Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Current situation re: infestation

Corn on the cob- Fresh or frozen- infested with thrips- must remove kernels, rinse.
Strawberries- fresh- Cut off green top- wash fruit with soap & water, puree
or cut away green top, peel fruit including removing all seeds then can be eaten.
Strwaberries frozen with hashgocha-Puree or cook then can be eaten.
Pearl Barley-all year, must soak in hot tap water, check water for insects, if none found rinse & use.
Cherries or Blueberries- Use commercially grown, don't use organic or from small farmer that did not spray.
Salmon-All wild salmon including all canned salmon is infested.
Alert:Some stores are carrying a cheaper non-farmed (wild) salmon.
All Raisins are still to be considered infested, some more than others, nonetheless infested.

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