Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Donate to the fund of Sharaby for Township committee

ü  Earmark funds to repair township roads for the safety of both pedestrians and motorists.

ü  Facilitate new appointees for zoning and planning board officials.

ü  Roll back changes to high density in areas that are not walkable to shopping and schools.

ü  Discontinue the current township practice of giving away paper streets to developers.
ü  Focus on open space and recreation for our families. 

ü  End spot zoning and zoning variances that change the character of neighborhoods and result in traffic nightmares and safety issues. 
ü  Enforce inspection to remove illegal substandard mufti-family housing in single family dwellings - which are often dangerous and put a strain on township resources.

Lower Taxes
 ü  Stabilize taxes through careful management of Town resources.

ü Maintain property values by preserving neighborhoods and controlling development.

ü No tax giveaways to developers or other businesses.

Power back to the people
 ü  LIC and LDC should be disbanded; all decisions should be given over to the Township committee.

ü  A full revamp of public works.

ü  Outside oversight and auditing of all purchasing decisions.

ü  Increase township income

ü  Public posting of any approvals or land sales with all information available.

ü  No tax abatement's more than 5 years. 

ü  Full transparency on all Township activities. Redesign township website to allow all meetings to be broadcast live and archived on video for future reference.

ü  Improve transparency - create an online forum where all citizens can voice their concerns and have them answered by a committee member.

ü  Advocate for moral values in Township, County, State and Federal issues.

ü  Advocate for true school vouchers, an issue that is functioning in Jewish areas in Ohio and other states.


"The truth must be heard,
                         Even if the public doesn't like the sound of it.
Whatever the circumstances, regardless of the consequences.
                    The truth must be stated-loudly, clearly & unequivocally".
(Quoted by Bunim-Ob"m)

Take Back Lakewood to you (Bcc)show details

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

And now for "The-Rest-Of-The-Story!"

When Josh Gutman of Baltimore was niftar at the young age of 65, his levayah was attended by hundreds of people Countless Individuals Who mourned him never even knew that in Josh's lifetime he had helped them financially. Anonymity was exactly what Josh wanted. However, at his funeral, some of Josh's deep, dark secrets were revealed. For the first time speakers who were maspid disclosed that thousands of bills had been paid, hundreds of yeshivas and organizations had been helped, many cars had been donated to the needy and countless hachnasas kallah weddings had been financed by one generous donor. who was, in fact, Josh Gutman. When Josh wrote a check, he always did it in the quickest and quietest way possible.

Josh’s son-in-law, Manny Topper, can attest to his father-in-law’s unassuming yet extremely well-planned chessed. Manny remembers the Sunday morning that he received an unexpected phone call from Josh.

"How would you like to take a ride with me to Brooklyn today”? asked Josh.

"Why do you want me to go with you?" asked Manny

Sunday, May 21, 2017

From Zero to Hero

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Update: Remember " CHEF Shmuli Shwinger" Shavous disaster program?

He's at it again!
New hotel, new ads, etc

False Hashgocha,
Grape juice / milk was bought on yom-tov and then transferred it over to different bottles.

Kashrus was non-existent.

What else was going on,? we can't elaborate.

He had to close his Lakewood operation and hid for a year.

Lakewoods' true colors

Cedar Bridge [Gate]

Master plan [Gate]

Oak St corridor [Gate]

Township Boards [Gate]

Lakewood Elections [Gate]

Etc. [Gate]

You're in "good-hands" with the VAAD, they have your back.

(Allstate- good hands)

Monday, May 15, 2017

Is price a strong "enough" criteria one uses for their standard in kashrus?

Hefsed Mirubah, is a consideration in halacha.
Yet Reb Moshe Feinstein, Z"L sent a message to Reb Shnuer Kotler, Z"L not to use a certain brand of poultry even if it's a hefsed mirubah. He stated "bochurim und yungerleit darffen vissen az dus iz nisht far zei tzu essen.

Was it kusher bi'dieved?, most probably.

Lately the oilum hatorah started using the Agri, Rubashkin, Empire brands,among some others, as they say "The price is right", uber men ken nisht boi'en a torah'dik mishpacha azoi.

UPDATE; Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, certified test center "not-reliable" R"L- must re-check all clothing

There have been numerous incidents where the Lakewood Shatnez test under the hashgocha of the  Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, has been found to be definite Shatnez even though it was certified as Non-Shatnez.

The incidents were numerous, too many to be called a mistake. The places where the Shatnez was fond indicate a complete lack of knowledge of the expertise required to properly check for Shatnez. We are not talking of re-processed issues, regular straight out "shatnez" according to any "mumcha".

Therefore previous tested clothing by above,  should be re-tested by a qualified test center. 

The fact of the Bais Din certification on that Test center puts to question of the Knowledge the Members of the Bais Din poses in the Expertise of Shatnez testing.

BMG"s VAAD's Mission-does not care about the interests of the Tax-Payer or Tzibur, as they own the politicians.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

An interesting Chasunah trend is emerging.

Why wait till the Chasunah to bring your check?
Others started sending in their checks with their return cards.

Others are opting to increase their present amount and fore go their presence at the Chasuna. It's an expense, travel, time, etc. Many Baalei-Simcha are very thankful for the larger present V presence.

Update: Don't buy any A & B Fish products !!!! (A&B throws their 35+ year Lakewood distributor under the bus).

Don't buy any of A & B fish products,
till they reinstate their Lakewood distributor of 35+ years.Anonymous A
nonymous said...

Don't digress from the issue at hand by adding tangential slander and Lashon Harah. The A&B issue is symptomatic of deeper social ills in Lakewood that have to be addressed and redressed. The fact is a distributor made A&B a household name in Lakewood and made it the gefilte fish of choice. It was borne of much hard work, sweat and tears. To take it away and start direct distribution now under duress of those who don't feel a need to be loyal or Mokir Tov is scandalous. A&B fish gets an "F" if they carry through with the plan
Mon May 01, 07:39:00 PM 2017
May one trust their Kashrus?
                                        We think, NO!

I stopped buying A&B [&Royal] Gefilte fish !!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Consumer Kashrus Survey

Please post the following and the jpeg attached:

To all those who have taken their time to answer the Kashrus survey, thank you very much!

You can still enter your answers into the survey, if you have not done so yet. The survey will be closing soon.

VAAD's Motto ; If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts

From an Email:

In Harvard Law school they teach the following;

If the law is in your favor and the facts are not?
               Harp in the law and ignore the facts.

If the facts are in your favor, but the law is not?
Harp on the facts and ignore the law.

If neither is in your favor?
Confuse them with bs.

The VAAD is great in the last part.