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Men’s “Rocklin by Stetson” Cap- June ‘09

Bencraft Hatters of Williamsburg is currently selling a men’s “Rocklin by Stetson” cap (Germany) whose contents label reads: 50% Wool 50% Linen.

Description: It is woven in a basket weave pattern [2 X 2]. Two threads going in one direction are off-white (one wool and the other one linen). The two threads going in the other direction are black (one wool and the other one linen).

Precautionary measure: With a 2 X 2 basket weave it is possible to come to an inaccurate conclusion about the composition of a fabric.

How could that happen? If only one thread from each pair is pulled and tested, one could end up with a linen thread in both directions and a determination that the fabric is pure linen.

This could of happened especially with this particular cap being that each thread pair seemed similar in both color and appearance.

In conclusion: When one is checking a 2 X 2 basket weave pattern for shatnez, it isn’t sufficient to test one thread in each direction; both threads going in both directions must be tested, even if they seem similar both in color and in appearance.

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