Sunday, December 30, 2012

UPDATE: "The Rest of the Story" צומת הגידין

Reb Yudel,

Someone forwarded me this link. Did you see it?

Do you agree with the allegations?
Question: How does R' Aaron know what's going on by his brother's factories? Maybe you want to do a post about which factories do/don't check צומת הגידין? (Agri doesn't have any "Tzomes issues at this time)

The satmar Butcher on 82 Lee Ave is under the auspicies of Reb Zalman Leib's Rabonim. They get their poultry from Marvid (CRC-Hisachdus) and from Empire-Alle/Meal-mart (Nirbarter & OU).

The system of checking for tzomes hagidin at the Empire/Alle/Meal-mart in a nutshell, they check the first 100 or so & if there are less than 2-3% (shishim is 1.66%) of problems they don't check any other ones.
[Note: there is no bitul after the feathers are removed.] There were chickens checked in the case by the customer & there were "tzomes" problems.

That's in short the reason that Reb Ahron (Satmar-Monroe) claims that his brothers chicken are not properly checked for צומת הגידין

Therefore when purchasing poultry at the satmar butcher stores in Williamsburg, Borough Park, etc "specify-No Alle/mealmart, only Marvid".

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Still infested

Still infested:

Blueberries-Fresh, frozen, canned, processed, etc
Strawberries-Fresh, frozen, canned, processed, etc

All wild Salmon have the anisakis in the flesh, even the ones that claim to check & remove them-are only removing some of the larger ones only.

Chcking for infestation

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Restaurant under the Vaad of Queens-CHOLV-AKUM?

Restaurant under the Vaad of Queens serving  CHOLOV AKUM  items? SHOCKING?
Cholov Akum is TREIF milk, according to all of the Major Poiskim (Rav Eliyashev, Z"L, Rav Wosner, Shlita, etc) and of course the Shulchan Oruch- despite someone that has a half of a heter. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

RE: Wild salmon anisakis

It's a known fact that wild salmon have anisakis worms in their flesh. Only the farmed salmon does not have the worms in the flesh.

There is a store in Borough Park thsam is selling wild salmon from Norway & Scandanvia that they claim to check with a black-light. It's of interest that they claim they don't find any worms in the wild salmon.

There was an unreliable hashgocha that was certifying a large fish monger operation without an on-site mashgiach. He was asked how do you know they don't have non-kosher fish. He says he has a special electronic "wand" that he waves over the containers of fish & it beeps if there any non-kosher species.
He was asked how do you know it works? Well it never beeped. 

Don't purchase any fish in that type of store!

Even in China where they are in darkened room with black light, they only remove some of the larger worms, not all of them so it's still an infested fish & can't be eaten.

GMO Salmon may soon be in the market

Published: Dec. 22, 2012 at 1:44 PM GMO Salmon

WASHINGTON, Dec. 22 (UPI) -- WASHINGTON, Dec. 22 (UPI) -- The biotech industry said a U.S. government report on genetically engineered salmon would move the technology closer to the market. The Food and Drug Administration Friday released a draft report on so-called AquAdvantage salmon that concluded they were safe to eat and would not harm the environment.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Should we accept the (sub)standard? לטהר השרץ עם ק"ן טעמים UPDATE:

Bodek and the Kof-K use this unaccetable standard!
לטהר השרץ בק"ן וכו 

NOTE: We wrote to Hisachdus prior to posting , they did not care to respond, which is not unusual. They beleive they don't have to answer to the kosher consumers.

1-Certifier standards by Bodek-Only insects larger than 1.2 mm are forbidden (אסור) because anything smaller than 1.2 mm is not considered visible to the naked human eye.

The fallacy? The "series date" on the Unites States dollar is a mere "1 mm" and it can be seen very easily.  Check it out.

The Dollar denomination is more than 1.2 mm, that's what counts.

Optomotrists say that the naked human eye with 20/20 sight can see "0.3" mm from a distance of 12 inches.
"Milbin" aka mites, are less than 0.5 mm, and is brought in various halachas that they are forbidden insects.

Harav Moshe Vaye (the world's expert on insects) writes in his books on insects that 0.3 mm is definitly considered visible to the naked human eye. Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, Z"L also said that much less than 0.5 mm is forbidden.

Bodek's certifiers standards are guided by the unrealisic 1.2 mm size. Therefore they are giving to the kosher consumer vegetables that are forbidden  אסור.

Hisachdus et al also accepts that anyone can be a mashgiach for infestation even if he doesn't have very good eyesight. The Chasam Sofer states clearly "excellent eyesight, special designated qualified individual". Hisachdus et al evidently disagrees.

A אדם בינוני with regular eyesight is not an acceptable mashgiach for infestation, which is the current standard by them.

You need a properly trained mumcha, excellent eyesight, יראת שמים , etc with proper standards not any 1.2 mm standards.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brocolli-frozen & Fresh

Brocolli-Fresh, remove florets & dispose of, & they are generally clean from infestation. If being used for a salad or kugel, etc, should be peeled, if for a soup no need to peel.

Frozen- Eden brand- if used for cooking or baking only, not salads.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

ALL Cigarettes were "assered" by the Chofetz Chaim

Many people in Lakewood who bought cigarettes online some years ago are now being sent letters from the NJ Department of Taxation that they have to pay taxes on those purchases. Do you know of this? Is there a way to fight it? What should they do about it? Could you post about this?

Thank You

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Widespread Seafood Fraud In NYC

Some non-kosher fish is being substituted as well.
Tue, 12/11/2012 - 12:21pm
NEW YORK (Business Wire) — Oceana, the largest international advocacy group working solely to protect the world’s oceans, found 39 percent of seafood to be mislabeled in the New York City-area, according to a new report released today. DNA testing of 142 seafood samples from 81 retail outlets, including grocery stores, restaurants and sushi venues, confirmed that 56 samples were mislabeled according to United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Why " Smith Brothers" not "Ricola" cough drops?

The Ricola brand cough drops sometimes has a Hashgocha from a Rav in Switzerland, and at times does not have the hashgocha. Either way it's not to be relied upon.

The Smith Brothers cough drops OU certified (not D), is reliable.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Alert: Openheimer candies, cookies, etc

Alert: Openheimer candies, etc had the Hashgocha of Rav Illowitz from Brazil, which is very reliable. It seems that some products are appearing with some other Hashgochas. Any products originating from Brazil & doesn't have Rav Illowitz's Hashgocha should be avoided.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

1 lady-bug consumes 1000 aphids a day

1 lady bug consumes 1000 aphids a day. The kosher certifiers of prewashed vegetables may soon avail themselves to using the "lady-bug" in order to get rid of the aphids. Don't be taken back by this new tried & tested method.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Suspected OLIVE OIL Fraud Hits Major Israeli Supermarkets

Suspected Fraud Hits Major Israeli Supermarkets-Posted on October 02 2012
Categorized in: Africa and The Middle East-By Charlie Higgins-Olive Oil Times Contributor

Rami Levy owns one of the supermarket chains where the suspected fraudulent products were being sold.

Israeli supermarket chains Rami Levy and Home Center have removed thousands of olive oil products from their shelves following a series of factory raids. Investigators suspect that industrial “lampante” grade oil, unfit for human consumption, was being sold as olive oil.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is your extra virgin olive oil "adulterated"? MOST PROBABLY

How virginal is the olive oil in the pantry? By Greg Lucas, 04/28/11 12:00 AM PST

Extra virgin? That’s the best, of course. Virgin? Hopefully it’s not “virgin but unfit for human consumption.” Is it refined but not virgin? Or is it just plain old olive oil?

The International Olive Council, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the California Olive Oil Council, the University of California at Davis Olive Center and Sen. Lois Wolk, a Davis Democrat, want to ensure that olive oil users are getting what they pay for.

Because, right now, three out of four times, olive oil buyers aren’t, according to two recent UC Davis studies.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

מה זה מחמיר ומה זה מיקל ?Are we being Machmir or Maikal

תסביר, מה זה מחמיר ומה זה מיקל
 יש הבדיל גדול בין מחמיר ל חמור
ובין מיקל ל קל   ?  

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Cause and Effect

הלכה ברורה ומשנה ברורה במקום אחד.'

תניא: 'רבי יוסי בן אלישע אומר: אם ראית דור שצרות רבות באות עליו - צא ובדוק בדייני ישראל, שכל פורענות שבאה לעולם לא באה אלא בשביל דייני ישראל,

שנאמר (מיכה ג ט) שמעו נא זאת ראשי בית יעקב וקציני בית ישראל המתעבים משפט ואת כל הישרה יעקשו [פסוק י] בנה ציון בדמים וירושלים בעולה [פסוק יא] ראשיה בשחד ישפטו וכהניה במחיר יורו ונביאיה בכסף יקסמו ועל ה' ישענו [לאמר הלוא ה' בקרבנו לא תבוא עלינו רעה] - רשעים הן, אלא שתלו בטחונם במי שאמר והיה העולם; לפיכך מביא הקדוש ברוך הוא עליהן שלש פורעניות כנגד שלש עבירות שבידם, שנאמר (מיכה ג יב) לכן בגללכם ציון שדה תחרש וירושלים עיין תהיה והר הבית לבמות יער ; ואין הקדוש ברוך הוא משרה שכינתו על ישראל עד שיכלו שופטים ושוטרים רעים מישראל, שנאמר (ישעיהו א כה) ואשיבה ידי עליך ואצרף כבר סגיך ואסירה כל בדיליך [פסוקכו] ואשיבה שפטיך כבראשונה ויעציך כבתחלה [אחרי כן יקרא לך עיר הצדק קריה נאמנה '

אמר רב פפא: אי בטלי יהירי - בטלי אמגושי אי בטלי דייני בטלי גזירפטי;

אי בטלי יהירי - בטלי אמגושי, דכתיב (ישעיהו א כה) [ואשיבה ידי עליך] ואצרף כבר סגיך [ואסירה כל בדיליך];

אי בטלי דייני בטלי גזירפטי - דכתיב (צפניה ג טו) הסיר ה' משפטיך פנה אויבך [מלך ישראל ה' בקרבך לא תיראי רע עוד] .

אמר רבי מלאי משם רבי אלעזר ברבי שמעון: מאי דכתיב (ישעיהו יד ה) שבר ה' מטה רשעים שבט משלים?

'שבר ה' מטה רשעים' - אלו הדיינין שנעשו מקל לחזניהם;

שבט משלים' - אלו תלמידי חכמים שבמשפחות הדיינין.

שבט מושלים = מקל אגרופין של מושלים, היינו דיינים רשעים שתלמידי חכמים שבמשפחותם להם למקל ולאגרוף: שעל ידיהם היו מעמידין אותן, ומחפין עליהם, ועושין סניגרון לדבריהם

מר זוטרא אמר: אלו תלמידי חכמים שמלמדים הלכות ציבור לדייני בור.

אמר רבי אליעזר בן מלאי משום ריש לקיש: מאי דכתיב (ישעיהו נט ג) כי כפיכם נגאלו בדם ואצבעותיכם בעון שפתותיכם דברו שקר לשונכם עולה תהגה?

'כי כפיכם נגאלו בדם' - אלו הדיינין;

'ואצבעותיכם בעון' - אלו סופרי הדיינין

'שפתותיכם דברו שקר' - אלו עורכי הדיינין;

'לשונכם עולה תהגה' - אלו בעלי דינין.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Lakewood schools officials spent millions in questionable deals
The Lakewood Board of Education’s dealings with some of its largest vendors have been plagued by lax oversight and questionable contracts over the years, an Asbury Park Press investigation has found.

In one case, the school board paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for grounds-keeping and school custodial services — before work was done.

In another instance, the district paid $10,000 to Michael I. Inzelbuch, the school board attorney, for an unspecified reason as part of the sale of a former public school building used for the district’s administrative offices to Beth Medrash Govoha, a prestigious rabbinical college in Lakewood, according to the settlement statement.

In addition, it appears that the school board paid tens of millions of dollars to an educational company that provides nonpublic students with a wide variety of services without anyone in the district verifying the accuracy of the company’s bills, according to the current school board attorney, Stephen J. Edelstein.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Don't get mad

Some people don't get mad, they get even,
Getting even, takes patience.

Cedarbridge- Lakewood's Watergate

Does Lakewood Township notify certain parties who is the one that made an OPRA request & for what documents? is it standard procedure, or only if it's RE: Cedarbridge corruption documents?

Remember the blank sections on the watergate tapes?
Cedarbridge also gives blank CD's to frustrate the Lakewood taxpayers attoneys.
Watergate / Cedarbridge at its best. History corruption repeats itself.

The Traffic Light at Cedarbridge & Pines St (not at MLK & Pine St) is all part of a Watergate operation to cover up the coruption & ilegalities. The sidewalks on the outside of Cedarbridge, etc are also part of the cover up.

Friday, October 26, 2012

ALL Pearled Barley requires checking for infestation

ALL Pearled Barley requires checking for infestation regardless of the season or date codes.
Checkin in cold water does NOT work.
You can do a 1 lb bag at one time, by soaking in tap hot water for 5 minutes and stiring once or twice.
Barley should be stored in the freezer.

Lakewood's WATERGATE? New traffic light on Pine st (in the wrong place?)

What's with A new traffic light on Pine St (in the wrong place?)
Many have asked,
Why at the Cedarbridge entrance not at MLK (where there are traffic jams).
Why suddenly the new sidewalks by an unused Cedarbridge project?
Why an approval to construct an office building after all these years?

AH!, The Township obtained Governemental grants some 10 years ago on behalf of Cedarbridge infrastructure. It's alledged that they were not obtained according to the requirements and a "grant fraud" was committed.There are documents & photos of all the site work over the past few years to show the alledged fraud.

The Township is trying to do a watergate cover-up by all of this site work.

Don't let "KROHN" do the BRIS-see krohn videos

Krohn is not the one in this article- see the following article "Krohn's butchered brisim".

Not Kosher- Brit milah- Hundreds in north may undergo circumcision corrections

Chief Rabbinate to hold hearing on rabbi from Haifa area suspected of not removing entire foreskin during brit ceremony. Following discovery, dozens of concerned parents contact experts to check if their children's circumcision was performed thoroughly. No concern for medical complications

“A man does what he must - in spite of personal consequences, in spite of obstacles and dangers and pressures - and that is the basis of all human morality.”

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

After all, disrespect only breeds more disrespect.

Teaching Respect During Election Time -From the desk of my father, Rabbi Eli Teitelbaum Z"L
Published a long time ago

We live in a very liberal society where the bashing of even our greatest leaders, from the president down , is not only tolerated, but part and parcel of the democratic way. One only has to experience an election campaign to realize the extremes the candidates will go to insult and smear each other in a most sickening manner. There is no effort to seek the truth, as innuendoes, half truth, and mockery are hurled at others at an astronomical speed. No wonder respect for government officials has reached a new low. One cannot erase the memories of all one heard about the winning candidate just because the election is over!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Opinion: The case for transparency in town affairs

Sunday October 21, 2012, 7:00 AM -BY WALTER M. LUERS-The Record-Walter M. Luers is an attorney in Clinton whose practice focuses on OPRA litigation.

THE SUPREME COURT of New Jersey recently wrote that the Legislature, which enacted the Open Public Records Act, “understood that knowledge is power in a democracy, and that without access to information contained in records maintained by public agencies citizens cannot monitor the operation of our government or hold public officials accountable for their actions.”

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Court punts on kosher ministerial exception:by The HR Specialist: Florida Employment Law on October 21, 2012 1:00am

 Human Resources,Overtime Labor Laws -Under Title VII, religious institutions that employ workers to engage in religious activities are exempt from complying with anti-discrimination laws under the so-called ministerial exception.

That is, employees performing religious services such as preaching or teaching religious doctrine aren’t covered by Title VII. Employees who perform nonreligious work are protected. But what about minimum wage and overtime? Are ministerial employees entitled to protection under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)? A federal court in Florida recently sidestepped the issue.

Friday, October 19, 2012

UPDATE: MealMart/Alle, Empire & Aarons (see NOTE)

Empire, MealMart/Alle have a dilemma "in the eyes of the Kosher Consumer" are the kashrus standards being raised or lowered? They will have to leave it to the capable Rabbis, namely Alle's Rabbi Jacobowitz & Empire's Rabbi Rokeach.

And the kosher consumer will decide.

We have recently offered $3,000.00 for anyone that can tell us any significant kashrus difference between the MealMart/Alle & Empire chicken.-NO ONE CLAIMED THE BOUNTY!

The problem Of Tzomes Hagidin (which is a TREIF issue) was addressed in a previous article re: Empire, MealMart/Alle V Aarons poultry (Aaron's does not have any of those issues). Many have therefore lately switched to the Aaron brand of poultry.

NOTE: We aren't advocating for anyone, just presenting the behind the scenes facts, not theories.
For those that asked re: Aaron's Lubavitch.....One thing is clear there aren't any meshichistim there anymore, under the previous it was full of meshchistim.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

A true Rebbi "Threw him out of yeshiva"


In response to the dilemma regarding throwing boys out of a yeshiva, I have a story to relate.

After completing 11th grade, my son, Yanky, was not invited back to attend his well-known Yeshiva for the 12th grade year. It is now five years years later, and I stiil think that he doesn't even know that he was "kicked out."

Monday, October 15, 2012

*UPDATE: Can't blame KCL for this one-"But"?

Can't blame KCL for this one, but how often does it happen under their noses?
The other day at a seudah for a Bris, a KCL caterer set up a full michig spread, cream cheese, milk, etc.

The waitors also put down on the tables "cold-cut" platters (fleishig) till someone told the waitors these tables are dairy, you can't put meat platters.

The waitors removed them and put them at the milchig coffee station table instead.

The Baal-simcha provided the platters not the caterer. The caterer's waitors did not know how to deal with this type of situation.

This is so common that a kashrus certifier should have in place "guidelines" for this type of scenario.
No it's not acceptable to cover youreself with the "we don't allow any family or friends to bring in anything", as it is a seudas mitzvah, & an arangement must be made to accomodate the obvious. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

UPDATE: Get your non-kosher "TREIF" vegetables in Boro Park, etc


Get your non-kosher "TREIF" vegetables in Boro Park, etc with the Yoka & or Rapport Rav hashgochas.
Call the Non-Kosher "exclusive" distributors  J & R  and Braun Brothers.

All Rabonim in Boro Park are allowing it, join them in eating vegetables with INFESTATION, full of protein.

[Footnote: It's alledged that some Satmar moisdois in Willy & some stores also allow the J&R, Braun Brothers, Dole infested vegetables, etc. If anyone has more info, please let us know at] למיחש מיבעי

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bodek had fresh product on Isru-Chag?

Bodek had fresh product on Isru-Chag? How?
Unless they worked on Chol-Hamoed for after Yom Tov.
We know the OU doesn't allow that.
We don't know how Bodek's other certifiers allow to work on Chol Hamoed?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Oi Vei"- All N. American blueberries (including Canadian) are infested

All blueberries (including Canadian) are infested. Evn after soaking & rinsing 4 times, they still had infestation.

Friday, September 14, 2012

ALERT: Does the שליח ציבור consume cholov stam / akum (treif)?

ALERT: Does the שליח ציבור consume cholov stam / akum (treif)?

According to most prominent Poiskim the vet operated cows are Treif & their milk products are therefore Treif. Poiskim include Rav Shmuel Wosner, Shlita, Rav Sholom Eliyashev, Z"L, etc

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vegetable oils "OU-Mehadrin" standard

In Vegetable oil what would be considered Mehadrin?
What are the other standards available?

Mehadrin= Produced in an all kosher facility. Processed from the crush of the bean through the complete refining, processing, & packaging all in the same plant-That's a mehadrin product.
The Nature Valley brand "vegetable oil" (soybean) [not their other oils, e.g. corn] sold by Dollar General stores.
The Carlini brand "vegetable oil" (soybean) [not their other oils, e.g. corn] sold in the Aldis stores.
The Carlini & the Nature Valley brands are the MEHADRIN brands. BTW- Both are OU Mehadrin certified brands.

Other oils with a lower standard would include the ones processed in an AV plant (Animal/Vegetable), or transported by tank, tanker, rail car, etc for further processing & packaging.

The Heimish fall under this lower standard category. A certain heimish brand "special production". They took the processed oil from an OU facility, trucked it in an OU kashered tanker, bottled it in a facility with a heimish mashgiach and it became a Heimish "special production". The mashgiach was in the "HEIM" for production & came for the bottling.

Why would one pay a premium for the Heimish brand, when you could buy an OU oil with less transpotation kashrus issues? I give up!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

The CONCORD grape is in season, so what?

The CONCORD grape is in season, so what?
Due to the infestation on the skin of grapes, it was not practical to wash each grape separately.

The Concord grape has a thick skin, and one can "POP" out the grape inside & not eat the skin.

Monday, September 03, 2012

בית יוסף Who's Bais Yosef beef to use?

בית יוסף
Who's Bais Yosef beef to use?
Solomon's, Fishel's,
Kiras Joel (even when not marked as Bais yosef) 

Alle / Meal mart changed their bedikas & nikur standards to a new standard by a Rabbi Yakobovitch, shlita.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Kashrus Alert: Is the kosher consumer being misled?

Due to the system being used at the Meal Mart / Alle, Malchus, Empire etc Poultry re: the issue of צומת הגידין , it's advisable to ask you Rav to ascertain out if it's acceptable to rely on that system.

NOTE: It's an issue of the chicken being treif.

Some מדקדקים were advised to kasher their utensils.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

KASHRUS Alert: Post raisin Bran cereal- NPGS Bargain days

Update: NPGS says theirs was checked by whom they consider to be mumchim & expert in raisins as well, we are not yet convinced.

KASHRUS Alert: All Raisin bran cereals, including Post raisin Bran cereal's (even when it's on sale). The raisins are sundried raisins. All Raisins have an infestation problem especially the sun dried raisins.

Some stores are running sales on it, don't buy it.
Very few in kashrus are qualified in checking for infestation.
Don't trust the ones that think they know how to check.
NOTE: If they would use currants it would be a different story.

All domestic sundried & oven dried raisins are infested. Yellows may have less, nonetheless they do have. S. African have less, but aren't clean. Some claimed oven dried yet they were found to be infested, the reason being that they were first field dried (infested) then they finished drying them in an oven.

Post uses the regular raisins not the claimed "oven dried", which most raisin bran companies use "the regular raisins". Even the "oven dried" are first partially dried in the open field & are also infested.

Waxes on fruits & vegetables is more of a serious problem than first thought.

Certain fruits and vegetables are coated with waxes etc to prevent dehydration. Some of the coatings may not be kosher e.g. "lac-resin", which is a secretion from an insect.

REB MOSHE's "psak" was based on not correct information.

To the best of our current information tomatoes do not use the lac-resin, apples do use lac-resin
(applied warm), peppers may use it but there may not be "shishim" & or a "Poigim", cucumbers should be peeled. Sour pickles do not have coatings prior to their use as sour pickles.

Apples even when washed with soap some residue remains. Peppers can be washed with soap.

Monday, August 20, 2012

KASHRUS ALERT: Many kosher published recipes contain "treif" ingredients" !

Rabonim should ban all published recipes unless they have a kashrus approval from a kashrus expert, who is up to date especially in the area of  INFESTATION.

Many of the recipe books from well meaning authors contain numerous non-kosher recipes.
Many of the Newspapers & Jewish magazines contain recipes with non-kosher ingredients.

The "baala'buste" may be fooled in thinking that it's kosher, especially regarding infestation.

Checking for infestation requires experts or to be taught by an expert.

All herbs are infested. Corn on the cob, strawberries, raspberries, most blueberries from the 2012 crop, etc are infested.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Rebbe by Rabbi Berel Wein

Why date codes on products are important?

Why are date codes on products are important?

How old is the wine, grape juice, other grocery items, etc.

   1st                                                  2nd &3rd                    4th
Month                                    day of month                             year

A - K                                                                                            A  -   M
"A"   = Jan-                                                                                                        "A" being 2000 (or 01)
"K"    = Dec                                                                                  "L" or "M"  =2012

Now check the dated on your Kedem wine & Grape Juice & see if it's fresh or how old. 

Of course Yoshon, you must know how to read the date codes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fruends fish in BP 15th Ave

The Kosher certifier says he was unaware that the nish fin unzereh has a key to the gesheft. He was also unaware that he went in Shabbos to the store. It's alledged that some kidush needed the gefilte fish.

You can talk to the certifier for more details. This certifier is there a nice few years, others were not satisfied with the previous one.

The status of Milk, Cholov akum, Stam, Akum, Treif !

The status of Milk, Cholov akum, Stam, Akum, Treif !
Cholov Yisroel is more than just that a Shomer Shabbos that observes cholov yisroel was present at the milking. They also now (past 15 years) have to institute a system to remove all of the "vet procedured cows" as they are treif.

Reb Moshe Feinstein's heter of Cholov stam in the USA (when cholov yisroel is not readily available) was prior to us becoming aware of the "vet procedures" that render the cows (4-8%+-) treif.

The Heimish hashgochas only use the cholov yisroel even before to "treif" that was discovered some 15 years ago. The Maryland based International wanted their Hashgochas to be accepted by the yeshivish type crowd so they only certified cholov yisroel products. When the profits that were being lost to cholov stam / akum was too much, they teamed up with another Organization & developed the Star-D.

The Orginazational certifiers that are relying on the Heter of one the poiskim at the major NY based kosher certifier that procedures do not render the cows treif is not to be relied upon, per all major poiskim including Rav Eliyashev, Z"L.

For Non-Dairy item, the Orginizational hashgochas may have certain advantages, i.e. mashgiach temidi, trained mashgichim, do not rely on the owner or management, etc