Thursday, October 28, 2010

What is Rinse N Chill?

Revolutionizing The Meat Processing Industry- Rinse & Chill™

The primary purpose of Rinse & Chill is more effective blood removal and faster reduction of pH and temperature. The result – cleaner, fresher meat that is more tender and palatable.

"If we didn't believe it delivered a better product, we wouldn't be using it."
-Frank Herd, Managing Director, MC Herd, Geelong, Australia

Revolutionary New Beef Processing Technology

MPSC, Inc. is proud to be able to assist the beef industry deliver the finest quality products available via its patented Rinse & Chill™ service technology. After 15 years of University research and tens of millions of R&D dollars, plus several USDA and foreign pilot programs, Rinse & Chill is now approved and available for commercial use in the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Food safety and quality are two significant benefits that Rinse & Chill addresses for the beef processing industry, trade and consumer. University studies have demonstrated Rinse & Chill reduces bacterial contamination, while extending shelf life, improving color, palatability and tenderness. The most recent and exciting development is the discovery by University of Minnesota researchers demonstrating that Rinse & Chill inhibits coliform bacteria, including E. coli in particular.

A startling fact that researchers found during the studies is that the protective effect that Rinse & Chill exhibits against bacteria is evident on carcass beef, as well as in vacuum packaged and in ground beef. Therefore, Rinse & Chill is considered one of the first antimicrobial interventions that has been shown to have an ongoing downstream protective effect in the meat. The antimicrobial effect is thought to be due to more effective blood removal, and lowering pH and internal temperature earlier and more rapidly. Rinse & Chill leaves no detectable residues in meat of the glucose electrolyte used in the rinsing solution.

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