Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rav Shmuel Wosner, Shlita said

Rav Shmuel Wosner, Shlita said ;

"The problem with todays POISKIM is ,

 they never had years of shimush by an altheh Ruv".

Parve items fried in a fleishig deep fryer, must wait 6 hours for milchig!

The above article should not be used li'maaseh as it remains "ossur" to consume milk within 6 hours, see Chasam Sofer.
ע' יו"ד ס' פ"ט , פתחי תשובה א' , פמ"ג א' בסוף

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Euro Boys" Shatnez????

"Euro Boys" & " Pier Boys" are 1 & the same (diff. label). Both may very well have Shatnez.

Pesach is around the corner, On whom can we rely on?

There are so many that feel they have lost all of their trust in the "heimish" hashgochas especially for pesach. After the Shufrah Cocoa, the Glick potato chips, the Hisachdus pesach oil, the vinegar,the Gefen sardines, etc

The meat scandals, etc

Should we just use the OU type of hashgocha with a Mashgiach temidi products for pesach?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

In response to a question

At a gathering of Lakewood Askonim (lishaim shumaiyim) a question was asked on this weeks sedrah "Ki sisah".

There were 600,000 men over 20 that left mitzraiyim, so there were an equal amount of women and at least twice as many children. In total there were at least 1,800,000 that they collected gold for the "aigel". Each one gave at least an ounce of gold, that would be over 100,000 lbs of gold.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rav issues second letter, but refuses to accept responsibility for "insects".

It seems that the Hashgocha "missed the boat" (a second time) re: 2 types of insects in sardines-both are ossur!

Kenover is the parent company of Gefen- phone # is
718-369-4600-call them now.
call them to recall the sardines
Remember the Shufrah Pesach cocoa episode? Chinese adulterated?
They didn't recall that one, nor did the OK Labs reveal the Lab results.
Shufrah is a Kenover company.

Remember Pesach is around the corner, whom would you trust?

UPDATE: Gefen sardines will be re-labeled "Glicks" (another Kenover name). The recall was on Gefen, naareshe consumers! Remember Glick's pesach potato chips that had pretzels in the bag?
Gefen Barley is also infested, no recalls-Where's the kosher certifiers?

Gefen did not remove their RAISINS from the market! Raisins are infested!

Kenover- home run!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oi vei, not again!

Sardines are "kovush" with non-kosher species?

It seems the issue was found by sardines, most recently from Morocco by the Aidah.

They usually do 3 inspections of removing the non sardine species allong the way till they rid the whole batch of sardines from the non kosher species.

Sliced frozed vegies, do they require a Hashgocha?

Frozen vegies are blanched prior to freezing & packaging. The blancher itself or the heating medium may have kashrus issues, e.g. dairy, treif, etc.

Therefore it should not be used without a proper hashgocha.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Are all heimish Hashgochas equal?

Note: Remember 3 years ago the "Rumanian" pesach matzo episode!

One certifier that refuses to take any responsibility for "infestation" is the Certifier of Gefen.

The recent episodes by "Gefen-Sardines", Krill were found in the product (besides the disgust of cooking krill with sardines), there should have been a recall, instead the certifier put out a letter that the consumer should remove the guts & krill, etc from the cooked product. [consumers you read it right, no typo]

Mubarak & Gefen capitulate to the masses

Mubarak & Gefen capitulate to the masses.
Mubarak resigns- Gefen (Kenover) via the OU is making a recall of their Sardines from Portugal. The recall is for oil, water, etc.

The Masses have protested, the OU always listens to the consumer, but they must repeat it loudly.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Some other brands of Sardine results are in

Sardines- King of the Sea brand from Morroco did not have the anisakis worm nor the krill, etc.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Gefen Sardines-removed from Lakewood stores

Gefen Sardines are being removed by the Lakewood stores. Everyone should follow suit and remove the Gefen sardines from their shelves.
BEWARE: If they send you under another brand name on the label. NOTE: Kenover has many different brands they own.
NPGS, Corner of Second store & Kosher village removed theirs.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

GEFEN: Will they make a recall on their sardines? It's a challenge that may affect all of Kenover Passover. call them today, to make a recall.
We checked Gefen sardines and they have the "anisakis worms" in the flesh & gut.

Don't use any sardines at this time!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Remember Pesach Cocoa, vinegar, etc? What's this year?

Remember Pesach Cocoa last year? What's this year? Will this year be any improvements? If we can get the heimish Hashgochas (& the OK) to have at least a basic "OU" standard? What's that?

For Pesach, have a full time mashgiach that reads, writes & is fluent in English. Arives prior to production with enough time to ascertain if all of the requirements are being met without just relying on "I though, he said, Oh!, etc".

If it's from China don't write product of USA, etc The variables are endless.

 "For that extra heimish name & price" , give the kosher consumer that which he thinks he's getting. Will you mashgiach or certifier use the product for Pesach may be some guideline.

We don't like what we are seeing.  Can we all do without all of those products for 1 week?

What other name does Strawberries have?

Strawberries have thrips that hide under the seeds, cleaning may minimize but does not all of them. That's true for fresh, frozen, chocolate dipped, long stem, USA fancy, Driscoll, etc.

In frozen there are coming out with all different Hashgochas, distributors, etc. All the various names & hashgochas don't change the facts.

Strawberries- Fresh, dipped, frozen, dehydrated, etc in any form must be peeled or pureed prior to consuming them.

Maoz Vegetarian-Is it kosher for you?

At Maoz Vegetarian, every day is meatless. But we understand and appreciate that not everyone is strictly vegetarian. This is exactly why we decided to initiate the Maoz Meatless Mondays special promotion and help people take the first step towards a healthier diet and more responsible lifestyle.

Kosher certified by the infamous Rabbi Steinberg, where alledgedly the only item that has to be kosher is his certification fee. The Visiting mashgiach stops in once a week. they are open on Shabbos.

The protein (insects) is in the vegetables.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Trident Gum contains "beef or pork Gelatin"!

התרמית: בשר בקר במסטיק שלכם

‫מה עושים תוצרי בקר במסטיק‬ ומדוע הם מסתתרים בסימון בא‫נגלית בלבד? לאחרונה השיקה חברת‬ ‫גלוברנדס, נציגת קדברי בישראל, את‬ ‫הגרסה הכשרה של מספר מסטיקים‬ ‫ממותג טריידנט * העיתונאית שושנה חן חושפת במוסף "ממון" ש‬המסטיק נושא את הסימון "‪,"Beef Gelatin‬‬ ‫כלומר ג´לטין בקר (צרכנות)
ניצן ארליך
כ"ח בשבט תשע"א 16:10 02.02.11