Thursday, March 31, 2016

UPDATE: Shocking: The 5 Towns Rabbis lost their bearings?

GG Lakewood shoppers-
Make sure no 5 Town GG products come to Lakewood for Pesach

Shocking: Allegedly, The "Five Towns"- Vaad Hakashrus says- 

The VAAD Rabbis don't allow the Vaad Hakashrus to upgrade their bare minimum standards?

NO TRAINING FOR CHECKING FOR INFESTATION? only a select few to fool everyone?
The VAAD's Administrator is the real problem, not the 5 Town Rabbis

Prior to Rockaway kashrus joining 5 Towns kashrus they were at a better kashrus standard, now they went south. Perhaps it's time to separate?

Even Queens Vaad wouldn't do this.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Star-K Wolf in sheep's clothing -OU "Shechita, et al) is in their cross hairs

The Star-K goes after the OU hashgochas, while the OU has to be politically correct.

The Star-K continues to go after the OU Hashgochas in China, Pesach Hashgochas, Oil companies, etc.

Now the Star-K is going after the OU in the meat & poultry industry.

Friday- the Rabbi slept late.
Saturday -The Rabbi was in Shul
Sunday-the Rabbi was relaxing
Monday-The Rabbi took a day off
Tuesday-The Rabbi went to a convention
Wednesday- The Rabbi went to give a shiur
Thursday- The Rabbi sees a sign on his office
                             Under new management-Star-K office

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

An educated kosher consumer is our best customer

Seasons supermarket is now open

Season's Management & Kosher certifier;

Don't become educated from your own mistakes,

(Learn from your competitors mistakes).

Dear Rabbis,
We found serious issues in the kashrus standards, labeling, products, consumer confidence, etc.
We sent the following to another supermarket that recently opened in Lakewood and we received no response from them.  We feel that you can gain the required confidence by implementing the following;
Dear Rabbis, Store managers; et al,
To gain consumer confidence and prevent errors, embarrassment, etc. The hashgochas should be strictly on the repackaging end of it. That it to say, the hashgochas should decide what hashgocha I do accept or don't accept, as it's usually not because of kashrus but more a political decision. It's also that false sense of power I don't accept this and  I do accept that.
Why is that false and unfair to the customer and the supermarket, you were never at the manufacturing facility nor have enough information to make an intelligent decision, etc. But it gives you that sense of power, on someone else's back.
If you just certify the repackaging as being done under proper tightly controlled hashgocha, then you list on the label the brand name, the brand's hashgocha and the educated consumer will make his own decision.
In the butcher department, every brand is processed on meticulously cleaned equipment, you can carry every brand without any reflection on you hashgocha (as your hashgocha is strictly on the packaging).
Evergreen, KRM, etc I understand do it that way. Otherwise, (we observed the store for about 4 weeks now) we think it may be time to change hashgochas.
BTW- Don't be misled that Lakewood doesn't care about kashrus, yoshon, etc., perhaps the hashgochas et al don't.
You can continue in misleading, making fatal errors, etc. or wake up and smell the coffee.
Not always is adverse publicity better than no publicity.
Yehuda Shain
Kosher Consumers, Union, Inc.

Mind you, there shall be no cholov akum=treif products in the entire store.
Igres Moshe states that today in the USA there is no cholov stam / akum IT'S ALL CHOLOV TREIF! (due to the veterinary procedures on cows)