Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hisachdus CRC -Re: Lakewood signs re: infested Bell Peppers

Hisachdus CRC -Re: Lakewood signs re: infested Bell Peppers.

There were recently put up signs (no name, no phone number, no name of store(s) it was found) all over Lakewood Re: all bell peppers have tiny insects on the bottom of the peppers.

Hisachdus expert Mashgichim and many others checked and weren't able to find any infested Peppers.

Hisachdus decided it must have been done by one that confuses "dirt" for insects, therefore such an irresponsible individual will confuse real insects for dirt-he is not to be relied upon for insects.

The signs that there are no name, phone, or other info area "PASKVILL".


Anonymous said...

The tumult about bugs in peppers was started a couple of years ago by the Montreal Vaad but they were chozer pretty quickly and many other hashgochos besides 'Sachdis said there was no issue.

Have you seen any bugs with your own eyes?

Cholov Akum Entebbe said...

The OU recently started certifying Amos Dairies - in UGANDA.

How is it possible to have non-cholov Yisroel in a 3rd World black hole of a country like Uganda?


Does Belsky tayna there is mirsass from dictator Idi Amin yms?

He has been dead for over 10 years.

HaSh..Yair einay said...

Someone is comparing LOUD music to serving Tarfus for decades @ weddings.
OK. 'hut er gezoogt'. But the following takes the cake (hope it Kosher).

...It is true that we should let young people have their fun, and loud music is often synonymous with fun.

It that what a wedding is? FUN?!?!?
Chas Veshalom.

Well' the comment & comparison comes ' foon yeneh erteh' where Kshrus is a monopoly. What else can one expect.

They call Blueberry "Heavenberry"? said...


Yudel, it's good there are no strawberries but how is the Tarnopoler hashgocho allowing blueberries on these fruit platters sold in Boro Park?

Mertropolitan said...

As if the Queens Vaad pipsqueak and his friend the OU mashgiach have got all their priorities straight

VHQ says even not to eat by Asher Schachter, the eidim of their own "av beis din" Peretz Steinberg. His kashrus isn't any worse than VHQ. But it all boils down to politics & GELT.

Queens Vaad is supposed to be in charge of chinuch in all the yeshivos. What a sad joke. They say Asher Schachter is no good (which by Torahdik standards neither VHQ or Schachter is any good), yet the Queens Vaad was letting him be the halacha instructor at Shevach High School. (Queens is azoy "modernah" that they don't even have a Bais Yaakov high school)

you know who said...

Thu Sep 18, 11:04:00 AM 2014

The more he talks the more shtussim emanate from his 'pi ha'ason'.
'Ah Ahnti'smit ah' zovee Bilahm' in ah ahm'ooritz ah zoivee Reb Akiva venh er is noch nisht ge'vain fertzik. Er hut fant gehat alle talmidah chachoomim'.

Do we need to explain it? Mr. Metropolitan?