Saturday, March 21, 2015

Dole yellow sticker lettuce, kashrus standards??? 1 step lower

It's well known the the Star-K standards in infestation is very low, still leave a lot of  protein in their certified product. The Star-K recently became aware that Dole lettuce is indeed infested.

Yet the Dole yellow sticker lettuce is available in the market with the yellow stickers. 

                                                                           Star-K mashgichot

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Iceberg lettuce is also muchzak in infestation all year

Dear STAR-K, O-U, KOF-K, CRC, AKO members, et al Consumers, Vendors and Mashgichim, etc.

Please note that there is currently very high levels of infestation in produce coming from the Yuma, AZ region. The weather there has been unseasonably warm and wet, which is causing very high levels of insect pressure.

Even iceberg lettuce has been found to be heavily infested. We [should] have [currently] stopped certifying much of the iceberg lettuce at Fresh Express and Dole if they are being sourced from [anyplace] Yuma.

The growing season in Yuma ends in the next week or two, [after pesach] at which time we hope the situation will improve as sources move to other regions.[and the mumcham will be able to check properly]

In the meantime, if you buy prewashed lettuce, PLEASE [HAVE AN EXPERT] CHECK BAGS OF LETTUCE CAREFULLY to make sure the STAR-K [OR ANY OTHER CERTIFIER] symbol is present. We are the checking the iceberg daily in various plants and if they bear the STAR-K [OR OTHER CERTIFIER]symbol, they are still certified [BUT REQUIRES EXPERT CHECKING]. However, many bags of iceberg over the next few weeks will NOT bear the STAR-K [OR OTHER CERTIFICATION].

Mashgichim who are [trained experts] checking produce themselves should be extra careful.

NOTE: Any untrained individual including mashgichim, etc should check any vegetables, fruits, etc.

Wishing everyone a Good Shabbos, and a kosher Pesach.

Sunday, March 08, 2015

The Oak tree

The Oak trees are massive,
do not get toppled even by strong winds
as it's well rooted, etc

It all happened because-