Monday, April 24, 2017

Lakewood Property Tax Appeals must be filed by May 1st

Forms available from

or State site

It can be filed on letter size forms.

If you more that $25,000.00 in taxes to the municipality?, your appeal may be dismissed.

If you are a tax lien holder?, you may appeal the taxes.

Comps?  write "to be supplied".
Must be supplied at least 7 days prior to your hearing at the tax board.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Alert" Mishkoltz kosher, Rav Berger- not reliable

He certifies some 50+ food service establishments, none are reliable.

Satmar, tzeilim, etc Moisdois don't use anything from mishkoltz hashgochas

Friday, April 21, 2017

Update: Alert: Aisle 9 Lakewood- KASHRUS ALERT

RE: Their pre-checked vegetables... AND PREPARED FOODS-should not be used. They are clue-less in infestation.

Rabbi Shmuel Spiegel, Shlita et al Posted a sign that one should must re-check (by an expert) the Aisle-9 pre-checked vegetables. 
[Therefore do NOT eat any of their checked vegies]


UPDATE; Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, certified test center "not-reliable" R"L- must re-check all clothing

There have been numerous incidents where the Lakewood Shatnez test under the hashgocha of the  Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, has been found to be definite Shatnez even though it was certified as Non-Shatnez.

The incidents were numerous, too many to be called a mistake. The places where the Shatnez was fond indicate a complete lack of knowledge of the expertise required to properly check for Shatnez. We are not talking of re-processed issues, regular straight out "shatnez" according to any "mumcha".

Therefore previous tested clothing by above,  should be re-tested by a qualified test center. 

The fact of the Bais Din certification on that Test center puts to question of the Knowledge the Members of the Bais Din poses in the Expertise of Shatnez testing.

Monday, April 03, 2017

Yeshivish hats $55.00

Everyone knows that a new hat is a major expense. Even the “affordable” hats are running at $120.00 

Could anyone do something to lower the prices? Yes, and they did.

A melamed who lives in Rochester, N.Y. has launched a new company selling hats for only $55.00.  The Yeshivish Hat Company began selling online in January to B’nai Torah across the United States and Canada. Orders have poured in from Brooklyn, Monsey, Lakewood, Miami, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit, Baltimore and Toronto.

Dovid Roness, the company’s owner, noticed a need for a more affordable hat, and set out to meet it. “How can a family with 4 sons afford a shabbos and weekday hat for 5 people?” asks Roness “That’s 10 hats! That’s between 1,500 – 3,000 dollars!” Many people wear old hats for weekdays which really aren’t so respectable. A brand new affordable hat is a great alternative, especially for davening.

By reexamining every step of the hat industry, from design/manufacturing to the packaging, Yeshivish has come up with an affordable, stylish, quality hat. The newly designed website is a pleasure to navigate and will give you a real feel for what the Yeshivish Hat Company is about.