Friday, July 26, 2013

Infested Fruit


Anonymous said...

As a rule your readers should know.
New Jersey Produce is probably more infested than any other source in the USA or Mexico.
The herbs are so bad that yhey are impossible to clean.

Bob Singer said...

Yudel trying to damage NJ business interests again? Watch what you say about my contributors

Anonymous said...

Reb Yudel:

I usually respect your opinion, however the last few weeks you are posting unsubstantiated allegations.

Specifically, unfortunately, I am a shtikel avaryen and I eat blueberries.

But, due to your postings, I cut each and every blueberry in half because I am freaked-out of finding maggots.

I found gurnisht.

Please answer the following 4 questions:

1: Am I just lucky?
2: Am I buying fresher blueberries?
3: Why the gantzeh brouhaha? Did you find anything?
4: why can't we wash well and eat the way we did every year Mah nishtana this year from all other years?

Reb Yudel leben please enfer der feer kashas

Thank you

Anonymous said...

You're a big avarian. Do you know how to find scales, mites, etc.
So why are you still eating the blueberries?

Anonymous said...

yudel which program did u use to get that picture of the ant (bug) on the corn? i've been looking fro a good program to do stuff like that. (not for kashrus issues but for business) and have not yet found a good one that looks so real and not doctored up

Anonymous said...

Reb anonymous at 3:11pm

Do you eat apples and pears?

If you search for "fruit scales and mites"on the net you will find:

Apple is the only host for apple rust mite, pear for pear rust mite; pearleaf blister mite attacks pear and some varieties of apples (Newtown, Rome Beauty, sometimes McIntosh and Spartan) as well as several ornamental trees and shrubs.

Asher al kein hack Mir nisht kein tcheinik.

You are the same avaryen as I am.

You just don't like blueberries.

I'm sure you don't eat apples and pears!!!

Yeh right.
Therefore, I ask you "Do you know how to find scales, mites etc."

Of course.
It's always easier to call someone else an avaryen.

Zay gezunt.