Sunday, April 30, 2017

Golden Taste's infested Vegies

The Star-K says that they will not be certifying lettuce for the next few weeks due to heavy infestation.

Yet Golden Taste, Kosher Taste is still distributing lettuce from Star-K facilities.

Hisachdus says the insects that see Hisachdus of Brooklyn on the package, will not remain in the product.

Which brand beans & Barley should I buy?

If you are concerned with infestation?, do not use the Heimish brands.

Goya brand is an excellent choice.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Why was the KAJ / Breur's Kehila the accepted kashrus by all? (as long as Rav Posen was there)

The "secret"?
When Rav Breuer set up the KAJ  Hashgocha, he announced that he is setting it up without any "hidurim or chumras"
only basic kashrus.
The reason? he said was that otherwise you are left with only hidurim and chumras with no kashrus.

No one can accuse the KAJ Kehila's shechita of chasidishe shechita!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Update: Kashrus Alert:Fish sticks, Patties, Surimi, etc

Pollock fish is an infested species of fish and many say it's "ossur"
 Fish sticks, patties, Surimi, etc are made with the Pollock fish.
Some are using "minced-Pollock".
Minced is not ground, therefore it may have whole worms present.
Some even have whole pieces of Pollock fish in the fish sticks.
This is the reason many refrain from using anything with pollock or other infested species.

If it doesn't say "checked for infestation" don't use it.

If it say "free from issues of infestation", may mean that the Certifier is not concerned about infestation in fish, which is not sufficient for one that is concerned about fish infestation. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Alert" Mishkoltz kosher, Rav Berger- not reliable

He certifies some 50+ food service establishments, none are reliable.

Satmar, tzeilim, etc Moisdois don't use anything from mishkoltz hashgochas

Monday, April 03, 2017

Yeshivish hats $55.00

Everyone knows that a new hat is a major expense. Even the “affordable” hats are running at $120.00 

Could anyone do something to lower the prices? Yes, and they did.

A melamed who lives in Rochester, N.Y. has launched a new company selling hats for only $55.00.  The Yeshivish Hat Company began selling online in January to B’nai Torah across the United States and Canada. Orders have poured in from Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore and Toronto.

Dovid Roness, the company’s owner, noticed a need for a more affordable hat, and set out to meet it. “How can a family with 4 sons afford a shabbos and weekday hat for 5 people?” asks Roness “That’s 10 hats! That’s between 1,500 – 3,000 dollars!” Many people wear old hats for weekdays which really aren’t so respectable. A brand new affordable hat is a great alternative, especially for davening.

By reexamining every step of the hat industry, from design/manufacturing to the packaging, Yeshivish has come up with an affordable, stylish, quality hat. The newly designed website is a pleasure to navigate and will give you a real feel for what the Yeshivish Hat Company is about.