Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Grapes have tiny insects that come off w/ washing well

New Square kashrus-
Grapes have tiny insects that come off w/ washing well. Includes all varieties.

Shabbos would be an issue of "borer".

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kashrus alert: The RAISIN saga??????????

Hisachdus Harabonim & the Volover Rav have banned raisins due the their infestation.

Yet Korns chalah (under hisachdus) & Zomicks Chalah under the Volover) both have raisins. Unless they are frozen from before anyone knew of the infsetation problem with raisins.

So yoshon is not a problem, have to find out about any pesach issues.

Kosher alert:

Kosher consumers Beware:
Some Ice cream & yogurt parlors are using a mix aledegedly cholov yisroel that originates in Canada or Europe that does not remove the operated cows and therefore is actually cholov-treif.

The "Emmes" is that all USA, canada & European cholov akum is cholov treif, Per  Rav Eliyashev, Rav Wosner, Shlita & all other poiskim.

The milk from Germany does not have those procedures.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What's happening to Lakewoods Children?

What's happening to Lakewoods Children?
We allow them to go to every treif establishment for fress. e.g. 7-11, RITAS, Delta 1st St, Yum yum, etc Ice cream & yogurt parlors, exxon, Hang outs, etc even those that made a splash with "kivias-Mezuzah".

Everything is permitted to fress. At least till after Yom-Kippur to refrain from bishul akum, pas-akum, cholov akum = "cholov-treif", shnapps without a hashgocha, infested fruits & vegetables, etc just for starters.

What's the issues w/ honey from "really raw honey Company"?

It still contains the non kosher larva, moths, eggs, honey comb, beeswax, etc

The kosher consumer should look for a pure USA product, & a filtered honey that is not heated at all.

Solgar Vitamin E from a Heimish store in Boro Park

See below - may question and the response from the Chof-K regarding Vitamin E that I bought in a "heimishe" store in Boro Park.

Hi, I recently bought a few bottlles of Solgar vitamins from a frum shop in Boro Park.  I assumed all were under hashgocho.  One of the items was the Vitamin E gelcaps, and they have no hashgocho.  The bottle says that it is \"suitable for vegetarians.\"  Can you give me some insight on why most other items have the chof K and this does not?  I'm just trying to figure out if I can use these.  Thanks,

KASHRUS ALERT: Lakewood / Howell fruit stores

KASHRUS ALERT: Lakewood / Howell fruit stores, including those north of the Lakewood border. They are selling Israeli fruits, etc misleading the customers and claiming it's from Mexico, Peru etc.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kashrus alert: YATED- has non-kosher recipes

Kashrus alert: YATED- has non-kosher recipes

Throw out at least the entire section containg the recipes.

Others are cancelling their subscriptions.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who's at fault for all of the street-lights still out? LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP OFFICIALS!


לידיעת הציבור!

אחרי שעברה יותר משנה שוועד הכשרות של וואלאווע ונירבאטור הותרו השגחתם מ-raisins, הצטרפו להם בי"ד התאחדות הרבנים וגם הם הוסרו השגחתם מהיום והלאה


The U. S. Food and Drug Administration –Raisins including golden Insects and insect eggs (AOAC 969.42 & MPM-V76)-10 or more whole or equivalent insects and 35 Drosophila eggs per 8 oz.
ALL RAISINS ARE SUSPECT INCLUDING "raisin-bran", Dole, Sun-Maid, Etc 

Brands with any Hashgocha SHOULD NOT BE USED AT THIS TIME.

Yellow Golden raisins & South African ones have less insects. It does fluctuate by batches but none are clean.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Chofetz Chaim's Yuhr'zeit- chofetz chaim on kashrus

The saintly Chofetz Chaim writes in his book, Machaneh Israel, that a Jewish soldier once asked him what he should choose. He was given the choice to be in a division under a fine commander, who allows the soldiers to slaughter and eat kosher meat, but there he would have to work on the Shabbat, or to be in another division where he would not be able to eat kosher food, but he would not be coerced to work on the Shabbat. He asked what he should do.
The Chofetz Chaim told him to go to the division where he would be forced to work on the Shabbat and added the following reason: Even though Shabbat is a capital offense, when he comes home, he would be able to observe many Shabbossim. If he eats neveilos and trefos, however, "the damage to his soul will remain permanently," [..And he will end up not eating Kosher and not observing Shabbat]

בתורה הקדושה כתוב: ואנשי קודש תהיון לי, (שמות כ"ב). על המילים ואנשי קודש תהיון לי אומר רשי הקדוש: אם אתם קדושים ופרושים מנבילות וטריפות הרי אתם שלי, ואם לאו אתם של נבוכדנצר וחבריו, הפשט הוא כך: הקדוש ברוך הוא אומר כשהיהודים יהיו קדושים, והם לא יאכלו נבילות וטריפות, אז הם יהיו שלי, וכשהם יאכלו נבילות וטריפות הם לא יהיו שלי, ועל המלים לכלב תשליכון אותו אומר רש"י: "שהכלב נכבד ממנו, הכוונה שכמישהו אוכל טריפות הוא יותר גרוע מכלב"

Where to buy meat for Yom Tov

Lkwd- Kosher Village
Monsey-Kosher Plaza
Pre-Packaged Fishels / Solomon's anywhere.
Alle- North American only
Boro Park-917-238-0666
Satmar Butcher stores on New Utrecht
Flatbush- Satmar Butcher on Ave "J"
Satmar butcher on Lee Ave in Williamsburg
Avi's on Ave "U" Alle N' America.
Poultry- Mehadrin, Vineland, Franklin, Kiryas Joel

Satmar-Meats-(718) 506-1196 1211 Avenue J Brooklyn NY 11230
Satmar-Meat-Market-(718) 854-2100 5023 New Utrecht Ave Brooklyn NY
Satmar-Butcher-and-Meat-Market-(718) 963-1100 82 Lee Ave Brooklyn NY

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Party planners at Shabbos / Yom-tov affairs

Is it a fact that Shabbos / Yom-Tov affairs that have party planners in general involve "chilul-shabbos"?

One of the major Poiskim in the USA stated "one may not utilize party planners on a Shabbos / Yom tov affair, as it will most probably involve chilul shabbos in more than one way".

Sunday, September 18, 2011

An Email, "Why the Hashgocha changed at a popular fish company"?

NOTE: We stopped contacting dagim re: kashrus issues, as they were told by their certifier not to respond.

To Rav Shain; why did Rabbi Spiegel leave DAGIM?

Read all the attachments they are true actual copies of production records from a company (Think they're called National) in the Boston area where Dagim fries their fish. Look over the records and follow the dates explained here.

1. Yom Kippur, 5766, 10/13/05. Dagim 900 Cases, 4 Oz. Unbreaded Pollock fish.

2. Erev Shabbos & Shabbos Ha’azinu 5766, 10/14/05. Dagim 980 Cases, 4 Oz. Unbreaded Pollock fish.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Many eggs come from Pensylvania's amish country, which have roosters in the coops-therefore a blood spot would be "ossuhr".

Lately the KREIDER eggs have a higher incidence of blood spots and or a "gershtel" which is a hard'ish piece floating in the white, usually beige but at times pinkish or red, etc.

Kreider responds:
Dear Mr. Shain,
Thank you for contacting us about your concerns and I’m terribly sorry it has taken this long to get back to you.

We are sorry to hear that you have found blood spots in our eggs. Kreider Farms label eggs, while not USDA identified on the carton, are inspected by the USDA. The USDA and our own stringent in-house egg quality audits have not revealed any problems with blood spots or small hard pieces in the white above any acceptable regulatory standards. Blood spots actually are a small piece of the reproductive process of a female chicken and on a very rare occasion, a blood vessel that has been nourishing the forming yoke may break off when the yolk is released. We do understand that clean eggs are a critical Kosher requirement.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sardines, can we eat them? which ones? "King of the Sea"

"King of the Sea" sardines from the philipines with skin & bones were "CLEAN" when checked for infestation. King of the Sea sardines also do not have the concern of "kovush" with-non kosher species.

King of the Sea sardines from Morroco "skinless N boneless" is also clean.

Monday, September 12, 2011

From an EMAIL-

Are we ready to move ahead in the fast lane in the most serious issue in kashrus in the past century "TOLAIYIM"?

Or do we have to resort to allowing food service, caterers restaurants, etc to serve "treif" to satisfy the demanding consumer-it beats serving infested fruits & vegetables.

Defining "Trust-me" in all languages!

Defining "Trust-me" in all languages!

Trust me, means you will be taken to the cleaners (taken for a ride).

If the rrroll the "R" in Trust, you were taken already.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

From the autistic

ש': פארוואס האט לייבי'ס קערפער געדארפט אזוי פארדארבן ווערן?

ת': ווייל מיר פארדארבן רוחניות'דיג אונזערע קינדער, מיט אונזער גשמיות, און דאס איז נאך אפילו ערגער פון דאס וואס דער מערדער האט געטאהן צו לייבי'ס קערפער, ווייל ער האט גע'הרג'עט נאר זיין גוף, און מיר הרג'ענען די נשמות פון אונזערע קינדער.

פארהאן נאך א גרויסער פראבלעם אין אמעריקע און אין די גאנצע וועלט, די אמעריקאנער זענען מקיל אין דעם נושא פון כשרות אין די עסן, די אמעריקאנער מוזן האבן זייערע רעסטאראנטן ) מסעדות( מיט זייערע עקסטערע געשמאקע עסן, אפילו אויב עס מיינט עסן שפייז וואס זייער כשרות איז א גרויסע פראגע צייכן.

עס איז דא א גרויסע שאלה ארום די כשרות פון די שחיטה, און פונדעסטוועגן, נאכן גרויסן סקאנדאל מיט אפאר יאהר צוריק, איז נאך אלס די בכללות'דיגע השגחה אויף די שחיטה זייער שוואך, און איך מוז אייך זאגן, אז בכלל פיל זאכן וואס מיר עסן האט באקומען א גויא'ישן אויסזעהן, און צווישן די פיצה מיט די סושי קען מען ברעכן.

נאך א קרענק אין אמעריקע 

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where's the SPINACH? (der narisheh koifer)

There was a big problem with the frozen spinach production, this year more so. The kosher certifiers realized "finally" (after the productions) that the washing of the spinach is with recirculated infested water.

The processor refused to cancel the orders. "HEFSED-MI'RIBAH" $$$$$

Solution: Don't sell it retail, sell to food service, restaurants, caterers, nursing homes, hospitals, etc
 Are they allowed to eat infested spinach? Sure! Hefsid meribah.

NOTE: If your restaurant, caterer, etc have spinach on their menu "DON'T eat any of their checked vegetables.
Can it be used if it's pureed? NO. (Who's hefsid merubah? not the consumers. By the consumer it's a li'chatchila)

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

CHINA- Millions of dead fish in river water authority claims "is normal"

09/05/2011 CHINA  Millions of dead fish in river water authority claims "is normal"

In the Min River, the main river of Fujian, in the space of a few days tens of millions of fish have died. People block roads to protest against authorities indifference. Gutian County produces over 100 tons of fish a day, now its economy is destroyed.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Matzav's non-kosher recipes?

Fresh herbs are infested-a consumer can't check them.
Adulterated virgin Olive oil.
Bartenurah balsamic- Meshichistim's wine & shechita is ossur according to Rav Y.S. Eliyashev, shlita.

Etc, Etc.

Friday, September 02, 2011

This "BLOG" is for kashrus issues,

This "BLOG" is for kashrus issues. Please keep political or other comments out. At times we will post something that we consider important to post.