Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kashrus gathering re: worms in fish "VIDEO"

NEWS: There should be coming out some new Pisokim from the Eretz Yisroel Poiskim.

A. Equipment and materials-Sharp knife, pointed tweezers w/ curvature
Candling table.
Rigid framework to hold light source below rigid working surface of white, translucent acrylic plastic or other suitable material with 45-60% translucency. Length and width of working surface should be large enough to permit examination of entire fillet, e.g., 30 x 60 cm sheet, 5-7 mm thick.

Light source. "Cool white" with color temperature of 4200 K. At least two 20-watt fluorescent tubes are recommended. Tubes and their electrical connections should be constructed to prevent overheating of light source. Average light intensity above working surface should be 1500-1800 lux, as measured 30 cm above center of acrylic sheet. Distribution of illumination should be in ratio of 3:1:0.1, i.e., brightness directly above light source should be 3 times greater than that of outer field, and brightness of outer limit of visual field should be not more than 0.1 that of inner field. Illumination in examining room should be low enough not to interfere with detection of parasites, but not so dim as to cause excessive eye fatigue.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Tomchei Shabbos is supplying their recipients with the unacceptable TEVYAS RANCH meat.

Tevyas Ranch has many kashrus serious issues. We hope that Tomchei Shabbos will exchange the meat for all of those that request or are unaware of the kashrus of Tevyas Ranch.

Some of the reason's not to use Tevyas Ranch

Yes, It's Rubashkin.

Yes, It's Uruguay.

Yes, it's M.M. Weismandel.

Yes, has kashrus issues.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Friday, May 07, 2010

ALERT: No whisky should be used without a proper hashgocha!

We find over the years that more and more information and alerts re: whisky.

Therefore there is no acceptable Heter to use any whisky without a hashgocha. It's more than מיעוט המצ'

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

KEY-TOV poultry? at Shloimy's

He's at it again, the Rav Hamchshir that fouled up kashrus at Rubashkin, sabra, Kinor dovid restaurant, Tevyas, Uruguay, etc

Now he is trying his spin at Key Tov poultry-Consumers beware: Don't be taken in again.

Monday, May 03, 2010

Shain's Cold drinks in Lakewood

1- Forest Avenue and Carey Street.

2- Third Street-between Forest ave & Madison Ave

3- 1105 North Lake Drive
NOTE: We have mini-refrigerators and signs for anyone that would like to accomodate the Cold drinks to their area. Call Shain 732-364-8046

Chuster lukshen (noodles)??

According to the date code of "95" on the Chuster lukshen it would seem that it was manufactured on "achron shel pesach", or it's last years lukshen. Check for infestation as it may be yoshon, noi'shon.