Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to stop the "talking in shul"?


Anonymous said...

When you LIVE EVERY MOMENT with hkb"h and you realize what davening is, and what a makom tefillah is, then there's no hava meena to chas veshalom talk in shul. A "program" to end talking in shul dances around the point that truly needs to be addressed. (Yasher Koach to Danny Frenkel for trying, he is truly an eved hashem, and has been working for over two decades on decorum at YIW.)

Anonymous said...

Talking in shul in already discussed in the talmud as:

"D'vareem she'omdeem b'rumo shel olam v'hakol me'zalzleem bo"

Nothing new - 'ain chadash tachat ha'shemesh".

No easy fix for this.

Anonymous said...

There is a Shul in Brooklyn called Keren Orah on Ditmas avenue between East 8th and East 9th street in Kensington where there is never talking, never ever. not since the first day the Shul opened aprox 40 years ago. The Rov of the Shul Rav Shimon Zishultz walks up and down the Isle if any one even thinks of talking he stops and stares at you (His Gabbai Boruch Horowitz also quites people as soon as they talk)if you continue he will call you out into the hallway and give you a Short Talk about not talking in Shul, If you stillpersist in Talking he will give you a warning that if you dont stop he will ask you to leave the Shul, after 2 or 3 warnings he will tell you that you cannot Daven in his Shul anymore .Over the years he has Thrown out at least 2 people that i Know of

Anonymous said...

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