Monday, July 23, 2012

FRESH BROCOLLI florets- "Infested" can't be cleaned

Due to the heavy infestation of fresh broccoli (weather related?) The kashrus certifiers are not allowing their food service operations to attempt any cleaning of florets. They can still use the stalks "floret-free" only.

Any ones that are still attempting to clean their fresh broccoli florets should be relied upon for any insect checking. See letter from the RCBC of Bergen County.

Note: Broccoli is not grown hydroponically. Dependable, Golden Flow, Bodek, Quality is not grown in greenhouses. Bertram, B-Tam is greenhouse grown. There is a misconception that "greenhouse/Hothouse grown" is insect free. The fact is ALL greenhouses have infestation al beit controllable.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Are we susceptible to another "Monsey type treif scandal"?

Are we susceptible to another "Monsey type treif scandal"?
The "heimish" hashgochas may be our problem in the making. They accept & allow facilities to operate without a Mashgiach temidi by taking the position the "owner is an erlicher yid". That's exactly what was the issue in the Monsey treif scandal.

The "orgintaziah hashguchas" don't allow these type of places to operate without a mashgiach temidi. Yet, shockingly they rubber stamp the facility alongside the heimish hashgocha. Yet more they even rely on them carte-blanche, that is scandalous. If one certifies an establishment and gets paid for it, they should have their own system & mashgichim, especially that the National certifiers are fully aware of it not being on par with their standards, and the entire kosher consumers are being taken for a ride.

Are we susceptible to another "Monsey type treif scandal"? It's happening now-a repeat performance.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Talk in the kosher industry

Mehadrin / Vineland poultry was unable to swallow the losses due to the "tzomes-hagidin" issues. The percentages were too high to absorb. The east coast poultry farmers have the issue which is caused by a virus.

Empire poultry is taking over Mehadrin / Vineland company. They will close it up and only produce at the empire plant. Empire does currently about 60,ooo @ day. Mehadrin was doing 35,000 2 day. Empire it the good times did over 100,000@ day. The equipment was dismantled & sold for scrap.

The Nirbarter Rav will also be certifying the entire plant. It's rumored that Alle is heavily invested in the Empire plant. Over time they changed the Shoichtim to "platchik hats". So the Mehadrin Shoichtim will not be hired by empire. We guess Rav Gruber's woul not be needed anymore.

We attempted to detirmine the system in place re: the status of Tzomes Hagidin is at the Empire plant. A few days ago we contacted the OU, the Nirbarter Rav & KAJ. Only the OU responded.

Cauliflower, Raisins, Blackberries, Grapes

Cauliflower? Out of luck.
Raisins? Make wine & filter.
Blackberries? Out of luck.
Grapes? Wash & rub well very carefully being careful not to push any of the insects into the grape stem area.

Infestation: Strawberries are worse than Romaine

Strawberries are worse than Romaine to check for infestation. Romaine lettuce can be checked if one is expert and has the required equipment. Strawberries are infested with thrips that hide under the seeds & it's impossible to see them till they come out.

Therefore fresh strawberries must be peeled completely.
All of the frozen strawberries with a hashgocha or Ishur must be cooked, pureed, etc prior to use.

Brocolli-What's the solutions?

Brocolli Solutions-
Buy fresh, remove all florets....For soup you don't have to peel, for other uses it's suggested to peel.

Buy the chopped or whole stems "100% floret free-only".

Sweet cherries infested

Sweet cherries were found to be infested even though there were no visible signs from the outside.

The problem with Bedikas Toloi'yim hashgochas

The problem with Bedikas Toloi'yim hashgochas. Whether you are the certifier of the food service establishment or the certifier of the prechecked vegetables. Most of the Machshirim don't have  handle nor suffecient on hands knowledge of the actual bedikas, especially mites & miners.

Yet they set guidelines & accept systems without so much being able to assess the quality of their mashgichim in bedikasToloi'yim, and they don't comprehend what we want from their life. What a shame.

The Recipe "Treif" disclaimers

Most recipe books & published recipes in Hamodia, Yated, Shopper, The Voice etc are of the non-Torah opinion that when their recipes contain non-kosher ingredients e.g. fresh herbs, Vegies, strawberries, etc (which a consumer is not qualified at all to check-hence treif) -

-they write a disclaimer "Ask your local Rav re: checking & cleaning for infestation". You know that there are NO Rabonim that know how to check let alone clean...see Chasam sofer O/C 132.

It's actually a treif "EXCLAIMER ! ! !"

Even though all Rabonim know that the herbs, vegies, fruits in the recipe are ossur because of infestation that you can't clean ..,


Celery is infested with leaf miners at this time

Celery is infested with leaf miners at this time. The leaf miners is found in the leaves which are normally discarded. They are also found in the green stalks. It looks like a wiggly translucent trail.

"Scales" are insects, common on citrus.

"Scales" are insects, common on citrus. Commercial Orange juices do sometimes contain "scales". Home, kiosk or store squezzed orange juice may also contain scales & must be filtered through a coffee filter.
NOTE: Pictures are for demonstration purposes only.

Kashrus Alert- Raisins

The special production raisins you may have heard about "doesn't exist" (and never did)

Kashrus Alert- raisins are an infested product, Black, Yellow, etc, all.

Many kashrus certifiers banned raisins, Skver, Hisachdus, Nirbarter, Volover, Magrov, etc

Yet we find certain hashgochas among others are unaware of the issues & are allowing stores to sell raisins, R"L.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Blind leading the blind? (kashrus)

A prominent Kashrus Organization contracted out their food-service hashgochas to another smaller certifier, to monitor & set standards. The smaller certifier knows the "buzz" words, but not reliable in foodservice operations. The dollar is the guideline. 

A foodservice operator that has lost at least 3 hashgochas due to violations of kashrus is now being certified by this large certifier. A dollar is a dollar.

Monday, July 09, 2012

A Lakewood taxpayer opening his eyes

To The Esteemed Va’ad=aka BMG / Askonim / Va’ad hamosdos, etc of Lakewood NJ
I actually thought of submitting this letter back in April right after the BOE elections but waited until now to send it in wanting to make sure my views weren't a knee jerk reaction but rather reflecting my & others feelings after careful consideration and reconsideration. I'm writing this letter after viewing the results of the LAKEWOOD BOE Elections.

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Garden State Parkway "rest stop" tickets.

Garden State Parkway "rest stop" areas have interior road STOP signs. Many are receving tickets for rolling stops, evan at 1:00 AM in the middle of the night.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

House flies lay their eggs on "protein"

House flies lay their eggs on "protein", e.g. meat poultry tuna salad, etc. Always keep meat, poultry, tuna covered as the house fly may lay as many as 150 cream colored eggs at a time. They will do it in a flash.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Can one be acceptable as a mashgiach- if ?.........

Can one be acceptable as a mashgiach for a cholov yisroel production- if  the prospective mashgiach consumes cholv stam / akum etc?......... The major Gedoilei Haposkim concluded that the operated cows, e.g. LDA, Bloat, C-Section, etc make the cow a "treifa" therefore, when one is of the illusion that he's drinking cholv stam / akum, etc it's actually "treif".

A Mashgiach that consumes treif on a constant basis shouldn't be used for any kosher production.