Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The status of Milk, Cholov akum, Stam, Akum, Treif !

The status of Milk, Cholov akum, Stam, Akum, Treif !
Cholov Yisroel is more than just that a Shomer Shabbos that observes cholov yisroel was present at the milking. They also now (past 15 years) have to institute a system to remove all of the "vet procedured cows" as they are treif.

Reb Moshe Feinstein's heter of Cholov stam in the USA (when cholov yisroel is not readily available) was prior to us becoming aware of the "vet procedures" that render the cows (4-8%+-) treif.

The Heimish hashgochas only use the cholov yisroel even before to "treif" that was discovered some 15 years ago. The Maryland based International wanted their Hashgochas to be accepted by the yeshivish type crowd so they only certified cholov yisroel products. When the profits that were being lost to cholov stam / akum was too much, they teamed up with another Organization & developed the Star-D.

The Orginazational certifiers that are relying on the Heter of one the poiskim at the major NY based kosher certifier that procedures do not render the cows treif is not to be relied upon, per all major poiskim including Rav Eliyashev, Z"L.

For Non-Dairy item, the Orginizational hashgochas may have certain advantages, i.e. mashgiach temidi, trained mashgichim, do not rely on the owner or management, etc

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