Friday, August 31, 2012

Kashrus Alert: Is the kosher consumer being misled?

Due to the system being used at the Meal Mart / Alle, Malchus, Empire etc Poultry re: the issue of צומת הגידין , it's advisable to ask you Rav to ascertain out if it's acceptable to rely on that system.

NOTE: It's an issue of the chicken being treif.

Some מדקדקים were advised to kasher their utensils.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

KASHRUS Alert: Post raisin Bran cereal- NPGS Bargain days

Update: NPGS says theirs was checked by whom they consider to be mumchim & expert in raisins as well, we are not yet convinced.

KASHRUS Alert: All Raisin bran cereals, including Post raisin Bran cereal's (even when it's on sale). The raisins are sundried raisins. All Raisins have an infestation problem especially the sun dried raisins.

Some stores are running sales on it, don't buy it.
Very few in kashrus are qualified in checking for infestation.
Don't trust the ones that think they know how to check.
NOTE: If they would use currants it would be a different story.

All domestic sundried & oven dried raisins are infested. Yellows may have less, nonetheless they do have. S. African have less, but aren't clean. Some claimed oven dried yet they were found to be infested, the reason being that they were first field dried (infested) then they finished drying them in an oven.

Post uses the regular raisins not the claimed "oven dried", which most raisin bran companies use "the regular raisins". Even the "oven dried" are first partially dried in the open field & are also infested.

Waxes on fruits & vegetables is more of a serious problem than first thought.

Certain fruits and vegetables are coated with waxes etc to prevent dehydration. Some of the coatings may not be kosher e.g. "lac-resin", which is a secretion from an insect.

REB MOSHE's "psak" was based on not correct information.

To the best of our current information tomatoes do not use the lac-resin, apples do use lac-resin
(applied warm), peppers may use it but there may not be "shishim" & or a "Poigim", cucumbers should be peeled. Sour pickles do not have coatings prior to their use as sour pickles.

Apples even when washed with soap some residue remains. Peppers can be washed with soap.

Monday, August 20, 2012

KASHRUS ALERT: Many kosher published recipes contain "treif" ingredients" !

Rabonim should ban all published recipes unless they have a kashrus approval from a kashrus expert, who is up to date especially in the area of  INFESTATION.

Many of the recipe books from well meaning authors contain numerous non-kosher recipes.
Many of the Newspapers & Jewish magazines contain recipes with non-kosher ingredients.

The "baala'buste" may be fooled in thinking that it's kosher, especially regarding infestation.

Checking for infestation requires experts or to be taught by an expert.

All herbs are infested. Corn on the cob, strawberries, raspberries, most blueberries from the 2012 crop, etc are infested.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Rebbe by Rabbi Berel Wein

Why date codes on products are important?

Why are date codes on products are important?

How old is the wine, grape juice, other grocery items, etc.

   1st                                                  2nd &3rd                    4th
Month                                    day of month                             year

A - K                                                                                            A  -   M
"A"   = Jan-                                                                                                        "A" being 2000 (or 01)
"K"    = Dec                                                                                  "L" or "M"  =2012

Now check the dated on your Kedem wine & Grape Juice & see if it's fresh or how old. 

Of course Yoshon, you must know how to read the date codes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fruends fish in BP 15th Ave

The Kosher certifier says he was unaware that the nish fin unzereh has a key to the gesheft. He was also unaware that he went in Shabbos to the store. It's alledged that some kidush needed the gefilte fish.

You can talk to the certifier for more details. This certifier is there a nice few years, others were not satisfied with the previous one.

The status of Milk, Cholov akum, Stam, Akum, Treif !

The status of Milk, Cholov akum, Stam, Akum, Treif !
Cholov Yisroel is more than just that a Shomer Shabbos that observes cholov yisroel was present at the milking. They also now (past 15 years) have to institute a system to remove all of the "vet procedured cows" as they are treif.

Reb Moshe Feinstein's heter of Cholov stam in the USA (when cholov yisroel is not readily available) was prior to us becoming aware of the "vet procedures" that render the cows (4-8%+-) treif.

The Heimish hashgochas only use the cholov yisroel even before to "treif" that was discovered some 15 years ago. The Maryland based International wanted their Hashgochas to be accepted by the yeshivish type crowd so they only certified cholov yisroel products. When the profits that were being lost to cholov stam / akum was too much, they teamed up with another Organization & developed the Star-D.

The Orginazational certifiers that are relying on the Heter of one the poiskim at the major NY based kosher certifier that procedures do not render the cows treif is not to be relied upon, per all major poiskim including Rav Eliyashev, Z"L.

For Non-Dairy item, the Orginizational hashgochas may have certain advantages, i.e. mashgiach temidi, trained mashgichim, do not rely on the owner or management, etc

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Heimish V Orginizatzia hashgochas

The Heimish V Orginizatzia hashgochas-
One of the items that makes everyone wonder is that the major kosher certifiers require by foodservice operations among some others, a full time qualified trained mashgiach. Yet the Heimish relies on the "baal'abuss" (remember Monsey?).
Why are the Organizational certifiers accepting that, even co-certifying with them?

The Heimish don't care about the Consumer (not yet), the Organizational ones do care about the opinion of the consumer.

The Heimish are slowly but surely accepting cart-blanche most ingredients from the Major certifiers "as the need arises" a $ha$-had'chak matzav I gues$.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fish sticks & Sarimi

All Fish sticks & Sarimi are made from "minced" pollock fish, which is an infested fish. Therefore no fish sticks or Sarimi should be used. This includes no califonia roll at the sushi station, no imitation crab, etc.

The Gerorges flounder is supposed to be one flounder that is clean, so the fish mongers tell you oh we only have (or also cary) the Georges flounder-it's a catch all for fraud-Why should you believe them?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

"Green House grown"

Inspections were made be experts of greenhouses growing crops that are insect free. They found that all greenhouse grown crops are indeed infested, al beit under some control. When one sees "greenhouse grown" don't be misled to thing there aren't insects. It would depend on the quality of of the individulas checking & the system of cleaning the product

Radicchio lettuce infested

Radicchio lettuce is infested, contrary to the claims of kosher certifiers

All Strawberries infested, worse that romain lettuce

1- All strawberries are infested, fresh & frozen.

2- Ain mivatlin issur, prevents one from pureeing the strawberry unless it has gone through a cleaning process that will leave it in a status of sofek, then one can puree.

3- Any certifiers that claim anything different are factually not correct.

Monday, August 06, 2012

Blueberries Grade A are infested

Generally all Blueberries even Grade A are infested.
Wash the in a bucket of water, strain the water through a coffee filter, put on a light box and you'll see them infested.

Don't try putting the water in a glass bowl on a light box, as you can'y fins all of the insects.

It's been proven the in a glass bowl on a light box that so many mashgichim have been doing turned out to be completly unreliable, confirmed by Reb Moshe Via, Shlita (International insect expert".

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

*Rabbi Weisner's kashrus "KCL", {Lakewood}

You wouldn't rely on the KCL for Poultry or Meat, as they are a political Organization not a kashrus Org.
Rabbi Wei$ner does earn in the $ix figure take home be$ide$ the "bak-$hi$h" and "entitlement$".

How can any Rav, Institution, Mosad, Consumer, back & allow & support this KCL to continue? They just don't care.

Rabbi Weisner's "KCL" says that;
in Lakewood no one cares about yoshon,[quote from yoshon manual]
"No one in Lakewood cares about kashrus",
"No one cares if they allow to use a non clean knife interchangeably for fish & meat, Fleishigs in the Parve oven"?