Monday, July 01, 2013

ALERT: If they use the method "glass bowl on a light box" to check for insects, don't rely on them.

A Mashgiach, Rav Hamachshir, kosher certifier that relies on checking the water for infestation is fooling himself and the kosher consumer as well.

Checking the water just "does not" work.
Don't eat anything in that place! Don't trust them for kashrus!

We took a few thrips, aphids, large mites, etc and put them in a glass bowl together with some common leaf particles, some dirt, etc that's common on heads or hearts. First we tried it in a well lit area then on a light box as suggested. We had 2 experienced trained experts in insect checking, and they weren't able to locate all of them even after an extended period & they were told how many there were. Some may be even on the leaf particle or under it.

The water does also distort the vission somewhat, it should be emptied onto a coffee filter paper, then checked.

Checking the water just "does not" work.

A few comments re: the video of checking Romaine. Some insects will be on the foam bubbles that he's blowing, and you can't see them.

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