Monday, December 24, 2012

RE: Wild salmon anisakis

It's a known fact that wild salmon have anisakis worms in their flesh. Only the farmed salmon does not have the worms in the flesh.

There is a store in Borough Park thsam is selling wild salmon from Norway & Scandanvia that they claim to check with a black-light. It's of interest that they claim they don't find any worms in the wild salmon.

There was an unreliable hashgocha that was certifying a large fish monger operation without an on-site mashgiach. He was asked how do you know they don't have non-kosher fish. He says he has a special electronic "wand" that he waves over the containers of fish & it beeps if there any non-kosher species.
He was asked how do you know it works? Well it never beeped. 

Don't purchase any fish in that type of store!

Even in China where they are in darkened room with black light, they only remove some of the larger worms, not all of them so it's still an infested fish & can't be eaten.

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Yirmiyahu said...

Is there any company selling canned farmed salmon at the present time? It looks like Costco used to sell it under the brand name Kirkland but now it's unavailable. Somebody should get it and distribute it to the Jewish grocery stores, it would be a big help.