has been unseasonably warm and wet, which is causing very high levels of insect pressure.

Even iceberg lettuce has been found to be heavily infested. We [should] have [currently] stopped certifying much of the iceberg lettuce at Fresh Express and Dole if they are being sourced from [anyplace] Yuma.

The growing season in Yuma ends in the next week or two, [after pesach] at which time we hope the situation will improve as sources move to other regions.[and the mumcham will be able to check properly]

In the meantime, if you buy prewashed lettuce, PLEASE [HAVE AN EXPERT] CHECK BAGS OF LETTUCE CAREFULLY to make sure the STAR-K [OR ANY OTHER CERTIFIER] symbol is present. We are the checking the iceberg daily in various plants and if they bear the STAR-K [OR OTHER CERTIFIER]symbol, they are still certified [BUT REQUIRES EXPERT CHECKING]. However, many bags of iceberg over the next few weeks will NOT bear the STAR-K [OR OTHER CERTIFICATION].

Mashgichim who are [trained experts] checking produce themselves should be extra careful.

NOTE: Any untrained individual including mashgichim, etc should check any vegetables, fruits, etc.

Wishing everyone a Good Shabbos, and a kosher Pesach.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Cryovac meat & kitnious?

Solomons meat from Chile used the starched cryovac bags. The Skver Hashgocha says it's not for pesach use, they don't rely that the consumer will wash it well.

Alle uses during the year the starched (corn) cryovac bags. For Pesach production they use the powder free bags.

Alle meat is kosher for Pesach all year, they are relying that the consumer will wash the meat well from all of the starch.

Re: Using for pesach the Solomon or Alles (all year) by washing well? Ask your Rav.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Oak tree

The Oak trees are massive,
do not get toppled even by strong winds
as it's well rooted, etc

It all happened because-

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cholov Stam / Cholov Akum = CHOLOV TREIFE! R'L- The consumer has nothing to rely on

RE: Cholov Stam-Cholov Akum is actually חלב טריף Per Rav Eliyashev Shlita and Rav Shmuel Wosner Shlita.

Rav Moshe Feinstein in Y"D 1, #20-21 states that these procedures make the cow a treifah. Today with the farms in the USA keeping accurate records, all cholov akum (stam) is actually treif. (The procedured cows are 4-8%, shishim is 1.66+-%)
The European Hashgochas mistakenly believe that they don't have the problem because the Veterinarians say "in Europe we don't have those problems". The cold facts are that europe has the problem just as much as the USA.

We and others spoke to the European vets & vet. associations re the procedures. The proclaimed that an incidence of 1-2% for each type of procedure is considered "we don't have the problem". There are 2-3 common procedures that will render a cow a treifah, so we have 4-6% of procedures in europe that make the cow a treifah. Therefore their milk ic cholv treifah. We understand that not all of the European Cholov Yisroel hashgochas remove the procedured cows, so even their cholov yisroel is cholov treif. This affects their chocolate bars as well.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Is your Microwave still kosher? If you eat KCL, then don't be concerned, you may have eaten worse.

Is your Microwave still kosher?

1-If you just bought a new house, the workers in all likelihood used the Microwave & it's not kosher anymore.

2-If you have help in the house and you leave for a while, very likely that the kashrus of the microwave was compromised.

3-If you are doing renovation or any other work in the house or business, very likely that the kashrus of the microwave was compromised.

4- If you eat KCL, then don't be concerned, you may have eaten worse.

Igros Moshe has Teshuva re: leaving cleaning help in the home, and keilim-It's not only the Microwave that's affected.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Update: The tabloid Voice of Lakewood's תערובות Expo

Anonymous said...

the voice a few weeks ago has a very prustuh picture in it. a tabloid would not print such a picture.
Sun Feb 15, 01:21:00 AM 2015

The Voice of Lakewood had a HOME EXPO last night at Lake Terrace which had hundreds of couples come to and the תערובות was the worst of the worst, also because there was very little room between booths.

Many young ladies came all dressed up as if they were going to a movie or some fancy dinner event. 

It was impossible to walk around and not literally bumped into men ladies etc. etc.

There was a panel discussion forum in the chupa room which was supposed to be separate seating but there was only one entrance and therefore ladies had to go through the men to enter and they were men standing all around blocking and there was all kinds of touching in a horrible situation

Please address this asap

Everyone at our office agrees that the expo was a terrible gathering of men and women and involve lots and lots of touching and contact which is not fitting for a Lakewood oilam

Please address this 

This type of setup is not for Lakewood - we don't need women entrepreneurs (and i am a woman in business)

we don't want the latest and best in renovation advice - 

We want the best way to keep our husbands and 

children al derech hayosher !!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Alert: Another vegetable weevil was found in the Positive cauliflower

Alert: More than one incident of a vegetable type of weevil was found in the Positive cauliflower.

The kosher meat shortage, man made

The kosher Meat Shortage in the USA- Solution:

1-    The average of a non-veal beef Shechita in the USA should be as follows:
Glatt [including Bais-Yosef]- 12-18%
Non-Glatt 25-30%

2-    Additional personnel required for the non-glatt production is 1-2 additional boidkim or inspectors. Of course the non-glatt would require additional time & personnel for the deveining (treiboring) and salting.

3-    Kosher Consumers in the USA are 30-35% glatt, 65-70%  non-glatt.
4-    At the current glatt productions it would be very economical to utilize the additional 25-30% of the non-glatt.

5-    This would alleviate the meat shortage in a very short period of time of 2-3 weeks.
6-    This would also cause a glut in the kosher beef, which would bring down the price of beef to the kosher consumer.
7-    The Orthodox Union aka “OU” till a few years ago also certified non-glatt beef.

8-    It would be advantageous for the Supermarket chains across the USA to besiege the “OU” to step up to the plate and bring the cost of beef to the kosher consumer to a market more in line with other beef.

9-    The consumer in general is facing economic pressures at this time in being able to afford their basic shopping needs.
10  -The “OU” can do this on their own and they owe it to the kosher consumer.
11- It would eliminate or at least minimize the meat kashrus scandals.

                 Yehuda Shain

Glatt Kosher Meat Is Not All It Is Cut Out To Be!
Glatt Kosher Meat Is Not All It Is Cut Out To Be -By Marc Shapiro    Fri. Aug 18, 2006

Sunday, February 08, 2015

2nd UPDATE: Oat Matzos? Update:

Puppa-Tzeilim Bakery in Williamsburg is the"only" Oat matzos that do not have the serious חמץ issues addressed by Rav Shternbuch, Shlita.

 Oat matzos- Oats have a natural bitterness caused by an enzyme. In order to deactivate that enzyme, the oats are steamed, not with any induced steam. The oats are heated on trays in an oven, the internal steam deactivates the enzyme.

The Lakewood Matzah bakery is claiming (falsely) that their oats are not steamed, we verified and found that their oats are indeed steamed.  Therefore the hot steam which is "mai-pei'ros" is a big concern. Dayan Weiss, Z"L, in Minchas yitzchok takes issue with using oats for Matzos.

Reb Moshe Shternbuch, shlita in his most current sefer says Re: Oat Matzos- because of the heated internal steam being used to deactivate the bitter enzyme one may not bake the oat matzos with any water at all only "mai -peiros" as any water introduced will cause it to become chometz immediately.

Anyone that must have Oat Matzos for pesach that was not steamed or heated at all "prior to baking", should be in touch with us after purim. It will be available then.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Kashrus Alert: Gevina brand yogurt with real fruit,"muchzak" to be infested

Kashrus Alert: 
Do not buy the Gevina brand Yogurts  with real fruit- Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, etc, due to infestation issues.

Buy the J&J, Mehadrin, Norman's, etc brands, they don't use real fruit. They use the micron-filtered juice only.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Alert: Liver "store broiled"

Store broiled liver may be a serious issue, i.e. store packaged "Kiryas Joel liver" may have been broiled (cooked) on the equipment as liver that you wouldn't use. Therefore only buy if packaged by Kiryas Joel not store broiled.

Update: Alert: OU Passover on Mehadrin Ice cream cones with flour! "chometz"

NOTE: OU- "P" always signifies kosher for passover

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Scale insect

The scale insect common in citrus fruits and in the juice extracted has an 
interesting life cycle.
The insect goes through different stages also called molts.
The insect crawls for about 2 days till it finds a citrus fruit that it can draw food from with it's feeding tube inserted in the fruit.
The insect then excretes a scale covering in an oblong shape that covers essentially it's whole body, leaving some room for offspring etc.
At a following stage or molt, it's legs that are not needed anymore are dried up,[ or withdrawn] as Rav Avigdor Miller Z"L describes Hashem's wondrous creations. In the females of the scales the antennae and legs are not lost, but are reduced to such an extent that though the adults can move about somewhat they seldom do.

It's time for the insect under the scale to reproduce, it is "roch'esh" backwards to the oblong point of the scale covering where there is a minute hole that was not covered by the scale excretion.
The male insect can then line up with the female for reproduction purposes.
The female moves forward "roch'esh" and produces it's offspring. after a while the offspring will leave the shelter of the scale covering.

For the minute movements under the scale the insect does not need it's legs, but still is able to move.
The snake that hashem removed it's legs, is still a beryiah, can still move, etc.
There is another fascinating thing about the life cycle of the scale insect. It's legs do not have joints, so they can't fold. With the legs in it's original position will prevent the insect from being able to be in position for reproduction.Nif'lois ha'borei.

The legs are not necessarily removed, it may be withdrawn into the body. There are no dried out legs found. In the females of the scales the antennae and legs are not lost, but are reduced to such an extent that though the adults can move about somewhat they seldom do.

When the scale insect has to reproduce, and goes into stage #3, it stops feeding entirely [the feeding tube is withdrawn]. The salmon when they go to spawn, they also stop all eating completely.

After it was with the male scale insect it does not continue to feed at all, it just reproduces. then it's in the next stage of its cycle and does not continue to feed.

CRC- Hisachdus- Their non-standard on insects, infestation- Brazilian OJ?

The CRC Hisachdus certify Bodek Fruits and vegies as free from insects. The Bodek products were checked by mimchim and they are infested with more than מיעוט המצאוי.

They certify Bodek's Garni-bags which fully grown insects pass right through the large holes. We sent them a video of it, Hisachdus did nothing about it, they continue selling it.

They Certify Gevina with actual fruit of muchzak to be infested, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries.

The certified Golden Taste's infested romain, etc (Golden says it was a mistake, Hisachdus doesn't care)

Their certified infested caterers, restaurants, etc

The are aware that their certified Orange Juice is infested. Therefore they sent a delegation
( Delegation had no experts in infestation) to Brazil to see how to solve the infestation issue of their orange juice (as if they care about insects).

They saw "no-problem" (because, no experts). Hisachdus Bais Din will all say together at their next meeting, בכובד ראש
, מותר לך,מותר לך, מותר לך

Others are saying there is now already a שבת גוי לתולעים available, and they aren't even expensive.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alert: Pineapples and pineapple "packed in it's own juice"?

As is well known, Pineapples do have insects in the crown and in the brown parts of the skin peel.

Some Pineapples were found to have have mealybugs  past the brown area as well, it must be checked by experts in infestation.

Now it was discovered another insect issue with canned pineapple. "Packed-in-its-own-juice". The canned pineapple is raw not cooked, how do they get the "Packed-in-its-own-juice"?

They take the skin / peel, etc with all of the inherent insects and cook it to obtain the pineapple-juice.

Is the somewhat viscous juice filtered? If yes, with what size filter?
We asked some of the heimish certifiers and they refuse to respond.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The unfinished batttle against the modern "Misyavinim" in kashrus

From an Email:
Rav Shimon Schwab spoke at a convention about "The unfinished battle against the modern "Misyavinim". We think there is another modern "Misyavnim" brewing in kashrus, which is being mitamtim our hearts and our children's hearts as well. It is not the Organizational Hashgochas that are the Misyavnim.

The Heimish Hashgochas in it's infancy was supposed to provide to the discerning kosher consumer a product that is of a higher degree in kashrus. As the Heimish Hashgocha industry has mushroomed beyond imagination. There are currently more so called heimish hashgochas than there were a total hashgochas just a few years ago. It is strictly driven by financial incentives.

The discernible consumer became more educated and realized that it has actually taken us in the opposite direction. The Heimish Hashgochas are taking the attitude "trust me, I'm Heimish", with a complete disregard for the discernible consumer.  The discernible consumer can not (in all fairness) rely on most
of the Heimish hashgochas in general.

In many aspects the Organizational Hashgochas are more reliable. The Organizational Hashgochas (at least some) have a high regard for the kosher consumer and especially for the discernible consumer.  It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, before we realize "the Emperor hath no clothing". It's all a bluff with a higher price.

Kashrus Alert: consumer beware

The Good Life Cheese’s Horseradish Cheddar is one of a large selection of kosher cheese varieties. Foodworks Cheese is out of Monsey, NY. It is certified by Rabbi Dovid Katz of Avenue L in Brooklyn, NY, and it is Kosher for Passover year round.

This company was owned and operated by a Heshy Gottesman, who had a mixed reputation and was sort-of semi-orthodox . There was some kind of a scandal years ago with him and his cheeses. Maybe more than one, and maybe he also relied on the opinion which is not accepted lehalacha that any vegetarian rennet is not part of the issur of gevinas akum.

There are suspicions that Rabbi Hazdan of Staten Island, who boasts of being a talmid of Rav Moshe, gives hashgocho on Amy's frozen meals made with cheese relying on that opinion too.

But now Gotesman is publicizing that he has supervision of Rabbi Dovid Katz,

Orange juice

בענין ה"כנימה" שנמצאת בפרי הדר ובהמיץ שלהם Scale insects in Orange Juice

עיין עירובין י"ג: בענין לטהר השרץ בק"ן טעמים, ע' תוספות שם
עיין בסנהדרין י"ז. תוס' שיודע וכו' וקשה לר"ת דמה לנו בחריפות של הבל     לטהר השרץ שהתורה טימאתו

עיין בשו"ת שבט הלוי חלק ז' 
ובסוף סימן קכ"ד וזה לשונו "ואשרי הנזהר שלא להשתמש בכל ההיתרים, והשי"ת יצילנו מתולעים ןמשגיאות, עכ"ל.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the USA there is no Bitul by the Orange Juice

 דבר שיש לו מתירין!

As Reb Shlomo Zalman, Z"L said "americanah Rabbonim zuchen nuhr heteirim. 

בענין ה"כנימה" שנמצאת בפרי הדר ובהמיץ שלהם Scale insects in Orange Juice

בענין ה"כנימה" שנמצאת בפרי הדר ובהמיץ שלהם

עיין חזון אי"ש סימן י"ד
עיין ט"ז בש"ע יו"ד ס' ק"ד בסוף

עיין שו"ת שבט הלוי חלק ז' סימן קכ"ג, ס' קטן ז' או המילבן איך יתכן שבריבוי תולעים לא ימצא הרבה ודאי פירשו.

עיין שו"ת שבט הלוי חלק ז' סימן קכ"ד, סימן קטן א'-דגם משום חשש התלעה בתלוש אם דרכו בכך חייב בבדיקה, ולא מהני ס"ס לכתחילה בזה וכו'

אבל כבר פשט המנהג בכל ישראל שדברים שיש בהם חשש מילבן בעיתים המצויות שלא לאכלם כלל, או לאכלם רק ע"י בדיקה היטב כמש"כ במנח"י כלל מ"ו סוס"ק י"ח וכו'... ואין להתיר דבר כזה בדורינו דמי יהי' בקי בין קטנים ביותר לבינונים וגדולים במכת המילבן. נ.ב. ה"כנימה" גדולה מהמילבן פי כמה.

סימן קטן ב'- בענין בדיקת האורז....דשכיכי ב' מיני תולעים, תולעים ממש דקל לבדקן והמין השני הוא הכינמה דהיינו מילבן וזה ישנו ג"כ בבדיקה ע"י חמין ועין יפה ומבדקא בשמש או זכוכית מגדיל ראות יע"ש עוד.

ולא הבינותי.......אבל לבדוק להחמיר ע"י זכוכית כזה באורז וכיו"ב כדי להרגיש במה שצריך להרגיש אלא לפעמים העין קצר הראות ועין חדה יכולה לראות כזה ועין בינוני לא מרגיש רק ע"י זכוכית כזה אין זה בדיקה להקל אלא להחמיר במה שצריך להחמיר....ובודאי מה שאין עין אדם אפילו הכי חדה וחריפה יכולה לראות כלל בזה בוודאי א"צ לבדוק כלל,..

ובסוף סימן קכ"ד וזה לשונו "ואשרי הנזהר שלא להשתמש בכל ההיתרים, והשי"ת יצילנו מתולעים ןמשגיאות, עכ"ל.

Update-2: Lakewood Shopper farneigeled out a million dollar building from Lakewood "taxpayers"

It's important to write nice articles about Lakewood Fire Department Commissioners, that way a newspaper could get for free a million dollar building Department and Fire Police Station, 40 Clover Street, on the backs of Lakewood taxpayers.

The commissioners say they fear the shopper terroristic tactics "we will "bashmutz" you in our paper". 

We are all wondering aloud? Is the Township committee also afraid of the "shoppers terroristic threats"?

Bulletin: Mike Delia (Lakewood Township Committee) fears and dreads the wrath of the Shopper.

The Shopper will allow LCSW to use part of the building.

Even if it's leased by the Township then leased to the Shopper the building may become taxable.

Why doesn't the Fire Department put it up for sale?
Because the Shopper will write a damning article about them?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Update: Orange Juice ע"פ מסורה

FDA permitted insects in Orange Juice

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Protecting and Promoting Your Health
Citrus Fruit Juices, Canned
(AOAC 970.75)
Average mold count is 10% or more
Insects and insect eggs
(AOAC 970.72)
5 or more Drosophila and other fly eggs per 250 ml or 1 or more maggots per 250 ml [1 cup]
DEFECT SOURCE:  Mold - processing contamination, Fly eggs and/or maggots - post harvest insect infestation