Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chasam Sofer & Mishnah-Berurah on insect checking

Chasam Sofer & Mishnah-Berurah state as some of the requirements for insect checking are;

Excellent eyesight (20/20).
Specially designated individuals = experienced & Yirei-Shomayim.

The average consumer does not meet the required criteria.
The only processor that meets the criteria, is the Positive Company Lab.

Therefore when kashrus certifiers tell you either wash very well under a strong stream of water, or soak, sponge, rinse etc. You may not use the product, as you don't meet the criteria.

Or the certifier tells you it's hard to check and of course you don't have the patience either, cut it in half & inspect for string that look like the parts of the fruit, etc, or break the buksa in small pieces & inspect & wash each small piece, etc. They are just fooling themselves & the consumer.

All kosher certified frozen strawberries requires a blending to a puree or cooking, regardless of the misinformation a kosher certifier may tell you.

They may be right in theory, but are not correct in fact.


Maran Reb Yudel said...

If you follow ALL pesaks from Chafetz Hayim AND Chatam Sofer then follow yudel. Otherwise follow your local Mara Dasrah.
But for good and kosher entertainment always come to yudels site.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Postiv's check cleared

Anonymous said...

When you follow Yudel, at least you wouldn't eat issurim. If you follow the entertaing Rabonim, you just have to decide if you are a shogeg or a maizid, someties even a poishayah.

Anonymous said...

A daas Yochid or a daas from a .... does not give one the opportunity to experience shogeg or mazid. It just does not count.
The more he blogs, the louder he screams, the more "lab proofs" he cites its still just a loud daas yochid, a blogged Daas yochid or a lab Daas Yochid.

Anonymous said...

All the gedolim signed in the mid-1980s that we are no longer allowed to follow shitos like the Mishkenos Yaakov that are more maykil than the Chasam Sofer because we have solid proof that holds up to scrutiny of how bad infestation is bizman hazeh.

Ironically it was Gissinger who instigated everyone to sign and the hypocrite has since done an about face to check nothing. It suited him to be machmir when starting Bodek but now he makes more money in food service by doing zero checking, which he justifies with completely absurd excuses.

Before his petira, R' Yaakov Kaminetzky was very upset at Gissinger for digging after reasons to be machmir but said with a sigh that we are all fort obligated to be more machmir now after the informational can of worms was opened.

The yoyos arguing here to be maykil have negios in the food or kashrus industry that would severely affect their income if they did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

When there is a sofek we go after the Roiv or Rabim, when it's no safek at all "it's there to see", there is no yochid teretz. I guess you can consider those a "maizid".

Anonymous said...

All these arguments are also daas yochid. Nice stories.Maybe even logical. But many many Rabbonim don't seem to agree with you and they also know what you know. So all your s'voris won't take you out of the daas yocid club.

Hat Rack said...

many many Rabbonim don't seem to agree

Shoynaymol! Because most of the rabbonim* are hanging their hats on Belsky. Und vaist men doch what the gedolei EY think of him and his heterim.

* Especially if they have an ulterior motive to protect profits at a kashrus agency

Anonymous said...

"if they have an ulterior motive to protect..."

To protect their "kranke" reputation on this blog and elsewhere.