Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ALERT: Israeli Pre-Checked vegetables

30 Av 5770- August 10, 2010

1. A Note About Meshech Cohen Mann Greens- I have recently noticed that some of the bags of the popular insect-free greens of the Meshech Cohen Mann Company are no longer orange,
but green. A closer look reveals that these bags are no longer under the watchful eye of Rabbi Moshe Vaye Shlita, and for me that makes a difference.
(Reminder: We must check each item we place into our carts and never assume).

Not wishing to jump to conclusions, I did not share with readers until reaching Rabbi Vaye. I spoke with him last night and he confirmed that he is not responsible for those bags, which no longer maintain the high standard they did when he name appeared.

Yechiel Spira-“Jerusalem Kosher News – www.jerusalemkoshernews.com -

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