Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Update: Kashrus Alert:Fish sticks, Patties, Surimi, etc

Pollock fish is an infested species of fish and many say it's "ossur"
 Fish sticks, patties, Surimi, etc are made with the Pollock fish.
Some are using "minced-Pollock".
Minced is not ground, therefore it may have whole worms present.
Some even have whole pieces of Pollock fish in the fish sticks.
This is the reason many refrain from using anything with pollock or other infested species.

If it doesn't say "checked for infestation" don't use it.

If it say "free from issues of infestation", may mean that the Certifier is not concerned about infestation in fish, which is not sufficient for one that is concerned about fish infestation. 


Anonymous said...

Farshtey Ich nisht how heimishe hashgochos like Shinover & KJ Vaad are allowing it

Anonymous said...

Cleveland Heights, OH - Vehicular homicide charges have been filed against a Kosher market delivery driver from Cleveland after he killed an 83 year-old rabbi who was walking home from religious studies classes. ( reports that Cesar Ubaldo has been charged in the incident that left Rabbi Yehuda Cohen, a Ph. D. from Cleveland Heights dead on May 29.
According to Marek Rosenberg, owner of Unger’s kosher Market on South Taylor Road, Rabbi Cohen had been a frequent visitor to the store for over 40 years.

Anonymous said...

A rov who is not even a fan of Yudel chumros told me he doesn't understand how some hashgochos claim they are able to check California sushi rolls after they are compressed in the factory which makes it much more difficult to check, if not impossible, than checking a fillet.

Anonymous said...

Question, is fish sticks by dagim or others ok to use? from the post it seems no, but could you be a bit clearer?

Anonymous said...

Many if not most gefilte fish rolls contain pollack.

Anonymous said...

The picture you have here of some rabbis looking at the worms in ultraviolet light is from the original assifah and only shows a tiny fraction of the rabbonei machshir & mashgichim who attended.

What a bunch of phonies they are!

They sold themselves for money & hide behind Belsky's falsha heter which he conveniently claimed R' Moishe just happened to tell him when no one else was present. Not only have the gedolei hador protested against this fairy tale but R' Moishe's own son says lo hayu devorim meoylam.

How are these shysters getting away with it?

BDE said...

The niftar in Cleveland was a musmach of R' Leib Bakst.

The trucker who was arrested was driving a big rig and lives in NJ. Must have been delivering for a NY area heimishe food company.

Spotlight on the Queens Vaad said...

"rabbis looking at the worms in ultraviolet light"

Guess who was there vos er halt zich der representeev fun der yeshivishe oylam in Kew Gardens?

All those worms sure doesn't sound like a yeshivishe "mehadrin" kashrus standard!

Upon the command of his modern orthodox masters at the Vaad, der yeshvishe KG oylam fressen nuch worms.

Anonymous said...

זאת אשאל, מה צריכים אנו לכוון בברכת המינים, ומה הביאור ב"וכל המינים כרגע יאבדו", מי הם הנכללים בגדר מינים. עוד אשאל את אשר על לבי, החופשיים הציונים של ימינו באיזה גדר הם ?

ביאור הברכה מבואר במפרשים כי וכל המינים כרגע יאבדו הכונה היא על אלו הכופרים בהשי"ת. והדבר ידוע את אשר מרן זי"ע זעק והתריע פעמים רבות כי בברכת "ולמלשינים" נכללים הציונים, כפי שכותב במר לבבו (ויוא"מ סי' קפב) בזה"ל, היכא שהמדובר הוא ממינים ואפיקורסים מפורסמים וגם מסיתים ומדיחים שמעבירים מאות אלפים ורבבות מישראל מהתורה הקדושה וממלאים כל העולם במינות ואפיקורסות
רחמנא ליצלן וכו', עליהם לא נאמר בשום מקום ללמד עליהם זכות.

אף בתפלה בלחש בינו לבין קונו, שהרי אדרבה תקנו חכמינו ז"ל ברכות כח: ברכת ולמלשינים בשבילם, עכל"ק, וחוזר על הדברים בספרו על הגאולה סימן ס"ח בזה"ל: וזה וודאי שהציונים והמינים של זמנינו מסיתים את ישראל לשוב מאחרי ה' הרבה יותר מאפיקורסים בימי ר' גמליאל –שעליהם נתקן ברכת המינים – ע"כ.

וכאשר אנו מתפללים ברכת ולמלשינים אנו מכוונים בכלליות כי כל אלו שהם בגדר מינים יאבדו.

Kin'ah said...

Just because hes under the spell of the moderneh, ortodoxishe adonim does not mean that he does not represent the yishivish velt in KG bfrat oon gantz qveens bchlal!?!?!?!
You wish you had his job and his shiur!

Bostoner Webbe said...

So you admit the salary from his job is his shoychad to be the tool to fool the yeshivishe Kew Gardens oylam. Mamash a brilliant PR stunt by the modern orthodox rabbis from the Vaad to hire a yeshivishe looking puppet.

Amazing what a "living wage" in Qveens can influence some people to do

Anonymous said...

In YOUR imaginary 'yeshivah' world - the ROSH yeshivish represents 'gantz Qveens'.
So this is "l'seetoschah (nice yeshvish lingo).
Ober lmaaseh there are no yeshish people in Qveens only wanna be yeshivish. All of you bloggers are a fraud.

Anonymous said...

12 comments, only 4 are relevant. Must be that the people reading this have short attention spans.

This was posted almost a year ago. I guess that there was no good news to post, so old news is better than nothing.

Anonymous said...

The facts and concerns are still relevant, so it's published again.
The Torah doesn't change.

Anonymous said...

The Torah did not change but the people did. Shulchan Aruch says that the worms in the fish are mutar to eat. To assur it is to deny the Torah. Which side are you on - the Torah or the deniers?

Harry said...

Why is Rav Belsky's heter falsh? It's the clear halacha. The machmirim are making up chumras against the halacha.

Harry said...

Why is Rav Belsky's heter falsh? It's the clear halacha. The machmirim are making up chumras against the halacha.