Thursday, March 29, 2012

Disposable aluminum pans- Re: Tevilah & oils

The OU's position is that Aluminum Disposable pans do not need tevilla even if reused. Get your pans in NPGS per "OU", No tevilah.

NOTE: The Minchas Yitzchok's position is if reused requires Tevilah. See also Igres Moshe. (also no kitnious)

Kosher West has a brand that you don't have to toivel (& no kitnios)even according to the Minchas Yitzchok & Igres Moshe "It's your choice".

The OU does not certify pans for Pesach but recognizes that they may be used without special certification so long as the pans are dry. we are not concerned that the pans might have been stamped out using kitniyos oils. (I believe the most common oil is actually peanut oil (see teshuvas Igeros Moshe).

Because the pans are dry and the issue is at most an aino ben yomo bliya.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Kashrus Alert:

Kashrus Alert:

Most of the purveyors say their beef, veal, poultry, etc is kosher L'Pesach all year. The CRYOVAC plastic does have a starch which can be of non-pesach source.

Call the certifiers & the purveyors to verify the status for pesach.

INYAN Magazine (Hamodia) doesn't publish recipes anymore due to kashrus concerns.

THANKS from the Kosher Consumer

Monday, March 12, 2012

ALERT: MICROWAVED-"Meal-Mart / Mon Cousine" may become "treif"

This article appeared 2 years ago-STILL NOT CORRECTED
It is certified by the OU & Nirbarter Rav.

OU-212-613-8241 Nirbarter Rav-718-851-1221

ALERT: Meal Mart & Mon-Cousine open up while heating-DON"T USE in a non-kosher microwave

Some microwaved "shelf stable" meals are intended to be heated even in a Treif microwave, but they may open because of the high intense heat & may render the product non-kosher.

The Meal Mart, Mon cousine ones did not hold up & burst, the LaBriute, kosher Gourmet "& others"  held up completly intact-all of the seals, box, outer packaging.
People have tried the MEAL MART / Mon Cousine ones in hospitals last week and all of them opened, making them not kosher.

Recycling of "treif" food contaminated boxes

Recycling of  "treif"  food contaminated boxes, may be a concern to the kosher consumer, but due to the fact that the oils etc may ruin the entire batch it's not used.

The "Fish-experts" at the Sea-food show had a hard time "id" fish

I couldn’t understand why people were flocking around a white board on the expo floor. Then I realized it was a competition. They were waiting in line at the bio-analytical testing company Eurofin’s booth for a chance to prove they could match the right fish to the right name.The names of the “Top Fish ID Investigators” were put on a white board with a chance to win an easy 150 bucks.

Would you pass the test?

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


The chinese restaurant meat & poultry is not used even by any Lakewood based caterers or restaurants-so for people that have any standard in kashrus, BEWARE!

Besides all of the other serious issues. When serious Mashgichim leave, it's time to pack-up but as the "OK" says "It's lean times" we need the $$$$.

Oats are steamed, Oat Pesach matzos concerns.

In order to stabilize certain enzymes in oats that cause a bitter taste, Oats are heated, the oats contain moisture that steams from the heat.

Of course it's a Pesach oat matzo issue.

The ones that are involved in making pesach oat matzos don't want to talk about the process of the steaming.

[From a University professor-"Before flaking processed oats are steamed. The heat and moisture improves flaking but also inactivates enzymes that can cause rancidity and other off flavors. Steaming is for 12-15 minutes and the oat temp rises from ambient to 210 – 220 F". ]There is another issue re: bishul akum. After the oats are steamed, they are techinically edible albeit not al shulchan milochim, so that may be a bishul akum issue.

The Minchas Yitzchok address the issues in chelek gimel, siman 72.