Thursday, December 30, 2010

STRAWBERRIES, may be used "only" after peeling them

Strawberries are an infested fruit. The thrips hide under the seeds, all of the washing & checking can minimize but not eliminate the insects.

Therefore the only method is to peel the entire outside of the Strawberry after removing the green stem.

RE: Frozen strawberries. There are at least 3  frozen strawberries with hashgochas. The cold facts are that frozen strawberries have minimized but not eliminated the infestation completly.

In Eretz Yisroel all of the reliable Hashgochas say that the frozen strawberries must be "pureed" and "cooked" prior to using them. All of the frozen strawberries with any hashgocha in the USA "must" also be pureed and cooked prior to use, including the ones with EIDAH's Hashgocha.

At least one of the frozen strawberries brands with a Hashgocha was found to be infested.
All of the Mashgichim doing the frozen strawberries are not only fooling themselves, but a dollar is a dollar. There should be written on the packages ? You must first-Puree, and cook or bake prior to use.

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