Sunday, September 21, 2014

KIC- Kashrus Information Center Torah Times "Michshol"

KIC- Kashrus Information Center  Torah Times article is a big Michshul to klal yisroel. re: Bedikas Toloiyim.

Their latest article should not be relied upon re: 
Blueberries, Fresh, frozen, dried, wild, organic, cultivated, etc as they are all a problem including USA, Canada, Mexico, etc

They are all infested and should not be used.

Bodeks frozen BLUEBERRIES Scam

Bodek's frozen Blueberries were found to be infested. They pulled off the product from the shelves. 

They returned the same infested Blueberries to the shelves. DON'T TOUCH THEM!

Friday, September 19, 2014

OK Kashrus advises to consume insects?

In the OK's kosher spirit on page 9 "shivas haminim salad", the ingredients consist of infested items.
Dried figs, Fresh figs, grapes, fresh parsley leaves are infested and can't be checked & cleaned by a consumer unless they are properly trained. Note: Pearled Barley must always be checked for insects by putting them into hot water for a few minutes.Dijon mustard contains wine.

The OK certified TROPICANA Orange Juice has scale insects among other ones.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hisachdus CRC -Re: Lakewood signs re: infested Bell Peppers

Hisachdus CRC -Re: Lakewood signs re: infested Bell Peppers.

There were recently put up signs (no name, no phone number, no name of store(s) it was found) all over Lakewood Re: all bell peppers have tiny insects on the bottom of the peppers.

Hisachdus expert Mashgichim and many others checked and weren't able to find any infested Peppers.

Hisachdus decided it must have been done by one that confuses "dirt" for insects, therefore such an irresponsible individual will confuse real insects for dirt-he is not to be relied upon for insects.

The signs that there are no name, phone, or other info area "PASKVILL".

ALERT: Sfardim shopping for "Bais-Yosef" in Flatbush area

Sfardim shopping in Flatbush should be aware the the Vaad of Flatbush is currently unfamiliar with what is  considered "Bais-Yosef" meat for Sfardim.
What the Star-K does "not" accept as Bais Yosef, the Flatbush Vaad is accepting?


Monday, September 15, 2014

Rosenblatt's Beef

Rosenblatt's beef is under the Hashgocha of the OU and CRC Chicago. It's staffed by highly experienced, erlicheh yeshivishe staff. The standards and staff set up of the Shechita, Bedikas and Nikur are what a ben Torah would be looking for.

At this time we are only addressing the beef, as we
don't have sufficient information re: Veal, Lamb, etc

The Rosenblatt beef is available in Lakewood (back of capitol hotel), Brooklyn, etc.
It's currently only sparsely available in Queens ,Five Towns and Lakewood, etc due to the political standards in place.

Sfardim should be aware that much of the "Bais-Yosef" beef they are using is not Bais-Yosef in fact only by label (AKA- Minhag-America).  The Rosenblatt beef meets the true Bais Yosef Standards.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Friday, September 05, 2014

BMG' KCL says- No more bitul in kashrus

No more bitul in kashrus, Why? because,
דבר שיש לו מתירין has no Bitul.

BMG's KCL is Mattir practically everything. 
They don't want to be the שבת גוי [aka= chazir-fissel-kusher]so they'll crease their brow and asser things that are really permitted or even mehudar. 
Note: 5 Towns & Queens are superior to BMG's KCL, Shocking? BMG's KCL is a facade, the Town people follow them blindly,
BMG's KCL says remember KCL when you daven yom Kipur Kuton and תפלת   
 זכה, את אשר התרת, אסרתי, ואשר אסרת התרתי

One that relies on them, is a פושע, ולא אונס 

How many rolls of KCL kashrus tape does the non-jewish employees have? Did they print new "different" tape? NO! Why not?

Thursday, September 04, 2014

BMG's KCL's kiosk in a non-kosher facility @ 2:00 AM

 BMG's KCL's kiosk in a non-kosher facility @ 2:00 AM
BMG's KCL Hashgocha signs

The non-Jewish employee at 2:00 AM lifting KCL's plexi-glass to steal some "KCL kashrus tape".

 At 2:00 AM the non-Jewish employee putting his hand under the KCL's plexi-glass to cut off a piece of salami with his treif knife.

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

BMG's KCL is at it again, consuming insects- THEY ARE STILL THERE!

BMG's KCL has Beautifully infested whole Strawberries cut in half on display by 4 corners Yogurts display.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Update: Re: 5 Towns- We aren't talking about mehadrin v. non-mehadrin. "Basic kashrus"

Re: 5 Towns restaurants and other food service establishments.

In general their restaurants, caterers, take-out etc don't have qualified individuals for checking & cleaning fruits and vegetables from infestation. Therefore Refrain from the fruits & vegetables that require Bedikas toliyim. 
The Vaad Hakashrus claims that, The Modern Orthodox Rabbis don't give them a free hand in having a proper standard.

Gourmet Glatt and Season's do have properly trained mashgichim [in spite being a 5 Town establishment], but the other establishments don't have properly trained mashgichim.

Why is the Administrator  busy doing consultant work for other agencies, doing private hashgochas, giving speeches, writing misleading guides and misleading articles for the consumer in checking vegetables. The 5 Towns Vaad doesn't compensate him sufficiently?

The 5 Towns Kashrus Administrator was offered $1,000.00 to a Zedakah of his choice, if the Administrator is willing to be tested hands on on Bedikas-Toloyim- He did not accept the challenge- Raboisai,  because does not know Bedikas toloyim.

He is a good orator, SO?

Kashrus Alert: Asian Pears-Infested