Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is Rinse N Chill?

Revolutionizing The Meat Processing Industry- Rinse & Chill™

The primary purpose of Rinse & Chill is more effective blood removal and faster reduction of pH and temperature. The result – cleaner, fresher meat that is more tender and palatable.


Re: Ricola-It's pretty much the same with a Hashgocha or without the Hashgocha, so you shouldn't use it at this time even with the Hashgocha.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is beer kosher without certification?

THE MAKING OF BEER- & Its Kosher Considerations

Beer is classified according to its alcohol content, the bitterness level produced by the hops. The principal kinds of beer are as follows:

Friday, October 15, 2010

S. URUGUAY Beef & cold cuts

After all is said and done many still refuse to use any beef products from the Uruguay Shechitas because they are not comfortable with kashrus standards.

The Eidah says the problem still exist and the ratio of non kosher makes it economically not viable.

The Tevyas (fidler on the..) says their mashigihim were trained by the Eidah {add it to the list]. The rav Hamachshir of tevyas claims that he has many unknown heteirim from the Minchas Yitzchok. The sad fact is all of them happened after the "shloishim" of the minchas yitzchok.

Monday, October 11, 2010


The Eden, Gefen and Dependable barley is infested. Barley must always be checked by soaking in HOT tap water for a few minutes. Cholent or soup mixes that have barley must also be checked in HOT tap water.

Is the MEHADRIN lettuce kosher? NO!

By the Nutrition facts WHICH PEOPLE DO NOT READ- any disclaimer or kashrus advisory must by  by the kosher certifiers emblem.

It states that each leaf MUST be seperated and THOROUGHLYwashed, hence it's not kosher till it's washed thoroughly.

The bag states that it's kosher even for Pesach (even when it's washed in a chometz utensils?)

BTW- One is not permitted to use products distributed by J&R produce, as they have affixed kosher certification stickers on product that they knew was infested, therefore one may not purchase from the even a kosher product,

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The EIDAH's Fish list בד"ץ ירושלי-ם not to use {only the farmed}

Alaska Pollock
Herring (all)
Sea Bass
Salmon wild (all)

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Maytag double ovens

The Maytag double ovens have a common vent for the 2 ovens, therefore it may be a problem using it for Dairy & Meat {milchig / Fleishig}.

The so called Shabbos mode ovens & refrigerators should not be used on shabbos or yom-tov as the company intended.

All of the Major Poiskim came out against its use on Shabbos or Yom tov

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

הגר"ש קוק: "יעקב שוואקי משקר" • להאזנה • בלעדיSHWEKEY lied to Rav Kook!

See Rav Shteinman re: Shwekey!
הגר"ש קוק: "יעקב שוואקי משקר" • להאזנה • בלעדי

Yaakov Shwekey ignores Rav Kooks demands for TZINIOUS R"L.
May one attend any of Shwekey's concerts? We think NO!
הופעת יעקב שוואקי ברחובות: בהקלטה בלעדית שהגיעה לידי אתר 'בחדרי חרדים' מספר הגר"ש קוק, רב העיר, על השקר הגדול • "שאלתי אותו איך בוגר ישיבת ליקווד יכול להתנהג כך? הוא אמר לי שיש לו היתר מהרב ראובן פיינשטיין. התקשרתי לבנו של ה'אגרות משה' שאמר: מעולם לא פגשתי את שוואקי" • להאזנה

Monday, October 04, 2010

$omerset Walk and We$tgate (Lakewood) worked publicly on CHOL-HAMOED

Another one of the reasons twhy the Heimeshe ציבור refuses to purchase or rent in Somerset Walk and Westgate is because they worked on Chol-Hamoed. (Of course there was a "heter" mayah $$$-der vos hut de mayah, hut der dayah)