Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rav Belsky's letter of recomendation to Yudel Shain

This letter was written to the Sfardik Rabonim that wanted to open a National Kashrus Organization.

After this letter of recomendation, I did question Rabbi Belsky & challenged many of Rav Belsky's "facts".

About 10 years ago at one of my visits to Rav Shmuel Wosner, Shlita I asked the following; Most (85% +) cows that are shechted are treif due to lung issues, so how could we drink milk?

Rav Wosner asked how old are the cows when shechted? 10-12 years old. So he said that many of treifahs we don't use is because of sofek.A sofek treifa doesn't live more than 12 months, so for the 11 years it wasn't a treifa which would be 95% of the milk. The last year we would asser the last 3 days of milk when we find that the cow is a treifah due to lung issues, etc.

The last three days of milk is not sold commercially, because it's removed from the milking herd to be sent to shechita.

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