Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wild Salmon, canned, fresh, frozen, etc.

Wild Salmon, canned, fresh, frozen, etc have the anisakis worm. Regardless of which hashgocha is on it.
Most other fish have the worms by the belly flap, Salmon has them through out the entire flesh.
There is no change in the list of infested fish. All Herring, most flounder, All pollock fish (fish sticks, Surimi, sushi california roll), etc are infested. Tilapia is a clean fish.


Anonymous said...

Where is the rest of the list. You know, all the other fish.

5 Towns Vaad and Nirbater Rov said...

Inspectors Find Beetles in Ingredients, Roaches at Zomick's
Inwood-based bakery plagued by pest problems since 2006, according to state health inspections.

Matthew Hogan
July 11, 2013

Zomick’s Bakery is internationally known for its kosher breads, cakes & pastries, but you probably don't know the Inwood-based warehouse has battled an unhealthy pest problem since opening in 2005, according to inspection records from the state's Department of Agriculture & Markets.

In fact, Zomick’s, located at 85 Inip Dr in Inwood, has failed 10 of its last 17 inspections, all pest-related to some degree.

Inspectors found vermin including cockroaches, beetles, mice & flies – even birds have been spotted flying around the facility on multiple occasions. All of these represent critical health hazards by the state.

The good news is on Feb. 28, the facility passed inspection for the first time since July 2011. But prior to that, on Oct. 4, 2012, inspectors seized and destroyed 13, 50-pound bags of cornmeal that were infested with beetles.

Just three months before that, on July 10, 2012, nearly 100 live cockroaches were found in various areas of the facility. The inspectors noted “40-50 live cockroaches, adults & nymphs, were observed in and around the crevices of wheels on a work table in the cookie baking area.”

The beetle infestation also reared its head in the July 2012 inspection.

Rodents have also plagued the facility. In 2008, inspectors found “50-75 fresh & old intermingled rat droppings observed in one corner of the receiving area. Signs of a rat's nest were also observed in this corner.”

Despite the fact that the failures outweigh the passing grades, according to a spokesman for the Department of Agriculture & Markets, proceedings to remove a license would require 4 or more consecutive failing inspections.

The closest Zomick’s has come to having its license removed was from May 18, 2006 to Dec. 20, 2006. The facility failed 3 consecutive inspections before passing on May 10, 2007.

Reasons for the 3 consecutive failures ranged from “live birds flying over the baking area” to bags of flour “found to be rodent defiled with mouse droppings & gnaw marks.”

Zomick’s passed 2 consecutive inspections on 2 occasions, but has never passed 3 consecutive inspections.

Multiple phone calls to Zomick’s were not returned.

5 Towns Vaad said...

(516) 569-2662

Inspection date: March 6, 2013

Critical Deficiencies
These problems were "an immediate threat to the public health and welfare," according to official documents.

- Two plastic food cutting boards in basement kitchen area have extensive deep knife scores, containing imbedded dark matter across food contact surfaces.

- No equipment's sanitizers were available in basement equipment washing area (kitchen) and in first floor equipment washing area (meat processing area).

General Deficiencies
These problems should be corrected by the inspector's next visit.

- Hand wash facility in deli food preparation area is observed being cross utilized as an equipment wash sink.

- Refrigeration condensate pipe is not adequately installed. Condensate water is drain into hand wash sink in meat processing room.

- Proper sanitizer test devices are not available in meat processing room and basement kitchen area.

- Establishment has insufficient space to accommodate operations in basement food storage area with food and/or non-food items stored directly against wall hampering proper inspection and cleaning.

- Basement packing room walls exhibit moderate to heavy accumulation of old food residues and dust.

- Refuse container in deli area is not covered.

- Food workers are drinking beverage in basement kitchen area. (Kosher?)

- Street clothing noted on top of plastic plates in deli area. Plates discarded on orders of inspector.

- Thermometer not provided in deli refrigerated case unit.

Oh Nuts! said...

(718) 853-5158

Inspection date: February 7, 2013

General Deficiencies
These problems should be corrected by the inspector's next visit.

- Establishment has insufficient space to accommodate operations in the basement with food and/or non-food items stored directly against walls & floor hampering proper inspection and cleaning. (Great environment for bugs)

- Food worker(s) in the food service and repacking areas are observed working without hair restraints.

5 Towns Vaad said...

(516) 239-1030

Inspection date: May 21, 2012

General Deficiencies
These problems should be corrected by the inspector's next visit.

Hand wash facility in meat preparation area is observed to have soiled unclean surfaces.

Cleaning equipment (mop & bucket) in close proximity to food contact equipment.

Meat cutting area ceiling tiles exhibit dust and water damage.

Dairy walk in cooler walls exhibit moderate to heavy accumulation of old food residues.

Rear food storage room wall(s) are soiled.

Overhead fan guards in appetizer walk in cooler exhibit heavy accumulation of dust

call him he will talk to you said...

the nirbatir should put jacobowitz into pest control service at zomicks

wrong dattelboim? said...

is that nirbatter or volover on zomicks?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the quickie list. Will do for now.

Outraged on your shamelessness said...

The good news is on Feb. 28, the facility passed inspection.....

So now that he passed (after investing lots of money to clean up) what is the purpose of posting his past history????

Are you a Yentah? Are you a 'Loshon Horah' spreader?
Are you a outright "RASHA"
as the Chofetz Chayim would label you? WHAAAAT WAS the 'toeles' of this post if not to DAMAGE another JEWS reputation?

Anonymous said...

Zomick's bugs are under Vulover Hashgocha.
Brach's is so dirty and disgusting. Just look at the broken floors and beware OF THE LEAKY ROOF THROUGHOUT THE STORE.

PR Flack said...

Is that Menachem Lubinsky who is helping promote that misleading press release today to cover up for Zomick's?

He has been pretty quiet since his star client Agri self-destructed.

Infestation for Dummies said...

The "outraged" dray kop should get a life.

Zomick's obviously does the bare minimum to just squeak past the State shutting them down & padlocking the door like what happened to Weiss's bakery in Brooklyn that had the same creepy crawler bug problem under Hisachdus.

The fact that they passed only a few inspections out of many is a huge chisaron, not a maylah.

It also means they couldn't care less if bugs get into the food.

fabizzeneh mention said...

Fri Jul 12, 05:07:00 PM 2013

Wow. Certain people from certain areas always think negative. Guess which area?

No surprise.

Fliegel chapper said...

Zomick's, Kaff's & Steinberg's bakery is the same owner

Anonymous said...

Zomicks really has no geographic boundaries. They ship all over the country. The story was first picked up by some ex-YU guys who gave it to a blogger in the Midwest.

So if someone wants to be mezakkeh the rabim to warn them to avoid ingesting bugs that is "fabizzeneh"?

More like it's like bad for your "bizzeness" which I'm willing to bet is a corrupt enterprise that also has things to hide.

Eicha HoIr rabbossee Qveens said...

"corrupt enterprise that also has things to hide"

Dats because in Qveens, a certain Vaad tinks dat HESTER means that you profit from food with as little kashrus oversight as possible and then you HIDE it from the oylam by falsely presenting it as "mehadrin".

There was a baalabusta who sent her servant to VHQ gesheften to find her the most mehadrin level of kashrus possible. She came back empty handed. She sent her back to chotch find some food on the level of OU kashrus. Again she came back empty handed. The baalabusta then went down to Main St herself and all she could find was some frucht from a non-VHQ store that a chusheveh ruv had already eaten down to the pesoiless.