Thursday, August 23, 2012

Waxes on fruits & vegetables is more of a serious problem than first thought.

Certain fruits and vegetables are coated with waxes etc to prevent dehydration. Some of the coatings may not be kosher e.g. "lac-resin", which is a secretion from an insect.

REB MOSHE's "psak" was based on not correct information.

To the best of our current information tomatoes do not use the lac-resin, apples do use lac-resin
(applied warm), peppers may use it but there may not be "shishim" & or a "Poigim", cucumbers should be peeled. Sour pickles do not have coatings prior to their use as sour pickles.

Apples even when washed with soap some residue remains. Peppers can be washed with soap.


JLUV said...

My friend, I am seeking and thus not in opposition but you state without support. Please explain: REB MOSHE's "psak" was based on not correct information.


Jevon Love

Unknown said...

Any updates rev yudel?