Thursday, September 08, 2011

Where's the SPINACH? (der narisheh koifer)

There was a big problem with the frozen spinach production, this year more so. The kosher certifiers realized "finally" (after the productions) that the washing of the spinach is with recirculated infested water.

The processor refused to cancel the orders. "HEFSED-MI'RIBAH" $$$$$

Solution: Don't sell it retail, sell to food service, restaurants, caterers, nursing homes, hospitals, etc
 Are they allowed to eat infested spinach? Sure! Hefsid meribah.

NOTE: If your restaurant, caterer, etc have spinach on their menu "DON'T eat any of their checked vegetables.
Can it be used if it's pureed? NO. (Who's hefsid merubah? not the consumers. By the consumer it's a li'chatchila)

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