Friday, May 31, 2013

ALERT: Bay leaves have insects "scales"

ALERT: Bay leaves have insects "scales".

Including the ones certified by


Gass ruach said...

I hope there was a mechitzah on the cramped hot air balloon to separate the politicians & rabbanut from the maydela

Rabbi Menashe Malka and Rabbi Reuven Deri, together with members of the Eshkol Regional Council in the north-western Negev and beauty contest winner Shavit Wiesel, rose into the heavens in a hot air balloon to pray for rain

Anonymous said...

They have always had, but they are dried to a dustnimuach & noisen taam lifgam.

Anonymous said...

Another problem with blueberries besides bugs

It is a machlokes Achronim if there is orlah by blueberries. The machlokes hinges on whether they are considered like other fruit of trees or like a vegetable.

fun troyben ken men oych machen vein said...

Does this mean that Kedem relies on heter mechira? The OU is alleged to hide some forms of heter mechira from the public despite officially claiming that they do not allow it.

I went to what I can only describe as a wine-tasting extravaganza in the ballroom of the Park Lane Hotel, London, recently, laid on by a leading kosher wine importer, Kedem Europe. Unlike the usual businesslike, unadorned professional wine tasting, this was a full evening's entertainment with music, lavish buffet, and lashings of room between each kosher producer's table. The tables were manned by very young, neatly dressed men in skullcaps who very carefully and insistently rinsed my glass out with water between each taste. Because we wine professionals view tap water with its usual heavy chlorination as a possible contaminant of wine, I spent some time vainly trying to stop this practice. Only afterwards did I realise that the ritual was necessary so that my Gentile saliva did not contaminate the next sample.

Kedem Europe is run by Morris Herzog, whose cousin runs the Royal Wine Corporation, the US's leading producer and distributor of kosher wine. Royal have their own vast modern winery in Oxnard, California, which produces such labels as Herzog and is heavily dependent on bought-in grapes. I asked how this squared with the kosher requirement that vineyards lie fallow every seven years, only to be told that this requirement applies only in Israel - and even there the land is 'sold' every seventh year to a non-Jew to allow production to continue.

Anonymous said...

I was once looking into possibly entering the kosher wine industry. Merchants warned me that Kedem will chew up and spit out any competitors entering the marketplace. Sounds like mafia.

competition for gissinger said...

this is made by a specialty caterer under the hashgocho of the rov of a famous european city

how in the world is he allowing whole raspberries unless the mashgiach checked for 6 hours straight for each pie?

Anonymous said...

The Gourmet Chef in Scarsdale under the Queens Vaad was catering roast turkey Seder dinners this year, package B. Was it not a true roast that was in liquid or does the Queens Vaad not care that people don't follow the halacha of no roasted meats for the Seder?

Package A was BBQ chicken. Was it prepared in Westchester or was it the shirayim from Kew Gardens that was trucked over? It was Pesach so hopefully the beer did not get paired with the chicken.

Mertropolitan said...

While the Queens Vaad is at it making sure the Westchester crowd is happy, maybe they can add their hashgocho to this new Pesach "hagodah"

Anonymous said...

Wed May 29, 05:46:00 PM 2013 + Wed May 29, 05:53:00 PM 2013

Mazel Tov.

The hungry kids from Metropolitan Avenue finally got around to doing the Seder. (didn't The Queens Vaad's Guide say something about making up the Seder until Pesach shainy???) and they decided to use leftovers from Gourmet Glatt.
Aye. You got the stuff for free don't be a kafooy tov and complain about the food. Was it Good? Did you sat 'thank you'?

something's wrong said...

they have a list of yeshivishe shechitos they use but cRc Chicago is somehow not on the list

Ah'bee Ge'reht said...

Fri May 31, 12:14:00 PM 2013

You gotto love these ' Krankeh Tumlers' from Metropolitan Avenue.

There is a whole long list of which hashgachas they use b ut the Caterer himself has NO HASHGACHA.

This is classic Phoney Baloney, Spotlight etc. 'sevaras'.