Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Recipe "Treif" disclaimers

Most recipe books & published recipes in Hamodia, Yated, Shopper, The Voice etc are of the non-Torah opinion that when their recipes contain non-kosher ingredients e.g. fresh herbs, Vegies, strawberries, etc (which a consumer is not qualified at all to check-hence treif) -

-they write a disclaimer "Ask your local Rav re: checking & cleaning for infestation". You know that there are NO Rabonim that know how to check let alone clean...see Chasam sofer O/C 132.

It's actually a treif "EXCLAIMER ! ! !"

Even though all Rabonim know that the herbs, vegies, fruits in the recipe are ossur because of infestation that you can't clean ..,


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